How to Remove People from Your Travel Photos

Remove People from Your Travel Photos

If you are in a travel spot, you may hardly get chances of taking photos with a clear background where there will be no people. Don’t be disappointed for having a travel photo without any unwanted people or objects.

You can get software and apps to remove objects and people from your travel photo within a short time. Choose any software like photoshop, lightroom, or any apps, then go through a photo-editing process. Obviously, you can take a nice travel photo with a charming background without any people or objects.

We’re sharing some ideas and techniques, by applying them you can get an expected travel photo without unwanted people.

How To Remove People from Your Travel Photos

For removing unknown people from your travel photo you can use photo-editing tools from photographic software or apps. You can choose the clone stamp tool, healing brush tool, or other options from your devices for removing people or objects.

Moreover, If you need to remove travelers or objects for many photos, you can take help from the companies who provide background removal services. They can realistically remove objects and people from the original background and replace them with new backgrounds. You may splash to see their accuracy of work.

Follow Your Preferable Methods To Get An Expected Photo

If you want to remove people from your travel photo you can get nice ideas and techniques from this entire article. Choose any options and go through the editing process suitable for you. Then you can get the best travel photo with a nice background.

Use the Magic of Healing Brush Tool

Choose the healing brush tool from photoshop software and then place the cursor over the area you want to heal. Just press the Alt-key and move the cursor over the place you want photoshop to select pixels from. After selecting the pixels, move the cursor back to your original spot and brush over the area you don’t want to keep in the photo. Photoshop will use your selected pixels to replace them in the spot you want to get healed.

Master the Clone Stamp Tool

The Clone Stamp tool can be another best option for you to use in Photoshop. It is almost similar to the healing brush tool.  But it will allow you to replace the exact pixels from your selected area where the healing brush just makes guesses of pixels that should be used. These two types of tools are a bit different but are pretty much significant for you to identify their performance. So, you can get exactly the perfect photo that you want. Obviously, you have to work carefully while using these tools. otherwise, your photo can turn odd by removing the people from your background.

Use Android Photo-Editing Apps

You can remove the people from your travel photo with some android apps. You can blur the people from your background by using PicsArt, Cymera, and other apps.  If you have a Samsung device you can do it simply by following a few steps. First, open the pic which you want to edit. Then Tap on the editing icon and select decoration from the editing controls. After that hit the cover option to select the blur tool. Then gently tap to blur people from the background.

Automated Process of Photoshop

Photoshop has other tools to help you get rid of people from your travel photo. If you have multiple pictures from the same spot, you can get a good result from it.

Load these pictures into Photoshop and select the statistics script, then Photoshop will analyze the pictures. The more interesting fact is that it will look for anything different in the pictures and then will start its attempt. It will determine what doesn’t belong and exactly what the picture needs to remove.

It’s actually not tough you may think, it’s pretty simple to set up. Go to the files where you compiled the pictures then click on the scripts to select statistics from the choices presented. After that, load the pictures. See the dialogue box that pops up make sure to set the stack mode at Mean. Without this, the whole process is automated and can mostly meet your expectations. After this automated process if you need to remove something more you can use the clone stamp tool to bring more accuracy to your photo.

Blend Them Away

Instead of using Statistics to automate the process of combining your pictures, you can load the versions of your pictures as Layers in one file. Then combine the layers so that you can use the portion of each layer from which you can get your expected background. This process is known as blending.

How to Remove People from Your Travel Photos

Suppose, you want to completely remove the unwanted people from the background on the left side of picture 1. But they have moved to the right side of the photo in picture 2. So, you can make a new photo using the portions from each photo. Do the same for the right side of your background. Finally, you can successfully remove people from your travel photo.

For blending the travel photos you need to accomplish some steps, that I compiled below:

  • Choose the photos you want to edit in the Lightroom or Adobe Bridge. And allow photoshop to open the photos as layers of the same file. In Lightroom, just use right-click and select open as layers in photoshop.
  • Then you have to make sure that the layers are aligned. So, select the first two layers and align them by Edit and Auto-Align layers. Until the photos come close to the same, Photoshop will align these two layers so everything will match up.
  • After that, you need to add a layer mask to the top layer. Just go to the Layer and select the layer mask and click to reveal all options. The white mask will cover a bit differently in the photo that will show up in the final picture.
  • Select the Brush tool and black as your paint color. Then look carefully at what changes you want to make then start painting.
  • Determine the portion of the current layer you want and which portion of the layer underneath you want. You can use eyeballs that are beside each layer to alternatively see or hide the top layer.
  • In the portion where you don’t want the top to take effect just paint black in your layer mask. On the other hand, do not paint the areas of the photo where you want the top layer to take effect.
  • If you are done according to your expectation make sure the top layer is selected and then go to the layer to merge down. It will combine the layers.
  • If there remain additional layers return to the second step and further go through the same process. Continue it until you are down to the final layer.

Remember, at the time you are taking photos, the photos should be taken from multiple exposures. If possible use a tripod, so you will have the option of trying these techniques when you arrive home. On the contrary, if you don’t have multiple exposures at the time you take photographs, you won’t be able to fix your photo in this manner later.

Use A Long Exposure

Using a tripod you can take a long exposure through your camera with 20 to 30 seconds. In this system, the people who are moving won’t appear in the final photo. Because they are staying in the frame just for a few seconds. In the long-duration shutter speed, the camera only captures the person staying a long time in the frame.

You can start from the lowest ISO and smallest aperture which will help you to limit the amount of light that may overexpose the photo. Even, during the daytime, you should use a neutral density filter that will limit the amount of light coming to your lens. The filters can be of different strengths, it’s better to start from 10 stop filters. Put the filter on your lens and reset the camera exposure, it can take up to 30 seconds to capture the final photo.

Try To Arrive Early At Your Desired Places

It can be a great idea to arrive early at the desired travel place. So, there would be fewer people and you may take photos without any people in the background. You can apply this idea only to places where entry is free. The museum, zoo, and other tourist parks have a specific opening time so you can’t enter there very early. But in the opening time, there could be fewer tourists. So, you can take advantage of taking single photos if you arrive early in your desired place.

Final Closing:

Most often you will go for taking photos with a nice background, it will consume your time to make a guard and take expected shots. Though it’s a good idea to capture a perfect photo with your camera so you can upload your traveling photos immediately. If you go to your travel spaces in the earliest period you can both enjoy nature and take the best pictures with a nice background. Otherwise, you have to go through the tricky steps to remove people from your travel photos.

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