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Indonesia is moving on as Jakarta is Sinking

Indonesia : The World’s largest island country is located in a strategic position of sea lane which connects the East Asia with South Asia. Geologically, also it is important as located on two plates. The main islands of Sumatra, Java, Madura and Kalimantan is located on Sunda plate, New Guinea is located on Australian palte. Many natural disasters are...

Travel Tower Bridge in London

Travel Tower Bridge in London Tower Bridge in London is one of the most highlighted landmarks in London. In the era of 1876, London was started to get so busy and a need rose to have another way to cross the River Thames. But it took nearly 20 years to get approved the most suitable design and finish the construction....

Top Destinations in Cherry Blossom Land Japan

Japan is the only land where Sakura blooms everywhere. So, here are the top destinations in cherry blossom Land Japan. Kyoto: Top Destinations in Cherry Blossom Land Japan Kyoto can be considered as the spiritual heart of Japan. The reasons behind that are having nearly 2000 temples and shrines. And the architecture combines with religious background, stunning traditional gardens and prayer...

Unforgettable Top 5 Destinations in Vietnam

Here are the unforgettable top 5 destinations in Vietnam. Just take a look. Hoi An Vietnamese culinary has a super power of making tasting food in South East Asia. Hoi An is a historic and delightful town in Vietnam which is totally free of traffic and pollution. Since Vietnam is a blend of Japanese, Chinese and Indian culture, there are...

Current Status of the Great Barrier Reef Australia

Great barrier reef
The only living thing on the earth visible to space is The Great Barrier Reef. This is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. It is Australia's remarkable natural gift. It contains numerous marine lives, reef systems, golden beaches, amazing islands and coral cays. You can experience snorkeling, scuba diving and bare boats. And also helicopter...

Travel England – The Poetry Land in Europe

Here are the best places not to miss on your tour to England. So, let's travel to England. London London is wonderful and one of the busiest cities in the world. And also one of the most tourists attracted cities. If you are visiting London in July or August, the hottest time in the year, you may see plenty of things...

Travel France in Europe – A Land full of Romance

Eiffel Tower
France is the land full of romance. So, there are so many exciting things to do while you are touring France. Here are the best places to add to your list. Paris   Paris, the capital of France is the most fashionable city in Europe. It is the global center for fashion designing, art, cosmetics, perfumes, culture, food, and many more. Apart...

Travel Germany – A Land where Combines Love, Art and History

Berlin as the capital of Germany, it is Europe’s third most tourists attracted city. There are plenty of reasons for that. This is a total package of history, museums, art and culture, architectural beauty, and many more entertaining items like bars and clubs. There is no bad time to visit Berlin in the year. But May is full of...

Maya Bay Beach in Thailand: The Most Famous Beach

Maya Bay – The Most Famous Beach in Thailand
Maya Bay Beach in Thailand is one of the most tourists' attracted cove in the world. This was the location for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Dicaprio in 2000 which made this cove world famous. Millions of tourists visited here and experienced the beauty of this silky beach and watched the amazing coral reefs. The stunningly beautiful bay is...

Travel Spain – A Vibrant and Divers Land in Europe

Spain is a vibrant and diverse land in Europe. It has so many things to see and experience. So, add all of these to your bucket list. Balearic Islands   The Balearic Islands are the most popular archipelago in Spain surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea It includes the islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera. Balearic is located on the eastern...