The World’s Most Powerful Passports

Henley Passport Index is the most recognized passport ranker in the world. This index is primarily focusing on the number of destinations by a particular passport holder can access without a prior visa. To calculate this index, the company Henley & Partners uses their own ongoing research data and travel information from International Air Transport Association. Then finally publish the World’s Most Powerful Passports 2019 as follows.

According to Henley Passport Index, Japan has the world’s most powerful passport out of all the countries. Second place holds by Singapore. Both countries are scoring around 190 in the index for the feature of visa-free or visa-on-arrival. Japan and Singapore, both countries are Asian. But the 14 years of index history was held by the European countries like: Germany. Even in 2018, Germany was the top place in the index list. But now, it seems Asian countries are getting stronger than other regions.

After Japan and Singapore, the next rank (second) for the world’s most powerful passports has a tie for Finland, Germany and South Korea. The travelers who own those passports can travel for 188 countries free – visa basis. Denmark, Italy and Luxemburg are on the 3rd rank while France, Sweden and Spain are on 4th rank. Now, you may wonder, where the most powerful names like USA and UK are. Since 2010, those countries remains in the lowest compared with other developed nations (6th place). On the other hand, Middle East countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia is gradually climbing up the index.               

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