Now You Can Plan to Spend Nights in a Luxury Igloo at North Pole

We all love to visit North Pole of the earth. If the climate is not harsh, we would love to get the experience of spending nights under the stars of North Pole sky and knowing the way of lightening the North Pole. Jane Honkanen, the founder of Luxury Actions has given a luxury idea that experience by avoiding its climate barrier. They have designed ten heated domes for one month to be located in North Pole.

Normally April is the best month which travels nearly thousand tourists to the North Pole by helicopters. In June and July, anyone can travel by ships safely. These adventurous domes have planned to set in April 2020 which you can book for one month or even three days. Domes are well tested with warm inside, glassy top, walls and attached bathrooms. So, you can watch the sky, stars, Northern Lights and snowy surrounding through a luxury igloo dome. Even for honeymooners, this would be the best and unforgettable nights for your life. Including North Pole, these domes can be transferred to Svalbard archipelago in Norway since they are movable. And also this package can be included the visits to Finland, Lapland and Nordic countries. This package starts from $104,484 per person including three nights, flight charges, igloo hotel charges, arctic guide charge, camp manager’s charge, chef’s charge and security service’s charge. This is going to be an unforgettable experience for your life, you should get once you are affordable.    


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