6 Must-Visit Places in Greece

Is the travel bug biting you for a long time? And got overwhelmed by the post-pandemic scenario, work-life, and family? It’s high time for a trip. And if you are reading this article, we know what’s on your mind. Greece. Crafted with fineness by the Greek God, this palace will stay with you as long as you breathe.

Be it any season or month, the place will always welcome you with open arms. Some excellent Greece packages will save your pocket, and also, you can have a word with the Greece package providers to tailor your trip to your wish. Greece is a big country, and it may be the case that you do not get enough to travel all over the country to pay bills, so here are some must-visit places in Greece.

1.  Athens

Book any hotel you like, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly ones; Athens has it all. After garaging your luggage at the hotel, go to the streets and enjoy the local tourism. See and know how the ancient city of Athen is modernizing itself. The roads, parks, modern subways, and warm people will keep your energy and spirit high all the time.

Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece

Go and see the Mount Lycabettus, colossal ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Greek Temple of Erechtheum, the hills of Ancient Aroga, the historical neighborhood of Plaka, well preserved Temple of Hephaestus, prehistoric antiques at the National Archaeological Museum and Goddess Athena’s famed temple of Parthenon. And between the travels, you must try the local food. Not only does Athens houses restaurants that serve Greek food, but many restaurants serve from all around the world.

2.  Wander in the cobbled streets of Chania Town

You’ll get hotels of the same sort as you got in Athens. The thing that Chania Town is famous for is its Old Venetian Harbor. There is a lighthouse that gives a 360-degree view of the city. Handhold your beloved and fall in love once again and together, this time with the city. Click pictures of the building and feel the awe of their architecture. Apart from the street strolling, visit the museums, botanical garden, Agii Apostoli beach, Topolia Gorge, remarkable Venetian Fortress, and many more. It is time you taste the famous Greek salads and take some local ingredients to make one after reaching home. The place also serves seafood and other lip-smacking local food.

3. Santorini

The streets are enough to stay in; you are here already! But, well, many hotels are very budget-friendly, book any, and you are done. Outline by the tranquil blue waters, the houses whitewashed with little colorful doorways, careless spiral pathways, and sapphire domes are what Santorini is famous for. Each corner of this place is Instagrammable. There are little bistros here and there, adding up the charms and scenting the streets with delicious food smells. A must include in your Greece package. This place is not only a must-visit in Greece but also a must-visit once in your lifetime.

4. Mykonos Town

A signature architecture of Greece is whitewashed buildings with towering blue domes. The windmills have become the main attraction of the city. Just a click of it and your Instagram handle will be lighted up forever.

Mykonos Town
Mykonos Town

The authenticity of the city lies in the food and the culture, which the locals embrace dearly and are ready to share the folklore and words about their rich culture and heritage with the tourists. This place is very low on the budget, so your Greece package will see huge savings.

5. Apokoronas

Famous for cheese tasting and bread-making guide tours, this place is decorated with lush greenery and blue waters. Play along the shallow beaches. This place is an offbeat place; hence, you can avoid the crowd. Make sure you visit Lake Kournas, Kalivaki beach, fun cooking lessons in Vamos, artifacts at the folklore museum, mysterious Samonas Cave, and Agios Nikolaos Church.

6. Meteora

Many monasteries allow accommodation along with free food. Your Greece package will tank you a ton. Without the tension of where to get food to roam around the city and overlook the magnificent valleys and rocky cliffs. Go home with a mind that is calm but the spiritual isolation and religious freedom that this place offers. This place is the perfect way to end your trip.