40 Best Things to do in Newport RI, United States

Welcome to America’s yachting capital, Newport, Rhode Island. Founded in 1639, New Port is an excellent city that has something for everyone. Whether you are visiting to do beach activities, shop in unique boutiques, see historically divine mansions, or spend a relaxing holiday, Newport RI, is ideal. So, here are the best 40 things to do in Newport RI, United States.

Things to do in Newport RI

1. Rough Point

Visiting the Grand Mansions is definitely the top thing to do in Newport RI. Since they were built by the rich during the Gilded Age (the USA’s rapid economic growth era from the 1870s to the 1900s), they are huge, unique, and attractive.

Also as they are located in front of the ocean, and they offer spectacular ocean views. Therefore, the rich owners used them as their summer cottages. 

Currently, these Gilded Age Mansions are managed by the Preservation Society of Newport Country. And they offer self-guided audio tours for each mansion.

Rough Point is one of the most highlighted Gilded Age Mansions in Newport RI. It started to build in 1887 and opened in 1892. Who owned it?  

Originally, it was built for Frederick W. Vanderbilt, a former director of the New York Central. Having an impressive English manor style, it was the largest mansion among all the Newport mansions at that time.

Rough Point Newport RI
Rough Point

But, After that, the American billionaire Doris Duke bought it as her Newport summer cottage. She was a famous horticulturist, art collector, and heiress. She also got the title of “the richest girl in the world” in that era. 

You can still see the authentic French interior, artworks, Chinese porcelains, and Flemish tapestries that existed when Doris Duke was alive.   

Take the 75 minutes guided tour to discover everything about the Rough Point and Doris Duke’s luxurious lifestyle. It will take you to her bedroom, art galleries, and other highlighted parts of the mansion. 

Don’t you like to walk into a traditional English country mansion?

Address: 680 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

2. Things to do in Newport RI: Cliff Walk

Stretching along with the eastern shore of Newport RI, Cliff Walk is a 3.5 miles scenic walk in the city. So, walking along this trail is one of the best ways to discover the city.

Actually, Cliff Walk combines Newport’s natural beauty and architectural history because you can get magnificent views of the shoreline and the city’s historical architectural wonders on the cliffs.

Further, it shows you New England’s diverse geological features like rocks with different colors, wild fauna, and flora. Most parts of this trail (2/3) are easy.

Things to do in Newport RI Cliff Walk
Cliff Walk

But, some parts of the southern end are fairly tough because there are sudden drops of 70 feet in some spots, and they are covered with wild bushes and weeds. So, be careful and get ready.

However, starting from Easton’s western end and ends at some major streets, Cliff Walk offers you impressive things to see at every inch. Therefore, it was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1975.

So, surely add it to your bucket list.

Address: Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

3. The Breakers

The Breakers is an impressive mansion located in Ocher Point Avenue, Newport RI. This is also a Vanderbilt family mansion owned by the American business magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt and his wife. 

Constructed in 1893, The Breakers was added to the list of National Historic Landmarks in 1994. Yes, it is really an amazing Gilded Age mansions designed by the famous architect Richard Morris Hunt.   

The Breakers Newport RI
The Breakers

Having 70 scenic cottages to view the ocean, Cornelius Vanderbilt and his wife used this mansion as the summer vacation spot. They lived in their New York mansion, but they came to The Breakers every summer. 

You can tour inside the mansion and see luxury furniture, interior, and architecture style. Also, do not forget to tour around the beautiful garden. (Things to do in Newport RI) 

Address: 44 Ochre Point Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

4. Things to do in Newport RI: The Elms

Another divine mansion in Newport, The Elms, was designed by the famous American architect Horace Trumbauer in 1901. He has used a similar French architectural style that shows in the Château d’Asnières castle.    

Things to do in Newport RI The Elms
The Elms

Located on Bellevue Avenue, this mansion’s owner was the founder of the Berwind White Coal Minning Company, Edward Julius Berwind. 

Its marble columns, iron railing, impressive garden, architecture, and luxury interior attracts many tourists annually.

Address: 367 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States  

5. Ocean Drive Historic District 

Ocean Drive Historic District is located alongside the stunning southern shore of Newport RI. Actually, it is a long street (6.1 km) that offers you scenic views of the shoreline on one side and spectacular old mansions on the other side.

You can walk or ride a bike along this historical street to discover more.

Who owns these mansions, and how old are they?

Those mansions were built as summer cottages for the rich New Yorkers in the 19th century. So, they visited these mansions in the summer to experience the scenic ocean views and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

And the Ocean Drive Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Apart from the mansions, the scenic drive also has parks, important landmarks, resorts, and other Newport attractions.

Ocean Drive Historic District Newport RI
Ocean Drive Historic District

For example, natural spots like Narraganset Bay, Rhode Island Sound, Gooseberry Beach, Newport Harbor, salt marsh, some natural ponds, and coves.

On the other hand, there are some attractive parks as well. Ex: King Park contains the French nobleman General Rochambeau’s statue, Fort Adams State Park, Brenton Point State Park, and the most highlighted Hammersmith Farm (the wedding destination of President Kennedy.

You can also visit the famous yacht clubs like Ida Lewis Yacht Club and New York Yacht Club.

Yes, there is a day full of things to do in Ocean Drive Historic District. So, plan a day tour and spend some quality time.

Address: Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

6. Things to do in Newport RI: Marble House

Marble House is another great mansion owned by a Vanderbilt. 

Constructed in 1892, this is the summer cottage of the famous American businessman William Kissam Vanderbilt and his wife, Alva. And it is also designed by Richard Morris Hunt after designing The Breakers.

Things to do in Newport RI Marble House
Marble House

Actually, it was a birthday gift from Vanderbilt to his wife, Alva. 

Following a neoclassical style (Petit Trianon), Marble House has impressive chandeliers, ceiling murals, carved woodwork, a designed staircase, a Chinese tea house, and an attractive garden. Take a tour and see them all. (Things to do in Newport RI) 

Address: 596 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States        

7. Things to do in Newport RI: Newport Art Museum

Founded in 1912, Newport Art Museum is a wonderful art museum in Newport RI. It has the main museum building with another separate gallery.

Actually, this museum was started by one of the oldest art associations in the United States, the Art Association of Newport. They managed the museum well and developed a unique collection of artworks with over 2300 permanent exhibits. 

And those artworks represent the period of the 19th century and today. So, you can see both contemporary and historic artworks by well-established and upcoming artists.

Things to do in Newport RI Newport Art Museum
Newport Art Museum

Another highlighted part of the Newport Art Museum is its gallery in the wonderful John N. A. Griswold House. First of all, it has eye-catching historical architecture. Then, it has a wonderful collection of paintings and other art exhibits. 

Who made this historical house?

Well, the designer of this impressive American Stick Style building is Richard Morris Hunt. He was a famous American architect, and he designed this in 1864. And now it is a famous National Historic Landmark. 

Newport Art Museum is very supportive of local artists as it always organizes exhibitions. Especially, its “Newport Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition” provides a wonderful opportunity for both regional and local artists to show their talents. 

Apart from that, Newport Art Museum hosts special exhibits, private collections, and special art programs, training, workshops, and more. If you are a real art lover, do not miss this museum on your Newport tour. 

Address: 76 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States.  

8. National Museum of American Illustration

If you love illustration artwork, this is the ideal place for you. 

Actually, the National Museum of American Illustration is the first national museum to feature exclusively American illustration artwork. Opened in 1998, the museum is located in the Vernon Court Mansion, Bellevue Avenue.

National Museum of American Illustration
National Museum of American Illustration

There are over 2000 permanent exhibits done by famous American illustrators like J.C. Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, and many more. Also, the museum shows you various paintbrushes and paintings that those famous illustrators have used. 

And, it features new artists’ works as well. 

On the other hand, the American Imagist Collection is more highlighted as it shows unique images of the contemporary American culture. So, do not miss the National Museum of American Illustration when you are in Newport RI.    

Address: 492 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States.        

9. Museum of Newport History

Located in the Old Brock Market building of Newport, the Museum of Newport History is one of the city’s top tourist attractions.

Who designed this unique building?

The famous American architect Peter Harrison designed this building in 1762. Yeah, it is very old. So, it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968. 

What does it really contain?

Obviously, it features the whole historical story about Newport from the pre-colonial era to the present day. There are over 10000 exhibits to see, including textile and clothing, old furniture, decorative art, day-to-day artifacts, architectural items, musical instruments, and more.     

Museum of Newport History Newport RI
Museum of Newport History: Wikimedia Commons

Especially, the most highlighted exhibit is the lens of one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, Ida Lewis Rock Light. Actually, it was formerly known as the Lime Rock Lighthouse. But, later, it was named after a brave female lighthouse keeper, Ida Lewis. 

Museum of Newport History manages by the Newport Historical Society, and it has three separate museum houses as well. They are Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House, Great Friends Meeting House, and Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House. 

If you are really into history, visiting the Museum of Newport History is one of the top things to do in Newport RI. 

Address: 127 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840, United States.  

10. Things to do in Newport RI: Newport Sailing Tours

Welcome to the first sailing school in Newport, Newport Sailing School And Tours

They have been offering daily sailing tours in comfortable cruises and boats for 50 years. And also, they offer you the finest sailing lessons and instruction. Who doesn’t like to cruise on the scenic Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor?

Things to do in Newport RI Newport Sailing Tours
Newport Sailing Tours

Newport Sailing School And Tours’ daily sailing tours normally include sailing around the harbor, historic downtown Newport, mansions, lighthouses, Fort Adams State Park, luxury yachts, and more.   

Usually, the sailing cruises departures every 90 minutes from the Goat Island Marina, Downtown Newport RI. And you can park your vehicle at Dock A5, Goat Island Marina, 5 Marina Plaza, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

Also, if you like to learn about sailing and cruising, they offer you quality sailing courses as well. (Things to do in Newport RI)

11. Naval War College Museum

Naval War College Museum is a leading naval museum in the country handle by the United States Navy. Actually, this one 10 museums operated by the USN. 

Located at the Building 10 Luce Avenue, Naval War College Museum was established in 1952. Actually, this was the place where the first Naval War College was started in 1884. So, obviously, the museum has a lot of things to show you. (now the building is called Founders Hall)

Naval War College Museum Newport RI
Naval War College Museum

The museum features exhibits under three major themes. They are as follows:

  1. The general history of naval warfare from ancient times to the present.  
  2. The naval history around Narragansett Bay since the colonial time. 
  3. History about Newport’s Naval War College.  

Are you still going to miss this exciting museum??

Address: Luce Ave, Newport, RI 02841, United States.   

12. Things to do in Newport RI: RoseCliff

This is the American socialite Tessie’s mansion. 

Built-in 1902, Rosecliff was Theresa Fair Oelrichs Newport summer mansion. She was very famous for her strong flamboyant characters. 

Things to do in Newport RI RoseCliff

The Rosecliff, the stunning Gilded Age mansion, was designed by the celebrity architect Stanford White. Actually, it is an impressive mix of Baraque and Revival architectural styles.

The Rosecliff is more famous as it has the largest ballroom in Newport. So, it is featured in some famous movies as well. Ex: True Lies, The Great Gatsby. 

Address: 548 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

13. Belcourt of Newport

Belcourt of Newport is another impressive summer cottage of a rich New Yorker. 

Belcourt of Newport RI
Belcourt of Newport

Constructed in 1894, Belcourt of Newport was Richard Morris Hunt’s impressive architectural design. He designed it for the famous American socialite Oliver Belmont. 

He used to spend time in Belcourt for around two months every summer. Can you imagine their luxury lifestyle? No need to imagine; you can really see it on your Newport tour. 

Address: 657 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

14. Things to do in Newport RI: Touro Synagogue

Congregation Jeshuat Israel or The Touro Synagogue is a place of assembly or synagogue located in Newport RI. Actually, it is the oldest North American synagogue that is preserved from the colonial era. 

Built-in 1763, The Touro Synagogue’s designer was the famous British Colonial era architect Peter Harrison. Surprisingly, it is still an active orthodox synagogue. So, it was declared as a National Historic Landmark in 1946. 

Things to do in Newport RI Touro Synagogue
Touro Synagogue

The synagogue has 12 columns to support the balconies, and they represent the 12 tribes of ancient Israel. Surprisingly, each column is created from a single tree. Yeah, you can see an impressive interior. 

And also, The Touro Synagogue displays some historical exhibits as well. If you really like discovering historical things, visiting Touro Synagogue is surely one of the best things to do in Newport RI.  

Address: 85 Touro St, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

15. Fort Adams State Park

Fort Adams is the iconic historical fortification located at the entrance of Newport Harbor. It is the USA’s second-largest fort and was defending Narragansett Bay from 1841 till the first half of the 20th century.

Then, the Fort Adams State Park was developed (as a public recreational area) in 1965 to protect the fort. Especially, it is very famous for holding festivals. Ex: Annual Newport Jazz Festival every summer and the Newport Folk Festival. 

Fort Adams State Park Newport RI
Fort Adams State Park

Apart from that, Fort Adams State Park offers you spectacular views of Narragansett Bay. So, it is ideal for an evening walk to see the scenic sunset.

The park also offers you a chance to swim, picnic, boat, and many more recreational activities. For example, the park has two soccer/rugby fields as well. So, try them all. (Things to do in Newport RI) 

Address: 84 Fort Adams Dr, Newport, RI 02840, United States.      

16. Chateau-sur-Mer

Chateau-Sur-Mer is a very old mansion located in Bellevue Avenue, Newport RI.

Actually, it was one of the first mansions that were built-in the Glided Age in 1851. So, obviously, it is magnificent and luxurious. Who owned it?

Originally, it was built for the old China trade merchant William Shepard Wetmore. Following an Italian architectural style, Chateau-Sur-Mer has Victorian-style furniture, unique ceramics, paintings, and stencillings.

Chateau-sur-Mer Newport RI

Then, the mansion was redecorated with a Second Empire French style in 1870. So, currently, you can see a mix of both architectural styles. 

Also, Chateau-Sur-Mer was very famous for holding 18th-century entertaining events like “Fete Champetre.”             

Now, the Preservation Society of Newport Country owns the mansion and totally open to the public as a museum. Visit and experience the old luxury lifestyle.  

Address: 474 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

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17. Things to do in Newport RI: Thames Street

Thames Street is a historic street stretching parallel along the ocean in Newport RI. Yeah, Newport is filled with wonderful streets.

But, this one is special as it is one of the oldest, continuously used streets and also the primary street in Downtown Newport RI. 

Things to do in Newport RI Thames Street
Thames Street

Thames Street is filled with delicious restaurants, cafes, bars, exciting museums, colorful shops, and attractive historic houses. So, locals define this street as the center for every kind of action in the city. 

Stretching over 1.5 miles, Thames Street is ideal for food hunting and shopping. So, visiting this street is one of the most fun things to do in Newport RI. 

18. Trinity Church

Trinity Church is an attractive, historic church located on Queen Avenue Square, Newport RI.

Following the Georgian architectural style, the church was designed by the famous architect Richard Munday. Actually, it looks like a traditional New England village church. 

Trinity Church Rhode Island
Trinity Church

Opened in 1698, it is the oldest Episcopal Diocese in Rhode Island. But, still, the interior and exterior are divine. 

If you like to be devotional and discover the Trinity Church’s historical story, just add it to your Newport list. (Things to do in Newport RI) 

Address: 1 Queen Anne Square, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

19. Things to do in Newport RI: Bowen’s Wharf

Bowen’s Wharf or the Anchor of the Newport once was one of the busiest maritime wharves. Still, you can see the historical buildings and authentic sailing climate in this area. 

But, now, it is one of the most entertaining areas in Newport. So, if you are looking for celebrations, parties, and festivals, there’s non another place than Bowen’s Wharf.

Don’t worry, over 30 restaurants, bars, shops, and a wonderful marina are waiting to help you partying and celebrating. Therefore, always entertaining something is going on at Bowen’s Wharf. 

Things to do in Newport RI Bowen's Wharf
Bowen’s Wharf

Among them, the most popular celebrations are Bowen’s Wharf Newport Wooden Boat Show, Bowen’s Wharf Seafood Festival, Flower Festival, and sidewalk sales. 

Besides those festivals, the area always decorates with live music, fun activities, delicious seafood, and drinks. If you like to paint your face, there are some talented face painters as well. It will really be a memorable Newport souvenir. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for adventurous water activities, Bowen’s Wharf offers you various opportunities. Ex: parasailing, ferry tours, harbor cruises, sunset sails, and more. 

Here’s a tip for lovebirds. If you are looking for a lovely sunset evening with a lot of joy, just plan a visit to Bowen’s Wharf.  

Address: Bowen’s Warf, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

20. Samuel Whitehorne House

Opened in 1810, Samuel Whitehorne House is a US Federal-style mansion located on Thames St, Newport RI. 

Actually, it is one of the best preservations of the Federal style residences in the USA. Although it had gone some restorations, you can still see the authentic look of the house. 

Samuel Whitehorne House Newport
Samuel Whitehorne House

The interior contains impressive cabinets, other furniture, and decorative pieces. On the other hand, the garden is also beautiful and well maintained. 

Now, Samuel Whitehorne House is a public house museum so that you can visit it on your Newport RI tour. 

Address: 416 Thames Street, Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

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21. Things to do in Newport RI: Kingscote

Kingscote is the first summer mansion built in Newport. So, it was listed in the National Historic Landmark. Opened in 1939, Kingscote shows an impressive American Gothic Revival architectural style. And Richard Upjohn is the architect of this creation. 

As mentioned earlier, Newport always was the summer vacation spot of rich New Yorkers before the Civil War. So, they started building their own summer cottages. Kingscote was the first one built by the rich plantation owner George Noble Jones.   

Things to do in Newport RI Kingscote

But, George sold it to William Henry King, a China merchant, in 1864. He enlarged the house by using some other architectural styles. Especially, he added a new dining room to the Kingscote. 

Still, you can see authentic Victorian furniture, impressive paintings, porcelain, and rugs like luxury things. (Things to do in Newport RI) 

Are you ready to go back to s 1939’s luxury mansion?

Address: 53 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States  

22. International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum

This former Newport Casino was converted into an international museum, indoor tennis court, a grass tennis court, and a court tennis facility.

Founded in 1954 by Jimmy Van Alen, the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum celebrates tennis players and tennis contributors’ lives. It contains exciting and heart-touching memories of the tennis history with trophies, photos, videos, jackets, recordings, and equipment.  

Just look at this nice place,

International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum
International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum

Everything started when the United States Lawn Tennis Association organized the first Tennis Championship in 1881 at the Newport Casino. Actually, it was the major attraction of the Casino at that time.   

The championship was continued until 1914 every year and added more memories to the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum. 

So, tennis lovers should not miss this museum at all. 

Address: 194 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States.  

23. Things to do in Newport RI: Hunter House

Do you like to learn more about historical architectural styles? Then, Newport is the ideal city for that. It has plenty of examples representing various architectural styles in the world. 

Things to do in Newport RI Hunter House
Hunter House

Hunter House is also a historical mansion located at the northern end of the Newport Historic District. Built-in 1748, this mansion shows you impressive Georgian architecture. 

The owner of this mansion was the famous shipowner Jonathan Nichols. Its interior, with five rooms, cabinets, oil paintings, is exceptional. Also, Hunter House’s waterfront location and the garden are also impressive. (Things to do in Newport RI)       

Address: 54 Washington St, Newport, RI 02840, United States

24. Castle Hill Lighthouse

Once you reach the end of scenic Ocean Drive, you’ll see the Castle Hill Lighthouse. Located on Narragansett Bay, it was first opened in 1890. And it was beneficial for the ships entering the East Passage between Conanicut and Aquidneck Islands. 

Due to the historical importance, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. 

Castle Hill Lighthouse Newport RI
Castle Hill Lighthouse

Surprisingly, it is still active but not open to the public.   

Do not give up. Since you are at the end of the historic Ocean Drive, it is totally worth visiting the shoreline and cliff face near the Castle Hill Lighthouse. Then, you can see the 34 feet high granite Castle Hill Lighthouse from a distance with scenic ocean views. 

Address: 800-870 Ocean Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

25. Things to do in Newport RI: Annie’s 

Looking for a place to have breakfast or dinner? Annie’s is there for you. As it is located among the magnificent mansions, shops, and museums on Bellevue Avenue, you can easily find it. 

Also, as it is near the beach and marina, most people visit Annie to have a delicious dinner. And on the other side, they sell quality alcohol and other drinks. 

Things to do in Newport R Annie's 

Actually, it is always filled with foodies. The most popular menu of Annie’s is the whole day breakfasts. Whatever you are looking for the breakfast, Annie’s cover it deliciously. Handmade bread, sandwiches, soups, salads, seafood, rolled cheese, and any kind of dessert are included in the menu.

So, just visit and enjoy breakfast or dinner. (Things to do in Newport RI)     

Address: 176 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

26. The Bodhi Spa

The Bodhi Spa is a wonderful spa that offers you a fresh, rejuvenating experience with a relaxing massage.

Located on Lower Thames Street in Newport, RI, The Bodhi Spa is only famous among spa lovers. Otherwise, it is quite a hidden place.  

Whether you are looking for a skincare massage, hydrotherapy, or whatever, they ready to offer it for you. Especially, the hydrotherapy area has cool and hot pools, a hydrotherapy steam room, and dry and wet saunas like various spa experiences. 

The Bodhi Spa Newport
The Bodhi Spa Newport

Also, they have a peaceful surrounding, relaxing decorations, and a relaxing courtyard. Aside from all the above, this spa has an exceptional feature. It is, the visitors can go for the spa treatments repetitively within the same fee. And also, visitors can stay as long as they want in the daytime.   

Yeah, The Bodhi Spa’s people are spiritual and kind. Isn’t this the ideal place to release your tension?

Also, the couples find this place as one of the most romantic things to do in Newport RI. 

Address: 654 Thames Street, Newport, RI 02840, United States.    

27. Rhode Island Red Food Tours

Hey foodie, are you ready to tour? Rhode Island Red Food Tours are waiting for you.  

Actually, they always try to show Newport from a different angle to every visitor. That means not the luxury mansions, not the thriving streets, and not the sailing vessels. 

Then, what else to experience in Newport?

Rhode Island Red Food Tours offers you three hours walking tour of six delicious locally operated restaurants located in hidden places. 

Rhode Island Red Food Tours
Rhode Island Red Food Tours

If you are totally new to the city, you’ll never find those places. That’s why you need to join with a trustworthy, knowledgeable local tour operator like Rhode Island Red Food Tours. 

The restaurants offer you divine food made with fresh local ingredients. And the tour operators tell interesting historical stories about the city while having food.

As a bonus, you can experience the local lifestyle, find local friends, and know more about Newport’s culture, architecture, harbor, etc. (Things to do in Newport RI)

Address: 270 Bellevue Ave, # 355, Newport, RI 02840, United States.       

28. The Swiss Village

The Swiss Village is a unique farm in Newport RI. 

Actually, it was a concept of the railroad magnate Arthur Curtis James in the early 20th century. He wanted to make a replica of a small Swiss village on his summer state. Then, he asked the famous architect, Grosvenor Atterbury, to design it. 

Today, you can see the result. 

The Surprise Valley Farm Newport RI
The Surprise Valley Farm

Locals call it, The Swiss Village, but its real name is The Surprise Valley Farm. Yes, it is true since it is really a surprising farm. 

Due to biosecurity concerns, the farm opens to the public only one day per year. And it is on a random Saturday in June. So, you need to call or visit their website to know the date.   

It is totally worth visiting there on that date to see nice farmhouses, rare and endangered livestock breeds (sheep, cattle, goats), fresh vegetable farms, and more. 

Especially, your kids will love to see such a unique farm. 

Address: 152 Harrison Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States 

Phone: +1 401-848-7229   

29. Things to do in Newport RI: Fluke Wine Bar 

Fluke Wine Bar is one of the best seafood restaurants in Newport RI. If you are in Bowens Wharf and looking for the best place party, Fluke Bar will be a good choice.

They offer you delicious seasonal modern American dishes made with locally harvested seafood.

Therefore each time you visit Fluke Wine Bar, you’ll find new food dishes on the menu according to the available seasonal food materials. Also, the dishes are unique, and you can’t even imagine how they create those delicious flavors.  

Things to do in Newport RI Fluke Wine Bar 
Fluke Wine Bar

And the most interesting part is, you can eat your favorite seafood dish while viewing the scenic Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor.    

Another special feature of Fluke Wine Bar is obviously, the bar. The whole third floor features award-winning cocktails, a divine wine list, and many thrilling drinks. 

Visit Fluke Wine Bar and have fun. 

Address: 41 Bowens Wharf, Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

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30. Things to do in Newport, RI: Boru Noodle Bar

Do you like to eat Ramen Food? (Famous Japanese soup noodle dishes) 

Well, Boru Noodle Bar is the best place to eat ramen dishes in Newport. And it is the only Ramen food shop in the city as well. So, all the Ramen lovers visit Boru to try its delicious dishes. But, do not expect a populated, huge restaurant. It is a small, home-like place.  

Boru Noodle Bar Newport RI
Boru Noodle Bar

Boru’s dishes are authentic and made with high-quality, locally found food materials. (ex: Narraganset yogurt, Napa cabbage, soft boiled eggs, corn, shellfish, chicken, flavorful Broths, and more)

Boru offers you are diverse menu with diverse flavors. So, choose your favorite flavor and taste. (Things to do in Newport RI) 

Address: 36 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840, United States.    

31. Sticks and Cones Waffle and Ice Cream Hut

Any tour is not completed without eating ice cream, especially when you tour with your kids. 

Sticks and Cones Waffle Ice Cream Hut is not a big shop. But, it is one of the best ice cream huts in Newport. Located in the Historic District, you can easily find this colorful ice cream hut. Actually, your kids will notice it before you. 

Owns by a Belgian inventor, this small ice cream hut offers you very innovative, delicious waffles. Actually, they add ice cream to every food, and guess what? Those foods are divine.

Sticks and Cones Waffle and Ice Cream Hut
Sticks and Cones Waffle and Ice Cream Hut

For example, Sticks and Cones Waffle Ice Cream Hut has over 14 flavors of artisan gelato, 14 flavors of New England ice creams, innovative toppings, and waffle ice cream sundae. 

And here’s the surprise.

They make innovative hot ice cream dishes like waffle ice cream sandwiches, savory hot waffles with any kind of favorite food (hot dog, chicken, bacon, etc.) 

So, are you ready to be innovative with Sticks and Cones Waffle Ice Cream Hut? 

Address: 8 Fair St #4, Newport, RI 02840, United States.   

32. Horseback Riding

Do you like to learn horseback riding?

Well, you can try it on your Newport tour. Newport Equestrian Academy is waiting for you. They are a mother and daughter team that was doing this service since 1987. 

Suzanne and Kamie are well-trained horse riders and good teachers as well. Actually, since they have trained so many riders, you can totally trust them even to train your children. 

Horseback Riding Newport RI
Horseback Riding

As they offer very clear and safe instructions, anybody can easily learn how to ride a horse. Located in the Middle Town, Rhode Island, you can easily find the Newport Equestrian Academy.

Learn to ride a horse on the beach will surely be one of the most fun things to do in Newport RI. Just try. 

Address: 287 3rd Beach Rd, Middletown, RI 02842, United States  

33. Audrain Auto Museum

Audrain Auto Museum is an impressive automobile museum located on Bellevue Avenue. If you are an automobile lover, visiting Audrain is one of the best things to do in Newport RI. 

Having a rare, impressive collection of cars (over 160), this museum takes you to the 20th century and brings you back to the present. 

Audrain Auto Museum Newport RI
Audrain Auto Museum

These vehicles are fully restored and functioning. And the exhibits evolve according to the themes. Actually, museum operators always try to show fresh and exciting exhibits.

Apart from the exhibits, Audrain Auto Museum’s building is also impressive. Designed by the famous architect Bruce Price in 1903, the building has an attractive renaissance architecture. 

In 2014, the building was restored well and opened as the Audrain Auto Museum. Since the reconstruction process did not disturb the authentic architectural design, it earned the Rhody Award for Historic Preservation. (Things to do in Newport RI)  

Address: 222 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

34. Newport Vineyards

Newport Vineyards is a unique beverage and culinary destination located in Rhode Island. Having over 100 acres of preserved farmlands, Newport Vineyards offers you fresh craft beers, an award-winning wine collection, and fresh farm-to-table dining experiences.  

Newport Vineyards
Newport Vineyards

On the other hand, Newport Vineyards usually hosts some enjoyable events as well. If you are looking for a unique and fresh place to organize an event or a gathering, the historic Newport Vineyards will be ideal.

Address: 909 East Main Rd, (Rte 138), Middletown, RI 02842, United States.  

35. Things to do in Newport RI: Beaches of Newport

Read your favorite book while sunning yourself on Newport Beach. Wow, it sounds great.

Newport offers you eight scenic beaches with soft sand and clear waters. Some of them are crowded, especially in the summer. Some are secluded and spectacular. However, your Newport tour will not complete without spending a beach day.

Things to do in Newport RI Beaches of Newport
Beaches of Newport

Eston’s Beach is a popular, easily accessible beach in Newport RI. Since it has all the beach facilities like a carousel, rental cabanas, water activity equipment, snack bars, a playground, an aquarium, and boats, Eston’s Beach attracts thousands of visitors every summer. So, the beach hosts some famous seasonal events as well.      

Address: 175 Memorial Blvd, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Gooseberry Beach also a nice beach to visit in Newport. Located in between Hazard’s Beach and Bailey’s Beach, Gooseberry is a private beach. But, it is open to the public as well. If you are in Newport with kids, Gooseberry Beach is ideal.   

36. Gansett Cruises

Do you like to cruise on the stunning Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor?

Gansett Cruises is a boat tour agency that offers exciting sunset cruises and harbor boat tours. The one and a half-hour narrated cruises are very famous among tourists as it offers stunning views of the Jamestown and Newport. 

And the M/V Gansett private yacht has all the comfortable facilities to enjoy scenic views. Ex: open deck, cushioned seats, and large canopy. 

Gansett Cruises Newport RI
Gansett Cruises

Also, they make it luxurious.  

Gansett Cruises offers you a luxury treat on the sunset cruise. They serve you delicious Rhode Island stuffies, Del’s lemonade, champagne toasts, wines, Narragansett beer, soft drinks, and Coffee Cabinets. (Things to do in Newport RI)

Yes, it is totally a luxury sunset party cruise. Are you ready to party?

Address: 2 Bowens Landing, Newport, RI 02840, United States. 

37. Things to do in Newport RI: Newport Helicopter Tours

How about seeing the layout of the island or getting a bird’s eye view of Newport? 

Newport Helicopter Tours is an excellent helicopter tour agency that offers smooth and safe rides to travelers. They take you over lighthouses, mansions, and the beautiful ocean. Actually, planning a Newport Heli tour is one of the best ways to celebrate your special events. 

Newport RI Helicopter Tours
Newport Helicopter Tours

And also, if you are looking to surprise one of your friends, this will be a good idea. It will be a shocking and memorable surprise. So, book it now. 

Address: 211 Airport Access Rd, Middletown, RI 02842, United States 

38. Rose Island Lighthouse

Located on Rose Island in Narragansett Bay, Rose Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse. It was built in 1870. As the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation maintains it well, you can still see its old authentic look.

Rose Island Lighthouse Newport RI
Rose Island Lighthouse

Yes, it offers access to the public. But, how to reach there?

Normally, the Jamestown Newport Ferry Service offers safe and comfortable ferry rides daily to Rose Island. So, visiting Rose Island Lighthouse will be a unique experience. Just add it.   

39. Norman Bird Sanctuary

Located in Middletown, Rhode Island Norman Bird Sanctuary is a nice nature preserve to visit. Actually, it is a nature preserve; it has an environmental education center and a museum. 

Spreading over 325 acres, Norman Bird Sanctuary contains diverse habitat and 7 miles of a hiking trail. Since it is overlooking the Atlanta Ocean, it offers you scenic views. 

Norman Bird Sanctuary Rhode Island
Norman Bird Sanctuary

Do not forget to bring binoculars to view a variety of local and migratory birds and wildlife. You can see different birds in each season. So, if you are a bird lover, you have to add this to your list.

Norman Bird Sanctuary was founded in 1949 according to a bequest of a will of Marbel Norman Cerio.

Address: 583 3rd Beach Rd, Middletown, RI 02842, United States.   

40. Skydive Newport 

Skydive Newport is a trustworthy skydiving center that has been offering scenic skydives for adventure seekers since 1999. They always offer a safe, fun, and professional service for every visitor. 

Newport Skydive

Their pre guidance is clear and understandable. So, anyone can join Skydive Newport and get a breathtaking experience. Many travelers have “skydiving” in their dream travel bucket lists. If you also have, Newport is one of the best places to make it true.           

And isn’t this the best way to end your Newport journey? 

Address: 211 Airport Access Rd, Middletown, RI 02842, United States

Things to do in Newport RI