Best and Fun Beaches in New Jersey, United States

Beaches in New Jersey

Looking for the best beaches in New Jersey?? Here’s the list with all the travel information you need to plan a family tour.

The Northeastern U.S. state of New Jersey is home to over 130 miles of scenic Atlantic coastline. Therefore, it features plenty of fun beaches along with all the amenities.

If you’re traveling with kids, don’t miss the sandy beaches of Cape May, which are excellent for the whole family.  Also, Atlantic City Beach, Avalon Beach, Asbury Park Beach, Ocean City Beach, and Ocean Grove Beach are the most popular beaches in New Jersey.

These beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing, kite surfing, fishing, building sandcastles, and playing beach games with your family.

So, let’s discover the complete list of the best and most fun beaches in New Jersey. Just check the following list and add them to your bucket list.

Beaches in New Jersey

1. Beaches in New Jersey: Atlantic City Beach

If you love gambling, then you’ll definitely enjoy a trip to Atlantic City Beach in New Jersey.

Beaches in New Jersey Atlantic City Beach
Atlantic City Beach

Known for its numerous casinos, wide beaches, and iconic Boardwalk, this resort town is a popular destination for people from around the world.

Founded in the 1800s, the area is now a popular tourist spot with glitzy high-rise hotels, casinos, nightclubs, and spa treatments. Visitors can also enjoy shopping, performing arts, and spa treatments at the upscale boutiques and shops in the area.

If you’re interested in history, you’ll want to explore the area’s historic buildings. The Atlantic City Lighthouse stands 165 feet tall and is one of the country’s oldest lighthouses. And its museum is open to the public.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a day in the sun, you can spend a day at the beach.

The Steel Pier features a colorful amusement park, carnival games, and boardwalk views. There’s something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to safety-conscious parents. The Pier is the largest beach in New Jersey and attracts beachgoers from all over the country.

Atlantic City Beach features the optimum environment for kayaking, surfing, fishing, windsurfing, and other sports.

So, this town is a popular destination for families, and many locals and visitors come here to enjoy the beautiful weather and sandy shores.

The Atlantic City tourism board offers information about the area’s attractions and how to enjoy them.

Address: 1001 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, United States    Phone: +1 609-830-8656      

Beaches in New Jersey

2. Beaches in New Jersey: Cape May Beaches

The southernmost county in New Jersey is located on the Cape May Peninsula, bordered by Delaware Bay on the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Beaches in New Jersey Cape May Beaches
Cape May Beaches

It is known for its many beaches. And there are many things to do in Cape May, from enjoying the Atlantic Ocean breeze to exploring the history and culture of the town.

This is one of the best places to visit while you are in New Jersey.

Cape May’s beaches are the most beautiful. The warm, mild weather in spring and autumn makes for great beach days.

Its two-mile-long strip of land is lined with colorful flowers, and the town’s streets are lined with charming shops and restaurants.

There are also many other things to do, including boating, bird-watching, fine dining, and antique shopping. Also, there are endless opportunities for outdoor activities and sightseeing at the region’s various towns and historic sites.

For example, there are over 600 preserved Victorian buildings in the background of Cape May’s pristine beaches.

For those looking for the most scenic and serene beach in Cape May, The Cove is the place for you. The Cove is perfect for strolling along the soft, white sand with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Cove is the busiest beach in Cape May during the summer months, so be prepared to spend the majority of your day at the shore.

If you’d prefer to enjoy a more crowded beach, consider visiting the nearby Old Man’s Lighthouse.

After visiting beaches, surely visit Cape May’s mid-1800s lighthouse, vintage wineries, theaters, an alpaca farm, and many other things.

Address: Beach Avenue, Cape May, NJ 08204, United States    Phone: (609) 884-9525     

Beaches in New Jersey

Looking for the best things to do in Cape May NJ?? Here’s the list. 

3. Beaches in New Jersey: Avalon Beach or Seven Mile Beach

Avalon Beach, New Jersey, is a popular destination for those looking to escape from the city.

Beaches in New Jersey Avalon Beach or Seven Mile Beach
Avalon Beach or Seven Mile Beach

Named after King Arthur’s fabled island paradise, the town offers miles of pristine white sand beaches and a half-mile boardwalk that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

So, it’s the perfect destination for families for a vacation or a weekend getaway. To avoid the crowds, Avalon Beach closes at 5 pm.

Avalon Beach is the epicenter of aquatic activities, with seven miles of sand and distinctive sand dunes.

The town is home to the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail and offers plenty of swimming and wading opportunities too.

There are no rules for swimming, and lifeguards sit out on their white chairs, so the water is safe for anyone, regardless of ability or experience.

And while you’re there, you’ll appreciate the clean white sand and many local restaurants and shops.

The town’s history is rich and diverse. Avalon was purchased from Native Americans in 1723 and became one of the most exclusive resorts on the East Coast.

A museum on the island displays artifacts from the town’s history and is staffed by historians and residents.

Most of the town’s homes are now considered historical, and residents are working hard to maintain them. As a result, visiting Avalon is educational and fun. So, plan a tour to Avalon Beach with your family.

Address: Avalon, NJ 08202, United States                 Phone: (609) 967-3936    

Beaches in New Jersey

4. Asbury Park Beach, Asbury Park

The refurbished 19th-century oceanfront walkway is lined with colorful modern murals and seafood eateries.

Asbury Park Beach, Asbury Park NJ
Asbury Park Beach, Asbury Park NJ

You’ll find everything from seafood to beer and ale houses. But the best part of Asbury Park is its beach. It is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon or an evening stroll.

But before you head for the sand, be sure to check out the refurbished oceanfront walk of Asbury Park.

Asbury Park Beach is a kid-friendly beach that features warm ocean breezes, clean waters, a fascinating oceanfront boardwalk, lifeguards, water fountains, and playgrounds. 

And it is one of the best beaches for swimming too.  

You can find the hippest hotels in Asbury by grabbing a seat at the lone movie theater.

The Asbury Hotel is a stylish boutique hotel with tiny rooms.

And the Tides is a hip, boutique hotel with plenty of parking. You can spend a romantic evening at one of the old-fashioned bed and breakfasts.

For a memorable night out, grab a table at one of the beachfront restaurants.

Music lovers can sample the local scene at Asbury Park. The city has become famous for hosting many musical acts, including the Rolling Stones, 50 Cent, Patti Scialfa, and Jonas Brothers.

Whether you’re looking for local art or a unique souvenir, Asbury Park has something for everyone.

Address: First Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, United States    Phone: (732) 502-8863     

Beaches in New Jersey

5. Beaches in New Jersey: Ocean City Beach

Consider heading to Ocean City Beach in New Jersey for the ultimate family vacation.

Beaches in New Jersey Ocean City Beach
Ocean City Beach

This 10-mile-long beach is a perfect place to spend the day building sandcastles with your kids.

You’ll also enjoy the quaint boardwalk, which offers a variety of shops and culinary treats.

Ocean City Beach is also the inspiration for the famous Beach Boys song, “Ocean City.” In addition to the great weather, Ocean-City is the perfect place to catch a live show or play a round of miniature golf.

The pristine beaches are one of the many attractions in Ocean City. There is a thriving boardwalk and plenty of family-friendly activities.

Biking, surfing, walking along the boardwalk, doing yoga on the sand, building sandcastles, and shopping downtown are the best things to do with the family.

You can go fishing, surfing, jet-skiing, floating in the surf, or even playing miniature golf. There is something to keep the whole family busy in the evening. And several restaurants and bars are offering a wide selection of entertainment.

The city also boasts a 12-hole golf course and 20 public tennis courts. There are also several museums in town, including a historical museum and arts center.

Address: Ocean City, New Jersey 08226, United States    Phone: (609) 399-6111     

Beaches in New Jersey

6. Ocean Grove Beach, NJ

With the exception of summer and Christmas, you can find everything you need at Ocean Grove Beach in New Jersey.

Ocean Grove Beach New Jersey
Ocean Grove Beach New Jersey

Founded in 1869, Ocean Grove is known for its fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters. And it is an excellent place to spend the holiday season with the family.

The town is home to Mermaid’s Yuletide, which offers gifts, souvenirs, and art classes. You can also purchase clothing and accessories at Oceangrove Trading Co. and enjoy the summer’s festivities at the famous pier.

Ocean Grove is also known for its historic buildings with Victorian architecture. The main street of this community is lined with unique art galleries, boutiques, and surf shops.

There are several music events at the auditorium during the summer, which feature the most talented classical musicians from New York and Philadelphia.

The Oceangrove Art Center hosts various concerts during the winter featuring bands, painters, and sculptors.

The town’s Saturday night entertainment features Johnny Mathis, Ronan Tynan, and Linda Eder. The Oceangrove Arts Center hosts a large crowd of visitors and locals during the summer.

When the weather warms up in the summer, the town is alive with activity.

Address: Ocean Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756, United States    Phone: (732) 988-5533  

Beaches in New Jersey    

7. Avon by the Sea Public Beach

Avon by the Sea Public Beach is one of the most popular beaches in New Jersey. (near Asbury Park)

Avon by the Sea Public Beach NJ
Avon by the Sea Public Beach

The town of Avon is located in southern New Jersey and is just a short drive from Atlantic City and Manhattan. Its location makes it an excellent choice for a family outing.

This sandy beach offers many amenities for the whole family, including well-maintained swimming and surfing areas, a seasonal lifeguard, restrooms, and a boardwalk.

Avon by the Sea Public Beach is a popular summer destination. Families and couples can enjoy a day at the beach in the warm summer months.

Also, the town has several restaurants and bars on the boardwalk.

The beach is staffed with lifeguards on weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. And the beach is free to enter, but in the summer months, badges must be purchased.

Facilities on Avon by the Sea Public Beach include trained lifeguards, shops, restaurants, restrooms, plenty of free parking.

Address: 600 N Ocean Ave, Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ 07717, United States   Phone: +1 732-502-4510     

Beaches in New Jersey 

8. Beaches in New Jersey: Wildwood Beach, Wildwood

Thousands of spectators flock to Wildwood Beach in New Jersey for The Race of Gentlemen every year.

Beaches in New Jersey Wildwood Beach, Wildwood
Wildwood Beach, Wildwood

Once filled with beach towels and vacationers, this beautiful Jersey shore is filled with American motorcycles and hot rods competing for first place.

Most of these vehicles are handmade or refurbished and are judged according to their paint color. There is no limit to the creative expression of the participants, so you’re sure to have a good time.

Wildwood Beach is free of charge and is very large, allowing for plenty of space for summer activities. Enjoy body surfing, tossing a Frisbee in the sand, and reading in the shade.

The boardwalk is also popular with bikers and pedestrians who like to spend the day on the beach. In addition to the beach, several restaurants and bars on the boardwalk provide meals and snacks.

Wildwood Beach is also a great place to go kite-fly, with many opportunities for this. Therefore, USA Today named Wildwood Beach one of the ten best beaches in the country for kite-flying.

With its vast expanse and clean sand, the beach is ideal for this activity. Even if you’re not a skilled kite-flier, you can still enjoy the thrill of the sport at this beautiful beach.

Address: 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260, United States   Phone: (800) 992-9732

Beaches in New Jersey

9. Sandy Hook Beach, Highlands

While Sandy Hook Beach is popular with tourists, it is also home to a fascinating history.

Sandy Hook Beach, Highlands NJ
Sandy Hook Beach, Highlands

During the American Revolution, the town was home to Fort Hancock, the country’s first US Army proving ground. It served as a defense against enemy attacks during World War II.

The multi-use path, shared by walkers, cyclists, and other visitors, was built in the 20th century. It features dune trails and beach trails accessible from Parking Lot E.

You’ll be able to walk the sandy Sandy Hook Beach, see the ruins of Fort Hancock, and take in the history of the town.

There are also many places to rent bicycles or kayaks and other sports equipment. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon at the beach or want to stay active, Sandy Hook Beach offers plenty of activities for everyone.

Visiting the Fort Hancock is an excellent choice for history buffs or photographers, and it’s the perfect place for sunset photos.

Sandy Hook Beach is located in Monmouth County, near Atlantic Highlands. It’s the northernmost beach in New Jersey and is accessible via Parkway exit 117.

If you’re planning to stay overnight, it’s a good idea to rent a car and explore the town. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, and other amenities.

And if you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, you should consider renting a bike to experience it.

Address: Sandy Hook Beach, Highlands, NJ 07732, United States   Phone: (609) 599-6540

Beaches in New Jersey

10. Beaches in New Jersey: Belmar Beach

The 1.3-mile shoreline at Belmar Beach in New Jersey is one of the best places to spend a sunny day.

Beaches in New Jersey Belmar Beach
Belmar Beach

Belmar is known for its surfing, swimming, and other watersports. So, the beach is a popular destination for families with children.

A boardwalk runs along the shoreline, which is excellent for strolling, and you can even rent a bike. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the beach for the whole family.

If you’re looking for a day at the beach, you can visit the Go Play! Arcade, which features both classic and contemporary games.

This arcade has everything from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to the XBOX One. You can even find retro classics such as the Super NES and XBOX. Also, you can find games like air hockey and skeeball here.

Or you can relax in a hammock on the beach, where the waves are gentle.

Although Belmar Beach is a small beach, it features tranquil waters, beach playgrounds, walking tracks, clean bathrooms, cell phone charging stations, water fountains, and beach rental shops.

Address: 400 N Ocean Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719, United States   Phone: +1 732-681-3700   

Beaches in New Jersey 

11. Brigantine Beach, Brigantine

Brigantine Beach in New Jersey is an excellent choice for those who love the outdoors.

Brigantine Beach, Brigantine NJ
Brigantine Beach, Brigantine

This scenic beach is home to various activities, including fishing and surfing. Also, do not miss taking in the scenery from the lighthouse. After enjoying the view from the lighthouse, you can also enjoy the beach by walking or riding a bike.

The Brigantine Lighthouse Players put on community theater throughout the summer months.

Brigantine Beach is ideal for surfing and kiteboarding too. The sandy surf is excellent for beginners, and the area is suitable for families with young children.

Usually, the surf is excellent from mid-July to late October, and the beach is dog-friendly too.

On the other hand, Brigantine Beach is home to various other wildlife, including deer and eagles.

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the larger NJ beaches, Brigantine Beach is a serene oasis.

Located on the white sands of Brigantine Island, Brigantine Beach is close to both Atlantic City and Philadelphia.

Besides the beaches, there are many other attractions to enjoy in the area, including a championship golf course and restaurants. For a relaxing getaway, you can visit the nearby city of Atlantic City or take a scenic train ride from New York City.

Visitors can also learn about the current weather conditions and surf conditions at the official website.

Address: Ocean Avenue, Brigantine, NJ 08203, United States   Phone: (609) 266-7600    

Beaches in New Jersey

12. Beaches in New Jersey: Fisherman’s Cove

A large river beachfront park in Fisherman’s Cove is another great way to spend your day.

Beaches in New Jersey Fisherman's Cove
Fisherman’s Cove

You can fish from the shore or rent a fishing rod. Fisherman’s Cove is also dog-friendly so that you can bring your pooch along for a fun day.

The area also has a few restaurants to grab lunch on the go. But, if you want to relax on a more relaxing evening, head to one of the restaurants in town.

You can take your dog to Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area in Manasquan, New Jersey, for a relaxing walk in nature. This 55-acre beach is a perfect place to walk your dog while enjoying the scenery.

The western part of the beach is a no-dog zone, while the eastern section is a dog-friendly area with signs. Keep your dog on a leash and obey the rules of the park.

As mentioned above, Fisherman’s Cove is perfect for fishing, recreational boating, jogging, walking, and birdwatching.

So, plan a day trip to Fisherman’s Cove along with your family and pet.

Address: 383 3rd Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736, United States      Phone: +1 732-922-4080

Beaches in New Jersey

13. Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park

If you’re looking for a great place to go swimming, kayaking, or just to hang out and relax with friends, consider Island Beach State Park in New Jersey.

Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park
Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park

This state park, located in Berkeley Township in Ocean County, is a great place to visit with families too.

It features two sandy beaches that are well-known for their fantastic sunsets. Island Beach State Park is operated by the Division of Forestry and Parks, which runs Seaside Park.

Located at the tip of the Island Beach peninsula, this state park is home to diverse wildlife and plant communities.

It has the largest osprey colony in New Jersey and peregrine falcons, wading birds, and waterfowl.

Island Beach State Park also features more than 400 species of plants, including one of the largest expanses of beach heather in New Jersey.

To explore more, visit the Island Beach State Park Discovery Trails System, a series of short nature trails designed to educate visitors about the nature and wildlife of barrier islands.

The trails lead to the ocean and bay and are lined with native vegetation and wildlife, including butterflies, white snowy owls, and foxes. A number of wildlife species have been spotted along the trails, including osprey and a variety of raptors.

Address: Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park, NJ 0873, United States      Phone: (732) 793-0506     

Beaches in New Jersey

14. Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the famous beach, has been a family destination for decades.

Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey
Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey

Its sugar-white sand is inviting, and there’s room for a beach umbrella or beach chair.

The tide pools on Seaside Heights Beach make the shoreline a great place to find seashells, sand dollars, and other treasures.

In addition to the sugary-white sand, the boardwalk offers arcades, restaurants, nightclubs, and games of chance.

There are even custard stands and ice cream shops that have long been a landmark on this charming borough’s boardwalk.

Since lifeguards patrol the beach daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day, anyone can enjoy the clear waters on Seaside Heights Beach.

Whether you want to enjoy the sand or spend the day at the beach, there is something for everyone in this 16-block area.

The Boardwalk is one of the most popular on this Jersey Shore, with two amusement piers and a water park. There’s also a large selection of souvenir shops and informal dining, plus nightlife.

The Shake Shoppe Arcade is a popular spot, and there are many full-service restaurants nearby.

Address: Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States      Phone: (732) 793-9100     

Beaches in New Jersey

15. Keansburg Beach, New Jersey

A free public beach is a rare find these days in New Jersey, and the town of Keansburg is no exception.

Keansburg Beach, New Jersey
Keansburg Beach, New Jersey

Visitors will find year-round residences as well as small summer cottages. Former dock builders have turned the area into a tourist destination. And, unlike most other NJ beach towns, Keansburg Beach doesn’t have to charge admission.

In fact, the former bank tenant gave the town its historic Borough Hall.

Keansburg Beach also boasts a small amusement park that houses dozens of rides and arcade games.

There is also a beach bar that serves delicious local eats and snacks.

While visiting the town, be sure to bring your camera as the public beaches are accessible.

It is a great spot to enjoy the sunshine and the sand with the entire family. While visiting, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a towel too.

Despite its lack of lifeguards, it is an ideal destination for recreational fishing enthusiasts. The town also features a variety of fishing areas.

And the city also has marine services and fishing supply stores. Its location makes it a popular tourist destination for locals.

Address: Main St & Beachway Ave, Keansburg, NJ 07734, United States    

Beaches in New Jersey

16. Beaches in New Jersey: Long Beach Island

Located in Ocean County, NJ, Long Beach Island is a barrier island and summer colony.

Beaches in New Jersey Long Beach Island
Long Beach Island

It has a population of around 46,000 and attracts visitors from all over the world to its beautiful beaches.

Many visitors stay on the island during the summer season as it is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. The barrier islands are a great place to go for a family vacation or an unforgettable romantic weekend.

If you are a beach lover, you will find a wealth of things to do on Long Beach Island.

A trip to the lighthouse will leave you speechless. You can walk around the tower’s base, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. There’s also a maritime forest trail in the park and a museum that showcases the lighthouse’s history and its significance.

There are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view on Long Beach Island.

The beach is relatively calm during the summer, and you’ll find lots of places to enjoy a family outing.

There is no boardwalk on the island. And there are only a few bars on the island.

Most visitors enjoy the water. There are several activities on the island, such as surfing, jet skiing, and mini-golf. And you can always walk the beaches. A five-mile-long path makes for a picturesque drive.

Address: Long Beach Township, NJ 08008, United States     Phone: (609) 361-3395    

Beaches in New Jersey

17. Point Pleasant Beach NJ

The borough of Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey is a thriving coastal community. And it is one of the most popular beaches in New Jersey.

Point Pleasant Beach NJ
Point Pleasant Beach

It is located on the coast of Ocean County. The borough has a variety of activities for residents and visitors.

When the Half Moon crew sailed north, they discovered the region and decided to explore it. The borough’s calendar of events includes many festivals and local activities that families can enjoy.

Point Pleasant’s beach features clean waters, clean shoreline with fine white sands, a lively oceanfront boardwalk, and sparkling blue waters.

So, it is perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles, playing beach games, beach walking, and flying kites.

While there are many things to do in Point Pleasant, Jenkinson’s boardwalk is the main attraction. It stretches for one mile and features a miniature golf course, carnival games, amusement park rides, and several restaurants.

In addition to shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, the town is also home to many attractions and historic buildings.

If you’re a parent or a child, you’ll be able to enjoy the local culture, music, and food in this friendly atmosphere.

While the town has a rich history, Point Pleasant’s beach isn’t an excellent destination for families. The most popular beaches are laden with pebbles, making them difficult to cross. The sand slopes dramatically before the surf, making it impossible to boogie board or even wade out more than a few yards. Despite the ambiance, Point Pleasant does have a lot to offer.

Address: 300 Ocean Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742, United States     Phone: (732) 892-1118     

Beaches in New Jersey

18. Beaches in New Jersey: Sea Girt Beach 

Located in historic Cape May County, Sea Girt Beach offers visitors a unique vacation experience.

Beaches in New Jersey Sea Girt Beach
Sea Girt Beach

This oceanfront community is home to four miles of beautiful sandy beaches and offers a variety of outdoor activities and events for the entire family.

Sea Girt Beach is a popular choice among beach lovers. There are many attractions, such as the historic Lighthouse.

Located at 9 Ocean Ave., the lighthouse was built in 1896 to illuminate a blind spot between the Barnegat Lighthouse and the Navesink Lighthouse. The lighthouse was also a landmark for the Wreck Pond.

To enjoy the beach, plan to spend at least an afternoon. Sea Girt Beach is a popular destination year-round.

The town of Sea Girt has a small boardwalk, and it’s easy to park and walk to it. Parking is free. And the Pavilion at Sea Girt’s boardwalk is the best place to use the restrooms.

Washington Boulevard is the main road into town and features a small shopping district too.

Address: Sea Girt Beach, Sea Girt, NJ 08750, United States     

Beaches in New Jersey

19. Stone Harbor Beach, Stone Harbor

You can spend the day at Stone Harbor Beach, New Jersey, or spend the weekend exploring the nearby town. Both are wonderful, but you may want to spend more time on the beach.

Stone Harbor Beach, Stone Harbor
Stone Harbor Beach, Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor Beach stretches for 30 miles with sugary white sands, scenic ocean views, sparkling cerulean waters, and a calm surrounding.

You can visit the Wetlands Institute and learn more about its mission to protect the wetlands and coastal ecosystems.

You can also take a guided beach hike or walk in the town, just off the beach. A bird sanctuary is also located in nearby 111th Street.

The Wetlands Institute is a great place to learn about coastal ecosystems and protect wetlands. While there is an entrance fee, this museum is well worth it.

There is an elevated Marsh Walkway, a quarter-mile Salt Marsh Trail, and an interactive exhibit featuring touch-tanks. You can also get an educational tour at the Terrapin Station.

And the Wetlands Institute is about one mile from Stone Harbor.

If you’re visiting Stone Harbor for the first time, make sure you have a car. Although the town is small, you can still find a parking space. You can use the trolley to get to Avalon or take a bike ride to Sea Isle City.

Parking can be challenging, especially during summer. Since Stone Harbor Beach has so many visitors in the summer, parking can be difficult. Just remember to plan ahead.

Address: 2 94th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ 08247, United States     Phone: (609) 368-6101

Beaches in New Jersey

20. Long Branch Beach, Long Branch

Located on the Jersey Shore, Long Branch Beach is a popular destination for beach lovers and is home to some of the area’s most cutting-edge residential beachside condos.

Long Branch Beach, Long Branch
Long Branch Beach, Long Branch

This town also boasts premier shops and restaurants in the nearby Pier Village. Residents and visitors can enjoy many events, including outdoor movies, farmers’ markets, and arts and crafts fairs.

Various fine dining and entertainment options are available, such as the Avenue restaurant and Le Club beach club.

Visitors to Long Branch Beach will find a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages.

In addition to the beach, the town is also home to the multimillion-dollar Pier Village oceanfront retail complex. So, it offers plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The waterfront is lined with boutiques and restaurants, and kayaking is a popular activity on Long Branch Beach.

For a romantic dinner with a good view of the ocean, head to WAVE Resort. The rooftop bar has an expansive pool, and the local art community has a diverse array of galleries to view.

For accommodations, try the Ocean Place Resort & Spa, which is ideally situated on the beachfront. The area also has numerous accommodations and restaurants along the shore.

Address: 4 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740, United States     Phone: (732) 222-7000     

Beaches in New Jersey

21. Seabright Municipal Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet and picturesque beach, Seabright Municipal Beach in New Jersey might be the perfect place for you.

Seabright Municipal Beach NJ
Seabright Municipal Beach

The town’s beaches are known for their relaxed atmosphere and people-watching, but they are also popular with tourists.

The Seabright Municipal Beach is a beautiful public beach that runs along Ocean Avenue. Public restrooms are located in a pavilion, and public parking is available nearby.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards starting Memorial Day weekend, and the guards are on duty from 9 am to 5 pm.

Since Seabright Municipal Beach is dog friendly, you can bring your pet too.

Address: 1097 N Ocean Ave, Sea Bright, NJ 07760, United States     Phone: +1 732-351-4700 

Beaches in New Jersey

22. Beaches in New Jersey: Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City is located in Cape May County, New Jersey. It is a part of the Ocean-City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Beaches in New Jersey Sea Isle City
Sea Isle City

It has a diverse population and is a popular vacation destination. The city’s beachfront location is just one reason to visit, and the nearby Atlantic Ocean is just as enjoyable.

This area is also home to many historic buildings, including the former Fort Adams.

Sea Isle City is home to many festivals and annual events. During the summer, there are several free events that take place on the island.

For instance, the annual Sea Isle Harborfest features craft vendors, a clam eating contest, and a petting zoo. The town attracts thousands of visitors each year.

While summer is the most popular time to visit the town, winter is ideal for exploring this coastal town.

Visitors can enjoy the sandy beaches and water sports at the Townsends Inlet Waterfront Park.

The 2.4-mile Promenade is an excellent place to shop, while the Excursion Park is a popular spot for outdoor entertainment. And the promenade and the Boardwalk are both great ways to spend a day on the beach.

Address: 1st to 92nd Street, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243, United States      Phone: +12673006118   

Beaches in New Jersey

23. Beaches in New Jersey: Spring Lake Beach, Spring Lake

Spring Lake Beach or Irish Riviera in New Jersey is a popular spot for vacationers and residents alike.

Beaches in New Jersey Spring Lake Beach, Spring Lake
Spring Lake Beach, Spring Lake

With its 2-mile boardwalk, the town has all the ingredients of a memorable vacation, whether it’s a wedding, summertime retreat, or a romantic weekend.

This town is also an excellent choice for families because of the nearby flower-filled parks, Victorian mansions, serene beach views, restaurants, and shops.

Check into the Chateau Inn and Suites to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The hotel is within walking distance of many of the area’s attractions.

The area is also home to many local restaurants. In addition to seafood and burgers, Spring Lake offers many vegan and organic choices.

You can get your fill of pitaya bowls and juice cleanses at the Grand Victorian Hotel. Also, you can enjoy live music and other local activities in the town center. If you want to try something new, try a yoga class, or visit one of the shops and boutiques.

This small town is not your typical Jersey shore destination. Located off the Garden State Parkway, the city has plenty to offer besides sandy beaches.

The downtown has several art galleries and a variety of boutiques. You can also enjoy a walkable shopping district on Third Avenue. Warren Avenue, the main road through town, boasts multiple apparel stores and home furnishings shops.

The area also has plenty of candy shops and wine and liquor establishments.

Address: 410 Ocean Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, United States     Phone: (732) 449-0800    

Beaches in New Jersey 

24. Beaches in New Jersey: Sunset Beach

While most New Jersey beaches face the east, you can get a beautiful view of the sunrise or sunset from the beach. Especially at Sunset Beach in Cape May.

Beaches in New Jersey Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach

Unlike other beaches in the state, you can bring your dogs along to Sunset Beach, as long as they are on a leash.

This unique spot is open from September 15 to April 15 and is ideal for families. It is also available to the public so that you can enjoy your pup in the off-season.

Another unique feature of Sunset Beach is the presence of the Cape May Light. Though it no longer serves as a lighthouse, this monument is still a popular tourist spot and an ideal photo subject.

The beach is also home to WWII bunker and abandoned train tracks from the mid-nineteenth century.

Sunset Beach is also a good place for children to find diamond-like pebbles. There are also many other attractions near Sunset Beach that kids will enjoy.

As soon as you reach Sunset Beach, you should know that it is a popular place for sunset-watching. The beach isn’t huge, but it is big enough to find a spot to enjoy the view.

The beach is located right next to the parking lot, so you’ll have no trouble finding a place to park.

Sunset Beach is also home to small restaurants and gift shops, so you can grab a bite to eat after a day of sunbathing on the beach.

Address: 502 Sunset Blvd, Cape May, NJ 08204, United States     Phone: +16098847079

Beaches in New Jersey

25. Beaches in New Jersey: Margate Beach

The Margate Beach in New Jersey is a popular summer destination for the entire family.

Beaches in New Jersey Margate Beach
Margate Beach

There are no hotels in town, and most houses are second homes. Those looking for a vacation rental can rent a house for a week, month, or even a year.

There are several ways to access Margate Beach. The town is a popular destination for summer residents.

Many visitors visit Margate Beach for swimming and surfing, but many enjoy Hobie cat sailing. For a more relaxed beach vacation, rent a boat.

The Margate Boardwalk used to be a popular attraction, but hurricanes destroyed it in 1944.

Lucy the Elephant, the famous 65-foot-high wooden elephant, still stands in this area. The town’s historical landmark, Lucy the Elephant, was built in 1902.

And the equine sculpture was restored in 1992, and many tourists visit each year. Whether you’re a local or an outsider, Margate is a beautiful vacation spot.

Address: Margate City, NJ 08402, United States      Phone: +16098222370

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Beaches in New Jersey