The Longest CargoTrain in the World: Travels since 1963

More than 55 years, the train of Mauritania du Desert is traveling 704km per turn through the Sahara Desert. The train is 2km long and offers you a unique experience. Within sandy wind mixed up with sun rays and Arabic voices, this journey will define the harsh environment of a desert as well as the beauty hidden in it. Since 1963 the train du Desert, Mauritania travels as a daily service from Nouadhibou on the Atlantic coast to the iron ore mines in Zouerat. It takes time duration of about 20 hours to cover 704km.
Apart from the passenger wagons, the other wagons are carrying 84 tons of iron ores in each. Passenger compartments are normally more crowded as many of Mauritanians are used to travel by this train. This journey is of course more dangerous, uncomfortable with noise, sweat, dirty, sandy, and crowded with normally 40 C temperatures in day time. But still, there are a lot more to discover through this journey. Travelling is the best teacher for you to understand different cultures, lifestyles, type of jobs and people in the world. This journey will teach you how harsh a desert life would be and how people are really exist in here. 
If you are unable to get a passenger caravan, then you would have to travel on the top of a steel wagon (windowless). Traveling open to the sandy air, wind, noisy and sun of Sahara Desert would be an unforgettable experience in your life. When the day goes, speed of the train is also reduced as the many passengers got off the train. The evening view of Sahara at an open steel cargo provides you priceless views and kind of big adventure in your life.