The Best Budget Travel Destinations for Each Month

Budget Travel Destinations for Each Month

The cheapest travel destinations or budget travel destinations are more important to all travelers. Usually, smart travelers do travel in the offseason to reduce travel costs. (For example: Traveling Japan in winter, not in Cherry Blossom season to save some bucks). And, it is a smart decision for your pocket since the air tickets, hotel prices, and all the packages are cheap. So, here are the best budget travel destinations each month.

Budget Travel Destinations

1. Budget Travel Destinations: January: Japan, Osaka

Traveling to Osaka in January will give so many benefits to your pocket. Starting from the ticket price to the hotel and food prices all become less compared with other months. If I say in numbers, 35% percent cheaper flights are available in January to Osaka. The prices start at around $600.

Budget Travel Destinations January Japan, Osaka
Japan, Osaka

And on the other hand, accommodation fees are also significantly cheaper than other months of the year. They are around $40 to $60 per night. Once you visit Osaka, you can visit Kyoto as a day trip, visit Shochikza Kabuki Theatre, and have many more experiences in colder weather.

Budget Travel Destinations

2. Budget Travel Destinations: February: Zurich, Switzerland

As we all know that Zurich, Switzerland offers you Instagram-able mountain views outside of the city. You can take a day trip to ski in nearby Elm or Braunwald. And on the other side, the city gives the experience of visiting shops and cafes on Bahnhofstrasse.

Budget Travel Destinations February Zurich, Switzerland
February Zurich, Switzerland

And in the case of flight prices of Zurich, Switzerland in February is less than $600. That means 15% less than the other months.  

Budget Travel Destinations

3. Budget Travel Destinations: March: Melbourne, Australia

You can experience autumn with wet and cold weather in March in Melbourne. So, the air tickets and all the other costs are comparatively low in this season. For example, You can book a flight to Melbourne, Australia, for around $1000. That means 16% less than the usual price levels.

Budget Travel Destinations March Melbourne, Australia
March Melbourne, Australia

Royal Botanical Garden, Queen Victoria Market, and Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium have highlighted destinations you can enjoy in March in Melbourne, Australia. That means no need to worry about missing the beach fun activities as there are plenty of things to do apart from beach activities.

Budget Travel Destinations

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

In weather, April is not such a bad month to travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico. But still, the air tickets and other costs are very lower than other months of the year. The average air ticket prices are around $250, 30% less than the usual level.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you visit there in April, you can get excellent captions while walking along Umbrella Street (Cale Fortaleza). The reason is that the street is filled with colorful umbrellas. Not only that, San Juan, but Puerto Rico also offers you fantastic ocean views in Paseo del Morro.

Budget Travel Destinations

5. Budget Travel Destinations: May: Santorini, Greece

Santorini can be considered the most attractive travel destination in Greece. So, the travel cost is high in the peak seasons as the demand is high. But, May is the best and affordable month to travel by any budget traveler. Because the air tickets to the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea are 45% cheaper in May, that means the average price is around $740.

Budget Travel Destinations May Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

On this beautiful island of Santorini, you can taste unique and tasty seafood from world-famous restaurants.  

Budget Travel Destinations

6. Budget Travel Destinations: June: Belfast, Northern Ireland

As we all know, Ireland is a trending destination for 2020. If you are on a budget travel planning to Northern Ireland, Belfast is the best to travel to in June. In there, you can see assembled Titanic and many artworks in museums like Ulster.

Budget Travel Destinations June Belfast, Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland

And also, Belfast’s Botanical Garden offers you fantastic views in June as well. The best part is that air tickets are 26% less than the usual prices. The prices are around $740.

Budget Travel Destinations

7. Budget Travel Destinations: July: Cancun, Mexico

July means the middle of the summer in Cancun, Mexico. You can fly there with 16% fewer ticket prices. That means the fares are around $375. As we all know, Cancun is a famous destination for scuba, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and boating. You can walk along the white sand beaches with your love.

July Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

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8. August: Reykjavik, Iceland

Actually, August is the ideal time to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland. As the airfares are 23% less than usual, you can travel for around $440. After you visit Reykjavik, Iceland, in August, you can experience more natural views for sure. Northern Lights in Iceland always takes top place on the list. (Budget Travel Destinations)

August Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

9. September: Hawaii, USA

No matter what the prices are. Hawaii is a must place to visit by a beach lover. But if you are on a budget travel plan, September is the best time to travel to Hawaii, USA. Actually, it offers you the chance to travel for $400.

September Hawaii, USA
Hawaii, USA

That means 32% less than the usual fares. And also cheaper rooms, food are available. In September, any traveler can ideally experience snorkeling, diving, and other water activities in Hawaii, USA.

Budget Travel Destinations

10. October: Belize

Belize is an amazing seaside destination in the world. You can explore the Zunantunich and Kahal Pech Mayan Ruins and visit cacao farms to see how chocolate is made. October in Belize is all about the benefits of the off-season.

October Belize

Flight fares are around $385, and it is 25% less than usual.

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11. November: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is home to one of the Caribbean’s busiest airports.  November is the ideal time to visit there as the rainy season is over, yet the peak season is not started. So, hotels and airfares are much cheaper than the usual prices.

November Montego Bay, Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica

On the other hand, there are plenty of things to discover in Montego Bay. So, all budget travelers must plan it in November.

Budget Travel Destinations

12. Budget Travel Destinations: December: Galle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an amazing island in South Asia. And it always has budget travel offers for travelers. Since the country is full of climatic diversity, it attracts thousands of tourists annually.

Budget Travel Destinations December Galle, Sri Lanka
Galle, Sri Lanka

And Galle is one of the most popular destinations in Sri Lanka.

And December is the ideal time to travel Galle and discover the Dutch Fort there. And also, Galle contains amazingly fresh and tasty seafood as well. For surfing, diving, beach walks, and all the beach activities are offered to you in December. 

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