This is about New York City Marathon

The event, New York City Marathon was started in 1970 finishing the race by 55 runners. Normally, the first Sunday in November is the scheduled date for this event. More than 2 million volunteers and athletes annually join this event. There are plenty of people to cheer to the participants for journey around New York City. Starting from Staten Island to the Manhattan Central Park, participants cover exactly 26.2 miles.

There are some conditions you should fulfill to be a part of this health promoting event. The very first one is: All participants should be at a minimum age of 18. The second most limited condition is that there’s an entry lottery draw for the all that are willing to join. If feel like to join this event, please try 2020 as you are too late for this year. But keep in mind to join the entry in December 2019 for New York City Marathon in 2020.   

The scheduled date for this year is 3rd November 2019. The whole route description and the map are available in the following link:

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