Best and Fun Hot Springs in California, USA

Hot Springs in California

Looking for the best hot springs in California?? Here’s the list with all the travel information you need to plan a family tour.

There are many remote Californian hot springs, and a handful of luxury resorts offer spa treatments and other amenities.

If you’re on a budget, there are several natural hot springs to visit in California too. For example, you can soak in an ocean-facing tub at the Esalen Institute while overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

And also, some California hot springs are located at the base of a mountain, where you can immerse yourself in warm waters.

However, the benefits of swimming in a geothermal pool will far outweigh the price tag.

California’s most famous hot springs are Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Esalen Institute, Wilbur Hot Springs, and Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

So, let’s discover the complete list of the best and fun hot springs in California. Just check the list and add them to your bucket list.

Hot Springs in California

1. Hot Springs in California: Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

For your next vacation, consider the town of Napa Valley.

Hot Springs in California Calistoga Spa Hot Springs
Calistoga Spa Hot Springs in Napa Valley

Surrounded by wineries, hiking trails, hot springs, and tourist attractions, Calistoga in Napa Valley offers many options for relaxation.

Especially if you’re looking for a luxurious hot spring experience in California, head to Calistoga Spa Hot Springs.

The Calistoga Spa Hot Springs features four mineral pools, including a children’s wading pool and a heated pool. Aside from that, there’s a large mineral pool called Roman Pool.

There are outdoor geothermal pools, ranging in temperature from 80 degrees in the multilane lap pool to 104 degrees in the whirlpool.

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs
Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

Visitors can enjoy mud baths and relaxing massages in the Calistoga Spa Hot Springs during the winter months.

A shady patio allows you to enjoy a dip at night without worrying about the weather.

On the other hand, the spa offers a range of treatments and massages and has a BBQ area for day visitors. This spa is open year-round and provides a variety of packages to accommodate every budget.

You can also exercise at their full fitness center, which has personal trainers and classes for fitness enthusiasts.

So, book your accommodation at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. And you can get a 20% discount if you book it online.

Address: 1006 Washington St, Calistoga, CA 94515, United States   Phone: +1 707-942-6269

Hot Springs in California

2. Hot Springs in California: Desert Hot Springs

In Riverside County, California, the city of Desert Hot Springs is one of the fastest-growing places.

Hot Springs in California Desert Hot Springs
Desert Hot Springs in California

The city sits within the Coachella Valley and is often referred to as the Desert Empire. And it is home to the Coachella Valley’s largest aqua venture, which is the largest natural springs in the country.

Located just outside Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs is only two hours east of Los Angeles. This desert oasis resort city features more than 20 hot spring spa resorts. So, it considers the largest collection of hot springs in the United States.

Especially, the majority of hot springs in this city are unique and odorless. And a few are stinky due to sulfur content.

Desert Hot Springs CA
Desert Hot Springs

While you’re there, you can enjoy the warm mineral water from natural springs and relax at the nearby Mission Creek.

On the other hand, Desert Hot Springs features cold springs as well.

Desert Hot Springs is also home to the Mission Creek Preserve, a nature preserve managed by the Wildlands Conservancy. Visitors can walk through the preserved wetlands and see the native flora and fauna.

Looking for the best things to do in California?? here’s the complete list. 

Hot Springs in California

3. Hot Springs in California: Esalen Institute, Big Sur

The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, is a non-profit, intentional community that focuses on alternative humanistic education. And it is located on Highway 1 in Big Sur, California, and is about a five-hour drive north of Los Angeles or three hours south of San Francisco.

It was one of the leading centers of the Human Potential Movement in the 1960s and was the inspiration behind the book The Power of Mindfulness. This institute offers programs and retreats that promote personal growth, yoga, spiritual awareness, and connection to nature.

Its programs are open to all people, regardless of religious beliefs, and are available to everyone.

Hot Springs in California Esalen Institute, Big Sur
Esalen Institute, Big Sur

On the other hand, the Esalen Institute features the best hot springs in Big Sur. And it offers scenic cliffside views along with oceanside hot spring baths. You can even experience night bathing under the stars.

The Esalen Institute has several large indoor and outdoor baths, an outdoor massage deck, restrooms, showers, and changing rooms.

Since these mineral-rich hot springs have amazing healing properties. So, book it online and visit with your family.

Address: 55000 CA-1, Big Sur, CA 93920, United States    Phone: +1 831-667-3000

Hot Springs in California

4. Wilbur Hot Springs, Williams

The Wilbur Hot Springs is situated on a natural esker, an 1800-acre nature preserve in Northern California. (Just 2 hours from San Francisco)

Wilbur Hot Springs, Williams CA
Wilbur Hot Springs, Williams

If you want an escape from the modern world, Wilbur Hot Springs offers a peaceful oasis in Williams. The natural beauty, hot springs, and medicinal healing waters of the area will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Of course, its mineral waters contain lithium, zinc, calcium, and boron-like minerals and offer benefits for human health.

So, there are also plenty of opportunities for you to relax. For example, the spa provides therapeutic massages and yoga facilities.

The historic Wilbur Hot Springs has a rich history, which dates back to Native Americans. One day, a wealthy white man came to the region searching for a cure. After recovering, a word about these hot springs became a popular tourist destination.

Since this resort offers a wide range of treatments to promote health and wellness, plan a family vacation to the Wilbur Hot Spring.

Address: 3375 Wilbur Springs Rd, Williams, CA 95987, United States    Phone: +1 530-473-2306

Hot Springs in California

5. Crowley Hot Springs or Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Wild Willys Hot Springs in California is an excellent spot for soaking. It’s located in a beautiful, rustic area and offers easy access.

Crowley Hot Springs or Wild Willy’s Hot Springs
Crowley Hot Springs or Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Visitors can spend up to two hours at Wild Willys, enjoying the warm waters of the spring. There are two pools at Wild Willys Hot Springs, one of them is shallower and smaller. And the other is deeper and warmer. So, it can fit several people comfortably.

Both pools are manmade and rustic. The water temperature can range from 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. But, the temperatures vary according to the season.

The hike to the springs is a 0.25-mile gravel trail. And it’s not a strenuous one, but it’s scenic. Therefore, while hiking, you can enjoy the sweeping views of the surrounding sagebrush plains make the trek worthwhile.

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs CA
Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

A few steps lead to the hot springs at the end of the trail. This trail is also paved, making it convenient even for wheelchair users.

Since Wild Willys Hot Springs is free to visit, it can get crowded on weekends and evenings. So, come early to enjoy the warmth and the scenic environment.  

The only drawback of Wild Willys Hot Springs is that the water is extremely hot. It can be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. So, be careful.

Address: M65H+MG, North Landing, CA, United States  

Hot Springs in California

6. Hot Springs in California: Sycamore Mineral Springs

In the 1930s, the hot mineral springs of Sycamore Mineral Springs in California were discovered by drillers in Avila Beach.

Hot Springs in California: Sycamore Mineral Springs
Sycamore Mineral Springs

They were believed to heal various illnesses and ailments from these mineral springs. Therefore, this place became a popular destination for people traveling by train. And still, Sycamore Mineral Springs continues to rejuvenate the minds and bodies of visitors.

Located just 15 minutes from San Luis Obispo off Highway 101, you can reach there easily.

In addition to the thermal waters, the resort is also known for its therapeutic massages and hydrotherapy treatments. You can enjoy hot stone, Swedish, prenatal, and geriatric massages if you visit here.

Actually, Sycamore Mineral Springs has won several awards and accolades for its world-class treatments.

The hot springs also boast a hydrotherapy pool. And the in-room hot tubs can be used by guests who stay at the resort.

Its relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Whether you plan to stay overnight or just relax for a day, you’ll find the right atmosphere at Sycamore Mineral Springs in California.

Hot spring pools at the Sycamore Mineral Springs are heated by over 100 acres of underground thermal waters.

These hot tubs can accommodate up to eight people. Also, there are also private jade mineral pools for up to 20 people. These private pools are available to guests only, so be sure to reserve one ahead of time.

This romantic getaway is sure to be a memorable one. If you’re looking for a unique getaway, Sycamore Mineral Springs is the perfect place for you.

Address: 1215 Avila Beach Dr, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405, United States   Phone: +1 805-595-7302

Hot Springs in California

7. Deep Creek Hot Springs, San Bernardino County

The northern Mojave Desert is home to some of the most beautiful natural hot springs in Southern California.

Deep Creek Hot Springs in California
Deep Creek Hot Springs in California

Deep Creek Hot Springs is located in the northern Mojave Desert, San Bernardino National Forest near Hesperia.

In addition to its excellent desert environment, Deep Creek has a wide variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. You can observe wildlife, xeric shrublands, desert chaparral, conifer forests, and woodlands in the surrounding.

One of the most popular attractions at Deep Creek is the hot springs. These pools, made of geothermal heat, are stacked in a pyramid-like formation and cascade down into the Deep Creek.

The water temperature varies from 96 to 105 degrees, depending on the season.

While Deep Creek Hot Springs is one of the most popular natural hot springs, and it contains both hot and cool springs. So, people sit in hot tubs and jump into the ice-cold creek. And clothing is optional here.

There are two scenic trails to reach Deep Creek Hot Springs, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Freedom Trail. The one that starts from Bowen Ranch is the best. However, it is steep and challenging. So, keep kids home.

The only drawback is Deep Creek Hot Springs also has fecal coliform counts. So, it is highly recommended not to drink the water and dip your head. Also, follow these guidelines.

Bring plenty of drinking water, Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, Wear adequate footwear, Be careful rattlesnakes; the drop in elevation is approximately 950 feet from the Forest Service trailhead, so plan for an arduous hike from the hot springs.

Address: Pacific Crest Trail, Apple Valley, CA 92308, United States    Phone: +1 909-382-2600

Hot Springs in California

8. Grover Hot Springs State Park

If you’re looking for a relaxing and fun place to visit, Grover Hot Springs State Park in California is for you. The park was established in 1959, and today, visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational activities and enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada.

Grover Hot Springs State Park in California
Grover Hot Springs State Park in California

The natural hot springs here are great for swimming, and you can camp in the park or picnic in the picnic area. It offers camping space for 76 people.

Hiking trails are also available for those who want to explore the natural surroundings. Aside from that, there are fishing streams too.

Located in the Hot Springs Valley, Grover is one of the oldest parks in the state. The park features six mineral pools fed by hot springs.

The area offers all four seasons, including snow, wind, and rain, so that you can enjoy the park year-round. But pools are closed on Wednesdays during the off-season and on Christmas day.

A trip to Grover is a fun day out with the family. Since the park is located just an hour and a half from the Tahoe City area, you can easily get there. So, combine the Lake Tahoe tour with Grover Hot Springs State Park.

The warm water at Grover Hot Springs State Park is a beautiful and refreshing way to spend a day. But be sure to book a swim reservation in advance.

Address: 3415 Hot Springs Rd, Markleeville, CA 96120, United States   Phone: +1 530-694-2248

Hot Springs in California

9. Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn specializes in Californian hospitality and is the only world-class resort in Sonoma.

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa in California
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa in California

It features a glamorous old-world look and a three-story replica of a Californian mission dating to 1927.

The Sonoma Marriott’s spa facilities are second to none, with naturally heated artesian mineral pools, tennis courts, excellent white-tablecloth dining, and a fitness center.

The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn focuses on bringing the charm of the Provence-style interiors to the modern hotel.

Located in the Sonoma Valley, a beautiful wine country region, this resort contains 226 rooms representing elegant French, Italian, and Californian designs and marble baths.

And it is conveniently located for breakfast, dinner, and cocktails and is a 35-minute drive from Napa County Airport.

Spreading for 13 acres in Sonoma, it boasts natural thermal mineral water that comes from 1,100 feet underground. And it makes the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn a world-class spa resort and is among the only ones of its kind in America. And this exceptional spa offers a variety of body treatments.

Aside from that, the resort hosts various fitness and wellness programs like Yoga sessions, fitness classes, and hiking programs.

On the other hand, its restaurant is Michelin-rated and is designed to recreate the ambiance of the Wine Country.

Its restaurant, bistro, and lounge offer a variety of fine dishes. Especially, its onsite wine tasting is a fun way to enjoy the local cuisine.

The hotel is also convenient to Sonoma Golf Club, Vallejo Home State Historical Monument, and the Sonoma Plaza. So, you can visit them too.

Address: 100 Boyes Blvd, Sonoma, CA 95476, United States   Phone: +1 707-938-9000

Hot Springs in California

10. Hot Springs in California: Sierra Hot Springs

Located in the scenic valley of Sierraville, the Sierra Hot Springs are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hot Springs in California Sierra Hot Springs
Sierra Hot Springs

The four main pools have a diverse range of therapeutic and health benefits. There is also a dry sauna in the Temple Dome Pool area.

Its hot springs range from 85-110 degrees Fahrenheit, a perfect temperature for relaxing. Therefore, Sierra Hot Springs is a favorite among locals, and it is worth a visit for those seeking a more secluded experience.

Guests are welcome any time and can book a massage before the visit.

Sierra Hot Springs in Sierraville
Sierra Hot Springs in Sierraville

There are also other services at the spa, such as Watsu water massages, yoga classes, and other massages.

A visit to one of these beautiful spas is a great way to unwind and rejuvenate. If you’re a nature lover, you can’t go wrong with a relaxing soak at a natural mineral hot-springs retreat while watching breathtaking nature views.

Whether you want to camp in the wilderness or stay in a historic 1870s lodge, you’ll find everything you need for a memorable experience at Sierra Hot Springs.

Also, you can bike and hike through pristine forests and woodlands in the area.

So, come along with your family.

Address: 521 Campbell Hot Springs Rd, Sierraville, CA 96126, United States   Phone: +1 530-994-3773

Hot Springs in California

11. Hot Creek Geological Site, Mammoth Lakes

When you visit the Hot Creek Geological Site in Inyo National Forest, Mammoth Lakes, you will see geothermal activity like geysers.

Hot Creek Geological Site in Mammoth Lakes
Hot Creek Geological Site in Mammoth Lakes

Located on Highway 395, the Hot Creek Geological Site is a short detour from Highway 395. Once you’re there, you’ll be greeted by a large parking area and restrooms.

If you’ve never seen one, you’ll be amazed by the natural beauty of this place. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation, whether you’re planning a family reunion or a simple vacation.

Just ten miles south of Mammoth Lakes, the Hot Creek Geological Site has hydrothermal features with boiling pools and fumaroles that make it seem like a mini-Yellowstone or Lassen Volcanic.

And there are several attractions to choose from, and this is one of the best things to do in Mammoth Lakes.

Just remember that it’s not a swimming area, so be cautious and avoid the water. Since Water temperatures tend to change rapidly, entering the water is prohibited.

Trail to Hot Creek Geological Site
The trail to Hot Creek Geological Site

Instead, you can hike, mountain bike, picnic, and do winter sports such as snowmobile, snowshoe, or Cross-Country Skiing while enjoying breathtaking nature views.

The hike to the geological site takes about half an hour and has a small hill to climb. The terrain is not terribly rugged, but it is a bit challenging for people with problems with their legs.

Do not climb into the fenced-off areas. If you are bringing your dog, surely leash him.

Address: Hot Creek Hatchery Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, United States 

Hot Springs in California

12. Vichy Springs Resort, Ukiah

Located in Mendocino County, the Vichy Springs Resort in Ukiah has been a popular destination for tourists for many years. (just two hours from San Francisco and five minutes from downtown Ukiah)

Hot Springs in California Vichy Springs Resort
Vichy Springs Resort

Vichy Springs Resort is a historic resort that opened in the 19th century. And still, it offers luxurious accommodations for you.

Especially, the rooms at Vichy Springs Resort in Ukiah offer an array of amenities, including full-service spas, saunas, and private baths. And its naturally warm and carbonated hot springs have been known to soothe the body and mind for decades.

Also, a full-service spa is available for an extra fee, and guests can reserve a spot in advance. And it offers hot water massages, hot baths, and other spa services.

On the other hand, you can relax in the “champagne baths,” the largest in North America. In the summer, you can enjoy the Olympic-sized pool too.

Vichy Springs Resort, Ukiah
Vichy Springs Resort, Ukiah

Altogether, there are 14 mineral baths (four outside and ten inside) at Vichy Springs.

This pet-friendly resort serves breakfast on the patio overlooking the swimming pool. The property is smoke-free.

Do you like hiking? Well, the resort has a natural cold swimming hole under a waterfall located a 10-minute walk from the resort. So, visit there too.

Address: 2605 Vichy Springs Rd, Ukiah, CA 95482, United States   Phone: +1 707-462-9515

Hot Springs in California

13. Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs

Located in the scenic desert town of Palm Springs, California, the Miracle Spring Resort and Spa offers luxurious accommodations and a variety of amenities.

Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs
Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs

This pet-friendly resort is located off California Highway 10 and offers day passes, overnight stays, and passes to local attractions.

The property has 110 air-conditioned rooms, some with balconies and some with kitchenettes. All rooms feature cable TV with DVD players and wireless Internet access. Also, it has daily housekeeping services as well.

The Miracle’s eight outdoor pools are naturally heated to 92-104 degrees. Then, the resort reduces the temperature before it flows into its pools.

So, you can enjoy this mineral-rich, perfectly warm water along with their world-class treatments. Its spa is open daily and features several treatment rooms and lounge areas for you.

It also has an onsite restaurant and bar with several packages for couples or families.

That’s why Miracle Spring Resort and Spa is perfect for a relaxing family getaway.

Address: 10625 Palm Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, United States   Phone: +1 760-251-6000

Hot Springs in California

14. Hot Springs in California: Sespe Hot Springs

Sespe Hot Springs is situated in the Sespe Wilderness area of California, about 15 miles north of Los Angeles.

Hot Springs in California Sespe Hot Springs
Sespe Hot Springs

The waters of the springs bubble out of a rock face and are 194 degrees Fahrenheit. They were carved into the creek with the help of natural stones. So, these springs are surrounded by rocky outcroppings and cacti.

There are three hiking routes to Sespe Hot Springs. However, the Sespe Wilderness trail is well marked and is the best way to get to the hot springs.

The Mutua flats trail is shorter but requires crossing several flooded gorges and navigating dangerous vertical descents.

Sespe Hot Springs
Sespe Hot Springs

But, both trails offer beautiful views of the area and are ideal for hiking and exploring. In addition to these options, there are also several roadside attractions in the area too.

Backpackers may camp in private areas, but they must obtain backcountry permits before camping.

The early spring, late fall, or winter are the best time to visit Sespe Hot Springs.

Sespe Hot Springs also features great swimming holes, but you need a lot of effort to get there.

Address: Sespe Wilderness, Maricopa, CA 93252, United States   Phone: +1 805-968-6640

Hot Springs in California

15. Orr Hot Springs Resort, Ukiah

The Orr Hot Springs Resort is located in the rolling hills of Mendocino County, 12 miles south of Ukiah, California. It is surrounded by scenic nature views filled with diverse fauna and flora.

Orr Hot Springs Resort, Ukiah CA
Orr Hot Springs Resort, Ukiah

Guests have a chance to soak in a natural hot pool and relax after a hard day’s work. Its mineral-rich waters are naturally heated to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

And the resort reduces the temperature to an optimum level and adds to the pools. So, you’ll feel refreshed after a soak.

Especially, people who are suffering from arthritis, blood, kidney, and liver disorders, and rheumatism should visit here as these hot mineral waters have healing properties.

Those who want to stay overnight can choose from rustic cabins made from local redwood or cottages. And its spa is open to visitors year-round. But, reservations are required for these luxury retreats.

The Orr Hot Springs Resort is located near the headwaters of the Big River, in a secluded area of Ukiah. Therefore, you can have a relaxing time in this place.

It offers several packages to suit all budgets, including special offers for families and groups. So, plan a vacation with your family.

Address: 13201 Orr Springs Rd, Ukiah, CA 95482, United States    Phone: +1 707-462-6277

Hot Springs in California

16. Surprise Valley Hot Springs, Cedarville

Located five miles east of Cedarville, California, Surprise Valley Hot Springs is an adults-only resort.

Surprise Valley Hot Springs
Surprise Valley Hot Springs

Surrounded by the majestic Warner Mountains and Nevada’s Hays Range, Surprise Valley Hot Springs is perfect for soaking in geothermal mineral pools.

While it may sound remote and secluded, the hot springs are easily accessible by car. And it is entirely handicapped-accessible too.

Surprise Valley CA
Surprise Valley in Cedarville

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing soak in mineral-rich water at Surprise Valley Hot Springs. Aside from that, Surprise Valley Hot Springs is ideal for fun outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and birdwatching.

On the other hand, the nearby city Cedarville is home to the Massacre Rim Dark Sky Sanctuary, one of only four dark sky sanctuaries in the United States. And this natural attraction is working to create a space where guests can set up their telescopes and enjoy a night under the stars.

Address: 67254 CA-299, Cedarville, CA 96104, United States   Phone: +1 530-279-2040

Hot Springs in California

17. Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools

Looking for RV camping in California??

The public hot springs at Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools are open 24 hours a day.

Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools
Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools

They are located in a quiet and calm community in southern Death Valley and offer many amenities and activities.

Especially, Tecopa Campground has 30 AMP RV hookup sites with showers and restrooms. While camping here, you can visit these mineral hot springs open year-round.

These mineral pools naturally produce 107-degree water and offer for you for free. Although the water is not chlorinated, you’ll enjoy the natural minerals and refreshing feeling after a dip.

Tecopa Hot Springs in California
Tecopa Hot Springs in California

And the pools at Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools are handicapped accessible as it has a level gravel area. Also, it has a community center for evening events and programs too.

If you’re traveling to Tecopa Hot Springs by an RV, be sure to plan on a few days to explore the surrounding area because Death Valley National Park is only a two-hour drive away.

And is a popular destination for rockhounding and road-tripping. So, it is totally worth visiting.

Address: 400 Tecopa Hot Springs Rd, Tecopa, CA 92389, United States    Phone: +1 760-852-4377

Here’s the list of the best RV parks in California, United States. Just check the list and add them to your bucket list. 

Hot Springs in California

18. Hot Springs in California: Travertine Hot Springs

If you have never heard of the Travertine Hot Springs, you should check them out.

Hot Springs in California Travertine Hot Springs
Travertine Hot Springs

They are a group of geothermal mineral springs located near the town of Bridgeport. The area is an excellent place to go for a day trip. And the water at the spa is naturally hot and soothing, and you’ll love the warm, relaxing water!

Here are some things to do at Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport.

First, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Sierra Mountains from the soaking pools. And there are five pools at Travertine Hot Springs. Each one features a different type of mineral content with its unique temperature.

Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport
Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport

When you travel here, be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. The temperature of the pools varies significantly, so you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrated whenever you visit. Also, you should pack sunscreen and a swimsuit.

You’ll also want to bring food and a trash bag as there are no snack bars and dump stations.

Before you visit, check the weather in Bridgeport because the temperatures of the pools tend to fluctuate, so it’s essential to be prepared for any type of weather.

There’s a parking area and a washroom in this place for your convenience.

Address: Bridgeport, CA 93517, United States  Phone: +17609327070

Hot Springs in California

19. Hot Springs in California: Buckeye Hot Spring

A visit to Buckeye Hot Springs in California will not be complete without soaking in its warm, sulfur-rich waters.

Hot Springs in California Buckeye Hot Spring
Buckeye Hot Spring

The public soak in this hot spring is the perfect way to spend a day with friends and family. And the campground near Buckeye Hot Springs is an excellent place for families to go camping.

The nearby Hot Creek also has a campground. But, there is no electricity or running water. Don’t worry; you can still use the hot spring water for free.

Located 25 miles south of Mammoth Lakes and Lake Mono, Buckeye Hot Springs was a party hot spot in the sixties. And still the same.

The park features a scenic paved road to Buckeye Hot Springs managed by the National Park Service. And the visitors are encouraged to bring sunscreen and hats.

Buckeye Hot Springs is a popular spot for families since it is situated on the side of a steep mountain, not as accessible as Travertine.

However, the thermal water and soothing sounds of a babbling creek make the experience worth the trouble. This thermal water, infused with minerals, cascades over a cave and offers a refreshing feeling.

The temperatures in Buckeye Hot Springs are usually between 100 and 110 deg F, and you can control the temperature by moving rocks and letting cold water in.

And the pools are completely natural and are just 2 feet deep – a comfortable depth for sitting. The lower pools decrease in size as you walk down the trail.

On the other hand, a picnic lunch is a must while visiting Buckeye Hot Springs. So, bring food, water, and other essential things to have a relaxing day with your family.

Address: Bridgeport, CA 93517, United States  Phone: +17609327070

Hot Springs in California

20. Hot Springs in California: The Rock Tub Hot Springs

Located at the end of a small clearing, The Rock Tub is a great place to soak in a natural hot spring. Actually, it is one of the most scenic hot springs in California.

The Rock Tub Hot Springs
The Rock Tub Hot Springs

Despite its name, the water is actually pumped in. It is a relatively large hot tub that can hold five to seven people. Or you can squeeze up to twelve people inside. So, you can bring your whole family to soak together.

The road to Rock Tub Hot Springs is a dirt road, but it’s well worth it for a relaxing soak.

These hot springs in Mammoth Lakes are best experienced in spring, fall, or winter when the Sierra Nevadas are covered in snow. Yeah, you can get incredible mountain views while soaking.

A quick dip in the hot tub can be a great after-ski treat.

Summertime, however, is also a good time to visit as the temperatures are still cool, but mosquitoes can be problematic, especially during the evening.

Although the Rock Tub Hot Springs in Mammoth is a popular tourist destination, there are some things you should remember before heading to these hot springs.

First, make sure you have enough money to spend. A trip to the Mammoth Lakes area can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. Just make sure you bring enough cash to cover your stay. You’ll need this only if you plan to stay for a day. Otherwise, that’s fine.

Address: Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, United States    

Hot Springs in California

  • Calistoga Spa Hot Springs
  • Desert Hot Springs
  • Esalen Institute, Big Sur
  • Wilbur Hot Springs
  • Crowley Hot Springs or Wild Willy’s Hot Springs
  • Sycamore Mineral Springs
  • Deep Creek Hot Springs
  • Grover Hot Springs State Park
  • Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
  • Sierra Hot Springs
  • Hot Creek Geological Site
  • Vichy Springs Resort
  • Miracle Springs Resort and Spa
  • Sespe Hot Springs
  • Orr Hot Springs Resort
  • Surprise Valley Hotsprings
  • Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools
  • Travertine Hot Springs
  • Buckeye Hot Spring
  • The Rock Tub Hot Springs

Hot Springs in California