Things to do in St Lucia: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Things to do in St Lucia The Ultimate Travel Guide

There are crazy things to do in St Lucia, the stunning Eastern Caribbean Island. The hugely towering twin volcanic peaks of the Pitons add a unique identification to St Lucia. And this Caribbean beauty queen offers you beautiful natural things like pristine beaches, coral reefs, rainforests, waterfalls, small rural villages, green mountains with the awesome tropical climate. Therefore, this place is a full travel package that any kind of traveler has something to do. Here’s the ultimate travel guide that brings you about the things to do in St Lucia.

What is St Lucis known for?

Caribbean Region is one of the most amazing regions in the world to travel. Its unique climate blows every traveler’s mind. And it contains more than 7000 individual islands with various specialties. St Lucia is one of them that has a lot of specialties. The following things will tell you what are the things that St Lucia is known for.

St Lucia is known as one of the most fantastic hotel locations in the Caribbean region. Because most of the stunning natural beaches and places on the island are owned by the world-famous luxury hotels. So, this island is a dream destination among honeymooners. Sugar Beach Resort is a good example.

Next, St Lucia is mostly known for its fine sandy beaches. Without being affected by the island’s volcanic origins, it contains golden sand beaches. Originally black sand beaches (Anse des Pitons Beach) are even converted into pure white sand by importing white sand from Guyana and it is opened for public. Other than that, there are plenty of fine sand beaches on the west coast as well. Ex: Anse Cochon, and Marigot Bay

The underwater world in St Lucia is full of sensational. It contains crystal blue water with plenty of unique marine lives. Like sinister trumpetfish, tiddlers, squids, moray eels, needlefish, colorful parrotfish, sea turtles, and mindblowing corals. So, snorkeling and diving are very famous experiences here.

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Further Facts

This island is famous for climbing mountains and flying through the rainforest canopy. On the other hand, it is known as one of the best chocolate producers in the world. So, chocolate lovers here’s the place for you.

Ruins of Fort Rodney that was built by the British in the 18­th century or the signal station of the US in the second world war is situated in Pigeon Island, St Lucia. So, it is known for its historical values as well.

St Lucia is known as the highest Nobel Prize Winners per capita holding country. Therefore you may find many intellectuals and different people in every corner of this island.

Happy to say that, compared with the nearby Caribbean countries, surprisingly St Lucia experiences very few amounts of hurricanes.

St Lucia is more famous among tourists for its unique Sulfur Springs or “the only drive-in volcano in the world”.

Since St Lucia has direct flights from most of the major countries in the world, you can easily reach to experience all of these uniquenesses.

St Lucia Map

St Lucia, the volcanic island is more mountainous than the other Caribbean Islands. Although the most iconic landmark of St Lucia is the Pitons, the highest mountain in St Lucia is Mount Gimie with 3120 feet above the sea level.

And the island is located 24 miles south side of Martinique and 21 miles northeast to Saint Vincent. Barbados is located on the southeast side of the island while Dominica is on the Northside. And the British Virgin Islands are also located near to St Lucia.

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There is a number of small islands for St Lucia and the largest one is Maria Islands. The major cities St Lucia are Castries (capital), Gros Islet, Vieux Fort, and Soufriere. Just zoom the following map to see all the major locations in St Lucia.

Center map

St Lucia weather

Before knowing the things to do in, St Lucia, it is better to know about the weather and the ideal time to visit there. Just like most of the other Caribbean islands, St Lucia also has two major seasons. Obviously they are wet and dry. The best time is always in the dry season.

St Lucia weather

That means the peak tourism season or high season starts in the mid of December and exists until the mid of April. Thousands of tourists attract in this time period since the climate is sunny but cooler than any other season in the year. And ideal specially for beach activities. But the disadvantage of this season is, there are high hotel rates and flight charges. If you want to plan for a budget-friendly tour, then keep reading.

The wet season is obviously the low tourist season that starts in June and exists till November. Since there’s low attraction, you can have low hotel rates, low flight fares, and the low crowds. For budget travelers, this is the ideal time period.

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Another special season for travelers is the shoulder season. It exists between the high and low tourist season. That means the moths of mid-April to June. There, you will find low rates with the best offers, low crowds, and the climate is also good to tour around.

However, April and May are the best months for swimming in the Caribbean Sea near St Lucia since the water is a bit warmer.

December, January, and February are the best months for whale watching in St Lucia.

Is St Lucia expensive?

Yes, it is a little bit expensive. Because now we know that St Lucia is a kind of dream destination for every traveler in the world. So, it has to be expensive with huge travel demand throughout the world.

You would have to spend around $170 per person per day. For food and transportation, you would need around $60 per person per day. The rest is for hotel charges. So, that means if you hope to spend one week in St Lucia, then get ready to spend around $1185 per person. (These are average costs in the peak season)

Is St Lucia expensive?

But, as always, I have to say that if the vacation duration extends for one month, then your daily cost will be reduced. For example, two people are traveling together for one month around St Lucia, can experience a lower daily cost compared with only one person traveling for one week. And also, you can have lower daily costs during the offseason and the shoulder seasons which I’ve explained above.

Is St Lucia Safe?

Yes, of course. It is totally a safe place to travel. This eastern Caribbean island is a very friendly and warmly welcoming country. And also the crime rate is low compared with the other Caribbean countries. On the other hand, since there is a small amount of the population within 617km² (190, 586 in 2019), there’s no overcrowd effect as well.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t be on alert and follow the common safety tips. You should do it. But, all the following mentioned crimes are the things that can be easily avoidable by smart travelers. So, be smart.

Is St Lucia Safe?

But you should not hang out around the poorly lit areas like Rodney Bay village. Because, there were some crimes recorded in this kind of unlit, rural streets and villages especially in the night time. Going alone along the lonely streets at late nights are too dangerous. So, always stick to the crowded places.

And also the records say that mugging and thefts from the hotels, holiday rentals, and yachts are increasing in St Lucia. Further, it was recorded that even armed robberies have occurred near the waterfalls in Anse La Raye. So, as I say always in every article, try to tour in these areas as a group (camping, hiking, waterfall tours). And do not show up your valuable items when you tour around the island. Take only the essential things with you and always be alert.

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Some other safety tips

The next thing is, you should party at night when you are in St Lucia. But, be careful. Do not take lifts from strangers and do not give lifts for strangers. Also, do not hire random taxis at night. Always hire an authorized taxi. Do not forget to negotiate the fare before starting the ride.

Not only thefts, there some other dangers in St Lucia as well. You may think why I mention the black side about this stunning honeymoon island first. Because, I believe that, we should get ready for everything before enjoying things. Otherwise, we’ll lose our whole journey. If I explain to you about some other dangers in St Lucia, the infrastructure of the roads come first.

Because most of the roads in St Lucia are narrow and under construction. Especially in the mountainous areas, roads are very steep and have dangerous bends. The worst thing is, most of the places are not even marked. Considering all the road conditions, I highly recommend you hire a four-wheel-drive vehicle with an automatic gearbox. And just continue at a slow speed.

And there are some other few things that I must share with you. The first one is if you are going to pack camouflage luggage and clothes, just leave them behind. Because they are banned in St Lucia. Another safety tip I must give you is, do not keep the eye contact with the street vendors. Because they are kind of intimidating with the tourists. Do not try to argue, just ignore them.

Things to do in St Lucia

Although it is a tiny drop on the map, St Lucia offers you numerous adventures. Yes, it is filled with scenic beaches with crystal blue water, waterfalls, tropical jungles, and many more. Let’s discover all of this famous cruise destination island.

Hikes in St Lucia

Since I have mentioned already, St Lucia’s land is hilly. So, obviously, you can have good hiking trails everywhere. Some of the best ones are as follows.

View the Pitons and Hike Gross Pitons

The iconic twin towering peaks in St Lucia The Pitons are the UNESCO World Heritage-listed area. Staring at this mountains is one of the best things to do in St Lucia. Nobody will charge you for that. Apart from the luxury hotels, the village of Soufriere offers you the best place to watch this exclusively natural show. So it is totally free. The story of the creation of these towers runs 200, 000 to 300, 000 years back. Actually, they were created due to volcanic activity.

The large Piton’s name is Gros Piton with a 798m height and the small one is Petit Piton with a 750m high. Both are very difficult to climb and if you want to climb, you must purchase a permit. And also you need to hire a good guide. Fitness is essential to complete this difficult hike since it will take more than 4 hours for the roundtrip.

Other than staring at it or climbing on to the top, you can dive in the Caribbean Sea to explore these twin towers’ underwater cliff version. It would be amazing. Also, you can get an aerial view of these twin mountains and the whole island by a helicopter. If you are affordable for that, just do it. St Lucia Helicopters offer you nice and safe packages.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

Locating in Soufriere, Pitons Management Area, Southern St Lucia, Tet Paul Nature Trail offers you amazing views. And it is an easy trail with around 45 minutes hiking. If you are lucky to have a clear climate, then you will surely see even St Vincent and Martinique.

Tet Paul Nature Trail Things to do in St Lucia

Further, the trail contains rural houses, medicinal plants, tropical fruits, and cassava cultivation like things along the way. Finally, it will take you to a heavenly viewing place of the whole island. And it is called “Stairway to Heaven” which has quite steep steps. So, do not forget to bring your camera to this trail.

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Hike Mount Gimie

Hike Mount Gimie Things to do in St Lucia

Mount Gimie (the highest mountain in the island) hiking trail is not as famous as The Pitons. But, this is for the hikers who cannot make it to the top of The Pitons. Trust me the trail is just awesome. But, you have to hire a good guide and also contact the Forestry department in St Lucia for more information.

Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail in Edmund Rainforest

Locating in Edmund Rainforest Reserve, Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail is just amazing. And a surprising gift, you are offered a stunning waterfall at the end. Actually, this trail is also located on the greeny slopes of Mount Gimie. You can easily access this trail with a four-wheel-drive safari vehicle. Then the journey starts with steep steps and it will take you to the waterfall within two and a half hours. Do not forget to wear appropriate shoes since the trail is steep.

Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail in Edmund Rainforest

On the way, you will find a variety of unique fauna and flora. Among them, St Lucia parrot, Semper’s warbler, oriole, and wren like St Lucia exclusive bird species are more highlighted. Not only that, Honduras mahogany, blue mahoe like plants are also highlighted.

Hike in Millet Rainforest

Millet Rainforest is also a good hiking trail here. Especially Millet’s Birds Sanctuary Trail is more famous for exploring many Caribbean bird species in St Lucia. Since this bird sanctuary is home for Black Finch, St Lucian Parrot, Oriole, Pee Wee, Semper’s Warbler, and Warbler like six endemic species. So, try to visit here early in the morning to catch them all to your camera.

Visit Rural Fishing Villages in St Lucia

Soufriere has a nice and simple fishing village. And this village is famous for having its own beautiful views, buildings, a church, a bay, and many more features. Town Square is the most prominent place in the area and it is the kind of central place to reach all the other places. Actually, here you can see the simple lifestyle of St Lucian farmers, fishermen, and plantation owners since most of them live here.

Soufriere State, Diamond Falls in Diamond Botanical Garden

Another amazing spot that you should not miss in Soufriere State is Diamond Falls in Diamond Botanical Garden. The special feature of this fall is it has multiple colored minerals deposited for a really long time. So, you can have a healing mineral water bath. And the way of entering to this waterfall is totally filled with tropical trees like coconut, cocoa, and red cedar trees like trees.

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Zipline Adventures in Treetop Adventure Park

Just wear a light dress and closed-toed shoes for this adventure tour. Trust me, it is just amazing to fly through a green jungle. I love ziplining since it offers the chance to feel the adventure plus nature. Here in Tree Top Canopy Adventure in Tree Top Canopy Park, there are 12 ziplines including the fastest, highest, and longest lines with the best nature views. So, just click the above link to book the tour.

Visit Sulphur Springs Park

Visit Sulphur Springs Park Things to do in St Lucia

Sulphur Springs Park or Mount Soufriere is famous as the world only “drive-through” volcano. And this active geothermal area was recorded as a sulfur mining site in earlier times. Since the last eruption of this volcano, sulfur is emitting to the air. And also on the top, there is a hot black water pool with rich mineral content. Therefore, plenty of tourists attract here to have a black water bath which is one of the best skin treatments in the world. A variety of health benefits and deep relaxation are the priceless things you get from here.

Visit Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park is an important historic attraction in the country. Because it is a strategic lookout point of the British to observe the movements of French military troops during their controlling era. Earlier, it was a separate island. But then, it was connected to the mainland in 1972 with a causeway. Today, you can climb to this viewpoint and get its panoramic view. On the other hand, there are some ruins of military buildings.

Visit Pigeon Island National Park in St Lucia

Not only the historical importance but also it has two beautiful white sand beaches. So, I think the best way to approach to Pigeon Island is via a kayak. Take my suggestion to your list. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Try Jungle Biking

I know I said that biking in St Lucia is not very common and easy due to its hilly landscapes. But, trying uncommon things should be your travel theme if you want to get unique experiences.

There are some constructed biking trails in St Lucia. On the former plantation grounds of Anse Mamin. Anyone can enjoy this bike trail. Click the link for more details.

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Visit Toraille Waterfall

Visit Toraille Waterfall

Again a wonder located in Soufriere. Toraille is one of the most attractive waterfalls in St Lucia. Although it has a powerful flow you can enjoy the water and swim at the bottom. Surrounded with lush trees and tropical flora this one of the best versions of nature in the world.


When we talk about shopping in St Lucia, Castries or the capital of St Lucia comes first. Because there are so many things to do in Castries. Also Rodney Bay, and Gross Islet offer you the best chances of shopping. Those places are having shopping malls and also street stalls.


Nightlife in St Lucia is just awesome. Gross Islet Stree Party is the most famous jump up in the country. They are celebrating this for more than 50 years on every Good Friday. Now every Saturday, people in the village Gross Islet celebrate the Saturday night with barbeques, Piton beers, tabletop bars on the street, seafood, dancing items, and many more. Also, arts and crafts vendors put their stalls on the street where you can buy souvenirs.

Like that, there are so many things to do in St Lucia at night. Rodney Bay Village is also such a place where you enjoy the night by having any kind of food in the world. Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or anything. There are so many hotels with awesome night parties around Rodney Bay.

Dennery Sea Food Fiesta is another function where you can enjoy the nightlife in St Lucia. Locating on the east coast of St Lucia, Dennery offers you the best seafood, rum bars, shops, and full of street party climate on every Saturday night.

Do not forget to taste St Lucia’s Special Beer “Piton Beer“.

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Every Beach on the island St Lucia is open to the public. This crystal clear, blue water in the Caribbean Sea offers you the chance for snorkeling, diving, swimming, kayaking, and watersport like any activity. So, here are the best beaches there.


Jalousie Beach always comes first. It has white sand and crystal clear blue water by locating in a scenic place where you can see Gros and Petit volcanic peaks in the background. Most of the adventure snorkelers and scuba divers attract to this beach to dive to see the 1800 feet drop off at the base of The Pitons.

Reduit Beach has around 5 miles long beach on the Rodney Bay. This beach is very calm and has white sand. Most of the travelers attract here for beach walks while enjoying the restaurants and stalls on Rodney Bay. And also there’s a nice place called Splash Island Water Park where whole the family can enjoy its floating items in the Caribbean Sea.

Anse Chastanet is one of the most popular beaches in St Lucia. Because, it offers you to view a vividly colored version of the ocean. Also at some places you can see black sand on the beach by reminding the historical volcanic origin of the island. Snorkeling, diving, and swimming are just amazing experiences that you can get from here.

Marigot Bay is located on the west coast of St Lucia. Its boats, catamarans, and the picturesque aerial view have taken for so many Hollywood movies.

Grande Anse St Lucia Things to do

Grande Anse is soon becoming a part of a new national park. Locating on the mountainous eastern coast, it attracts so many sea turtles for breeding purposes. Even the biggest leatherbacks.

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Things to do in St Lucia: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Things to do in St Lucia: The Ultimate Travel Guide

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