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Beaches in Italy

Looking for the best beaches in Italy?? Here’s the list with all the travel information that you need to plan a family tour.

Italy is a beautiful country surrounded by the Mediterranean Ocean, the Adriatic Ocean, and several other seas on three sides. Therefore, it features some of the prettiest beaches in the world.

Let’s discover the complete list of the best and most fun beaches in Italy. Just check and add them to your bucket list.

1. Beaches in Italy: Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Located on the north coast of Sicily, Scala dei Turchi Beach is famous for being the setting of Italian writer Andrea Camilleri’s detective novels.

Beaches in Italy Scala dei Turchi, Sicily
Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Though the beach access points have limited hours to access, the town’s beautiful sunsets and excellent fish restaurants make it worth a visit.

To see the beautiful beach from a higher perspective, you can head over to the neighboring village of Agrigento.

The area around Scala dei Turchi Beach in Sicilian towns Realmonte and Agrigento is a natural wonder. Named after Arab pirates, the cliffs are composed of chalky limestone and are blinding white.

The waters are deep indigo, ensuring a cool breeze. The Scala dei Turchi Beach is a popular sunbathing spot, and it is often combined with the Valley of the Temples for a truly breathtaking experience.

If you have never been to Sicily, this white cliff formation is not to be missed. It is a dazzling white cliff and is surrounded by sheltered coves.

Its name reflects its historical importance and was once a refuge for Arab pirates plundering the Sicilian coast.

Today, this beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals. So come and visit this beautiful part of Sicily. You’ll be glad you did.

The Scala dei Turchi Beach in the Sicilian town of Agrigento is perhaps the most famous and beautiful in the world. It’s a natural white cliff and is home to some of the island’s most picturesque views.

It’s a popular spot during the summer, but it is sometimes overcrowded. If you want to swim, the seas here are calm and shallow.

Address: Realmonte, AG, Sicily, IT 92010   Phone: +39 092 220391 

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Beaches in Italy

2. Beaches in Italy: Beaches in Costa Verde, Sardinia

If you’re looking for a beach holiday in Sardinia, then you’ve come to the right place. The Costa Verde is on the western coast of the island of Sardinia.

Beaches in Italy Beaches in Costa Verde, Sardinia
Beaches in Costa Verde, Sardinia

This beautiful coastline is famous for its sand dunes, long beaches, and steer cliffs. It stretches 50 kilometers from Portixeddu to Capo Pecora.

You can find several different beaches in the area, including those at Torre dei Corsari, Nebida, and Portixeddu.

If you want to experience something a little different while you’re in the area, try visiting the ancient Roman City of Tharros.

This ancient city was immortalized in the movie “Bakunin’s son,” and is close to the Costa Verde beaches. You’ll find plenty of beautiful sights and plenty of places to eat in this area.

Costa Verde in Sardinia is a great place for beach lovers, so be sure to spend a day relaxing on one of the beaches in Sardinia.

The pristine, crystalline waters of Costa Verde are perfect for swimming or snorkeling, and there are numerous opportunities for water sports. There are many places to relax and spend a day with your family.

The coast of Sardinia stretches from Capo Pecora to Capo Frasca, and it is a green maquis-covered coastline that is quite accessible to car drivers. The road from Montevecchio to the island’s major cities passes through Portu Maga, Marina di Arbus, and Porto Palmas, and it is an idyllic landscape.

Beaches in Italy

3. Beaches in Italy: Atrani, Campania

Located on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Atrani Beach is a beautiful stretch of light gray sand, washed by an intense green sea.

Beaches in Italy Atrani, Campania
Atrani, Campania

Although most of the shoreline is leased out to bathing establishments, the remaining stretch of the beach is free. Even with this, Atrani has a special charm.

It is a small fishing village, nestled between a cliff and the sea. The view from the beach is breathtaking, and it is one of the most beautiful settings in the country.

Atrani is only a kilometer away from the bustling Amalfi town. It is accessible from the A3 highway, Napoli-Salerno, and Vietri sul Mare. It is also located along the famous coastal highway SS163, which stretches 20 kilometers along the Amalfi Coast.

The nearest airport is Capodichino. Several airlines fly to Amalfi from Capodichino.

The town of Atrani is preserved in its medieval structure. Its main squares are decorated with fountains and vaults, and the streets have an unhurried, lively atmosphere reminiscent of Capri.

Its ancient population of patricians is also evident in archaeological excavations. Many sumptuous villas have been found in the town.

Pope Gregory the Great wrote a letter mentioning the town of Atrani in 596, a testimony to its historic significance.

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4. Beaches in the Salento, Puglia

If you’re a nature lover, the Salento region of Puglia is a great place to explore, with stunning beaches and crystal clear water.

Beaches in the Salento, Puglia
Beaches in the Salento, Puglia

The coastal region is home to many natural attractions, including a Bauxite quarry, which is a popular attraction among locals.

Whether you want to visit the area for a day or just relax with a picnic, the beaches in the Salento region are sure to please.

The city of Matera is located in the neighboring region of Basilicata. The city of Matera is an extraordinary place, and its history goes back at least 7,000 years.

It has one of the oldest continuous human settlements in the world and is home to the ancient ruins of the Etruscan civilization. The ancient ruins here are worth visiting, and the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Salento region is also home to some of the best beaches in Puglia. The famous Santa Maria di Leuca beach, which is renowned as the Maldives of Puglia, is located on the southern tip of Puglia’s peninsula.

This sandy bay is perfect for families with children and has beautiful turquoise water. A small marina and a rocky cliff rim the beach, making it ideal for families.

The principal city of Salento in Lecce, a city rich in history. Lecce is often called the ‘Florence of the South’ because of its Baroque architecture.

The cathedral is worth a visit – its history dates back to the Greeks. In fact, the city is home to the largest Greek settlement in Puglia. There are several museums and art galleries that are well worth a visit.

Beaches in Italy

5. Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

If you love the sea and want to enjoy its refreshing waters, consider a visit to Chiaia di Luna Beach in Ponze, (in the Pontine Archipelago).

Chiaia di Luna, Ponza
Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

Located on the western coast of the town, this stunning beach cove is popular with locals and tourists alike. It is also accessible by boat or car and is ideal for families.

It calls Luna, because, of the half-moon-shaped, sandy shoreline.

If you’re visiting Ponza in the summer months, you’ll find that Chiaia di Luna Beach is warmer and less crowded than other local beaches.

Visitors to this beach are not permitted to walk along the whole shoreline due to safety reasons, but visitors can admire the surrounding cliffs from the water (from a boat).

There are no reviews for this beach, but locals say that this beach is a must-visit on a vacation to the Italian island. If you’re planning to visit the area during a full moon, you can visit the cliffs and admire the moonlight reflecting off the water.

The hotel Chiaia di Luna has a bar and restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. Guests can also get refreshments from its bar and can also book a tour around the island.

Guests can hire bicycles and scooters to explore the town’s natural landscape. The hotel is located a 5-minute walk from the center of Ponza. The rooms here are designed in a Mediterranean style and offer views of the port. Each one has free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a private balcony or patio.

While Ponza is an island with rich history, it’s not as touristy as many other Pontine islands. It is popular with sun lovers and seafood eaters. The island also boasts a stunning seascape and coves only accessible by boat.

Ponza has preserved its historical buildings and Bourbon intervention. In fact, some of the structures were built during the Roman Empire. Chiaia di Luna is the island’s most popular beach for tourists.

Recommended hotel nearby Chiaia di Luna Beach: Hotel Chiaia Di Luna

6. Capo Testa Beach, Sardinia

If you’re looking for a relaxing and breathtaking vacation in Sardinia, Italy, look no further than Capo Testa Beach.

Capo Testa Beach, Sardinia
Capo Testa Beach, Sardinia

This peninsula has enchanting seascapes and rugged hiking trails. And there’s no end to its natural beauty, so there are many things to see and do. And don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and towel.

The beach offers stunning views of the surrounding mountain range and Corsica. A small fee will earn you the chance to swim in the cobalt waters and soak in the natural beauty.

The nearby town of Santa Teresa Gallura is an easy drive from Capo Testa. If you’re traveling to Italy for the first time, don’t miss this opportunity to experience it.

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel on the Capo Testa peninsula, consider the Colonna Grand Hotel. It is located on a rocky peninsula next to the Strait of Bonifacio and is the perfect spot to escape the crowds.

It is a localized experience, and the rooms are fully equipped. The hotel has an excellent reputation for luxury and service and is a great option for a relaxing vacation in Italy.

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7. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

There are so many reasons to visit Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa, Italy. This picturesque beach is not only a must-see in Europe, but is also ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful.

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa
Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

In addition to its beauty, the island is also home to several shops and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a secluded beach to unwind on, Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa is the perfect place for you. This beach is often named the most beautiful in Italy, and there is a turtle rescue center on the island.

Spiaggia dei Conigli features fine white sands and turquoise blue and shallow waters. So, do not forget to pack your swimsuit. As there are colorful fish and sea turtles, you can grab a wonderful snorkeling experience.

Other interesting beaches on the island include Cala Creta and Cala Galera. Whether you’re an experienced diver or just an amateur, there’s nothing to stop you from relaxing on this unique island.

Recommended hotel nearby Spiaggia dei Conigli Beach: Hotel O’scià

8. San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

If you’re planning a holiday to Sicily, you’ve probably been thinking about how to visit San Vito Lo Capo, a seaside town in northwestern Italy.

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily
San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

The town lies in a sheltered bay, overlooking Mount Monaco. The town’s historic sites include the fortress-like 15th-century Santuario di San Vito.

Despite being built in the late fifteenth century, this fortress features Arab-Norman influences, particularly in the chapel and watchtower of Santa Crescenzia.

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, you’ll find several beaches in San Vito Lo Capo. The beach is a popular spot for sunbathing and water activities.

Alternatively, you can try a fishing trip to the nearby Tonnara del Secco, where a UNESCO World Heritage Site was built. This place used to be a tuna trap, and fishermen would use the huge nets to catch the giant fish.

This area has been preserved and was the setting for the Oscar-winning movie, “Cefalonia”.

If you want to get out of the clingy Italian climate, the island’s north coast experiences a cool sea breeze that rarely goes above force five.

While there are no friggitorie or gastronomy shops in San Vito, you can sample great local fare from street vendors. Sicilian cuisine is famous for its ingenuity and fresh ingredients, and you can enjoy a delicious meal on your holiday on the island.

If you want to get outdoors and explore the island’s natural beauty, take a hike in the Zingaro Nature Reserve. The park features jagged rocks and pebble beaches, Mediterranean-style vegetation, and up to 40 species of birds.

It is one of the best places to observe these fascinating creatures. You can even try catching a tuna from the nearby waters! The area is dotted with interesting monuments and is a must-see for anyone in Sicily.

Beaches in Italy

9. Baia dei Turchi, Puglia

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach in Puglia, Baia dei Turchi might be the one for you. This Italian beach is home to many natural wonders and rich history.

Baia dei Turchi, Puglia
Baia dei Turchi, Puglia

The beach at Baia dei Turchi is three km from Otranto. To get there, take a bus from one of the nearby towns. You’ll want to check out the beach, which is not very large.

The beach is the most beautiful in Puglia and is also one of the most unspoiled in the world. It’s located in a protected nature reserve, the Alimini Lakes, and the beach itself has no overcrowding.

Because of its pristine water and beautiful nature, Baia dei Turchi has been awarded the prestigious Blue flag and 5 sails from Legambiente.

Another popular beach in Puglia is called La Scala dei Turchi. This beautiful beach is a favorite among Instagram users.

Its turquoise water is home to a variety of fish, including the infamous flamingo. And if you’re looking for a beach for a family holiday, you’ll want to check out this area in Puglia.

There are plenty of other beautiful beaches in Puglia to visit, and there’s nothing like a sunny day at the beach.

A day on this Italian beach will not be complete without a dip in the azure water. The pristine turquoise water is complemented by shattered greens and palm trees.

There are also numerous beach kiosks set along the shores. A stroll on this pristine shore is a romantic experience that’s sure to leave you smiling. So, come to Puglia and enjoy the beautiful sunsets!

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Beaches in Italy

10. Beaches in Elba

If you’re planning a vacation to the Tuscan Archipelago, you must visit the Italian island of Elba, and you should not miss its beautiful beaches.

Beaches in Elba
Beaches in Elba

The island is home to many museums, including the Elban Minerals Museum, which has reconstructions of mining environments.

While on Elba, you can also take in the beautiful ruins of Napoleon’s exile, which still remain on the island today.

The island of Elba is close to the Tuscan mainland, which makes it very accessible by ferry most of the time.

And Elba has 126 different beaches, ranging from golden sand to large rock slabs.

For example, enchanting Scaglieri, which is home to some of the island’s finest sand. Located near the Porto Azzurro, this beach is surrounded by three coves, making it the perfect spot for a romantic stroll. You can also find a bar or a beach restaurant for a refreshing glass of white wine.

Also, you can enjoy a relaxing day at one of the thermal baths in San Giovanni.

Kids will love a boat tour around the island, which most hotels offer in the summer. While you’re there, be sure to bring your camera, because it’s one of the best ways to capture the island’s unique atmosphere!

11. La Pelosa, Sardinia

If you are looking for an easy way to get to La Pelosa in Sardinia, Italy, you have come to the right place.

La Pelosa, Sardinia
La Pelosa, Sardinia

Moovit is an all-in-one transit app that helps you find the best bus time or train time to get to La Pelosa. It provides free maps and live directions to help you find your way around the city. Moovit also has a live map of the area and its nearby public transportation options, including La Pelosa’s bus and train stations.

The town of Stintino has some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches. La Pelosa, which is situated on the island’s northern western tip, is home to one of the most picturesque beaches in the country.

With white sand and low, transparent water, this beach is popular with both tourists and locals. It is also home to a medieval tower. The tower adds a uniqueness to the beach.

While the city is trying to protect the beach from erosion, the mayor of Stintino has proposed a charge to get onto the beach and a ban on beach towels.

Visitors will need to wash their feet in water fountains and keep their beach toys clean. There is also no smoking on the beach, and no trade or commerce is permitted. Those who do these things are liable for a fine.

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Beaches in Italy

12. Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

There is a lot to be said about Cala Goloritz in Sardinian. The beach is renowned and was declared an Italian national monument in 1995.

Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia
Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

The area is also known for its 143-meter-high pinnacle and countless white pebbles. And the area is surrounded by holm oaks and Mediterranean shrubs.

Its unique rock formations make this beach a must-see for visitors.

This beautiful beach is located in the Province of Oglinstra, East Sardinia, Italy. It is located nine kilometers north of Baunei and is a photogenic location.

You can only reach this beach on foot or by boat, so be prepared to spend more than an hour. Be aware, though, that the trip back to the town will take at least twice as long.

While you’re at the beach, make sure to take all your trash with you. This will help protect the environment from the trash that you may find along the way.

Also, try not to steal shells, stones, or sand. The beaches are not for sale, so you’re unlikely to find anything of value. While the locals will surely be happy to help, it’s also good to be aware of your responsibilities.

If you want to explore the area by boat, several boat services will take you along the Baunei coast. Once you’re there, you’ll stop at a few coves, including “Piscine di Venere,” Italian for “Venus Pools,” which is a snorkeling paradise.

You’ll also want to visit Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu.

Beaches in Italy

13. Vendicari Nature Reserve, Sicily

If you’re looking for a quiet, serene, and scenic destination in Sicily, Vendicari may be the place for you.

Vendicari Nature Reserve, Sicily
Vendicari Nature Reserve, Sicily

With its 13 km of sandy and rocky coastline, Vendicari is a popular tourist destination. The island also boasts numerous paths leading between cliffs and vegetation.

Those interested in wildlife will be delighted to visit the Vendicari Nature Reserve.

The Vendicari Nature Reserve is a protected area on the island of Sicily. It is home to thousands of birds and is an important migration route for migrating species.

The area includes sandy and rocky beaches, saltpans, ancient ruins, and a birdwatcher’s paradise. Despite the reserve’s beauty, there is little to keep visitors from enjoying themselves here.

Especially, it is a popular stopover for migrating birds from Africa. The Vendicari Nature Reserve is a great place to go hiking, as it is accessible to hikers of all levels. If you’re a nature lover, this region of Sicily has a hiking trail suitable for all levels.

In addition to observing the diverse species of flora and fauna, visitors can also visit archaeological sites.

Aside from untouched beaches, the Vendicari Nature Reserve is also home to ruins dating from the 5th century BC, as well as a large colonnade of 17th-century Sicilian fisheries.

There are ancient Greek ruins, decaying fisheries, and a small fishing village with a lively carnival. And what’s more, the island also has an ancient Greek cemetery.

14. Isola Bella, Sicily

If you want to know more about Isola Bella in Sicily, then you’ve come to the right place. This rocky island was once privately owned by Ferdinand I of Bourbon.

Isola Bella, Sicily
Isola Bella, Sicily

It was later gifted to Pancrazio Ciprioti, the mayor of Taormina, by his friend, Ferdinand.

In 1896, the British aristocrat Florence Trevelyan, who was a pioneer in wildlife conservation, bought the island. She married a local doctor named Salvatore Cacciola and then built a tiny villa on the island.

And also, she planted rare precious essences to attract birds.

The tiny island of Isola Bella lies just below the town of Taormina. You can reach it via a steep stone staircase.

You can walk along the pebbly beach or wade across the water. Florence once lived on this island and admired its beauty. The island is now called the Pearl of the Ionian Sea. You can visit the island year-round.

The most popular time to visit Isola Bella is during the summer. Italians flock to the island’s beaches during the summer months to escape the heat.

Fortunately, late spring and early fall are often pleasant enough to swim. Most excursions to Isola Bella start from the town of Taormina, which has several interesting monuments to explore.

There is also an opportunity to visit the ancient Greek Theatre in Taormina.

Beaches in Italy

15. San Fruttuoso, Liguria

A secluded beach in Liguria, San Fruttuoso is accessed by boat or a long hike. The town is situated between the coastal towns of Camogli and Portofino.

San Fruttuoso, Liguria
San Fruttuoso, Liguria

The beach has lush vegetation surrounding it, highlighting its privacy. The town’s monastic monument, the Fruttuoso Abbey, stands above the crystal clear water.

Diving enthusiasts come here to discover the ruins of a sunken statue, known as the Abyss. Beachgoers here enjoy the lack of crowds.

The town’s natural beauty makes it a great destination for nature lovers.

Abbazia, a picturesque hamlet, dates back to the VIII century. Its unique location was chosen by Fruttuoso, the local saint. His choice of the town was made possible by the local scavenger, Prospero.

The abbey’s ruins have been the site of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the ‘Cristo degli Abissi’ – a bronze statue of Christ, which lies 15 meters below sea level.

Summers in Italy are warm and sunny. Temperatures start to rise around May and remain steady until September. Summer is generally the best time to visit San Fruttuoso, as they will be less crowded.

However, if you’re interested in enjoying the outdoors without crowds, July is a great time to visit. you may want to avoid August as many places are closed during the month.

If they do open, they charge exorbitant prices.

Beaches in Italy

16. Spiaggia di Sabaudia, Lazio

Spiaggia di Sabaudio is a popular seaside resort in the southern Italian region of Lazio. This stretch of golden sand is flanked on two sides by dunes, capped with Mediterranean scrub.

Spiaggia di Sabaudia, Lazio
Spiaggia di Sabaudia, Lazio

The surrounding dunes are largely untouched by modern development, with beach facilities and amenities located near the town.

This sandy shore is perfect for swimming, though it can be choppy when the wind blows. Summer is the best time to visit Spiaggia di Sabaudio.

The town itself is a little slice of paradise surrounded by nature. Its four lakes and lagoons are part of the famous Circeo National Park, making it one of the most studied areas in the Mediterranean.

It’s easy to see why the town attracts thousands of tourists every year. Those who enjoy exploring ancient ruins will find the town and its lagoons a great way to spend an afternoon.

For those interested in visiting this seaside resort, there are several places to stay. There are several hotels in the area, including the small, but well-maintained Spiaggia di Sabaudia.

On the other hand, the area’s historic sites are also worth exploring. You can also visit the medieval town of Monte S. Magno to see a beautiful view of the area.

Beaches in Italy

17. Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

A trip to the island of Lampedusa is not complete without visiting Cala Pulcino. This beautiful island is the largest of the Italian Pelagie Islands.

Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa
Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

In order to reach the sandy beach, you must hike over rocky areas and through thick vegetation.

Once you reach the beach, you will be greeted with powdery white sand, magnificent views, and the endless blue of the Mediterranean. During your trip, don’t forget to pack your swimming trunks!

A 30-minute walk from the mainland is required to get to Cala Pulcino, a white-sand cove with turquoise waters.

It is an incredibly beautiful sight and is worth the trip. This picturesque island is closer to Tunisia than Italy. Those who travel to Lampedusa may wish to explore the island by boat. Alternatively, if you prefer to walk, you can opt for the scenic route.

Getting to Cala Pulcino is one of the most popular Lampedusa itineraries. You can either walk through the canyon or take a boat to get to it.

A trail that connects Cala Pulcino to the island’s mainland makes the journey even more memorable. Just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen before heading down to the sand!

If you’re going to spend the day in Lampedusa, you should plan your trip to include time to spend on the island. You’ll be glad you did.

On the other hand, it’s home to many free-ranging birds, which makes it a popular spot for birdwatchers.

Whether you’re a sunbather or a water sports enthusiast, the island offers beautiful views and great snorkeling spots. There’s something for everyone on the island, so you’re sure to find it here. It’s easy to find a nice beach with clear water and turchesi bottom.

18. Beaches in Italy: Positano Spiaggia

If you are thinking of vacationing in Positano Spiaggia, you’ve come to the right place. This charming Italian town features colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and a scenic beach.

Beaches in Italy Positano Spiaggia
Positano Spiaggia

From the cobblestoned streets, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the mesmerizing rock formations atop the hillside.

The pebbled beaches here offer crystal-clear water. Positano is also an excellent day-trip destination in Italy. There are many activities and sights to see in this small town.

The town’s most famous beach is Laurito Island, a small island surrounded by wild laurel shrubs. There are a few businesses on the island, including a luxury restaurant and a small hotel.

Da Adolfo Restaurant Positano, operated by a family-run business, serves seafood delicacies. The island’s gondola departs every half hour, and you can easily recognize it by its redfish sign on the mast.

The town’s beaches offer a variety of options for relaxing and lounging in the sun. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or relax in a chair for free.

The main stretch of sand, the Spiaggia Grande, is located near the pier. This beach is a popular spot with tourists, but there is also a free shuttle boat service that will take you to the other beaches.

If you are a shoe fan, you can buy sandals and handmade socks in Positano. You can also purchase ceramics made by local artisans. They are crafted according to centuries-old traditions, and many of them originate from Vietri sul Mare. You can even customize your sandals with a designer’s logo! This is a perfect place to buy souvenirs.

19. Beaches in Italy: Marasusa, Calabria

If you’re looking for a beach holiday, look no further than the region of Calabria. The sloping, white sand beaches of Marasusa will enchant you.

Beaches in Italy Marasusa, Calabria
Marasusa, Calabria

This town is also renowned for its cliffs and ancient dwellings. It’s often referred to as the ‘Jewel of Calabria’. And if you love ancient ruins, you can tour these ruins as well.

Marasusa Tropea is one of the most popular beaches in Italy. The reasons are shinny shallow blue waters and the white-sandy shoreline.

Do not forget to catch the mesmerizing sunset on this beach.

And the area is surrounded by water sports. So, you can enjoy any kind of water activity. Also, there are several golf courses, tennis courses, a waterpark, and swimming pools. This will keep you active all day.

Beaches in Italy

20. Beaches in Italy: Ischia Island

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is an island with volcanic origins and mineral-rich thermal waters.

Beaches in Italy Ischia Island
Ischia Island

You can soak in the waters at Maronti Beach, or head to Cartaromana Beach, which offers views of the medieval Aragonese Castle.

To learn more about the fishing tradition of Ischia, visit the Sea Museum at Palazzo dell’Orologio. It also houses the local maritime museum.

If you’re in the mood for thermally heated waters, head to the Centro Termale O’Vagnitiello, which sits right on the water’s surface. The hotel has excellent facilities and is an ideal place to enjoy the views of the sea.

There are also many restaurants on the island. A trip to Ischia isn’t complete without stopping at the local seafood market. The Spiaggia dei Pescatori beach is a popular spot, as the town is also home to a small fish market.

The volcanic island of Ischia is a popular destination for those looking for some sun, sand, and water. There are also plenty of hot springs and thermal pools to soak in.

Compared to the Amalfi Coast, Ischia is also relatively inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for a summer vacation.

The town also has many beautiful, unspoiled beaches, and is home to fishing villages along the Tyrrhenian Sea. You can reach Ischia by boat from Naples.

For a romantic holiday, Ischia is the perfect destination for couples looking to relax on a quiet island. With its spectacular scenery, picturesque landscape, and prehistoric villages, this island is a must-see.

Its quaint, quiet towns and pristine waters attract artists and poets alike. It’s also protected as a Nature Reserve, so you can be sure of the island’s tranquility.

Beaches in Italy

  • Scala dei Turchi, Sicily
  • Beaches in Costa Verde, Sardinia
  • Atrani, Campania
  • Beaches in the Salento, Puglia
  • Chiaia di Luna, Ponza
  • Capo Testa Beach
  • Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa
  • San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily
  • Baia dei Turchi, Puglia
  • Beaches in Elba
  • La Pelosa, Sardinia
  • Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia
  • Vendicari Nature Reserve, Sicily
  • Isola Bella, Sicily
  • San Fruttuoso, Liguria
  • Spiaggia di Sabaudia, Lazio
  • Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa
  • Positano Spiaggia
  • Marasusa, Calabria
  • Ischia Island

Beaches in Italy