World’s Best Bioluminescent Beaches that Glow Incredibly like Sea Stars at night

You might have seen glowing beaches in some movies, and might have thought it is abnormal. Award winning Hollywood movies like “Life of Pi”, “Me Before You” and Bollywood songs like “Galliyan” in movie “Ek Villain”, you have seen this incredible glowing beaches. Well, it is not an artificial thing, it a natural bio luminescent creature which produces electric blue glow. But you should keep in mind to check about the moon cycle, because less light is better for a good view. Following list shows you TravelAdvo’s suggestions for best bioluminescent beaches in the world. You will feel like walking on sea stars by looking at sky stars. 

1 Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico in one of the most popular tourist destinations for bioluminescent beaches in the world. The reason behind that is it shows a clear and beautiful view exactly what visitors looking for. Keep in mind there are several rules to protects the beach and visitors like no chemical applications, no swimming in the bay etc. Therefore you need to visit there with licensed tourist guides. 

2. Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica 

When you are travelling through the Caribbean ocean, you would find this amazing Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica. This lagoon is very rich in containing the most amazing bioluminescent sea creatures in the world. In here, you are free to swim, take boat rides, and take photos with sea creatures. Additionally, you can have food from traditional Jamaican cuisines. 

 3. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is located in Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. It is an uncommon destination in Vietnam, But still very famous in between bioluminescent beach lovers. Please consider the date before you visit, because, it should be a dark sky to be visible this amazing sea creatures. Apart from that, Halong Bay is very historic and home for several types of tribes. So, you can get another experience with major. 

4. Thomaya Bay, Japan

Thomaya Bay is one of the most beautiful places to see bioluminescent in Japan. A special species called Firefly Squids come all the way to Thomaya Bay and lay their eggs to be matured. It is almost like an amazing light show. If you wanna get a boat ride in Thomaya, you should get a boat at Namerikawa Fishing Port. Don’t forget to check the time schedules before you go Namerikawa. 

5. Reethi Beach, Maldives

In Maldives, Conrad, Rangali islands offers you magnificent views of bioluminescent. You can swim, ride boats through them. But again, make sure the day should be a “No Moon Day”. 

6. Tusan Beach, Miri, Malaysia 

The theme “Blue Tears in Tusan” is very famous in between photographers. During dark night, you can get a clear view of bioluminescent in Tusan Beach. It was recognized in recent years. So, majority is not known and it would be the most suitable place for photographers.

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