Best and Fun Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Looking for the best things to do in Colorado Springs?? Here’s the list with all the travel information you need to plan a family tour.

Located in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the city is near the glacier-carved Pikes Peak. Visitors can hike the many trails and ride the cog railway up the mountain to the 14,114-foot summit.

Other attractions include the Garden of the Gods park, which is famous for its red sandstone formations and mountain views. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just to relax and unwind, Colorado Springs will be a great destination for your vacation.

Aside from that, the top attractions in Colorado Springs are Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Glen Eyrie Castle, Adventures Out West, and Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

So, let’s discover the complete list of the best and most fun things to do in Colorado Springs. Just check and add them to your bucket list.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs

1. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

If you’re looking for a place to visit in Colorado with kids, consider the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It’s the highest zoo in the United States, and it’s located right on Cheyenne Mountain. It is located 6,800 feet above sea level and is home to hundreds of species.

The zoo is spread over 140 acres, but only 40 of them are actually used. You can learn more about the animals and their habitats here, or simply visit to enjoy a few hours of family fun.

You can explore one of the 15 exhibits at the zoo. There’s African Rift Valley, Aquatics, Asian Highlands, Leaping to the Rescue, Primate World, and Rocky Cliffs.

There are also exhibits dedicated to tapirs and echidnas. While you’re there, you can experience the animal encounter programs, visit the zoo’s gift shop, and enjoy some delicious fare.

The zoo features hundreds of animals, including the largest giraffe herd in the United States.

Feedings are conducted twice a day and visitors are invited to feed in My Big Backyard. You can also feed penguins, owls, tigers, wolves, bears, and moose.

There’s something for everyone at the zoo.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a special focus on conservation and wildlife preservation. There are themed habitats, and you can hand-feed a reticulated giraffe herd.

If you are traveling with children, consider the VIP tours and behind-the-scenes encounters.

Address: 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, United States    Phone: +1 719-633-9925

2. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods Park

When you’re in the mood for a great hike, Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs is the perfect destination.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods Park
Garden of the Gods Park

The scenic trails and magnificent views will have you feeling like you’re in a fairy tale.

Parking for this attraction can be a challenge, especially during the summer. Thankfully, the trails and parking lot are wheelchair accessible.

In addition to offering fantastic views, the Garden of the Gods is wheelchair-friendly. You can also ride your scooter or use a wheelchair to travel the park.

When you visit the Garden of the Gods, don’t miss out on its unique rock formations. The park’s famous Balanced Rock is an easy stop for a hike or a drive.

And these natural rock formations are perfect for a photoshoot and are well-known throughout the area.

Garden of the Gods Park
Garden of the Gods Park

Another popular site is the Kissing Camels. These two “camel” rocks look like they’re kissing each other, and the view of them can be seen from many trails in the Garden of the Gods Park.

When you’re in Colorado Springs, you can also go horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods. It’s a great way to get a feel for the natural terrain. You can hire real cowboys to guide you.

The Academy Stables Discovery Tour takes you through the caves in 45 minutes and is a great introduction to the geology and history of the region.

You can also take the Lantern Tour, a 90-minute walk through the caves with lanterns, and listen to a variety of folklore and ghost stories.

Address: 1805 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States    Phone: +1 719-634-6666

3. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak

If you’re planning a trip to the Colorado Springs area, you’ll likely want to see Pikes Peak.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak

The fourteener, at 4,300 meters, is the highest point in the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

It’s located in the Pike National Forest, twelve miles west of downtown Colorado Springs. The base of the mountain, Manitou Spring, is a popular tourist destination, as is the nearby Pikes Peak ski area.

The 14,115-foot summit is the largest in the United States, and it’s located just 12 miles southwest of the city.

Pikes Peak, which is a National Historic Landmark, is part of the Pike National Forest and is included in the Fourteeners classification of mountains over 14,000 feet.

In total, there are 53 Fourteeners in Colorado.

The Pikes Peak Mountain Railway is a unique way to ascend the mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding region.

Unlike other mountain railways, this experience does not stop for breaks. You’ll have about 40 minutes to take in the mountain’s majesty.

Tickets for this ride often sell out weeks ahead of time. The experience is a must-do while in Colorado Springs.

Address: Pikes Peak, Colorado 80809, United States 

4. Glen Eyrie Castle

For a truly unique experience, visit the Glen Eyrie Castle, an English Tudor-style castle.

Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs
Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs

It was built by General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs in 1871. This historic property offers 17 guest rooms, 7 meeting rooms, and two dining rooms.

It was designed to honor his wife, Mary “Queen” Mellen. It’s now a popular tourist spot and offers numerous opportunities to celebrate special occasions. You can visit the Castle for a day of sightseeing or plan a corporate event.

Also, it features a grand fireplace in the Great Hall and an elegant staircase. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, this Victorian-styled property will leave you in awe.

You can visit the historic estate and enjoy the gorgeous gardens. You can also enjoy afternoon tea in the Carriage House.

The estate’s cafe and bookstore are open daily from 9:00 am until 5 pm, and they serve delicious pastries and coffee.

Once you’ve had your fill of history, you can take the time to relax in the elegant library or browse the cute bookstore.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something of interest here.

If you’re traveling to Colorado Springs for business, don’t miss the Glen Eyrie Castle.

Address: 3820 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States   Phone: +1 719-634-0808

5. Adventures Out West

A visit to Colorado Springs is not complete without visiting one of the many unique attractions, like the Garden of the Gods. The city is also home to many small mountain towns.

Adventures Out West Colorado Springs
Adventures Out West

If you want to experience the wild side of the state, take a Jeep tour. These open-air tours give you the opportunity to explore the city in a way that you never thought possible. Native guides will give you the inside scoop on everything from the history of the area to the natural beauty of the area.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your days in the great outdoors, Adventures Out West is the perfect place to start.

This company has been taking travelers and locals on grand adventures for over 40 years. Its activities include hot air balloon rides, zip lines, Segway tours, Jeep tours, and more.

The adventure park also offers special packages for those who are interested in a little more indoor fun.

A visit to Adventures Out West is a great way to get a real taste of the Rocky Mountains too. You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking views, the unique and the amazing wildlife. With so many options to explore, you’re sure to find a day filled with excitement!

Address: 1680 S 21st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States    Phone: +1 719-578-0935

6. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Located on the campus of Colorado College, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is a must-see when in the area.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Just north of downtown ColoradoSprings and on the same city block as the American Numismatic Association, this beautiful facility is a gem for art lovers.

It’s a great place to spend an afternoon or an evening. It’s free and open to the public. There is also a free admission day, so make sure to arrive early for a free tour.

In addition to its permanent collection, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center features a spectacular gallery featuring world-class special exhibitions.

You can find over 20,000 works in the museum’s permanent collection, including works by John Singer Sargent, Dale Chihuly, and Walt Kuhn.

The museum also has a wonderful library and an old-fashioned science lab where you can experiment with the latest inventions.

If you have kids, you’ll want to bring them to the Springs Adventure Park, where you can play old arcade games and complete ninja warrior obstacle courses. This family destination is sure to keep them entertained for hours. For adults, you can check out the Colorado Falls Science Museum, a museum built during the Great Depression.

Address: 30 W Dale St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States    Phone: +1 719-634-5581

7. The United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy is a military academy for officer cadets north of Colorado Springs.

The United States Air Force Academy
The United States Air Force Academy

The campus is located on the edge of a large mountain range and offers many opportunities for student-athletes to participate in sports. The school is home to over two hundred students and boasts a great academic record.

If you’re interested in the history of airpower, you can visit the Academy’s museum, which is home to the world’s largest B-52 bomber.

And the campus is home to many fascinating buildings, as well as a number of hiking and walking trails.

If you’re interested in the architecture of the buildings, you can explore Cadet Chapel on the north side of the campus, which is currently under construction. To reach the chapel, you’ll have to take a short, paved trail, but it’s well worth it.

Cadet Chapel is a prominent structure on the campus. It is easily recognizable with its 17 gleaming aluminum spires.

The chapel features chapels for all the major Western religions and an “all faiths” room, which is perfect for students of any faith. There’s a lot more to see at USAFA, so do not miss it.

8. Penrose Heritage Museum

Located in the heart of the city, the free Penrose Heritage Museum features a philanthropist’s collection of carriages, race cars, and Western artifacts.

Penrose Heritage Museum
Penrose Heritage Museum

You can also view the renowned Penrose Canyon, home to the world’s largest collection of old wagons. If you’re a fan of the Old West, this museum is a must-see.

The new exhibit at the Penrose Heritage Museum features never-before-seen artifacts and archival records, which provide an up-close look at the lives of the Penrose.

They invested heavily in the community and left a lasting legacy on Colorado Springs, and the museum aims to tell the story of their life.

For free, you’ll be able to see the earliest race cars, and the last ones will be on display at the Penrose Family Farm.

The Penrose Heritage Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is a great way to learn about the Penrose family’s rich history.

Tours are self-guided and free, but you can also request a guided tour up to two weeks in advance. The museum also offers lecture series, which explores the impact of the Penrose legacy on our modern lives.

As a cultural institution in Colorado Springs, the Penrose Heritage Museum explores the city’s history and the region’s rich history. It features artifacts and memorabilia from the early days of the Pikes Peak region.

The exhibitions are all indoors and free to view. It is well worth your time.

Address: 11 Lake Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, United States    Phone: +1 719-577-7065

9. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Memorial Park

Memorial Community Park in Colorado Springs is a great place for families to spend time together.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Memorial Park
Memorial Park

This city park offers a variety of sports facilities, including an indoor and outdoor pool and a recreation center. There are also hiking trails and Prospect Lake.

Visitors can also go for a swim at the nearby recreational lake. The park is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

The skate park in Memorial Park is a 40,000-square-foot facility that is designed with the whole family in mind. The features include a street course, a backyard-style pool, and a unique “hole-in-the-wall.”

Memorial Community Park also has a picnic area, events plaza, and picnic pavilion. And if you’re looking for an outdoor location to spend your day, there are several nearby golf courses too.

On the other hand, the park organizes plenty of events for the visitors.

Address: 1605 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States    Phone: +1 719-385-5940

10. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a 1,474-acre city park in Colorado Springs, adjacent to Manitou Springs and south of U.S. Route 24.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Located on the west side of the city, the park offers a variety of outdoor activities, from horseback riding to hiking.

For those interested in a more peaceful environment, the nearby Manitou Springs is also a popular destination. In addition, the area offers a large variety of activities, such as mountain biking and walking.

A visit to the Red Rock Canyon Open Space is an excellent way to get outdoors. The trails are mostly flat and one or two miles long, with only a mild elevation gain.

This area has some of the most dramatic rock formations in Colorado and is perfect for hikers of all ages.

For families, the hikes are especially enjoyable and convenient because they can be done by the whole family. Moreover, the hikes are child-friendly and are close to the town of Manitou Springs, which has a variety of local restaurants and shops.

The property is home to numerous trails that can be explored on foot, or on horseback. Whether you choose to walk or ride, make sure your animal is well-behaved. Likewise, take care not to endanger cyclists.

It is important to pay attention to other users while you’re out on the trails and watch out for other people.

If you’re not a climber, you can enjoy watching climbers and take advantage of the information provided by the Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance.

Address: 3550 W High St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States    Phone: +1 719-385-5940

11. Rocky Mountain Food Tours

If you are looking for a unique way to explore the city and get a taste of the local cuisine, Rocky Mountain Food Tours is a perfect choice.

Rocky Mountain Food Tours
Rocky Mountain Food Tours

These tours feature innovative food options and take you to the best restaurants in the area. You will get to sample everything from authentic Italian dishes to local beers.

If you are looking for something different and unique, try the wine and beer tour too!

You can also enjoy the Simpich Showcase, which is a one-man puppet show performed by David Simpich. The marionette dolls come to life with David Simpich’s voice and movements. The stories range from timeless classics such as “A Christmas Carol” to fun original works. You will also get to tour the museum’s marionette collection and shop for souvenirs.

If you are looking for some historical inspiration while enjoying the food scene in Colorado Springs, you can check out the Western Museum of Mining and Industry.

This museum houses a number of artifacts from the industrial era, including scale models of mills and steam engines. You can even watch videos and explore the old school laboratory. You’ll learn about the history of the city as you eat your way through its delicious delicacies.

Phone: +1 719-322-5731

12. Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

The 3-story brewery is housed in a historic building and features American fare and microbrews. A billiards room completes this upscale Colorado Springs brewery.

Phantom Canyon Brewing Company
Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

Its restaurant and taproom offer a fun atmosphere with a casual atmosphere. The location offers free parking. After a day of beer sampling, head over to the historic Brewery and Tavern for lunch or dinner.

The brewery is located in the historic Cheyenne building. And it was built in 1901 and served as the western terminus of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad. It was also used as a hotel for railroad employees.

You can tour the historic site and sample award-winning craft beer. The pub is a great spot for a quick bite. A great atmosphere is guaranteed. You can play a few games of pool or play a game of table football upstairs.

Located in the downtown district, this pub has been open since 1986. It is the first restaurant in the downtown area to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The name of the building comes from Cheyenne Mountain, and the building is named for the chief two moons of the Cheyenne Indian tribe. The entrance to the restaurant has a stone visage of the chief. The brewery also offers billiards.

Address: 2 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States    Phone: +1 719-635-2800

13. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

Visit Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site in Colorado Springs, United States for a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site
Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

A historic farm, the ranch was a working cattle ranch during the late nineteenth century. Today, you can visit the site to learn more about the ranch and its history.

It is a great place to see a real working farm and see how it used to be. You can also learn about the life of cowboys and their daily work.

The site includes a working farm and 1880s chambers house. You can even see a smokehouse, root cellar, and restored apple orchard. The 1907 Orchard House is an Edwardian Dutch Colonial country estate.

It was built by General William Jackson Palmer, a wealthy businessman and founder of Colorado Springs. It is also home to the famous Sclater family, who made the town famous for the cotton gin industry.

It has many exhibits and an experienced staff of museum guides that will educate you about the ranch’s history and its residents.

The weather at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is mild and dry. There are a few cloudy days each day, with an average temperature of 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Address: 3105 Gateway Rd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904, United States    Phone: +1 719-578-6777

14. Western Museum of Mining & Industry

The Western Museum of Mining & Industry is located at 225 North Gate Boulevard in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And it is dedicated to the industrial technology and mining history of the western United States.

Western Museum of Mining & Industry
Western Museum of Mining & Industry

Since its opening in 1970, the museum has been accredited by the American Alliance of Musea. Founded by John W. Storch, it is open daily except for Tuesdays and is free for individuals under the age of six.

Tours of the WMMI are free and leave every half hour. The museum is filled with exhibits and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.

There is a gift shop that features items related to the mining industry. A five thousand-volume library is also available to patrons.

Admission to the Western Museum of Mining & Industry includes a guided tour six days a week. There are also special events for children and families.

Address: 225 North Gate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80921, United States    Phone: +1 719-488-0880

15. Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker

The Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker in Colorado is a highly secure underground facility. In case of a nuclear attack, the complex can move its operations to the underground bunker if needed.

Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker
Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker

Visitors can explore the inside of this steel building and learn about its security. This facility also features a crawlspace exit for the safety of its staff and guests. There is a road trip 2009 package available for purchase.

This top-secret military facility was built during the Cold War to protect the United States from long-range Soviet bombers. While the building is closed for tours and visits, it is sometimes open for tours. After Sept. 11, 2001, tours were halted.

However, 7NEWS got a tour of the facility and learned 13 secrets about its safety. The facility is one of only a handful in the United States with such a high level of security.

The Cheyenne Mountain facility was built during the Cold War and has a very high radiation resistance.

It was designed to withstand electromagnetic weapons and nuclear bombs, but also withstand damage from the sun and other natural sources. The building was also designed to protect people inside it while they performed their duties.

But despite its high-tech construction, the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker is still vulnerable to nuclear attack.

16. National Museum of World War II Aviation

The National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado spring is a great place to go if you’re looking for a unique and fascinating aviation museum.

National Museum of World War II Aviation
National Museum of World War II Aviation

It’s a fantastic way to learn about the history of the era, as well as how the war affected the world, and the museum is well worth a visit.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the exhibits are quite interesting and educational.

This museum contains more airplanes than it can possibly display, so make sure you visit if you have the time. It’s home to a B-25J Mitchell, which was used in the film Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck.

You can also see a North American T-6G Texan, a Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, a Fairchild PT-19 Cornell, and a General Motors TBM Avenger. And if you like to know about WWII, you’ll appreciate the incredible collection of restored and preserved aircraft.

For the family, the National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Spring is a must-visit. You’ll be enlightened by the exhibits on the innovative era and the people involved in the war.

Whether you’re a history buff or just want to get a feel for the times, this is the place to go. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and is only a short drive from downtown Colorado Springs.

Address: 775 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80916, United States    Phone: +1 719-637-7559

17. Olympic Training Center

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee created two campuses to train athletes and coaches for the Summer Games. One is located in Colorado Springs and the other is in Lake Placid, New York.

Olympic Training Center
Olympic Training Center

Both training centers are a must-visit if you are aspiring to compete in the Olympics. While visiting either campus, be sure to check out the facilities available and learn about the Olympic spirit. There is also an exhibit devoted to the history of the summer games.

A tour of the Olympic Training Center offers an inside look at the history of the organization. This tour includes a behind-the-scenes look at the facilities and includes lunch in the athletic dining hall.

The most exciting experience at the Olympic Training Center is a guided tour with an Olympic medalist. This tour is private, and you’ll have the chance to take pictures with them. You can even get your own personal athlete-guided tour.

While touring the Olympic Training Center, you can try the famous Colorado mountain chocolate. You can get free samples of many different kinds of confections at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Address: 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, United States    Phone: +1 719-866-4618

18. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Seven Falls

Broadmoor Seven Falls in Colorado Springs is a series of seven waterfalls. The falls are privately owned and have been a tourist destination since the early 1880s.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Seven Falls
Seven Falls

The water features are spectacular and worth a visit. And the park’s history goes back to its opening in the early 1880s. Visitors can explore the falls on horseback or on foot, and there are even opportunities to see the wildlife.

The location is perfect for families and is an ideal spot for a romantic evening.

The waterfalls are an impressive sight on any occasion, and visitors should definitely take the time to hike them. The trail starts at the base of the falls and winds up through large rock formations and forests.

Once at the base of the falls, visitors can climb a steep staircase to the upper viewing platform or take a short elevator ride to the overlook. Regardless of the type of hike, there is a way to see the beautiful Colorado scenery at its best.

The trail to Inspiration Point was first opened in 1883. From there, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Colorado plains. The trail is also home to the original gravesite of renowned writer Helen Hunt Jackson, who requested burial at Inspiration Point after her death.

If you have a passion for history, Seven Falls should be on your list. In fact, it is a must-see when visiting the city. After a day at the falls, you’ll feel inspired to write some more.

Address: 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, United States  Phone: +1 855-923-7272

19. Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Visit the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Located at 215 S. Tejon Street in Colorado Springs, CO, it is housed in the old El Paso County Courthouse building.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

The domed clock tower was an iconic feature of the granite building, which stood from 1903 to 1973. The building now contains a wealth of history and artifacts. Founded in 1865, the museum is one of the most popular historical attractions in Colorado Springs.

The museum’s exhibits are interesting and often interactive. Kids will love the art and crafts galleries, and the research center works in tandem with the museum. Volunteer opportunities are also available for those interested in history.

In addition to regular tours and exhibitions, the Colorado Springs Pioneers has occasional events and special events throughout the year. You can enjoy themed parties, lectures, and other activities that make for a fun day out.

No matter what time of year you visit, there’s bound to be something for everyone at this unique museum.

Admission is free. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address: 215 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States    Phone: +1 719-385-5990

20. ProRodeo Hall of Fame

When you go to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in the town of Colorado Springs, you’ll find a unique place that pays tribute to the cowboy.

ProRodeo Hall of Fame
ProRodeo Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy opened in August 1979 and preserve the history, culture, and legacy of the original cowboy contests. The museum is dedicated to honoring the people who have made this sport as popular as it is today.

While in Colorado Springs, don’t miss out on the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. It’s the world’s largest rodeo museum and is a popular place for rodeo fans.

Visitors can learn about the history of rodeo and view exhibits on famous cowboys and livestock. You can even take a tour of the Rodeo Hall of Champions, a museum dedicated to all things money.

In addition to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, visitors to Colorado Springs can also enjoy the outdoor gardens and fountains that are part of the museum.

Also, the National Forest in Colorado Springs boasts natural beauty. You can hike, bike, and go horseback riding in this area. The pine trees provide a shady backdrop to the lush, green hills.

Address: 101 Pro Rodeo Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919, United States    Phone: +1 719-528-4764 

21. Peterson Air and Space Museum

The Peterson Air and Space Museum is a must-see in Colorado Springs, CO. Located on the base, you can get a firsthand look at the history of the area’s military and space programs.

Peterson Air and Space Museum
Peterson Air and Space Museum

Though the museum is free, it is security-controlled to ensure the safety of the staff and visitors. Despite this, there is much to see and do. You’ll learn about everything from the history of the U.S. space program to the creation of the International Space Station.

The Peterson Air and Space Museum is located on a former airbase and is one of only 12 such museums in the United States. It showcases the history and heritage of the base as well as the city of Colorado Springs.

Since it’s an active military installation, you must request a tour at least 24 hours in advance. The museum is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free, but due to security concerns, there are access controls.

Visitors to the museum must have a valid military ID before entering the base. This is a security measure designed to prevent unauthorized entry.

The museum is closed on national holidays and is closed during the winter. You can, however, visit during the spring, summer, and early fall for free.

Address: 150 E, Ent Ave, Peterson Space Force Base, CO 80914, United States    Phone: +1 719-556-4915

22. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak Alpine School

The Pikes Peak Alpine School is conveniently located in Colorado Springs, a few miles from the majestic 14,000-foot Pikes Peak. Pete Lardy is the owner of the school and has led dozens of mountaineering trips to Pikes Peak.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Alpine School
Pikes Peak Alpine School

In addition to leading the course, he taught a client about emergency preparedness and how to stay safe in the mountains.

While in Colorado Springs, don’t miss the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. This museum has a collection of working steam engines, scale models of mills, and other artifacts from the industrial age.

The museum also has an old-school laboratory and library, so kids can study the history of their favorite subject. It is one of the best museums for children and families. You can visit Pikes Peak at any time of the year.

The Colorado Springs castle is another popular destination. This place is also a retreat center and conference center. You can participate in men’s and women’s retreats.

The location is idyllic and surrounded by wildlife including bighorn sheep, deer, and wild turkeys. During your trip to Colorado Springs, make sure to visit the Pikes Peak Alpine School.

The adventurers will love the challenge of the high-altitude climbing and the amazing views they’ll experience while at Pikes Peak.

Address: 1819 N Corona St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States    Phone: +1 719-368-9524

23. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

If you want to buy premium chocolate, you should visit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Colorado Springs. You can also get other confections, cocoa, and gift baskets.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

A visit to the shop will make your vacation even better! And you can also get a souvenir to take back home with you. The store is located near the airport, which makes it convenient for travelers.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is famous for its sugar-free treats, which are targeted at individuals who are trying to lose weight.

The company also markets its sweets in decorative bags and baskets. You can purchase thoughtful gift cards that include a message about the chocolate. The confectionery store sells chocolate gifts for all occasions, from birthdays to holidays.

And if you can’t find a gift for your sweetheart, you can also purchase some for yourself.

When visiting the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Colorado Springs, be sure to check out the free samples! These sweets are the perfect way to reward yourself for a great trip to the town.

24. Florissant Fossil Beds

The Florissant Fossil Beds in the Teller County region of Colorado are a great place to see rare and amazing fossils. This formation is known for its abundance and exceptional preservation.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

These unique and incredible creatures are the product of a sedimentary geologic process that happened millions of years ago. You can visit the fossil beds in the springs, or plan a family vacation to the area.

The Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument has been recognized as a “dark sky park” by the International Dark-Sky Association. This designation means that the fossils, petrified tree stumps, and other geologic artifacts that have been preserved here were deposited here more than 350 million years ago.

To view these amazing rocks, you can visit the area during the daytime.

To visit Florissant Fossil Beds, start by driving to Woodland Park, then continue west on US-24/West Cimarron St. Then, take a right turn onto Twin Rocks Road and follow it through the city. From here, you can reach the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. You will reach the Park via Teller County Rd 1, which is 0.7 miles south of the visitor center.

You can also hike the Petrified Forest Trail. There are over fifteen miles of trails in Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

Some are one-way, and some are flat. The most accessible trails are the Ponderosa Loop Trail, which is a half-mile loop, and the Petrified Forest Trail. You can hike these loop trails in either direction. There are picnic tables near the Visitor Center and the main trailhead.

Address: 15807 Co Rd 1, Florissant, CO 80816, United States    Phone: +1 719-748-3253

25. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame

The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to the sport of figure skating. It is home to some of the sport’s best-known figures.

The site also honors the greatest names in the sport’s history. It is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the United States. For an unforgettable experience, make the trip to this unique destination.

In just a few hours, you can enjoy the history and the culture of figure skating and the sport.

The Colorado Springs World Figure Skating Museum explains the history of the sport and showcases the accomplishments of the athletes who have won the Olympic and World Championships.

The interactive exhibits teach about the blades and edges used during the competitions, as well as the history of the sport. If you’re curious about the science behind figure skating jumps, you’ll enjoy the museum’s exhibitions of former skaters’ memorabilia. The exhibits will also educate you on the origin of the triple axels.

The history of figure skating is fascinating and the museum is a wonderful place to learn more about the sport. The Hall of Fame is home to many pieces of art and memorabilia from famous skaters, as well as a display of trophies and medals.

There is also a skate gallery where you can see some of the oldest skates in existence. You can even go up to the Hall of Fame and view the most famous ice-skating champions.

Address: 20 1st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, United States  Phone: +1 719-635-5200

26. Things to Do in Colorado Springs: Springs Adventure Park

The Adventure Park at the Trampoline Basketball Center is one of the family fun centers in Colorado Springs.

There are several trampolines and a ninja warrior course complete with 3 warped walls. The center also has two tumble tracks and the Dunk Tank where you can safely land on a large airbag.

There are also air hockey games and the World’s Largest Pac-Man game. So, the entire family can enjoy the many fun activities at the Park.

While you’re in the area, you’ll want to check out the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. This historic museum contains working steam engines, pneumatic machines, and scale models of mills.

It also has a history library and an old-school science laboratory. It’s an educational experience for the whole family and has plenty to keep everyone busy for hours. It’s close to the Springs Adventure Park.

Address: 2512 Airport Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States    Phone: +1 719-999-5062

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