A Project of Spain Provides You to Experience the Life on Mars: The Red Planet


This project is an outcome of a talented team included with engineers, architects and scientists. This place was created inside a cave (1.2km long and 50m high) in Cantabria, Northern part of Spain. Ares Space Station is planning this isolated site to represent the harsh environment on Mars: The Red Planet. The station has the facilities of getting the experience by ten people at a time. It includes research labs, life capsules, testing for astronaut suits, water productions systems, hydroponic systems, leisure areas and a gym. 
The only barrier to feel this experience is its charge. This unique mission costs more than 5000 $ per person. And before starting the mission you must participate for 26 days online training course plus three days intensive training. After that you can spend three nights at Ares Space Station. You may have dreamed about to travel to another planet in your childhood. So, this is a global chance for you to get that experience without taking any big risks. Up to now, this has been tested only by the officials who are engaging in the profession of space travel. Actually they also comment that, this is a great trial before getting the real experience. So, let’s hope, it to be opened for the travelers who are interested in that kind of adventures beyond the earth.