St Croix Virgin Islands US: The Ultimate Travel Guide

St Croix Virgin Islands US: The Ultimate Travel Guide

St Croix Virgin Islands in the US is a stunning island in the Caribbean Sea. Considering the king of producing sugar in the Caribbean region, St Croix is the largest island in the territory. This island is also famous for great water experiences like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, and fishing.

On the other hand, it has a varied environment with eye-catching national parks and forests. And we cannot ignore the unique beaches in St Croix. So, here’s the ultimate travel guide for St Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

St Croix Virgin Islands

Where’s St Croix Virgin Islands Located?

United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea is an unincorporated territory of the United States. This Virgin Islands Archipelago is located on the eastern side of Puerto Rico and west of the British Virgin Islands. And the 3 main islands are St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. Apart from them, there are many small islands as well. Since St. Croix is the largest island, it has more than 51,000 people on a land area of 214.66 Km². But the capital of the territory is Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas.

If I mention more about the St Croix Virgin Islands’ geography, Mount Eagle is the island’s highest point, having an 1165 feet height. The eastern side of the island is a little hilly with steeps. But on the north side, there are some plain slopes as well. So, it is the prime sugar land on the island.

When we talk about the climate of St. Croix, the western part of the island gets more rain compared with the eastern side. Actually, the island’s eastern side is quite dry and even cactus, just like a desert. But, the western part is green and lush. Yet, the island has a big problem with severe droughts and a lack of quality groundwater problems. So, people usually collect and save rainwater. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

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Another important fact about the St. Croix Virgin Islands’ location is that it is the only island totally located in the Caribbean Sea compared with other US Virgin Islands.

Is St Croix Virgin Islands safe?

The whole US Virgin Islands are beautiful destinations with a tropical climate. Of course, it should always be on your bucket list. But, as usual, it has some dangers too. Comparing with the British Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands are less safe.

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Since we are talking about St. Croix, let’s start from there. Comparing with St. John and St. Thomas, St. Croix has a low-level crime rate. Petty thefts, muggings of visitors at night, unlocking the parked cars are the frequent things happening there. So, I suggest you not travel along the unfamiliar and alone roads.

In the case of health concerns, St. Thomas has the best hospital in the US Virgin Islands. And St. Croix also has good hospitals as well. Like: Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center.

If I say an overall idea, St. Croix is a safe destination to travel to. But you have to follow the common safety tips. For: do not take more valuable things with you when you travel around, lock well the valuable things inside a safe hotel room and be careful when you travel at night. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Do you need a passport for St Croix Virgin Islands?

Since the US Virgin Islands are US territories, US citizens do not need a passport. That means all the islands, including St. Croix. Suppose you are in the USA because you are still within the United States’ legal jurisdiction. But, you need to prove your identity through a birth certificate or driving license. On the other hand, if you are from the USA outside, you need to get a US visa or ESTA.

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What language do they speak in St Croix?

Definitely, English is the major language in St. Croix since 1917. Before that, Danish was the official language there. But, it didn’t go well among the people. And currently, local creole English also exists. On the other hand, since some immigrants came from different nearby countries and territories, they speak different languages like Spanish. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Things to do in St. Croix

St. Croix has more than 50,000 inhabitants, majorly in Christiansted and  Frederiksted cities. And most of them are very warm-hearted and helpful for travelers. Since St. Croix is a stunning destination, you should not miss it at all. The following things are my suggestions for you to do there. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Visit Fort Frederik, St Croix Virgin Islands

Visit Fort Frederik, St Croix Virgin Islands

Fort Frederik or Frederikfort is a National Historic Landmark of St. Croix. It was constructed between 1752 and 1760 as a protective barrier against the pirates of the Caribbean. Currently, this place is open to the public with guided or self-guided tours. It is up to you. And there’s a history museum and art gallery inside the fort as well. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Visit Buck Island, St Croix Virgin Islands

Buck Island is one of the top attractions in St. Croix. And this is also called Buck Island Reef National Monument. The Island is spread for around 176 acres, and it is located 1.5 miles away to the east side of St. Croix. It has most of the rare sea turtle types and many marine varieties.

Visit Buck Island, St Croix Virgin Islands

The aim of establishing the Buck Island Reef National Monument is to protect and preserve its natural resources and ecosystems. Currently, it has more than 18,000 acres of underwater land with many marine resources. Therefore, more than 50,000 travelers are attracting to this monument annually.

One of the most popular things on Buck Island is having an underwater snorkeling trail. If you are a snorkeling lover, then going through that trail will make you crazy.  And you can even find rare sea turtle species as well. Western Turtle Beach on Buck Island is the best beach to see them. Apart from it, there are some other pristine beaches as well. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

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Visit Salt River Bay: St Croix Virgin Islands

Salt River Bay is located on the Northside of St. Croix, Central Coastline Bay. And the most important thing here is Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve. It was recognized as a national park in 1992. The major aim was to preserve the Columbus Landing Site (the place where Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Caribbean in 1493).

The most highlighted things to see in the national park are the largest mangrove forests and the two stunning bioluminescent bays on the island. I’m a huge fan of bioluminescent beaches. So, I suggest you travel and watch this natural night show. Kayaking is my favorite thing to do in Salt River National Park. It was just awesome to kayak through the glowing jellyfish and biolumi creatures. I think St. Croix is a paradise in the Caribbean for kayakers. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Visit Salt River Bay

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St Croix Virgin Islands: Point Udall

Point Udall is a geographically important monument in St. Croix Virgin Islands. This is the easternmost point of the USA’s lands and territories. It means this is the first part of the USA that gets the sunlight. This point was named by the United States Secretary of the Interior (Stewart Udall), who has played a major role in the country’s administration in the 1960s. 

Point Udall St Croix Virgin Islands US

For the travelers, there’s a stunning hiking trail here. The Millenium Monument is the trailhead that leads to an uplift volcanic rock surface. And as a bonus, you will get a brilliant view of the whole St. Croix with the Caribbean Sea and the barrier reefs.

Looking for the best hotels in St Croix, US Virgin Islands?? Just check here. 

Visit St. George Village Botanical Garden

In the 19th century, this place was really a Danish sugarcane-producing land. But now, it is a 23-acre botanical garden named St. George. Since the land is totally devoted to trees, it has around 1500 native and exotic plant species like orchids, ferns, cacti, succulents, etc. And also, there’s a museum in St. George Village that displays ancient colonial artifacts. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Join Eco-friendly tours in St Croix

As a nature lover, I always love to join with eco-friendly tours anywhere in the world. If you are also interested, then try it in St Croix Virgin Islands. Some good tour companies offer you eco-friendly tours. Normally the things include snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, diving, camping like things. Just try it and feel free when you leave a zero carbon footprint.

Fishing in St Croix Virgin Islands

Sport Fishing in St Croix Virgin Islands

Not only just fishing, but sport fishing is also famous in St Croix. Because this is home to so many migratory fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, and wahoo, and luckily you don’t need to go further into the sea to catch fish within 2 miles you can catch even big ones. However, inshore or offshore fishing in St Croix is just awesome and fun with the family. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Visit Caribbean Museum Center for Arts

The aim of establishing this museum is just great. It is to combat the enhancement of youth violence in the island society through nurturing young people to art education. So, it can also be considered as an art education center. Isn’t it a great idea?

There are workshops, classes, artist-in-residency programs, and many more in different languages. So, just give it a try.

Diving and Snorkeling in the Caribbean

I believe that any level of diver should dive in St Croix. Because this Caribbean Sea has numerous marine lives and corals. Having around 50 stunning diving sites, there’s something new to see in every inch. Additionally, you can even see some sunken ships as well. For example, there are 6 sunken ships in Frederiksted. St Croix is ideal for night diving as well. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

There are many scuba diving packages in St Croix. So choose the best one.

Horseback Riding in St Croix

Horseback Riding in St Croix Virgin Islands

Horseback riding is a unique experience to get in St Croix. Riding a horse by wearing a cowboy hat is a different way to explore St Croix. You can ride through off beaten paths and also on the beach. Have you ever gone into the sea by riding a horse? Then, here’s the chance to ride a horse in the Caribbean Sea. I suggest you follow Equus Riding Tours to get the best experience.

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Rum and Beer Tours

St Croix Virgin Islands is famous for rum and beer tours. Many tour packages offer rum and beer tours. Then you can have an idea of how to produce them and their history. There’s also a small craft brewery in St Croix where you can taste local craft brewery. Leatherback Brewing Company and Sion Farm Distillery are more popular places to taste rum and beer in St Croix.  

Do Shopping Island Jewelry

St Croix Virgin Islands Jewelry

St Croix is one of the best places in the world to buy handcrafted artisan and fine jewelry produced with different types of metals. Many St Croix jewelry designs are unique, and you cannot see them anywhere else. Another bonus factor is, you can ask the producers to make custom jewelry as you need. So, do not forget to buy a lovely souvenir for your sweetheart. I highly recommend ib Designs in St Croix.

Spas in St Croix

Getting a Massage by the beach is an awesome experience, obviously. St Croix Virgin Islands is ideal for that. Because skincare treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, body polishing, spas, and many more items are there for you to heal your skin after playing under the tropical sun. Even Ayurvedic massages are there. I suggest you book online a beach massage through this link.

Do water sport in St Croix.

There are plenty of sports activities in St Croix. Apart from snorkeling and diving, there are many things to do. Like, stand-up paddleboarding, jet-ski ride, parasailing, etc. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Parasailing in St Croix

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St. Croix Beaches

St. Croix has the most stunning beaches in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It has any type of beach for any kind of beach lover all around the island. Swim, snorkel, walk, play with kids, romantic dinners, watch sea turtles, and many experiences within this 214.66 Km² small land area. Here are the beaches in St. Croix. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Map of the best beaches in St Croix
Map of St Croix beaches from Villa Margarita

Rainbow Beach

Locating on the edge of the island’s western side, Rainbow Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the US Virgin Islands. Since it is near to Frederiksted, you can reach it easily. Snorkeling is the most highlighted thing to do there as there are interesting marine life, corals. And also, the water is shallow on Rainbow Beach for a long distance. So, no need to worry about safety.

Rainbow Beach St Croix Virgin Islands US

On the other hand, Rainbow Beach offers you a great party climate with beach bars with unique drinks called Cruzan Confusion and Rhythms Restaurants with live music.

Frederiksted Beach

Fort Frederiksted Beach is a cruise ship destination in St Croix Virgin Islands. Therefore this beach has all the facilities for all the travelers. Picnic tours, watching the sunset, relaxing beach walks, and play with kids are the top things to do in Frederiksted. Since this beach has shallow, calm, and safe water, most tourists attract to snorkeling, swimming, and paddleboarding like things. butterflyfish, octopus, flounder, angelfish, and blue tangs will frequently meet when you are snorkeling. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Dorsch Beach

Dorsch Beach is also located just south of downtown Frederiksted. This is one of the beaches that locals mostly visit. Having white sand and shade from the palm trees or sea grape trees, Dorsch is a great place to chill and relax. Well, there’s nothing much to see on the sea bed while snorkeling, but you can swim or float on the water with your friends without any fear. I highly recommend this place to watch the sunset. (Mostly the weekends get crowded, so try to visit on weekdays)

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Sandy Point Beach

Holding the position among the top 5 stunning beaches in the US Virgin Islands, Sandy Point Beach offers you the best island walk chances. Since the beach stretches for around 3 miles with white sand and crystal clear blue water, you can walk until you get tired. But, keep in mind that this beach is open only on weekends, and from April to August, it is totally closed because many sea turtles in the Caribbean Sea attract here for nesting purposes. So, Sandy Point is totally reserved to conserve them. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Sandy Point Beach St Croix

Even when it is open, there’s not a lot of crowds. So, you can enjoy the walk freely.

Cane Bay

Cane Bay is famous as a family beach destination in St Croix Virgin Islands. Although it is not stunningly viewing like other beaches, it offers so many fun things to do with your family. Since the water is calm and shallow, kids can learn how to swim, dive, and snorkel.

On the other hand, the world-famous “The Wall” is very near to Cane Bay. If I say in numbers, it just around 450m away from the shore. Wall diving is very famous among travelers. Actually, St Croix has the second largest barrier reef in the Caribbean, which we call “The Wall.” It suddenly drops into a 13,000 feet depth. So, be careful and dive only if you are fluent in diving. And only at the recommended diving spots. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

And also, Cane Bay is famous for its tasty Caribbean foods. There are plenty of good restaurants that offer you tasty food.

Davis Bay or Carambola Beach

Locating on the North Shore, this is a privately owned beach. It is owned by Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort and Spa, St Croix US Virgin Islands. Trust me; this is one of my favorites in St Croix. Because it is such a picturesque beach surrounded by green hills and filled with white sand. And also, the palm trees offer you shade under the Caribbean sun. I suggest you read your favorite storybook while sitting on a bench on Davis Bay Beach.

Davis Bay beach st croix Virgin Islands US

Apart from that, the big waves of this beach are ideal for riding waves, skimboarding like activities as well.

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Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay Beach

I just love Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay Beach. Ok, I will give you the reasons why I like it so much. As a hiker, I got a great chance of hiking before I reach the beach. When I came to Point Udall, I learned about this beach since it is near Point Udall. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

Jack's and Isaac's Bay Beach St Croix US Virgin Islands

Just hike down through dirt roads, and first, you will find Isaac Bay Beach. And then, you just keep walking over the small peninsula to view Jack’s Bay Beach in St Croix. Finally, you will realize that the hike is totally worth it after watching the stunning view. It is just like a mind-blowing cover photo. And the beach is safe for swimming.

I’m requesting you not to miss this beach. If you want you can arrange a guided tour as well.

Turtle Beach

As I mentioned about this beach on top of the article, you already know that it is located on Buck Island. Always holds the position on the list of best beaches in the US Virgin Islands. Because the beach has white powdery sand, colorful corals, marine lives, crystal clear blue water, rare sea turtles, and many more, I think this is the most beautiful snorkeling destination in St Croix Virgin Islands. 

Since the Buck Island Reef is a national monument, the beach, corals, turtles, and marines are protected from harm. So, this natural beauty will be conserved for a long time.

Pelican Cove Beach

Pelican Cove Beach is also locating on the North Shore of St Croix. Locating very close to Christiansted, this beach is also called Cormorant Beach. The resort on this beach, Palms at Pelican Cove Beach, holds a top position on the best beach resorts in St Croix. The natural beauty around the resort is incredible.

Silky sand, clear blue water, colorful corals, palm tree shade create a perfect beach vacation for you. (St Croix Virgin Islands)

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