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Historic Flood in Venice, Italy Damages St. Mark’s Basilica Severely

Historic Flood in Venice Damages St. Mark’s Basilica Severely

The historic flood in Venice, Italy damages St. Mark’s Basilica severely. Approximately, the iconic site suffered at least $5.5 million in damages from flooding.

Historic Flood in Venice Damages St. Mark’s Basilica Severely

Nearly, thousand years old basilica was flooded severely last month due to the some of the highest flood record in Venice in last month. After this historic flood in Venice Italy, the basilica was closed for about a week to recover its damages. Therefore the tourists who visit now won’t notice any kind of difference in there.

Although the damages are not visible to the traveler’s eyes, the authorities say that the damage is recognized by the inside. So, they monitor the inside damages by using new technology. The vestry board technical director Giuseppe Maneschi has confirmed it by saying “The disaster is inside, where we cannot see. But we can monitor with new technology,”

The chief caretaker of the Basilica Carlo Alberto has explained that “Someone who comes to Venice to see the high water, and who goes to St. Mark’s Square the next day, sees tables in the square, says, ‘Hey, look, the orchestra is playing. Nothing is wrong here, while, in reality, what is hidden is everything we have verified in these days.” 

When the church was originally constructed, it was placed in a part of Venice that was considered safe from the annual flooding. But this year’s flood proves that nowhere in Venice is safe from the rising tides.

Floodwaters damaged the basilica’s underground crypt when it went underwater for about 24 hours. The tiles of the Basilica’s dome were blown away by fierce winds. For the first time in the basilica’s history, floodwaters came rushing through its windows.

Venetians Protest

Many venetians compliant to the government and protest against the cruise ships planners after this pathetic flood disaster. They directly point their fingers towards the cruise ships and its corruptions to worsen the flooding in the city. Actually, nowadays people are always on alert regarding environmental pollution concerns.

Venice Flooding More Damages St. Mark’s Basilica and peopel protest

It is the salt from the lagoon waters not the water itself that is most dangerous to the basilica. As saltwater crept into the basilica, the salt seeped into the church’s marble columns. (There are more than 130 different types of marble in the landmark building, some of which no longer exist.) The salt is also eating away at mosaics and the church’s stone, brick and mortar foundations.

“Even at a height of 12 meters (nearly 40 feet), we have salt that comes out, that crystallizes,’’ Maneschi added. 

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