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The Most Romantic Holiday Destinations for Couples

Romantic Holiday Destinations Strasbourg, France

Are you looking for a romantic holiday with your partner?? If you are looking for a place for a good cup of tea and a warm fire to snuggle up to your sweetheart this holiday season, you are in luck. While many people opt to spend the holiday with family, lots of couples choose to use their hard-earned vacation time to travel around the world. And most importantly, for many destinations around the world, winter is the so-called “off-season”. So, the couples can take the advantage of lower hotels prices and fewer crowds. Then, here are the most romantic holiday destinations for couples in the world. 

Specially, from November to January, you might be able to get hotel rooms and airfares for way less money. And on the other hand, this will help you to escape from the winter weather and get to enjoy with less crowd. Of course, many couples also want to take the advantage of the holiday season by visiting a place that really gets into the spirit. Ice skating, reindeer rides, celebrating Christmas and many more experiences are waiting for you. And to celebrate the season and spend more quality times each other in the most romantic destinations.

Reykjavik, Iceland: most romantic holiday destination

Romantic Holiday destination Reykjavik, Iceland

If you visit Reykjavik, Iceland you and your beloved can view the world’s most stunning and super natural Northern lights or Aurora. In March 2020 and in November you can get this amazing experience. Iceland always offers popular and affordable destinations for worldly travelers. Like: Geo thermal hot springs, tons of holiday markets, unique Icelandic foods and unbelievable natural wonders. So visit Reykjavik, as it is on the top of most romantic holiday destinations list.

Strasbourg, France

 Strasbourg, France

This amazing town offers you one of the oldest Christmas markets to do shopping. And also you can buy anything at the same market as it is diversified with products. This amazing French city is located nearby the boarder of Germany. So, it is more romantic and offers many romantic experiences for you. Like: romantic ice skating, walk along the ancient streets to feel classic, listen to carols together and watch marvelous designs of Gothic Cathedral.

New York City, New York

New York is one of the most romantic holiday destinations for Couples in this holiday season. There are a lot of reasons for that. One of the top reasons is the tons of holiday offers all over the city. And also, the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza and the famous window displays down Fifth Avenue are more romantic to visit. Another more important thing you should not miss in your romantic holiday is, ice skating. So, go for a romantic ice skating at Bryant Park, New York City. And do not forget to take a cool ride around Central Park. 

Aspen, Colorado

Skiing in Aspen, Colorado The most romantic holiday destination


Aspen, Colorado is full of fireworks and lightning in this holiday. So, you and your lovely partner can enjoy those holiday fireworks with Menorah lightning. And one more eye catching thing is the St. Regis Aspen’s giant gingerbread house. Do not miss to visit it. And next in the line is the Colorado mountain town. It is totally filled with skiing, cozy lodging and festive food around the town in every holiday season. So, visit Aspen, as one of the most romantic holiday destinations.

Vienna, Austria

Austria has already taken the place as the most popular country for 2020 (expected). And Vienna provides you a completely romantic environment for this holiday. Belvedere Palace Christmas Village is always ready to celebrate the season in opulent, Baroque style. Specially, for the romantic couples it offers shopping stalls, wine collections, Austrian foods and more events. Like: advent concerts, musical events and colorful places.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is the top city to be visited in 2019. And still it is more passionate and romantic. The city lights up around the holiday season with festivities like the city holiday market. And the Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables exhibition is more popular between romantic couples. On the other hand, for a different experience, you can visit Nyhavn which is full of decorations for the holiday. And also you can visit and enjoy the Tivoli Gardens. 

St. Martin, Caribbean

Caribbean is one of the best honeymoon destinations for lovebirds. St. Martin is more attractive in Caribbean islands. As the island is recovered from the hurricane, the hotels and all the hospitality industry is waiting for you to welcome in this holiday. And most importantly, St. Martin is an affordable romantic beach side destination with lots of fun for this holiday.

Verona, Italy

Romantic holiday destination Verona, Italy

There’s no doubt. Verona is the City of Romance where Romeo and Juliet met and fell in love. So, you must visit there with your sweetheart. Verona offers you to taste Verona’s own Christmas cake, Pandora (a tasty cake) at Nuremberg Christmas Market. And this market gives the chance of do shopping in a market village kind of place. Also, you can taste free samples of Italian sweets at this market including hot chocolate samples as well.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is always full of fun and entertaining. And this holiday is special for Kauai, Hawaii. Since it calls as “The Garden Island”, which is why it makes for a picturesque vacation for both of you. So, come and get these amazing beach experiences for this vacation. As the winter season offers more affordable and less crowded experiences, select Kauai, Hawaii as the most romantic holiday destination this time. You can celebrate the Christmas in the amazing small town called Christmas Parades and Hawaii paradise gateway.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has the most suitable climate to celebrate the holiday, since it has an excellent mild weather. And also New Orleans is full of fun activities like Big Easy tours. And both of you love birds can take a horse-drawn carriage ride to discover the city in an ancient romantic way. On the other hand, jazz music and partying on Bourbon Street will make your romantic holiday more musical.   

Bruges, Belgium

This time in Bruges you can see the world’s best ice sculptures from Ice Sculptures Festival (One of Europe’s biggest winter events). It will definitely be filled with sparkling works carved in ice by international artists at city’s train station. And also Bruges, Belgium resembles a gingerbread town, decorated with thousands of little lights.

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