Top 5 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

Top 5 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

You might have seen glowing beaches in some movies, and might have thought it is abnormal. Award-winning Hollywood movies like “Life of Pi”, “Me Before You” and Bollywood songs like “Galliyan” in the movie “Ek Villain”, you have seen these incredible glowing beaches. Well, it is not an artificial thing, it a natural bioluminescent creature that produces an electric blue glow. Here are the travel details of the top 5 bioluminescent beaches in the world

(But you should keep in mind to check about the moon cycle because less light is better for a good view)

What makes the beach glow?

Most probably the reason behind this glowing beaches is the algae called Noctiluca scintillans or sea sparkles. These bioluminescent (Bio is “living” and the luminescence is “emitting lights”) and glowing planktons float immediately under the water surface glow brightly when disturbed or distracted those predators. So, if you swim, boat, kayak or shake through the water they start to glow more.

These creatures are very tiny and there are plenty in one drop of water. If you have a microscope or a strong magnifying glass, then you will see those creatures. Normally, these ocean glowing creatures live on the coasts of tropical and subtropical seas. That means they need a warm climate to get the glow. Just after heavy rain in tropical and subtropical seas, you may see these glowing beaches near coasts and mouths of rivers.

These creatures displaying this light basically to protect themselves, attract prey, and communicate with each other. Even rarely in the deep sea areas, you can see this glow as the only light ever in the deep sea. 

Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico: Top 5 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

 Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico Top 5 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico in the most popular tourist destination for bioluminescent beaches in the world. The reason behind that is it shows a clear and beautiful view exactly what visitors looking for. And also, in 2008 this beach was recognized as the brightest bioluminescent beach by The Guinness Book of World Records.

Keep in mind there are several rules to protects the beach and visitors. Like: no chemical applications, no swimming in the bay, etc. Therefore you need to visit there with a licensed tourist guide. 

 Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica: Glowing beaches

 Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica  Top 5 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World

When you are traveling through the Caribbean ocean, you would find this amazing Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica. This lagoon is very rich in containing the most amazing bioluminescent sea creatures in the world. Here, you are free to swim, take boat rides, kayaking, and take photos with sea creatures. Additionally, you can have food from traditional Jamaican cuisines. This place is also called Glistening Waters, Jamaica.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam: glowing beaches

 Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is located in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. This was an uncommon destination in Vietnam, But, now it is more famous between travelers. And also, it is very famous among bioluminescent beach lovers. Please consider the date before you visit, because, it should be a dark sky to be visible these amazing sea creatures.

Apart from that, Halong Bay is very historic and home for several types of tribes. And on the other hand, it offers you spectacular beach views through the mountains. So, divers, hikers, snorkelers are dying to come to this destination. Of course, it is really worth to travel.

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Thomaya Bay, Japan: top 5 bioluminescent beaches in the world

 Thomaya Bay, Japan

Thomaya Bay is one of the most beautiful places to see glowing beaches in the world. A special species called Firefly Squids come all the way to Thomaya Bay and lay their eggs to be matured. It is almost like an amazing light show. If you wanna get a boat ride in Thomaya, you should get a boat at Namerikawa Fishing Port. Don’t forget to check the time schedules before you go to Namerikawa. 

Reethi Beach, Maldives: glowing beaches

 Reethi Beach, Maldives

In the Maldives, Conrad, the Rangali islands and some other beaches offer you magnificent views of bioluminescent. Reethi Beach is more famous as a glowing beach in the Maldives. You can swim, ride boats through them here. But again, make sure the day should be a “No Moon Day”.

Tusan Beach, Miri, Malaysia 

 Top 5 Bioluminescent Beaches in the World Tusan Beach, Miri, Malaysia

The theme “Blue Tears in Tusan” is very famous among photographers. During the dark night, you can get a clear view of bioluminescent in Tusan Beach. It was recognized in recent years. So, the majority is not known and it would be the most suitable place for photographers. 

Gippsland Lake, Australia

This lake is ideal for any kind of adventure water activity or to be relaxed on the beach. (Cruise, water skiing, paddle, kayak, canoe, dolphin watching or any kind of activity). On the other hand, this place offers you the chance to see the glowing algae creatures as well. 

Actually, this has happened after the bushfires of 2006. From the huge bushfires, most of the organic things added to the soil and with the huge rains after the bushfires, those organic matters washed into the lake. As a result of that incident, this bioluminescent place has created.

But these glowing creatures disturb the organisms and plants under the lake water. Because, when they start to glow like a layer on the water surface, sunlight does not go to the bottom of the lake. That really disturbs the growth of other organisms and plants in the lake. But recently, it was identified that the bioluminescent creatures are fading which is a good sign for the organisms live in the lake. But a bad sign for glowing beach lovers.

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Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

Locating on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in Pavone’s town, Puntarenas Province, Golfo Dulce offers you amazing chances to see the glowing beach. Actually, this is not a popular destination in Costa Rica among travelers. But, this is more famous for surfing by having the world’s longest left-hand breaks.

On a non-rainy, dark moonless night if you visit Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, you can see this glowing beach show. Take a boat or kayak with a guide and visit closer to them and observe well. But keep in mind, do not go far from the shore.

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