Best and Fun Beaches in Maryland, United States

Beaches in Maryland

Looking for the best beaches in Maryland?? Here’s the list with all the travel information you need to plan a family tour.

The Mid-Atlantic state of Maryland is characterized by abundant waterways, including the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, rivers, lakes, and scenic coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean.

And the largest city, Baltimore, has a long history as a major seaport and is home to Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem. It is also the location of several museums, including the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center.

In addition to Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland has numerous other cities and regions to visit.

The beaches in Maryland are quite diverse, offering a variety of experiences. For example, Ocean City Beach, Assateague Island National Seashore, Sandy Point State Park Beach, Cherry Beach, Betterton Beach, and Calvert Cliffs State Park Beach are the most popular beaches in Maryland.

However, Maryland’s beaches are packed with fun activities! So, let’s discover the complete list of the best and fun beaches in Maryland. Just check and add them to your bucket list.

Beaches in Maryland

1. Beaches in Maryland: Ocean City Beach

Ocean City Beach is the most popular beach resort town in Maryland, the perfect place to take your family.

Ocean City Beach, Maryland
Ocean City Beach, Maryland

The 3-mile long boardwalk offers a variety of dining options ranging from award-winning restaurants to grab-and-go beachside kiosks. Bike rentals are also available from local inns.

For those looking to enjoy the beautiful ocean view, a trip to Ocean City Beach would be a great way to get around town. Whether you plan to swim, go for a stroll, or simply relax on the beach, there is something for everyone in this coastal vacation destination.

There are many ways to spend a day at Ocean City Beach. Visitors can go on a sightseeing tour of the town’s history and environment. And there’s also a paddleboarding park and paintball.

The Performing Arts Center is an ideal place for a night out.

Beaches in Maryland Ocean City Beach
Ocean City Beach MD

Aside from enjoying the sand and water, you can go hiking on the surrounding cliffs.

Since there are lifeguards on the beach, you can try swimming too. While you may not find the best swimming conditions, you can also enjoy various other outdoor activities like jet-skiing, paddle boarding, biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

The park features a quarter-mile stretch of sand and a quarter-mile stretch of rocky shoreline. However, the sandy shoreline is well maintained and ideal for any beach game.

Another attraction on Ocen City Beach is Jolly Roger Amusement Park, featuring miniature golf, fun rides, and shopping outlets.

So surely visit Ocen City Beach in Maryland to grab these fun experiences.

Address: Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States   Phone: (410) 250-0125

Beaches in Maryland

Looking for more things to do in Ocean City MD?? Here’s the complete list. Just check it out.

2. Beaches in Maryland: Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin

Assateague Island National Seashore (37-mile-long) is a protected area on the Atlantic coast in Maryland, offering beautiful Atlantic beaches and hiking trails through marshlands, dunes, and forests.

Beaches in Maryland Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin
Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin

The area is home to wild ponies, bald eagles, and migratory seabirds, including osprey, egret, and bobwhite quail. And the 19th-century Assateague Lighthouse is also a popular place to visit too.

Are you looking for a place for surf fishing??

During the summer, surf fishing is permitted on Assateague Island National Seashore. Surf fishing is only allowed on certain sections of the beach, including designated surfing beaches. And you must get an ORV permit to enter the southern end of the island.

Crabbing and clamming are permitted on the bayside of Assateague. While raking for clams is the most popular way to catch them, a crab net with baited line is the preferred method for crabbing.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin
Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin

Aside from fishing, you can go kayaking, swimming, boating, spotting wildlife, and camping.

Care should be taken when wading on the beach, as there are several drop-offs that are not accessible by car.

Visitors should also be aware of the presence of seals in the area. Though these animals do not live on Assateague Island, they can be seen on the beach during the winter months. If you happen to see seals, keep your distance and report them to the rangers.

The nature of Assateague is so diverse that it’s impossible to see everything in one trip. So, come on, everybody.

Address: 7206 National Seashore Lane, Berlin, MD 21811, United States   Phone: (410) 641-1441

Beaches in Maryland

3. Beaches in Maryland: Cherry Beach, Sharptown

Maryland is home to some great beaches, including Cherry Beach in Sharptown. (along the Nanticoke River)

Beaches in Maryland Cherry Beach, Sharptown
Cherry Beach, Sharptown

Cherry Beach in Maryland is located about fifteen minutes from Salisbury and is a famous family beach.

This beach offers a boat ramp, a fishing pier, picnic tables, playgrounds for kids, and horseshoe courts. And you can bring your canoe or kayak and launch them from the beach.

Also, there are restrooms and plenty of parking, so it’s easy to spend the day there. While swimming isn’t permitted, it’s a great place to sunbathe with your family.

Cherry Beach Park was donated to the town by A. W. and Ida Robinson, and now it is well maintained. You can even bring your dog or cat to Cherry, and they are welcome here.

You can experience kayaking, boating, canoeing, fishing, and picnicking with your family are the best things to do on Cherry Beach in Sharptown, Maryland.

Address: 110 Cherry Beach Road, Sharptown, MD 21861, United States   Phone: (410) 883-3767

Beaches in Maryland

4. Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis

Sandy Point State Park is a popular public recreation area on the Chesapeake Bay (in Annapolis). And its one-mile-long public beach is an excellent place for a family outing.

Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis MD
Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis

It is located at the western end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Its swimming beach is trendy and is visited by over a million people annually.

Here are some tips for visiting Sandy Point State Park. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Sandy Port State.

Besides the beach, Sandy Point State Park also has hiking trails and crabbing places. The park has two hiking trails that offer views of the neighboring marsh. Both of these hikes can be accessed from the first picnic area.

Sandy Point State Park MD
Sandy Point State Park

And the sandy bay is very calm and is perfect for swimming. There are guarded beaches for those who want to spend the day in the sun.

And also, there are plenty of picnic areas with tables so that you can bring your lunch.

If you are here for partying, you can rent a shelter for large parties and give the guests a free pass to enter the park. But, the park does not allow smoking and alcohol, so be sure to pack a can of non-alcoholic beverages.

The bay bridge is visible from the shore, and there’s a Bay-themed playground. On the other hand, Sandy Point State Park also has a paved parking lot for cars and bikes.

So, plan your beach tour to Sandy Point State Park and have fun.

Address: 1100 E College Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21409, United States   Phone: ​(410) 974-2149

Beaches in Maryland

5. Beaches in Maryland: Betterton Beach, Betterton

The best time to visit Betterton Beach in Maryland is on weekends. If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway, here it is.

Beaches in Maryland Betterton Beach, Betterton
Betterton Beach, Betterton

This beach town is filled with beautiful scenery. Visitors can enjoy the bayfront’s natural beauty from the shores of the Bay.

Betterton Beach town is also home to the historic Betterton Heritage Museum. This museum is located in the old Catholic Church, which has been turned into a community center. It features a rehabbed fisherman’s shack and some of the area’s oldest and most unique fisherman decoys.

Betterton is home to family-friendly restaurants too. These eateries serve burgers, sandwiches, and pizza. And they are located directly across the street from the beach park and have a deck overlooking the bay.

As mentioned above, the beach is known for its beautiful views, which are a big draw for visitors. There is also a public beach area and two playgrounds, perfect for children.

Being one of the best beaches for swimming in Maryland, Betterton Beach has a bathhouse, a boardwalk approximately 500 feet long, benches, lighting, volleyball courts, and a public pier. And the entrance is free. You can even bring your dog or cat too.

You can swim even with your kids on this beach.

There are also plenty of picnic areas and a shady pavilion on the shore. The public beach is open every day, so there’s no rush for parking.

Plan your family picnic now.

Address: Ericsson Avenue, Betterton, MD 21610, United States   Phone: ​(410) 778-1948

Beaches in Maryland

6. Calvert Cliffs State Park, Lusby

Calvert Cliffs State Park in Maryland is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Calvert Cliffs State Park, Lusby MD
Calvert Cliffs State Park, Lusby

The cliffs, located just off the Chesapeake Bay, stretch for 24 miles along the eastern flank of the Calvert Peninsula. And this state park stretches from Drum Point south to Lusby.

This is a must-see destination for nature lovers and those who love to explore nature. In addition to the cliffs, the state park also contains many other scenic areas.

Calvert Cliffs State Park is a beautiful place to hike. The 13-mile trail is relatively flat with some boardwalk sections and is suitable for beginners and intermediate hikers.

The park does not have a store, so you’ll need to pack plenty of water and lunch to take along with you. It is recommended that you bring your hiking shoes as well. The trail is not difficult, but it is best suited for those who are physically fit and don’t mind getting dirty.

Calvert Cliffs State Park is home to over 600 species of fossils, including shark and skate teeth. There’s even a recycled tire playground for kids.

Where’s the beach?

Located along the Chesapeake Bay, Calvert Cliffs State Park features a tiny sandy beach. And it is suitable for swimming too. But, do not go swimming alone.

So, it is a great place to take your family to get close to nature without spending a fortune on admission.

Address: 10540 H G Trueman Road, Lusby, MD 20657, United States   Phone: (443) 975-4360​​

Beaches in Maryland

7. Deep Creek Lake, Swanton

With 69 miles of shoreline and 3,900 acres of water, Deep Creek Lake is Maryland’s largest inland body of water.

Deep Creek Lake, Swanton MD
Deep Creek Lake, Swanton

A diverse ecosystem of aquatic creatures – freshwater fish, birds, and reptiles – makes Deep Creek Lake an ideal place for a relaxing vacation.

Take the time to explore the various attractions of Deepcreek lake, and you’ll be rewarded with memories that will last a lifetime.

Featuring breathtaking nature views, Deep Creek Lake Beach is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle. While you are on the beach, you can go stand-up paddleboarding, tubing, swimming, and many other fun outdoor activities.

The area around Deep Creek Lake is dotted with nearly 50 restaurants, from family-friendly to fine dining. And the nightlife is focused on the numerous bars and clubs located around the lake.

You can also take advantage of an eight-screen movie theater and enjoy family arcades with go-karts and laser tag.

If you’re a fisherman, this is the place for you. Deep Creek is ideal whether you’re looking to learn how to fly-fish or catch a fish.

The lake has a temperate climate all year round, making it a popular vacation spot.

During the winter, Deep Creek Lake is surrounded by mountains dotted with ski slopes. If you want to take advantage of the winter season, take a trip to Deep Creek Lake this winter. The lake has ample snow for skiing and is the perfect location for a winter getaway.

Address: 898 State Park Road, Swanton, MD 21561, United States   Phone: (301) 387-5563

Beaches in Maryland

8. Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors, Cunningham Falls State Park is the place to go.

Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont
Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont

Located west of Thurmont, Maryland, this public recreation area features the largest cascading waterfall in Maryland.

In addition to the pretty waterfall of Cunningham Falls, the park contains a 43-acre manmade lake named William Houck Lake, historic iron furnace ruins, and a quaint village. So, there are many attractions to explore.

It’s William Houck Lake is perfect for swimming and features a sandy beach.

Those who enjoy hiking will find Cunningham Falls State Park a relaxing getaway. The park has several trails with steep and rocky ascents, so people of all levels can enjoy the scenery.

Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont MD
Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont

In addition to hiking, the park features a lakeside cafe and Scales and Tales Aviary, a nature education program.

Once you’re done with your hike, you can head back to the park office for a nice picnic or to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Or you can take a dip in the pool or swim in the lake or relax on the beach at Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland.

Cunningham Falls State Park is divided into the William Houck area and the Manor area. It is open year-round and offers campsites and restrooms too.

However, Cunningham Falls State Park is like heaven for nature lovers. So, do not miss it.

Address: 14039 Catoctin Hollow Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788, United States     Phone: +1 301-271-7574

Beaches in Maryland

9. Matapeake Beach, Kent Island

Bayside Park is a popular attraction in Matapeake Beach, Maryland. It is an excellent place for families to relax, as well as those who don’t like the heat.

Matapeake Beach, Kent Island MD
Matapeake Beach, Kent Island

Besides the beach, it offers several other amenities, such as a theater and wooded trails.

In addition, the historic clubhouse is a great place to visit if you are staying in the summer.

Although Matapeake Beach is crowded during the summer months, it is still worth visiting, especially if you are traveling with a family.

While there are capacity restrictions during the summer, Matapeake Beach is famous all year round. Even pets can enjoy the scenery and play as they like. But, be sure to let them stay on a leash.

Matapeake Beach, Kent Island
Matapeake Beach, Kent Island

This popular spot for fishing too. There’s a fishing pier called Matapeake Fishing Pier to catch fish with your kids.

Especially if you like birdwatching, Matapeake Beach is an excellent destination for you.

Waterfowls are plentiful at Matapeake Bay in winter. You can observe all three scoters, including the elusive White-winged Scoter.

Also, you can find large rafts of Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, and Long-tailed Ducks. You may view roosting gulls at rock jetties too. And during the fall and winter, you can hear the chirping of Chuck’s-will-widows.

Address: Marine Academy Drive, Stevensville, MD 21666, United States     Phone: (410) 758-0835 

Beaches in Maryland

10. Breezy Point Beach, Chesapeake Beach

In addition to the sandy shores, the state of Maryland also offers an excellent campground and whole bathhouse at Breezy Point Beach.

Breezy Point Beach, Chesapeake Beach
Breezy Point Beach, Chesapeake Beach

Camping is permitted at Breezy’s campground and on the beach. These campsites are open all year round. But, it does not allow pets.

Breezy Point Beach is open for swimming and fishing only.

This beautiful sandy beach is less than an hour away from Washington, DC. So, you can easily get there with your family.

It features a 200-foot fishing pier and a concession stand too. And there are also two playground areas on the beach for kids.

This family-friendly environment makes it an excellent option for summer vacations in Maryland.

There are lifeguards and netting around the swimming area. So, you can swim safely.

If you like beach volleyball, there are volleyball nets to enjoy with your friends and family.

On the other hand, Breezy Point Beach has plenty of space for picnicking, and there are even hiking trails nearby for the more adventurous.

If you’re looking for a fun family outing, this is a great place to go.

Address: 5300 Breezy Point Road, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732, United States     Phone: (410) 535-0259

Beaches in Maryland

11. Beaches in Maryland: Greenbrier State Park 

Located three miles northeast of Boonsboro, Maryland, on South Mountain, Greenbrier State Park is a public recreation area for all types of outdoor activities.

Beaches in Maryland Greenbrier State Park
Greenbrier State Park

It features excellent campsites, picnic areas, hiking trails, and a 42-acre man-made lake. The park is run by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and is perfect for families and groups looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Its beautiful 42-acre man-made lake features a lovely beach that is suitable for swimming during summer. Aside from swimming, you can experience fishing, canoeing, and hunting like outdoor activities.

Located off of Interstate 270, Greenbrier State Park is home to a 4.7-mile circuit trail that is easy to navigate and offers excellent intersection singe. This Big Red Trail begins at the raised burn on the edge of Greenbrier Lake.

Greenbrier State Park is also home to a portion of the Appalachian Trail, which runs through the park. Once you arrive at the park, you can walk along the trail to the summit.

If you’d like to get an even better view of the park, take a hike up Greenbrier Mountain, which provides an excellent view of the entire park.

Address: 21843 National Pike, Boonsboro, MD 21713, United States    Phone: +1 301-791-4767

Beaches in Maryland

12. Hart-Miller Island State Park, Kingsville

If you’re looking for a new place to go for a day trip, try visiting Hart-Miller Island State Park in Maryland. (an uninhabited island)

Hart-Miller Island State Park, Kingsville
Hart-Miller Island State Park, Kingsville

This man-made landfill is a public recreation area owned by the state of Maryland. It’s located near the Middle River on the Chesapeake Bay, making it accessible only by boat. If you’ve never been, it’s a great way to get out in nature.

It offers a relaxing 3,000-foot sandy beach. So, you can go swimming, fishing, boating, camping, and many other fun things.

Hart-Miller Island State Park offers several hiking trails, a bird-watching platform, and safe mooring for boats.

The state park is home to more than 50 bird species and many other types of wildlife. It provides binoculars and bird guides to explore the birds. So, it is like a paradise for birdwatching.

It also features Pleasure Island and Hawk Cove, popular destinations for kayaking and canoeing.

The island’s natural beauty and abundant bird population make it a perfect place to get away from it all and recharge your batteries.

Its eight-mile-long trail offers a scenic view of the Chesapeake Bay, and you can camp on the island if the weather is right.

In addition to offering safe mooring, Hart-Miller Island is also an excellent place for day-trippers. You can rent a bicycle to ride around the south cell.

Address: 2813 Jerusalem Road, Kingsville, MD 21087, United States    Phone: (410) 477-0757

Beaches in Maryland

13. Elk Neck State Park, North East

Located between the Chesapeake Bay and the Elk River, Elk Neck State Park in Maryland is a public recreation area with land – and water-based activities.

Elk Neck State Park, North East MD
Elk Neck State Park, North East

Turkey Point Lighthouse is a historical landmark in this park. It is 35 feet tall and is located on the peninsula’s southern tip. Visitors to the park are encouraged to view the lighthouse and enjoy the views. Dedicated volunteers manage the lighthouse and provide free public showers.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, this state park is an excellent place to get away from it all.

Are you interested in boating or fishing? You can do that too! The Elk Neck Peninsula offers many activities, including a public beach.

Elk Neck State Park maryland
Elk Neck State Park

The park features 288 camping units and nine four-person cabins. And the picnic areas near the beach are perfect for family-friendly picnics.

Flatwater canoeing and fishing are also popular activities here. Several boat launching ramps can be found along the coastline. Hunting is also permitted in designated areas, and this area is also home to the Cecil Bird Club.

A visit to Elk Neck State Park is a great way to learn more about the area’s natural history. Its sandy beaches, marshlands, and heavily wooded areas provide a variety of landscapes.

Winters in Elk Neck State Park are chilly and wet, so many visitors choose to stay indoors during the colder months.

However, the best times to visit the park are summer and autumn.

Address: 4395 Turkey Point Road, North East, MD 21901, United States    Phone: (410) 287-5333​​

Beaches in Maryland

14. Tilghman Island Beaches

Although tucked away between the swanky towns of St. Michaels and Baltimore, Tilghman Island has a unique charm.

The quaint village of Tilghman has been around for more than a century and is still a working waterfront.

Most of the Tilghman Island beaches are privately owned, and you need to access them via a hotel. Well, this island is famous for its grand hotels and delicious seafood. But, do not expect to have noisy parties and entertainment venues on the beach.

Biking, boating, and kayaking are the most popular outdoor activities on Tilghman Island beaches.

Though workboats putter through the Knapps Narrows, which separates the island from the larger Talbot County, there are plenty of newcomers who are making the island their home.

The oldest residence in Tilghman Island is the Tilghman Inn, adjacent to the Knapps Narrows. And the Tilghman Inn offers views of ospreys and bald eagles.

There are several unique gift shops and restaurants on the island.

The Beach Bank is located at 5782 Tilghman Rd. Earlier, the Tilghman Island Bank served as Crawford’s Nautical Book Bank.

And the Beachcombing Center is another excellent place to shop. There’s even a nonprofit organization that promotes shoreline treasures.

Another popular spot for families with children is the Tilghman Watermen’s Museum, which celebrates the history of the island’s watermen. It also features art pieces created by local artists.

With its gourmet selection of food and souvenirs, Tilghman Island Country Store offers a relaxing atmosphere.

Address: 21384 Coopertown Rd, Tilghman, MD 21671, United States    Phone: +14108861170

Beaches in Maryland

15. Gunpowder Falls State Park, Middle River

Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland is a beautiful public recreation area.

Gunpowder Falls State Park, Middle River
Gunpowder Falls State Park, Middle River

It covers 18,000 acres in parts of eastern and northeastern Baltimore and Harford counties. The park has a variety of trails, waterfalls, and other features to delight the entire family.

Gunpowder Falls State Park’s natural beauty is one of the most highlighted things to catch in Maryland, and visitors are sure to find plenty to do.

The park features a 1,500-foot long beach along the scenic Gunpowder River. And this beach is ideal for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and picnicking.

On the other hand, it is a great place to hike, bike, fish, or take a scenic ride. The park has 120 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails that vary in length and difficulty. So, these hiking trails are suitable for all ages.

You can also rent a boat or enjoy a day at the Dundee Creek Marina.

The Wildlands Loop follows the Gunpowder River for 1.5 miles. The trail continues into the woods and crosses a few streams. The nature trails are easy enough for children to follow, and there’s also a small stream you can swim in.

All of these activities are available at Gunpowder Falls State Park, so it’s a good idea to plan a tour.

Address: 7200 Graces Quarters Road, Middle River, MD 21220, United States    Phone: (410) 592-2897​

Beaches in Maryland

16. Beaches in Maryland: Hammerman Beach

If you are a beach lover, you will love visiting Hammerman Beach in Maryland. (nearby Gunpowder Falls State Park)

Beaches in Maryland Hammerman Beach
Hammerman Beach

This public beach park in northeastern Baltimore County covers an area of 18,000 acres and features many activities for the whole family.

You can also enjoy the water at the nearby Gunpowder Falls State Park. This recreation area is home to several waterfalls and is a popular destination for families.

The park is not open to the public during the winter and can get crowded at certain times.

That said, the beach is open to the public during the summer, making it an excellent place for families to spend a sunny afternoon.

Visitors should bring towels or a lawn chair or picnic chair to enjoy the weather. The parking lot at the park is free, while the concession stands and bathrooms are clean and well-maintained.

However, if you want to spend the whole day on Hammerman Beach, you should consider booking a rental.

Hammerman Beach is also ideal for birding and nature watching. The area attracts seasonal migrants and waterfowl during the winter. You can watch Bald Eagles and Ospreys nest here, as well as Common Goldeneye.

If you’re really into bird watching, you can spot Bonaparte’s Gull in the late March/early April season.

Besides birdwatching, you can go picnicking, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding on Hammerman Beach. But the waters are shallow and only suitable for unpowered boats.

Come early during the peak season to grab a parking space.

Address: 7200 Graces Quarters Rd, Middle River, MD 21220, United States    Phone: +1 410-335-3461

Beaches in Maryland

17. Janes Island State Park, Maryland

The Chesapeake Bay is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. And its public recreation area of Janes Island State Park in Somerset County, Maryland, is one of the best.

Janes Island State Park, Maryland
Janes Island State Park, Maryland

Janes Island has 30 miles of water trails that lead to pristine, isolated beaches. The water trails are marked by markers and are very easy to follow. And the park has something for everyone, from novices to experienced kayakers.

Janes Island State Park has a variety of facilities for guests. There is a day-use area with 103 campsites, with 49 of them being electric. The campgrounds are open from April to November, but the cabins and conference center are open all year long.

Also, there are four full-service cabins and one camper cabin. Each cabin has its bathroom and heated showers, and a park store. There is also a nature center and walking trails.

There is a boat ramp on the island too.

There is a lot to do on the water at Janes Island State Park. You can rent kayaks and canoes or simply hike the beach on your own.

Remember to wear a life jacket and follow all safety rules when on the water. Many hiking trails throughout the island will allow you to take in the scenery.

So, plan for a camping weekend at Janes Island State Park with your family.

Address: 26280 Alfred J Lawson Dr, Crisfield, MD 21817, United States    Phone: +1 410-968-1565

Beaches in Maryland

18. Beaches in Maryland: Point Lookout State Park, Scotland

Point Lookout State Park is a historic preserve and public recreation area in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Beaches in Maryland Point Lookout State Park, Scotland
Point Lookout State Park, Scotland

The southernmost tip of the peninsula is Point Lookout State Park, formed by the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. This park contains several miles of walking, fishing, and whale watching trails.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply love the outdoors, there’s something for everyone in this beach park.

One of the highlights of Point Lookout State Park is the integral lighthouse, built-in 1830. It’s one of the oldest in the country. Also, it was used as a prison camp and a hospital during the Civil War.

In the 1950s, the lighthouse was deactivated, but you can still walk around it. In the summer, guided tours are held daily. For families with children, the park offers guided tours.

Point Lookout State Park is a great place to go fishing, swimming, hiking, and hunting. Especially, the park has a 710-foot Fishing Pier and plenty of other spots for you to catch the perfect catch.

Night fishing is a popular activity, and visitors with valid fishing permits can stay in the park until 6 a.m.

During the summer months, the park has a one-out, one-in policy.

Address: 11175 Point Lookout Road, Scotland, MD 20687, United States    Phone: (​301) 872-5688

Beaches in Maryland

19. Beaches in Maryland: Rocky Gap State Park

If you’re looking for a public recreation area, consider a Rocky Gap State Park trip in Maryland.

Beaches in Maryland Rocky Gap State Park
Rocky Gap State Park

This scenic park is located just off Interstate 68, seven miles east of Cumberland, in Allegany County. It covers more than 3,000 acres and is home to Evitts Mountain, Lake Habeeb, and Rocky’s Gap Casino Resort.

Whether you’re looking to spend a day hiking or relaxing at the lake, this state park has something for everyone.

Rocky Gap State Park offers many activities for families and children of all ages, including a nature center. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while taking in interpretive programs at the nature center.

A nature hike, guided hike, and demonstrations are just a few of the daily activities for children and adults alike.

Special events and talks are also held in the park’s nature center. You’ll need to make advance reservations if you’re interested in hosting an event.

Kids can spend an afternoon exploring the nature center and the playground.

And of course, there are several swimming beaches, boating, and fishing options at Rocky Gap State Park. On the other hand, there are around 300 excellent campsites.

How about planning for a camping tour with family?

Address: 12900 Lake Shore Dr, Flintstone, MD 21530, United States    Phone: +1 301-722-1480

Beaches in Maryland

20. Beaches in Maryland: Newtowne Neck State Park

Newtowne Neck State Park in Maryland is a public recreation area that is a four-mile drive southwest of Leonardtown.

Beaches in Maryland Newtowne Neck State Park
Newtowne Neck State Park

The park is situated on a peninsula surrounded by bays. It is managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and is a popular destination for outdoor lovers.

Its beaches are great for kayaking, fishing, swimming, and more. Visitors can find many types of wildlife at the park.

There are three beaches to choose from at Newtowne Neck State Park.

One is a great sandy beach that is a popular spot for families. This area has been a popular destination for kayaking for over two decades. And the second beach is two miles away and is popular with anglers.

Newtowne Neck State Park has a lot of history and rich history. In addition to nature, this park has an interesting historical backdrop, including the Jesuits’ old boarding school.

The first historical district of St. Marys County, Newtowne Neck State Park, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Located on a peninsula, the park features a waterfront along Breton Bay, St. Clements Bay, and Potomac River.

You can even rent a kayak if you want to explore the surrounding waterways. Just make sure to check the park’s map beforehand to ensure that you will not miss any historic sites and monuments.

Address: Newtowne Neck Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650, United States    Phone: +1 301-872-5688

Beaches in Maryland

  • Ocean City Beach
  • Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin
  • Cherry Beach, Sharptown
  • Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis
  • Betterton Beach
  • Calvert Cliffs State Park, Lusby
  • Deep Creek Lake, Swanton
  • Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont
  • Matapeake Beach, Kent Island
  • Breezy Point Beach, Chesapeake Beach
  • Greenbrier State Park 
  • Hart-Miller Island State Park, Kingsville
  • Elk Neck State Park — North East
  • Tilghman Island Beaches
  • Gunpowder Falls State Park, Middle River
  • Hammerman Beach
  • Janes Island State Park
  • Matapeake Beach, Stevensville
  • North Beach, Chesapeake Bay
  • Point Lookout State Park, Scotland
  • Rocky Gap State Park
  • Newtowne Neck State Park

Beaches in Maryland