Top 42 Things to Do in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Top 42 Things to Do in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The Super Bowl winner Kansas City is an amazing city located on the western edge of Missouri, USA. Filled with plenty of BBQ restaurants, it has the best barbecues in the country. It also offers unique art experiences, symphonies of jazz, museums, tons of fountains, and more. So, obviously, all of these things to do in Kansas City are really exciting. 

Now, if you are thinking about the top attractions, just add the following top 42 things to do in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Things to Do in Kansas City

Kansas City Zoo

Started in 1909, Kansas City Zoo extends for 202 acres of land area. As Missouri is famous for southern hospitality, this zoo proves it is not only about humans.

Kansas City Zoo, Missouri
Kansas City Zoo

Because this is a wonderful animal conservation place that allows diverse animal species to live in their natural behavior for that, it has provided an almost natural surrounding for each species.

For example, your kids will love to observe how leopards, African elephants, penguins, bears, and chimpanzees like animals behave.

The most highlighted thing to see in this zoo is how the elephants are doing paintings. And also, to observe how chimpanzees are interacting with each other. 

Actually, your kids will observe how intelligent those animals are. So, just plan a tour with your family to Kansas City Zoo this weekend.   

Things to Do in Kansas City: Money Museum

Money Museum? Yes, you heard correctly. Kansas City has a money museum to educate the city visitors. After visiting this museum, you will be educated more about money.

Things to Do in Kansas City Money Museum
Money Museum: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

The city’s Federal Reserve Bank powers this museum, and it teaches you how currency has evolved over the years, starting from gold bars to the current situation.

The most interesting thing about visiting this Money Museum is that it tells you the artistry and hidden stories of various coins and paper money.

Since the admission is free, you can visit this place on any normal day during business hours. Especially if you are in Kansas City with your kids, the Money Museum should definitely be on the top of your bucket list.

For more information, you can participate in the audio tours host by the museum.

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Barbecue Tour

Kansas City is the city that has the highest number of BBQ restaurants in the USA. So, definitely, you can find authentic, delicious, and unique flavored BBQ here. 

KC Barbecue Tour

Sometimes not only the locals but also tourists are attracted to KC only for this reason. Yes, if you are a food lover, you should not miss a Barbecue Tour in KC. 

Deciding the best BBQ restaurant may be the toughest decision in the world. Don’t worry. You don’t need to select only one because KC Barbeque Tours offers you a chance to discover some of the city’s best shops. 

All you need to do is to book your tour and get ready with an empty stomach. As there are several tour types, it is better to select and book your favorite tour in advance. (Just visit their official website through the above link)

For example, there are tour packages that blend with both beer and BBQ. 

Do not ever miss this high-quality BBQ tour while you are in Kansas City.  

Things to Do in Kansas City: American Jazz Museum 

Originated in the USA, Jazz music was mostly used for dancing at the beginning. Being a mix of African American music traditions, Jazz is an all-time favorite music style worldwide.

If you are a Jazz lover, you cannot miss the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City. Because it clearly exhibits the pride and energy of Jazz music beautifully.

Things to Do in Kansas City American Jazz Museum 
American Jazz Museum:

And another important feature of this museum is its location. It is located in an old neighborhood of famous saxophonist Charlie Parker. Actually, he was a true legend.

Therefore this museum is really a crowning jewel of the state of Missouri.

The exhibits are so touching and interactive. So, even a new person to the Jazz world will surely feel this music style’s beauty.

Since you can see various Jazz instruments and listen to Jazz music representing all the eras, the American Jazz Museum is really a nice place to visit with your family. The admissions for under four kids are free.

It really shows very rare things about this rich music style. So, there’s no other place to celebrate the glory of Jazz music other than this museum. 

Music lovers………….. visiting American Jazz Museum is definitely one of the best things to do in Kansas City. (best things to do in Kansas City)    

Things to Do in Kansas City: The City Market

The City Market is the best place to enjoy time in Kansas City on a nice summer day.

Established in 1857, the farmers, their fresh goods, and the overall atmosphere still attract plenty of visitors to this market.     

Things to Do in Kansas City The City Market 

Locating in the heart of Downtown Kansas City, you can get the finest and the freshest offerings in the region from The City Market. 

For example, it is very famous among locals for the best food, the finest meat, fresh vegetables, fancy items, and more. Actually, the amount of crowd in it proves the fact.

Especially if you are looking for delicious home-made food items (like cakes, pastries), there’s no other place better than The City Market in Kansas City.  

Things to Do in Kansas City: Arabia Steamboat Museum

Arabia Steamboat Museums is a unique place in Kansas City. The reason to say that is it offers you a chance to experience life in the 19th century in America (before the Civil War). 

It is really a good opportunity to learn valuable things from the past. 

Things to Do in Kansas City Arabia Steamboat Museum

First, we must thank the recovery team who found the wreckage and 200 tons of sunken steamboat Arabia goods. It was sunken in the Mississippi River in 1856.

You can now see all of those items in this museum, like the world’s oldest pickles, old toys, home items, and more. So, it will be exciting to see things used by the people in the past. 

Arabia Steamboat Museum displays all of them very nicely.  So, this 90 minutes tour in Kansas City will surely be unforgettable for your whole family. 

Additionally, they show you the highlights of the recovery project as well. 

The Country Club Plaza

Any kind of tour is not completed without shopping. Obviously, shopping is an essential part. Especially, Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza offers you a unique shopping experience.        

Not only shopping but also you can get luxury dining experiences at Country Club Plaza. Having more than 100 stores, this shopping complex both luxury and normal brands. Ex: Apple Store, J. Crew, and Tiffany. 

So, if you are looking for a great shopping experience in Kansas City, this is the ideal place for spending both time and money to buy your favorite things. 

Apart from shopping, there are plenty of fun things to do in this place as well.

As I said to you earlier, it has super delicious dining places. Like Jack Stack BBQ, P.F. Chang’s, and more.

On the other hand, there are events like art displays, live music shows, and more. 

Are you still going to ignore this plaza? I hope not. (best things to do in Kansas City)   

Things to Do in Kansas City: Kauffman Memorial Garden

Kauffman Memorial Garden is one of the most relaxing places in Kansas City. 

Well, who’s Kauffman? Ewing Kauffman was a famous entrepreneur in the American pharmaceutical industry. Also, he was a philanthropist and Major League Football owner. 

Things to Do in Kansas City Kauffman Memorial Garden

Since he and his wife, Muriel Kauffman, lived in Kansas City and made the city so famous, this garden was designed to honor them.   

So, obviously, it has lovely surroundings filled with lovely flowers and plants. And also, there are some marvelous bronze statues as well. 

No need to think twice. Surely add Kauffman Memorial Garden to your bucket list as it is one of the best things to do in Kansas City. 

Crossroads Art District

The first Friday of any month is very special for Crossroads Art District in Kansas City. Why?

Because it celebrates every First Friday every month with live music, impressive art displays, delicious foods, and more, fascinating art galleries are more highlighted. 

Crossroads Art District First Fridays

For example, Weinberger Fine Art Gallery and Jones Gallery are famous among every visitor. 

While watching the art galleries, you can catch some amazing live music from the Green Lady Lounge. Then, obviously, you should have some authentic KC BBQs or anything from a restaurant like Grinder’s Pizza, Christopher Elbow Chocolates, or Lulu’s Thai Noodle shop. 

On the other hand, there are some special establishments to see in the Crossroads Art District. For example, Hammerpress is an impressive print house with a library. If you like to read or buy books, do not miss this place. 

What do you think about the Crossroads Art District? Well, it is perfect for a date. So, just take your sweetheart to this awesome celebration area and have a wonderful time. 

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Worlds of Fun

Welcome to the most enjoyable place in Kansas City, USA. 

Spreading over 235 acres of land area, Worlds of Fun offers you fun and amusement in every inch of this park. Opened in 1973, this park is owned and handled by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. 

Worlds of Fun KC

The most highlighted feature is that once you take admission for Worlds of Fun, you are getting access to the Ocean of Fun (the water park).        

This is definitely a wonderful family destination to enjoy the time in KC, Missouri.

If you are looking for more excitement, this amusement park has thrilling roller coasters. And they have funny names as well. Ex: Prowler, Patriot, and Timber Wolf. 

Also, there are some other thrilling experiences like Bamboozler (a high-speed circular ride), Falcon’s Fight (a unique, thrilling ride), and a Detonator ride. All of them are adrenaline-pumping rides for sure.    

The next attraction in Worlds of Fun is the Ocean of Fun. There you will find exciting water slides, a wonderful wave pool, a clam river to spend time, and more aquatic experiences. (best things to do in Kansas City)      

Things to Do in Kansas City: National World War I Museum and Memorial

National World War I Museum in Kansas City reminds us of the First World War. And this is the only place that you can see World War I artifacts and information.

Opened in 1926, this place was made as an honor for all the heroes who fought to save the world.

Things to Do in Kansas City National World War I Museum and Memorial

Exhibits are very touching and sensitive. For example, the written words of soldiers display as voice recordings.

Especially, the video exhibit named “The Story of the Great War” gets a special attraction from the visitors. Other than that, there are some extraordinary exhibits as well. (Like an actual Renault FT-17 tank)

Due to these features, this museum will surely be one of the most unforgettable places for you in KC.

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Independence Temple

If someone asks a question like “what is the quietest place in Missouri?”. Definitely, the answer should be Independence Temple. Locating in KC’s satellite city, Independence, this temple has been doing a great job for the whole community. 

Yes, it is really one of the calmest places in the world. So, if you are looking for a place to relax your mind, this is ideal for you. 

Independence Temple in Kansas City
Independence Temple

And it is not just a place to spend some relaxing time, but also, it offers you a chance to learn and worship. 

Dedicated in 1994 to the pursuit of peace, it considers the headquarters of the community of Christ. 

On the other hand, its amazing architectural design dominates the skyline of Independence. Being one of the highest faith-based buildings in the USA with 300 feet stainless steel spire, it looks like rising towards heaven.   

And as I mentioned earlier, this is an educational place as well. The Community of Christ does an admirable job of providing knowledge to the people. 

So, Independence Temple is a place that shows and teaches you how much faith matters and the importance of the relationship between God and you.   

Ernie Miller Nature Center

A nature center in KC? Yes, even a busy city can have a nature center. 

The best example is the Ernie Miller Nature Center. It is just like a paradise and if you want to relax and experience the calm nature of Kansas City, just visit this place.

Ernie Miller Nature Center

There are many picturesque hiking trails. Also, since there are some stalls, this place offers you some delicious barbeque meat as well. Isn’t this place perfect for a picnic? 

Of course, take your family there are enjoy the time. You all can discover more local plants, wildlife, and KC nature. On the other hand, there’s a nature center that offers you educational programs and interactive exhibits. 

Leila’s Hair Museum

Would you like to see impressive hair arts back in the 17th century? Leila’s Hair Museum is there for you. 

Locating in Independence, Missouri, this museum adds a unique experience for your KC tour. It contains more than you expect. 

Leila's Hair Museum
Leila’s Hair Museum: TripAdvisor

Actually, this museum teaches you a unique art that is not very famous.

But who is Leila? Leila Cohoon was a retired cosmetologist who lived in Independence, Missouri. She was the person who discovered this unique hair art culture in 1956.    

Although we didn’t notice, so many hair clips, necklaces, and brooches were created by tuning hair for centuries. So, this museum has taken a nice try to show the uses and love of hair art culture. 

You’ll surely be surprised after seeing the exhibits in Leila’s Hair Museum. (best things to do in Kansas City) 

Kansas City Speedway

Watching NASCAR on television doesn’t give the exact thrilling experience like watching live. Kansas City Speedway offers you an adrenaline-pumping chance to watch your favorite France and cheer on your favorite drivers.

Kansas City Speedway
Kansas City Speedway:

Actually, Kansas Speedway is one of the top reasons for the city’s huge popularity throughout the world.

Thanks to the Richard Petty Driving Experience, you get a realistic and thrilling chance to experience being in a real NASCAR racing vehicle.

You can choose between driving by a trained driver or managing the vehicle itself. Whatever you choose, it is safe and super thrilling.

Your kids will love to visit this place and see their racing heroes driving on the track. So, do not miss this chance.

Things to Do in Kansas City: Loose Park

Looking for enjoyment in KC? Then, Loose Park is the place for you. Actually, the name itself defines the features. 

Spreading over 75 acres of land area, this park contains both exciting and relaxing features.

Things to Do in Kansas City Loose Park
Loose Park: Kansas City Parks and Recreation

For example, things to do in Loose Park include playing tennis, picnicking, visiting the shelter house, visiting Civil War markers, visiting Rose Park, getting a shower from the water park, playing with kids in the playground, and more. 

And also there’s a nice lake as well. 

Especially, the water park called Loose Park Sprayground sprays water from various sprinkles. If you are in this park in the hot summertime, just visit the Sprayground and have a cool shower. 

Your kids will love it.  

On the other hand, Rose Park is famous for holding special events, weddings, and ceremonies. 

And another important fact about this park is, it has a historical connection with the Civil War. This park was used as an advantaged area by the soldiers against the enemies.    

Like that, you can get more information about this park from the captivating garden center. 

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson Akins Museum of Art is one of the best art museums in the USA. The major reason behind that is, it contains a wonderful collection of art representing all the continents in the world. 

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art:

Especially, its Asian art collection is more highlighted. Apart from that, there are impressive African, European, and Russian art collections as well.  

All the exhibits say a unique story to the visitors. So, these kinds of museums are not just galleries; they are learning institutes as well. 

Actually, you don’t need to spend hours to be surprised or stunned by the creations in Nelson Akins Museum of Art; you’ll feel it at the beginning for sure. 

Another highlighted things on the outside ground of this museum are 19-foot high badminton shuttlecocks. They are made with fiberglass, and it adds a unique identity to this museum. 

All the features sound more expensive. No, not at all. It is all free. You can enter the Nelson Akins Museum of Art without any admission fee. 

So, do not hesitate to get this priceless experience totally free of charge.  

Things to Do in Kansas City: Sprint Center

Sprint Center or the T- Mobile Center is a multi-purpose arena located in Downtown Kansas City. So, if you know this place as a large cell phone store, you are wrong. 

Sprint Center hosts entertaining shows (like Lady Gaga, Fleetwood Mac, and more) and thrilling sports events (Like the NCCA Basketball Tournament). 

Things to Do in Kansas City Sprint Center
Sprint Center: Wikipedia

Therefore, if you are a fan of basketball, you should not miss this place in KC. Since it has the capacity to seat nearly 19000 fans, both adults and children attract to see the games and shows. 

Not only basketball games and music events, but this place is also ideal for any kind of big event. 

So, not miss catching your favorite event in Sprint Center, KC, Missouri. Click the link to know about the upcoming events. 

Boulevard Brewing Company

Now, it’s time to have some quality beer. So, just keep your kids at the hotel and visit Boulevard Brewing Company

This is one of the best beer producing companies in the USA. But, you are getting a chance to tour around this company for free. Isn’t it great?

Boulevard Brewing Company KC

They also offer all the kinds of beers to taste until you find the ideal one for you.    

Since every beer type is made with high-quality ingredients found locally, you’ll feel it in every sip. For example, especially the Jam Band and 80-Acre are very famous among both locals and tourists.

And some other famous seasonal beer types are Hibiscus Gose beer and Zon.

While tasting various beer types, do not forget to notice its color, taste, smell, and after taste like features. Because they really appreciate your opinions in improving the features.     

To get tour information, just click the above official link. 

Westport Flea Market

Westport Flea Market is a place where you can shop authentic items and eat delicious food. So, just visit this place to have fun. 

Westport Flea Market
Westport Flea Market: TripAdvisor

The market contains a few vendors that sell unique and evoking accessories. On the other hand, there is a bar and grill restaurant with delicious foods like grilled chicken, barbeque, drafts beers, and more. 

So, Westport Flea Market can be considered one of KC’s best places to have fun.  

Things to Do in Kansas City: Blue Gallery

Why is it called “Blue”? Because this art gallery has strongly used blue color for almost every art display. 

Being one of the finest art galleries in Kansas City, Blue Gallery contains both local and international artists’ artworks. For example, Patricia Kochevar (a famous ceramic artist), Aileen Chong (a famous painter), and Joe Ramiro Garcia (a contemporary mixed media painter).  

Things to Do in Kansas City Blue Gallery
Blue Gallery

So, each artwork tells an impressive, unique story. Especially the culture and sophistication of Kansas City are wonderfully highlighted through them.   

And you can see many paintings, sculptures, ceramic items, and more. 

If you like to visit this awesome Blue Gallery, keep in mind, it normally opens from Tuesday to Friday (8 am to 5.30 pm) and on Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm. 

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Kansas City is famous for performing arts, thanks to Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

You can obviously watch all the KC performances like Kansas City Symphony, Kansas City Ballet, rocky music, and more. Normally famous performers perform in this place.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Therefore, this place can be considered a great tribute to all the art performers in the city.

Apart from the entertaining performances, the next most highlighted feature of this place is the wonderful architectural design. Shining with platinum curves, it was designed by the famous architect Moshe Safdie.

So, do not miss this marvelous place when you are in KC, Missouri.

Click the above official link to know about upcoming events.

J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain

Kansas City has a lot of impressive fountains everywhere. But, J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain is so special and attractive. 

Actually, first, it was created in New York in 1910. But, with time, it was heavily damaged as it wasn’t maintained well. Then, again it was restored in Kansas City in 1960 by the famous family J.C. Nichols. That’s how it was born in KC. 

J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain
J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain: Kansas City Parks and Recreation

The fountain has four impressive sculptures with horse riders to represent the four famous rivers in the world, Rhine (Europe), Volga (Russia), Seine (Europe), and Mississippi (USA). Also, it contains sculptures of some playful kids that play with dolphins. 

Thanks to Nichols, it is still one of the most iconic and most photographed fountains globally. 

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Sometimes small things impress the world—for example, the National Museum of Toys and Miniature

Locating in the University of Missouri, KC, this amazing museum has an impressive collection of toys. Actually, this is the only place with this kind of toy collection in Missouri. 

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
National Museum of Toys and Miniatures: TripAdvisor

For example, you can see old and new board games, figurines, miniatures, dollhouses, and more. Especially, the miniatures are displayed with all the details of creating them. 

Once you visit this place, you’ll realize how skillful and creative the designers are.    

In summary, the National Museum of Toys and Miniature nicely highlights Kansas City’s history through its exhibits. Also, it tries to show the impact of toys on the development of society in the past. 

Since this place is family-friendly and the entrance fee is affordable, you can have fun with your family.         

Things to Do in Kansas City: Union Station

In the past, everyone used to travel by train. For any kind of transportation need, people used trains. Now things have changed.   

Union Station (opened in 1914) was such a famous train station at that time. And still, it is preserved well. So, there are so many attractive things to see inside. 

Things to Do in Kansas City Union Station
Union Station: Wikimedia Commons

Also, as there’s no entrance charge, you can enter for free. But you need to spend some charges at various attractions. 

For example, Union Station has a planetarium, Science City (a science museum), a movie theater, and more. At these places, you have to spend money at the entrance. But, it is totally worth it. 

Actually, when considering the classical features and building design of this station, it is famous as one of the most attractive places in the country.  

Also, it clearly shows the glory of Kansas City that was in the past. 

We must be thankful for all the people who managed the preservation of this place.  

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Kaw Point Park

Kaw Point is a junction of two rivers named the Missouri River and Kaw River or Kansas River. So, definitely, it is one of the most eye-catching places in the city. 

Other than beautiful views, this riverfront park contains wildlife, wildflowers, and wooded trails spreading all over the land. So, this is an authentically natural park. 

Kaw Point Park, Kansas City
Kaw Point Park: National Park Service

On the other hand, this 10-acre park contains a  pavilion to view nature, an outdoor amphitheater to host events (Ex: Annual Paddle Craft Event), and a boardwalk. 

However, visiting Kaw Point is one of the best things to do in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Kauffman Stadium

Welcome to the home of Kansas City Royals (Major League Baseball). 

Kauffman Stadium is an exciting baseball park located in KC, Missouri. Opened in 1973, it has a capacity of seating 48,000 fans at once. Therefore, it has not only baseball games, but it also offers you live concerts as well. 

Kauffman Stadium
Kauffman Stadium: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images

So, catch your favorite one (a game or a concert) and have fun. Even tickets are affordable. 

If you are a crazy baseball fan, do not forget to visit the Hall of Fame in Kauffman Stadium. It contains all the memorabilia of baseball legends in history. (photos play equipment, trophies, and others)

After watching all of these things, surely have some authentic KC barbeque meat with locally made beer.   

Things to Do in Kansas City: Sea Life Kansas City

Containing more than thousands of aquatic creatures, Sea Life Kansas City is a wonderful, interactive aquarium. Locating in the Crown Center, this place adds more value to the city. 

Merlin Entertainments is the owner of this aquarium. They manage it well by enhancing with the latest technology. 

Things to Do in Kansas City Sea Life Kansas City
Sea Life Kansas City

Since these interactive touch pools contain both creatures from fresh water and saltwater, you can see a huge variation.   

Also, the 3600  ocean tunnel is very attractive, and kids love it. On the other hand, Meeting a Mermaid is also a highlighted exhibit in this place. 

And obviously, sharks, seahorses, stingrays, octopi, sea turtles, and more marine creatures are waiting for you at Sea Life Kansas City

Especially since these creatures have more space to live, they show their natural habitats. 

So, if you are looking for a place to visit with your kids in Missouri this weekend, Sea Life is the best.

They offer some birthday party packages as well. If your kid really loves marine creatures, here’s the best plan to impress him/her. Just click the above official link to know more.   

National Airline History Museum

Kansas City does not lack with museums. And all of them are famous among locals and tourists—for example, National Airline History Museum.

We all know that improving transportation into air travel is one of the best achievements of humans. This museum offers you a chance to learn about the Wright Brothers’ great effort and the evolution of airplanes with time and technology.

National Airline History Museum
National Airline History Museum: Wikipedia

Normally the museum tours for visitors occur from 10 am to 3 pm from Wednesday to Sunday. On tour, you can see some marvelous aircraft that you haven’t see in your life.

For example, Boeing 727-223, Curtiss T-32 Condor II, and more.

The tour also tries to give you the exact feeling at the helm of an airplane.

Locating in the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport, visiting National Airline History Museum is one of the best things to do in Kansas City, Missouri.

Things to Do in Kansas City: Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium is the home for Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. So, obviously, it is so special and famous among every Missouri state resident.

If you are a football lover, you shouldn’t miss this stadium when you are in KC. 

Arrowhead Stadium KC

Opened in 1972, it has the capacity to seat over 76000 fans. Therefore, not only football matches, this stadium hosts musical shows with famous artists in the world as well. Ex: Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, and Guns N’ Roses.    

Apart from that, Arrowhead Stadium contains delicious restaurants and luxury shops as well. 

If you like to know more about Chiefs or see more about them, you can plan a private tour. Click the above official website of them and get access to that. 

However, whether it has a football game or not, you get access to see the stadium at any time.  

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Kansas City is very special when talking about art museums. If you are a contemporary art lover, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is a place that you should definitely visit. 

It offers you a lot of breathtaking exhibits that display unique meanings. Whether you are an art lover or not, you’ll love them once you see these artworks.      

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art:

This wonderful museum was opened in 1994, and now it earns around $5 million annually as it attracts around 75,000 visitors per year.

Apart from just watching artworks, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art hosts some programs for different age groups (for kids, teens, and adults). Visit their official website and know about the upcoming events.    

Things to Do in Kansas City: Starlight Theater

Starlight Theater is a place with classical and old features. Girls and Boys who dated in the past used to visit this theater in Missouri. 

It is an outdoor theater surrounded by a stunning and peaceful environment. And it has the capacity to seat around 8000 people at once. 

Things to Do in Kansas City Starlight Theater
Starlight Theater: Wikipedia

Opened in 1951, this theater still hosts Broadway shows, musical concerts, and many other live events. Famous artists like Tonny Bennett, Willie Nelson, The Beach Boys, and new artists also perform in this theater.  

So, if you are looking for an enjoyable live concert in Kansas City, just check the Starlight Theater upcoming events schedule and catch your favorite one. 

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Factory

Harley Davidson Factory is a motorcycle factory that has been manufacturing world famous bikes since 1998. So, this is a brand that took Kansas City’s name to the international level. 

That’s why you need to take a tour of this factory. 

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Factory
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Factory: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Any visitor of this factory is provided a fully guided tour with all the safety equipment and uniforms. Starting from welding and framing to the assembly process, you can see the whole process of manufacturing a Harley Davidson bike. 

Your kids will love to see it. So, just visit their official website from the above link and plan the tour. 

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Founded in 1990, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is privately funded in Kansas City. 

We must appreciate the black players’ achievements in the USA as they had to struggle a lot with racial segregation in the past. This museum is a great place to honor all those heroes. 

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum: Wikipedia

Although they were kept out of the major leagues, they didn’t stop. They created their own teams and showed colors.

Eventually, the black players were recognized and provided a chance to enter the major leagues.   

The stories mentioned in this museum are very sensitive and touching. Especially, the stories and achievements of great players like Jackie Robinson are more highlighted. 

Actually, we have to take a lot of strong lessons from those stories. So, surely take your kids to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and teach them to treat everyone equally.    

Things to Do in Kansas City: Penguin Park

All nature lovers should not miss Penguin Park when you are in Missouri. As it is a kid-friendly park, you can take your whole family there. 

It is one of the most beautiful parks in Kansas City. Built-in 1957 by the Parks Department of KC, Penguin Park considers as a part of Lakewood Greenway. 

Why does it call Penguin Park?

Things to Do in Kansas City Penguin Park
Penguin Park: Kansas City Parks and Recreation

Obviously, there are no real penguins. But, there’s a sculpture of a huge penguin in this park. Actually, not only a penguin but also, there are some other sculptures like an elephant, a kangaroo, and a giraffe. But, the penguin was the first one. That’s how the name was born. 

Kids love this park more. So, it is very famous for kids’ birthday celebrations and other events. If you plan to impress your kid on the birthday, Penguin Park is the ideal place for that. 

John Wornall House Museum 

Do you like to see a house of pre-civil war? John Wornall House Museum presents you with the daily life of a family who lived in the pre-civil war era.

This is a good opportunity for you to compare how things have changed or how things have become complex now.

John Wornall House Museum
John Wornall House Museum: Wikipedia

Built-in 1858, this house belonged to a rich family at that time. Since it has a lot of space, this house was used as a hospital for the injured soldiers during the Battle of Westport in 1864.

After that, this house was converted into a museum as it has a lot to show to the world. If you visit this museum, you can see the history of the Wornall family and what happened to them, the history of the Battle of Westport, the slavery that happened in this house, and more.

It offers you very attractive and touching exhibits with lectures and programs as well.

Things to Do in Kansas City: Plaza Art Fair

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit Kansas City.

If you are in KC in September, there’s an awesome chance of enjoying time. Just plan a visit to the Plaza Art Fair that happens on one of September weekends. 

Things to Do in Kansas City Plaza Art Fair
Plaza Art Fair

Plenty of hidden local talents and unique artworks come out to this fair every year. And also, you may find friends that have the same mindset as you. 

Not only art, live music, and food are also parts of the Plaza Art Fair as well. So, you can enjoy the time with your new friends and family. 

On the other hand, you can buy creative and high-quality artworks from this fair for low prices. Isn’t this the best place to get a souvenir to remember your Kansas tour? Yes, of course. 

Crown Center

Another crown jewel in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Actually, Crown Center is a famous neighborhood in KC. It is especially famous for shopping and entertainment. A big reason for that popularity is the Crown Center shopping mall. 

Crown Center KC
Wikimedia commons

If anyone is confused about what to do in KC, just visit Crown Center. You’ll find tons of things to enjoy there. It is really filled with entertainment options and attractive fountains. 

In the case of shopping, it offers you any kind of brand that you are looking for. Same for dining as well. 

So, visiting Crown Center is one of the best things to do in Kansas City, Missouri. (best things to do in Kansas City) 

Swope Park 

Swope Park is the largest green space in Kansas City. Spreading over 1805 acres, it has a beautiful surrounding. 

Also, since there are facilities like soccer fields, mesmerizing fountains, golf courses, and a treetop adventure park, over 2 million visitors are attracted annually. 

Swope Park KC, Missouri
Swope Park: Kansas City Parks and Recreation

This whole land was once owned by a person named Colonel Thomas H. Swope. Then, he donated the whole land to the KC Parks System. Wow, it should be really appreciated. 

You can find Starlight Theater, several community gardens, Lakeside Nature Center, and Kansas City Zoo like attractions inside the Swope Park.   

Things to Do in Kansas City: Vaile Mansion

Vaile Mansion is a symbol of love. Built by the lovely couple Colonel Harvey Veil and his wife Sophia in 1881. So, obviously, it represents the amazing architecture of the 19th century.

Originally, this mansion had a vineyard, an apple orchard, a wine processing plant, and a huge wine cellar. Yes, it was spread over 639 acres of land area at that time. But now it has only 5.6 acres.  

Things to Do in Kansas City Vaile Mansion
Vaile Mansion: © TripAdvisor

Now the question is, who designed this nice mansion? A famous American architect at that time named Asa Beebe Cross. And it was inspired by the European architectural style. 

Due to its vintage features, a lot of tourists are attracted to this place annually. So, do not miss your chance as well. 

Berkley River Front

Berkley River Front is located on the southern banks of the Missouri River. Spreading over 17 acres of land area, this park was opened to the public in 1999. 

Berkley River Front in KC Missouri

Surprisingly it was a land filled with construction trash and converted into a beautiful park by the KC Park Systems. Hats off for that conversion.  

This park’s special feature is located in between the Heart of the America Bridge and Kit Bong Bridge. And also, this park contains more than 300 trees, a very long esplanade (ideal for walking or jogging), a small amphitheater, and more. 

On the other hand, Berkley River Front hosts some enjoyable events like RiverFest. 

If you are looking for a relaxing park in Kansas City, Berkley River Front is ideal for you. (best things to do in Kansas City)   

Things to Do in Kansas City: Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Public Library (Central) was founded in 1873. Having 10 branches, now it has spread in many neighborhoods of the city.

Since this library has a long history, it contains very old, famous books in its collection—for example, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

Things to Do in Kansas City Kansas City Public Library

Its giant bookshelf with 25*9 feet is so special and filled with books from top to bottom. If you are a book warm, you should not miss this place at all.

Or if you like to know more about this library’s history, they offer some special tours on Saturdays at 11 am. Join and get more information about the architecture and how the First National Bank became a library. Also, you can get rare books.

However, it is really worth visiting the Kansas City Public Library when you are in Kansas City.

Things to do in Kansas City