Do you like to live as a farmer on your holiday??? Top 5 Agro-Tourism Destinations

As a deviation from typical traveling, you can feel the agriculture and way of life surrounding it. It will definitely help your mind to release the office life stress and feel a simple life at a farming village. There, you can grow, harvest, and process local crops in an organic manner. Also you can experience local cuisines using local utensils and methods. River and lake fishing is also can be experienced for those who likes to fish with traditional methods. Actually this kind of journeys would lessen your carbon foot print.

   1. Taiwan

To feel the natural beauty of Taiwan, you should go rural. Magnificent mountains with tea cultivations, farms and noise free environment in Taiwan are waiting for you. Followings are suggestions from TravelAdvo.
Flying Cow Ranch : You can enhance milking skills, baking skills, animal rearing skills and fresh air with fresh food with many more experiences.
Long Yun Leisure Farm : You can have the experience on Alishan tea cultivation and processing. It’s a kind of leisure farm where you can walk through tall bamboo trees and have an idea about the way of farmers make their products. In the evening, you can see the magical scenery sunset.

  2.   Sri Lanka

Village Trek in Hiriwaduna: Hiriwaduna is a small village in Sri Lanka. You can experience fishing, paddy cultivation, safari, cooking at rural homes and sight visits. You can get more information and stay at Cinnamon Lodge Habarana.
Kaduruketha Village: At Kaduruketha, you can experience how to cultivate organic paddy, harvest and process them into rice. Also you can have an idea about the simple living style of farming community.  Jetwing Kaduruketha will help you to get this experience well.

     3.   Tuscany, Italy

Do you want to know how to make wine in Italy?? Of course you can learn and make by yourself in Tuscany. Tuscany is the ideal destination for agro tourism in Europe. You can learn how to make cheese, native tomato, herbs, wine and a lot more in Tuscany. 
Agriturismo Casale Dello Sparviero:  

     4.    Bali, Indonesia


Bali is a famous tourism destination. And also its ideal for agro tourism as well. You can find green and artistic paddy lands and traditional methods of cultivation. On the other hand, you can have the experience about coffee cultivation and processing of it.

5.  Nepal

As an agriculture country, Nepal offers you many opportunities to get the experience of cultivation. Tea, coffee, paddy, vegetables and other crops are grown in Nepal with minimum technology use. So, it’s the chance for you to see the way of traditional cultivation.

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