World’s Incredible Cultural Festivals, Attract thousands of People from different parts of the Globe

All the people in the world would love to celebrate their cultural activities together. “Festivals” are the suitable term for that. May be its regarding religion, food, music, culture or anything, people like to get together and celebrate. It doesn’t matter which part in the world, they comes all the way to participate these incredible festival. Travel Advo’s these suggestions are to the travellers who still have no experience on all of these festivals. Go for it and feel the beauty of different cultures in the world.

1.    Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Burning Man is an annual event when up to 48000 thousand people get together in Northwestern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in every summer to create art and express their individuality. The Burning Man cultural festival was started in 1986 by lighting an 8 feet high wooden man figure in a Saturday evening. At the beginning, it was some kind of wired festival. But with the time the figure became higher, like more 105 feet. Now, it is almost like a party festival which gathers family members and community to celebrate their culture. 

2.     Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

“Carnival” is the biggest cultural show in the world which attracts more than 5 million people to Rio, Brazil. The Carnival is a religious festival which is held February or March over the 5 days proceeding the Catholic season of Lent, means 40 days before the Easter. Nature is also blessed for this festival by ending the long and hot Brazilian summer. Therefore, people prepares for this with magnificent costumes, music, Samba dancers and many parade items for a specific annual theme.

3.    La Tomatina Valencia, Spain

La Tomatina is the largest food fight in the world. And it is one of the oldest festivals which were started in 1945. It is just a cultural festival but with lots of fun and tourists attraction. If you want to participate La Tomatina, there are few rules to follow. They are, don’t throw hard objects, squash the tomato before throwing, stay safe from the tomato truck and stop the fight when the starter pistol indicates it. Throwing and fighting with tomato is so much fun and you can find a lot of friends from different parts of the world in La Tomatina.

4.    Holi Festival, India

Holi is also considered as the festival of Love and Colors in India. It is a religious festival which celebrates the love of Radha and Krishna held in the end of February or in March. At the night of day before Holi, they conduct their religious ritual which is called as “Holika Dahan”. Then, the next morning people fight with water balloons and water guns and throw colourful powder. It is an fun festival filled with colors, music, food, drinks and funny events.  

5.    The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival Harbin, China

Harbin is located in Northeast China which gets some serious cold winter with heavy snow fall. The temperature is between 1.8 F to -31 F. Still it is called as a fabulous festival because of the largest ice sculptures built in the whole city. It starts on 5th of January and opens at night with colorful lights. Unbelievable sculptures are there in Sun Island and along the Songua River specially. As a trevellers, we suggest you to travel all of these festivals and have fun.    

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