World’s Top 5 Magnificent Cities you must visit

World's Top 5 Magnificent Cities you must visit Miami Florida

World's Top 5 Magnificient Cities you must visit

Today, TravelAdvo is gonna present you with a list of the world’s top 5 magnificent cities you must visit in your life. Each of them unique. Some, known for its architecture, others unusually beautiful nature, and others culture and incomparable with anything atmosphere.

Copenhagen, Denmark : World’s Top 5 Magnificent Cities

Denmark is a Scandinavian country capitalized by Copenhagen city which is ranked as the most tourists’ attracted city in the world until 2020. Without renting a small motor boat from Copenhagen Boat Rent, you’ll never feel total beauty of the city. If you’re above 18, then without experience you can get the unique feeling of being a captain.

Copenhagen is not only about sailing through beautiful canals, you can also visit the Jazz House which is the city’s premier place for serious jazz by Danish and international musicians. If you’re a real jazz lover then this is the place for you to feel it in candlelit tables in front of the small stage on every Friday and Saturday nights. And do not miss to watch Opera House with classical and surprising architecture.

World's Top 5 Magnificient Cities you must visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Miami, USA 

Surrounding with beautiful beaches and having slice of tropical paradise while other parts of North America don’t exist, Miami is a magical city to be in Winter. You can see many eye catching architectural designs around Miami.

Food and music, in fact, showcase Miami’s zest for all things sensual. Cool jazz, spirited salsa rhythms, and a cuisine that unites fresh seafood, tropical fruits and tongue-tingling flavors provide evidence of a people and a city mesmerized by and dedicated to the spices of life.

Miami, USA World's Top 5 Magnificient Cities you must visit

Kathmandu, Nepal

After the huge earthquake in 2015, Kathmandu was considered as a broken city, but today everything is restoring without disturbing to the classical view of Kathmandu. This endlessly fascinating, sometimes infuriating city has enough sights to keep you busy for a week, but be sure to leave its backpacker comforts and explore the ‘real Nepal’ before your time runs out.

Kathmandu, Nepal

 Novi Sad, Serbia

Danube river is one of the most beautiful places in northern Serbia. Novi Sad is a city surrounded on the banks of Danube river. As Serbia’s second city is on the Danube, upriver from Belgrade and downriver from Budapest, which exerted a historical influence on this place.

By Serbian standards Novi Sad is rather young, and took off in the 18th century as a trading hub opposite the mammoth Petrovaradin Fortress, an Austro-Hungarian outpost. In the 1700s and 1800s the city blossomed into an unofficial capital for Serbian culture.This was briefly interrupted by the 1848 Revolution when the Hungarian garrison in the Petrovaradin Fortress smashed the city to pieces.

 Novi Sad, Serbia world's Top 5 magnificent cities to visit

Dakar, Senegal

The last, but not the least on the list of world’s top 5 magnificent Cities, is Dakar, Senegal. The most dynamic city in Africa, Dakar has more sunny beaches, colourful markets and mbalax-fuelled nightclubs. That is the reason for being new travel hub in West Africa.

Dakar has long been a secret-surfer’s paradise. A peninsula that catches swells from north and south means locals, expats, and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to riding the waves. With around 15 distinct locations within a 30-minute radius of each other, there is a spot for every ability.

Dakar, Senegal

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