Best Campgrounds in Acadia National Park: Travel Guide

Best Campgrounds in Acadia National Park

The best campgrounds in Acadia National Park offer you the chance to feel the beauty of the park by staying there. As it is one of the most visited national parks in the United States and considering the Crown Jewel at the North Atlantic Ocean, you can enjoy its incredible surrounding while camping there.

So, scroll down to read more information about the best campgrounds in Acadia National Park.

Campgrounds in Acadia National Park

Where is Acadia National Park?

As mentioned earlier, this is on the list of the top 10 most visited national parks in the United States. The statistics say that usually, 3.5 million travelers see here yearly since it is beautifully located along the United States’ Atlantic coastline.

Best Campgrounds in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is located in the state of Maine, which is located in the southwest of Bar Harbor. This park protects or preserves more natural beauties adjacent to it, like Schoodic Peninsula, Mount Desert Island, Isle Au Haut, and many more.

So, it can be called a gathering or a cluster of islands on the coast of Maine. And also, the park contains rock mountains, wetlands, forests, beaches, and meadows.

This is the oldest national park situated on the eastern side of Mississippi, having a long history. For bikers, hikers, and campers, this is almost like heaven. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Here’s a fact, if you are coming here for camping, then do not enter the Park Loop Road with over 10 feet and 4 inches high RVs.  

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From Boston to Acadia National Park

There are several ways to reach Acadia National Park from Boston. The fastest way is to fly. The distance is around 454.7 Km, and I suggest you book a flight from Boston to Rockland and drive from there to the park.

The total journey will take around 4 hours and 33 minutes.

There are some alternative flights as well. Like: fly to Bar Harbor and then take a bus ride, ferry to Provincetown and fly again to Bar Harbor, Take a direct bus or train from Boston to Acadia and drive directly (will take around 8 hours for all direct methods).

Weather in Acadia National Park

According to the weather and crowd effect, I suggest you travel to Acadia National Park in September and early October. Because in that period, the summer crowd has reduced, and the climate is still almost like summer.

This time is even good for the campgrounds in Acadia National Park.

Weather in Acadia National Park

But, if you are coming for camping with your kids, then it is better to travel in the summertime (July and August). Remember to reserve the campgrounds as early as possible since this time is the busiest year with travelers.

March, April, and May are more foggy and rainy. So, it is not a good time to visit there. If you are an adventure traveler, then try in winter since the winter looks are unique. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Best campgrounds in Acadia National Park

As mentioned earlier, camping is one of the best ways to discover Acadia National Park. So, as a traveler, I always love that feeling. The most important thing is these places are ideal even for camping with kids as well.

These are the campgrounds in Acadia National Park, which you should not miss in your travel life. (Best Acadia National Park RV camps are also mentioned).

Seawall Campground Acadia National Park

The seawall is one of my favorite campgrounds in Acadia. The primary reason behind that is that the ground is totally green, woody, and has easy access to the beach (just 10 minutes walk to the ocean).

You can find any kind of place for RV camping, tent-only sites, group campsites, and walk-in sites.

Seawall Campground Acadia National Park

Located in Acadia National Park on the west side of Mt. Desert near Southwest Harbor. Just 4 miles away from Southwest Harbor. Approximately there are 200 campgrounds which are surrounded by trees.

And the scenic oceanside picnic area is one of the most eye-catching places to see here while camping.

There are sufficient facilities for camping in Seawall. Like: flush toilets, freshwater, free shuttle service, campgrounds, and even tent pads. You can come from May to October by reserving the camp at least 6 months before the date.

And you can check in anytime in the afternoon but check out exactly at 10 am.

The charges must be paid separately when you reserve or arrive (It is not added to the entrance fee of Acadia National Park).

If you are heading for a group camp, then it will be around $60. And for RVs (up to 34 feet) camping, it will be about $30, or for a walk-to tent is around $22.

There are many hiking trails, and also Echo Lake offers you the chance to swim, kayak, canoe, and fish with your campmates. On the other hand, If you want, you can hang out around the town of Southwest Harbor.

Or even you can hire a boat from the harbor and visit the islets near to explore more. One more important thing is that you can take your pets there with a leash of a maximum of 6 feet. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 668 Seawall Rd, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679, United States. 

Blackwoods Campground Acadia National Park

Acadia’s most popular campground is located exactly on off-state highway 3 and just 6 miles south of Bar Harbor. Normally the season starts in May, and you can visit there until October.

If you are interested, you can plan for a winter camp or off-season camp (from November to April). At that time, there are very minimal facilities and even no staff members.

But, trust me, most people are eagerly waiting for that opportunity as well.

Blackwoods Campground Acadia National Park

This camp’s location is near Bar Harbor, which has restaurants, groceries, and many entertaining events.

On the other hand, the charges are also not high to get this natural experience ($30 per site and $60 for a group site).

But you will have to reserve your camp as early as possible, as I mentioned previously (before 6 months).

This campground mostly offers camps for tents rather than RVs. Of course, there are very few RV campsites.

So, check for RV sizes when you reserve the camp. And just check-in at 12 pm and check out at 10 am. Try not too late.

There are facilities like flush toilets, dump stations, running water, and picnic tables for each campsite.

Walking to the ocean, biking, hiking, and even free shuttles to travel into the campground are available for you. And do not forget to take your pet along with a leash. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 155 Blackwoods Drive, Otter Creek, ME 04660, United States. 

Duck Harbor Campground Acadia National Park

Duck Harbor Campground is a primitive one located in Isle au Haut and can only access by a boat from Stonington, Maine. So, you should check for the Isle au Haut boat service before you go there.

The season starts from May to October. You can mostly find boats in that period. However, come to the port early (at least 30 min early) since there are no reservations.

Blackwoods Campground Acadia National Park

You can stay there for a maximum of 3 days, and the charges are around $20 per night. In the case of getting campsites, you need to have early reservations.

At the campsites, picnic tables and fire rings are available. Outside firewood, Generators, and pets are not allowed (sad to say) if you want to buy something while at the camp; the town is 4 miles away from the campground.

I think this is one of the real and authentic campgrounds in Acadia National Park, allowing you to feel the real camp feeling.

Hand pump water, composting toilets, and shelters for tents are available as they lack facilities compared with other campsites. But, trust me, natural beauty is not second to any other site. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: Isle Au Haut, ME 04645, United States. 

Schoodic Woods Campground

Schoodic Woods Campground is located at 54, far view drive, Winter Harbor, Maine. Exactly on the Schoodic Peninsula and 3 miles Southeast of Winter Harbor.

This one is the latest campground in Acadia that opened in 2015.


This one approximately has around 95 campsites. The section of Loop A is having about 38 sites with a huge parking space. And B has around 30 grounds, which are ideal for RVs.

There are some facilities for campers in Schoodic Woods as well. Like: freshwater, flush toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, washrooms, wireless internet, free shuttle, food locks, tent pads,

Another important feature of this campground is that there are 9 spectacular hike-in campsites with scenic ocean views. So, this is for you hikers. Do not miss this in your hiking life (Fires are not allowed).

And on the other hand, there are 8.5 miles of bike paths for the bikers as well. So, this is totally a camp package with a lot of adventure activities.

The campground charges are like this: for a small RV $30, for an RV with electricity and water $35-40, for walk-in tent sites $23, and for a group site, $60.

The season starts from late May to October. And make your reservation at least 6 months before. And you can bring your pets as well. So, do not be late to get this amazingly natural feeling. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 54 Farview Dr, Winter Harbor, ME 04693, United States. 

Mount Desert Island Campground

This is one of the most wooded campgrounds in Acadia National Parks. Located on the beautiful Mt. Desert Island and around 8 miles away from Bar Harbor. So, take Route 198. 516 Sound Drive, Mt Desert, Maine.

Mount Desert Island Campground

You can have many amenities here like: WiFi, call service, picnic tables, fire rings, food stores, crab nets, free shuttles to campsites, parking, canoes, kayaks, and many more.

The season time (from June to October) will be more crowded.

But all the above things are well functioning. One more sad fact about the season time is that pets are not allowed. But in the offseason, you are allowed to take them with you.

Reserve your camp for a minimum of 3 days. And the rates differ from site to site. In the season time, it will be around $40 to $70. In the offseason, they offer fewer rates. In the case of RV camps, the maximum height is 20 feet.

Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, and Northeast Harbor are near Mount Desert Island Campground. You can have a lot of fun here. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 516 Sound Dr, Mt Desert, ME 04660, United States. 

Smuggler’s Den campground

Starting from the end of May to the end of October, this campground in Acadia National Park offers you numerous experiences. In the season time and in the offseason, you can have much more fun there.

Actually, the offseason is much better for both tent sites as well as RV camps.

Smuggler’s Den Campground is located on Mount Desert Island, 20 main street, Southwest Harbor, Maine (just 15 minutes from Bar Harbor and Acadia’s main loop in Southwest Harbor.

You can check-in for a minimum of 2 nights at 3 pm, and the checkout time is at 11 am. Check for the rates and reservations before the visit.

Hot water showers, WiFi, playgrounds (volleyball, basketball, badminton, and swimming pool). Yes, it has many much-sophisticated things.

In the case of camping-related things, you can hike, do beach activities in Echo Lake Beach. And also, since this camp is pet-friendly, you can take them with you. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 20 Main St, Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679, United States. 

Bar Harbor/Ocean Side koa Holiday

This campground in Acadia National Park is located near Bar Harbor. Take 136 Country Road, off-highway 1, on the way to Bar Harbor, Maine. The ideal time to visit exists from May to October.

They offer cabins, RV campsites, airstream rentals, and many camp events as well. Check here for the rates, reservations, and check-in/out times. You can reserve online or call 207-288-3520.

Bar Harbor Ocean Side koa holiday

There are amazing campsites with amazing beach views. And also they offer the following facilities as well.

WiFi, beach access, cafe, playgrounds, free shuttle to discover the island, food stores, bike rentals, organized camp events, boats, and many more. Since this campground is pet-friendly, come along with them.

Address: 136 Country Rd, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States. 

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Somes Sounds View Campground, Acadia National Park

Situating in Mount Desert Island and near Acadia National Park, you should take 5 Spinnaker Way, Mt. Desert, Maine to reach Somes Sounds View Campground

You can reserve your campsite online or call through the above link. You can also know the rates of different camp views.

Somes Sounds View Campground Acadia national park

Just like other campsites, here also the season starts in May and runs till mid-October. And they offer you a lot of amenities as well, like WiFi, mooring rentals, fire pits, picnic tables, paddle boats, kayaks, pools, playgrounds, and many more.

That means, obviously, you have the opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, and ocean swimming. And also, Somes Sounds View Campground welcomes your pets. So, bring them too. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 5 Spinnaker Way, Mount Desert, ME 04660, United States. 

Quietside Campground

Quietside Campground is also located on the beautiful Mount Desert Island. (Just 30 minutes away from the main entrance of Acadia)

The exact road is 397 Tremont Road (RT 102), Tremont, Maine.

Quietside Campground Acadia

The starts in June and lasts till October. The rates are between $20 to $30. And the campground offers you around 35 campsites with different amenities.

Like: picnic tables, camp stores, playgrounds, and even RV camping sites as well.

And also, this campground is pet-friendly, and you may have to pay an additional cost of $1.

You can feel an amazing camping experience if you reserve your camp ASAP.

Address: 97 Tremont Road (RT 102), Tremont, ME 04612, United States. 

Hadley’s Point Campground Acadia National Park

The campground’s exact address is off route 3 at 33 Hardley Point Road, Bar Harbor, Maine. This camp’s unique feature is that you can visit there in spring, summer, and even in the fall season. 

Check for the rates for each season and reservations, Hadley’s Point Campground

Hadley's Point Campground Acadia National Park

But the reservations are taken through phone contacts only (207-288-4808). This campground offers you a green and woody feeling with campsites surrounded by more trees.

Also, it provides you many sophisticated facilities like WiFi, pools, free shuttle service, playgrounds, and many more.

Also, you are allowed to enter with your pets. On the other hand, the campsite has clean bathrooms with hot water showers. (Campgrounds in Acadia National Park)

Address: 33 Hadley Point Rd, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States.

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