Chaotic, Colorful, Fragrant and Eye-catching Morocco

Traveling Morocco

Morocco is the opening gate for Africa. And it is an amazing country that everything is gathered for any kind of traveler like: starting from coastal lines to the top of High Atlas and again for Saharan Dunes. Mountains and deserts are a major part of Morocco which offers amazing views for your camera. Mountains like Atlas and Rif, waterfalls, caves, forests and deserts have made this as an incredible destination. And also Morocco’s cities like Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier are mixes past and future.
There are a lot more experiences to get in Morocco, like: Hiking in Northern African Mountains, drinking a cup of mint tea while watching coastal lines, camel trekking through the deserts, walk through forests, relaxing with Hammams and many more to discover. Morocco is mixed with the cultures of Arabic, African and European. Textile industry and music cultures are important in there to enjoy your holiday. Followings are top experiences in Morocco suggested by TravelAdvo fans.

Walk Around Djemaa El Efna


This is the main square of Marrakesh. The drama street theaters (Hoopla and Halqa) are always open for you to enjoy. Hip hop music starts in the dawn and never ends when sun sets. You can enjoy the music of unique and uncommon hip hop songs with having tasty grilled fish. This square has recognized as a “Masterpiece of World Heritage” in 2001. You can enjoy and party at this square with Berber musicians and make henna tattoo to make your tattoo dream comes true. Apart from delicious street food, Djemaa El Efna square offers you some other entertaining items like: snake charmers, monkey dances and many more.


Hiking High Atlas Mountains


This a paradise for trekkers situated in Morocco, North Africa. The Atlas mountain range spreads more than 1000km through the country showing Mediterranean climate on north and Sahara on south. It’s an amazing mountain range which gives you all the kind of packages like: winter sports as snow fall (in Oukaimeden) from September to May, flowing rivers and waterfalls. Zawiya of Sidi Moussa, Tin Mal mosque, Cascades d’Ouzoud, Souq, Safranerie and Anima Garden are some other popular destination in High Atlas.


Medina Fez


Medina reminds you the old Morocco. This ancient city is one of the most amazing historic destinations attracted by tourists. Medina is a complete city including a food market, residential area, restaurants and shopping area with an old view of Morocco. Since everything is much closer, you can spend all the day with these areas without any fed-up. This destination is full of tasty foods like: bakery items, meat recipes, coffee cafes and many more traditional food items. Chaouwara Tanneries, Medersa Bou Inania, Nejjarine museum of wooden arts and crafts, Batha museum, Henna Souq, Chemmaine and Sbetriyine Funduqs and water clock are the top most visited places in Morocco. Football palying kids are everywhere and you can enjoy and play with them in this marvelous city.




Taghazout is an amazing fishing village where you can experience any kind of sea experience. Earlier this place was not identified as a surfing spot. But all the surf lovers are attracted to this place (even learners of surfing). This village has been famous for calamari and hippies. But now it is known by all the tourists because of its surf culture, sea food, and its natural, traditional atmosphere. Taghazout is undoubtedly the top most surfing and swimming destination in Morocco.




This hot destination offers you the experience of camel trekking in Sahara. Erg Chagaga (dune) is the best place for this experience where located in 56 km of southwest M’Hamid. As the largest sand sea in Morocco, you can see the horizon touches the sandy mountain ridges by riding on a camel. This golden sand sea offers you night camping experiences as well. Then you can see the beauty of night Sahara sky.




Next to Moulay Idriss, you can experience the archeological beauty of ruined Roman city of Vollubilis. This ancient destination was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. It is a fertile land in Morocco and if you visit in the spring, you can experience the green views and wildflower blossoms with great monuments in here.

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