Travel Plitvice Lakes National Park: The Heaven in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia’s most attracted natural destination. This heavenly forested nature park is an amazing gift from Mother Nature. The most attractive part of this National Park is that 16 crystalline lakes are connecting each other with a series of waterfalls in a collective way. You can get a clear view of this full natural cinematic scene from a wooden bridge above the lakes which has 18km length. The containing water in these lakes has a special feature. This water has a high mineral content and an ambient temperature to create changing formations of limestone called tufa.  

If you like to walk around this amazing park and explore it by yourself, it would take approximately six hours to complete the whole journey. And another option is there for you to reduce 2 hours by taking a bus or a boat ride provided by the park’s authority. But, keep in mind those transports are available only on peak seasons (At every 30 minutes from April to October).

On the other entrance (Entrance 2) provides you a bus transport to the top of the upper lake and back to the largest lake of the park, Kozjak. From there you can take a boat ride to the other lower lakes. And also in a favorable climate, you can ride the boat towards the tallest waterfall in Croatia: Veliki Slap (78m). This journey will offer you surreal photographs for your camera.

When you see these amazing views, you may feel like to swim in these lakes. But, keep in mind, swimming is not allowed on these lakes as a protective and conservative law. If you are visiting here as a quick journey, take the 2nd entrance and use a bus transport to cover the upper and lower sections.

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