Amazing Waterfalls in Wisconsin, United States

Looking for the amazing waterfalls in Wisconsin?? Here’s the list with all information that you need in planning your tour.

Blesses with two of the great lakes (Superior and Michigan) and some rivers, Wisconsin is also home to some spectacular waterfalls too. And most of them are easily accessible, while some are hidden gems in forests.

Actually, some waterfalls are located on the border of Wisconsin and Michigan. For example, Peterson Falls and Superior Falls.

And the most famous waterfalls in Wisconsin are Copper Falls, Big Manitou Falls, Amincon Falls, Upson Falls, and Potato River Falls.

Just check the following list and information before you plan the tour.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

1. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Copper Falls State Park, Mellen

Copper Falls State Park is a 3,068-acre state park in Mellen, northern Wisconsin. Since a part of the Bad River and Tylers Forks are flowing through this park, they have created several stunning waterfalls, including Copper Falls, Red Granite Falls, and Brownstone Falls.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Copper Falls State Park
Copper Falls State Park

The 30 feet high Copper Falls is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the park. You have to hike the multi-use Waterfall Trail that starts at the north end of the park to reach Copper Falls.

Once you get there, you can see the spectacular Copper Falls set within a scenic gorge made by the Bad River. Surrounded by rugged rocky landscapes and lush environments, this place will definitely help you to relax your mind.

You may notice that Copper Falls divides into two plunges by a large rock in the middle of Bad River. However, since this waterfall totally depends on the rainfall, Spring is the best time to visit it.

Copper Falls State Park offers you several viewpoints to catch different parts of the waterfall. There’s a wheelchair-accessible trail too.

You are allowed to bring your dog too.

Copper Falls, Wisconsin
Copper Falls, Mellen

After observing and taking photos, you can swim in the river. And also, as the park features 17 miles of exciting hiking and biking trails, you can hike and bike too.

If you feel like staying overnight, just take a license for camping. And the license offers you fishing opportunities as well.

The reason to call this park “Copper Falls State Park” is, this land was rich in copper in the past. So, the Old Copper Culture Indians and later European settlers had mined copper on this land for so many years.

By considering all the historical and natural values, the park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

Address: 36764 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, United States  Phone: +1 715-274-5123

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

2. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Brownstone Falls

As mentioned above, Brownstone Falls is also located in Copper Falls State Park. And the good news is, you can visit Brownstone Falls by following the same trail to Copper Falls (multi-use Waterfall Trail).

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Brownstone Falls
Brownstone Falls

Brownstone Falls is 30 ft high and has a 10-foot crest. When it cascades on Tyler’s Fork into Bad River Gorge, it creates really a mind-blowing scenery. But, access to the gorge is too dangerous and prohibited.

Surrounding by the impressive reddish-brown rock and the lush backdrop of the state park, Brownstone Falls is definitely one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Wisconsin.

The only challenging thing is to find a good viewpoint for Brownstone Falls. But, it is totally worth visiting to see this beauty. So, surely catch it after visiting Copper Falls.

Address: 36764 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, United States  Phone: +1 715-274-5123

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

3. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Red Granite Falls 

Cascading approximately 20 ft, Red Granite Falls is another highlighted waterfall in Copper Falls State Park. Actually, it is a set of rapids instead of a sudden drop.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Red Granite Falls 
Red Granite Falls

When the Bad River tumbles over, and through a large number of rocks, it creates this stunning Red Granite Falls. Surrounded by impressive rugged reddish-brown rocks and the park’s lush environment, this waterfall offers you an unforgettable nature experience.

The trail to Red Granite Falls starts at the south end of the park, and it is a 2.5 mile round trip through woods. Since there are no fences, you can easily get out on the rocks get close views of the waterfall.

After visiting Copper Falls and Brownstone Falls, surely visit the scenic Red Granite Falls too.

Address: 36764 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, United States  Phone: +1 715-274-5123

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Waterfalls in Wisconsin

4. Big Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

Here’s the largest and tallest waterfall in Wisconsin. And also, this is the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, United States.

Big Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park
Big Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

Big Manitou Falls is a 165 feet high impressive waterfall in the state. Actually, it is one of the most scenic and famous waterfalls in Wisconsin as well.

Located on the Black River, a tributary of the Nemadji River, Big Manitou Falls flowing within Pattison State Park in Douglas County, Wisconsin. (Just only 13 miles south of Lake Superior). Pattison State Park is a 1,436-acre, and it is home to both Big Manitou Falls and Little Manitou Falls.

Since this park is open year-round, you can visit the waterfall anytime. But, Big Manitou Falls shows its best views during the spring after heavy rainfall. So, plan it for this spring.

Address: 6294 WI-35, Superior, WI 54880, United States  Phone: +1 715-399-3111

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

5. Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

As mentioned above, Little Manitou Falls is also located in Pattison State Park, Wisconsin. So, after visiting Big Manitou Falls, just head upstream a short distance to see this 30 ft twin waterfall too.

Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park
Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

Little Manitou Falls is a picturesque waterfall tucked away in the 1,400-acre forest (south of Lake Superior). Fed by the Black River, both Big Manitou Falls and Little Manitou Falls are in Pattison State Park’s center.

Do not forget to bring your camera.

Address: 6294 WI-35, Superior, WI 54880, United States  Phone: +1 715-399-3111

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

6. Amnicon Falls State Park, South Range

Amnicon Falls State Park is an 825-acre park located in South Range, Wisconsin. It features a series of lovely waterfalls on the Amnicon River. For example, upper and lower Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls, and Now and Then Falls.

Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls
Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls

The most attractive Upper Amnicon Falls cascades for 15 feet into a plunge pool where you can swim. On the other hand, Lower Amnicon Falls is dramatic and 15 ft high with a slide of 30 feet. So, it looks unique.

Both upper and lower falls lie about 100 feet apart, and an impressive old bridge crosses the river between these waterfalls.

Snake Pit Falls and Now and Then Falls are also attractive especially, during the spring.

Snake Pit Falls and Now and Then Falls
Snake Pit Falls and Now and Then Falls

By hearing all this information, it is fair to feel camping in Amnicon Falls State Park. And of course, this park is an excellent place for camping. Aside from waterfalls, this park offers you a chance to see wildlife like raccoons and coyotes.

Come along with your family.

Address: 4279 County Rd U, South Range, WI 54874, United States  Phone: +1 715-398-3000

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

7. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Upson Falls, Upson Community Park

Iron County in Wisconsin contains several attractive waterfalls, including Upson Falls. Located in the Upson Community Park, Upson Falls is a stunning waterfall 50 feet wide, 15 feet high.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Upson Falls
Upson Falls, Upson Community Park

The water source of the stunning Upson Falls is the Potato River. Be careful and don’t get too close to the drop.

Upson Community Park also features an excellent campsite. It is a first-come, first-served basis campground. But, don’t worry, it is never too busy.

And it is totally worth camping in Upson Falls campground because the Rouse Falls (5 min away), Little Balsam Falls, Wren Falls (20 min away), and Foster Falls (15 min away) are located close by.

Are you ready to have an unforgettable waterfall plus camping tour? Plan to for this spring.

Address: 9564 Upson Park Rd, Upson, WI 54565, United States 

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

8. Potato River Falls, Gurney

Located in Gurney, Northern Wisconsin Potato Falls is a must-visit waterfall. It has two different layers called Upper Potato Falls and Lower Potato Falls, which are 50 ft and 40 ft high, respectively.

Potato River Falls, Gurney
Potato River Falls, Gurney

Cascading on the Potato River, Potato Falls offers you quite large dramatic views, which you can even catch from the observation deck near the parking lot.

But, still, there’s a trail with steps that take you closer to the waterfall and a gorge. Keep in mind, the terrain in the area is tricky for unprepared hikers.

Spring and Fall are obviously the best time to visit Potato Falls. And this area is perfect for a family camping experience at any season.

Address: Potato River Falls, Gurney, WI 54559, United States  

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

9. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Big Smokey Falls

Looking for a fun white water rafting spot in Wisconsin?? Here we go.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Big Smokey Falls
Big Smokey Falls

Big Smokey Falls is a powerful and complicated waterfall located on the Wolf River in Menominee Reservation. Although it is not very steep, it contains a lot of water and plenty of rocks. And that feature makes it one of the best rafting destinations in the state.

When the Wolf River falls over 20 feet as a complicated cascade, it creates adventurous rafting waves.

There’s an island in the middle of the Big Smokey Falls. To get there, you have to cross the bridge situated above the falls. (A small fee will charge to cross the bridge)

Unfortunately, Big Smokey Falls does not contain an easily accessible vantage point to get perfect looks at the waterfall. So, the best way to explore the waterfall is to raft through it.

Address: W2210 Co Rd M, Keshena, WI 54135, United States  Phone: +1 715-799-4644

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

10. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Morgan Falls

Located in Chequamegon–Nicolet National Forest, Morgan Falls is close to Marengo too. It is not just a stunning waterfall, but it also offers you a calm and lush forest environment.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Morgan Falls
Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls is a 70-foot narrow waterfall cascade on Morgan Creek through granite ledges into a small splash pool. Being one of the highest waterfalls in Wisconsin, Morgan Falls obviously has breathtaking views.

You have to take the 1.2 miles round-trip trail to access this Morgan Falls. And it runs through beautiful ferns and rare vegetation in the forest.

If you continue on this trail, you will meet St. Peter’s Dome State Natural Area, which contains a large rocky outcrop with breathtaking views of Lake Superior and the surrounding.

Address: Morgan Falls, Marengo, WI 54855, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

11. Willow Falls, Willow River State Park

Willow River State Park is a 2,891-acre park located five miles north of Hudson in Wisconsin. And the top attraction of the park definitely the powerful cascade, Willow Falls.

Willow Falls, Willow River State Park
Willow Falls, Willow River State Park

If you visit Willow River State Park during spring, you can see the best version of Willow Falls. Although summer does not feature strong fall views, you can find some swimmable pools on this multi-tiered waterfall.

If you are not into swimming, you can view this 100 feet wide, 45 feet high waterfall from several view platforms placed above and below the falls. And also, there’s a bridge to cross the Willow River too.

To get Willow Falls, the park offers several trails. But, the most interesting one is the quarter-mile-long trail that leads you into the steep gorge.

And Willow Falls considers one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in Wisconsin.

Address: 1034 Co Hwy A, Hudson, WI 54016, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

12. Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia

Lost Creek Falls is a hidden waterfall located near Cornucopia in Wisconsin (Bayfield Peninsula). It cascades on Lost Creek for 10 ft over a rock into a pool below.

Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia WI
Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia

Access to Lost Creek Falls is not difficult. The trailhead starts near Trail Drive in Cornucopia and contains approximately 2.5 miles round-trip from the parking lot.

And it is a scenic, well-marked trail that stretched through the woods. So, you can explore diverse fauna and flora in the Lost Creek Falls Nature Preserve.

Address: Lost Creek Number One, Cornucopia, WI 54827, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

13. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Cascade Falls, Osceola

Osceola is a small town in western Wisconsin. The stunning Cascade Falls is obviously the top attraction in this small town. Located in the center of town along Route 35, it is easy to find and access too.

Cascade Falls, Osceola WI
Cascade Falls, Osceola

Cascading on Osceola Creek for 25 feet, it runs through the old Osceola Mill Pond into the St. Croix River.

Access to the waterfall starts from the main road through town. Once you get there, you may find a set of stairs that leads to several viewpoints and the base of Cascade Falls.

A special feature of Cascade Falls is that you can go behind the waterfall and take photos. So, come along with your kids.

Address: 101 N Cascade St, Osceola, WI 54020, United States  Phone: +1 715-755-3300

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

14. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Twelve Foot Falls

Twelve Foot Falls Park is a great camping and picnicking area near Dubar, northeast Wisconsin. Its most highlighted attraction is the beautiful Twelve Foot Falls.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Twelve Foot Falls
Twelve Foot Falls

Twelve Foot Falls considers one of the best sliding waterfalls in Wisconsin too. Cascading for 12 ft, it shows beautiful views especially, after heavy rain. Since it is located in the forest, it offers a calm and quiet space for a family picnic or camp.

The trail to Twelve Foot Falls starts from the Twelve Foot Falls Park in Marinette County. You must purchase a day-use sticker at the park entrance. Then, the hike will take around 10 minutes along a scenic, rough and uneven trail.

Once you get there, you can surely experience breathtaking views of Twelve Foot Falls Park.

Address: 12 Foot Falls Rd, Dunbar, WI 54119, United States  Phone: +17157327530

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

15. Eighteen Foot Falls, Dunbar

When you continue down the road from Twelve Foot Falls, you will meet a cute waterfall called Eighteen Foot Falls.

Eighteen Foot Falls, Dunbar WI
Eighteen Foot Falls, Dunbar

This serene and sloping waterfall can be accessed in two ways. First, you can visit Twelve Foot Falls and then continue to Eighteen Foot Falls.

Or you can totally skip Twelve Foot Falls Park and head north on Twelve Foot Falls Road to drive for half a mile to reach a small parking area near Eighteen Foot Falls. Then, hike the trail to reach Pike River and Eighteen Foot Falls.

Actually, this trail ends at the top of Eighteen Foot Falls.

Address: 18 Foot Falls Rd, Dunbar, WI 54119, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

16. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Dave’s Falls, Marinette County

Located in Marinette County, Wisconsin, Dave’s Falls is a 15-foot scenic waterfall that you should not miss.

Dave’s Falls, Marinette County
Dave’s Falls, Marinette County

Actually, Marinette County has several waterfalls on its rivers, Menominee River, Pike River, Peshtigo River, and Thunder River.

But, Dave’s Falls on Pike River is the most famous as it offers easy access, picturesque rocky landscapes, and excellent tourist facilities like restrooms, picnic areas, and a playground.

Therefore, Dave’s Falls attracts plenty of families with kids.

This 15 ft waterfall is divided into Upper Dave’s Falls and Lower Dave’s Falls. Upper Falls is a broader slide with a 5-foot that drops into a calm pool, while the Lower Falls is slightly larger (10 ft) and runs through a narrow chute.

Plan a visit to Dave’s Falls with your family.

Address: Dave’s Falls, Old 141 Rd, Amberg, WI 54102, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

17. Long Slide Falls, Marinette County

Long Slide Falls in Marinette County is one of the prettiest waterfalls in the state. As its name describes, it obviously shows a slide with a 50 feet drop on the Pemebonwon River.

Long Slide Falls, Marinette County
Long Slide Falls, Marinette County

No need to worry about parking as the parking lot is located near the waterfall. There are several trails to reach Long Slide Falls, and each offers different views of the falls. But the trails are rough and uneven due to rocky terrain.

Although it is an 8 ft narrow waterfall, it offers impressive looks with the lovely rock formations in the surrounding. And of course, you can climb down to falls, but be careful as there are no fences. Also, do not forget to wear proper footwear.

Address: Long Slide Falls, Niagara, WI 54151, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

18. Peterson Falls, Hurley

Interstate Falls and Peterson Falls are located close to each other on the Montreal River in Hurley. And both look really impressive during the spring. So, sometimes it is difficult to separate one from the other.

Peterson Falls, Hurley Wisconsin
Peterson Falls, Hurley

The Montreal River forms the border between Wisconsin and Michigan states. So, visiting Interstate Falls and Peterson Falls means visiting two at the same time. But, the best views of the waterfalls definitely offer from the Wisconsin side.

If you visit here during the summer, you can see volcanic rocks as the water content is low.

Address: Interstate Falls, Hurley, WI 54534, United States

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

19. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Superior Falls

Superior Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls located on the Montreal River near the Wisconsin/Michigan state border.

Waterfalls in Wisconsin Superior Falls
Superior Falls

Here’s the reason to call it Superior Falls. It drops 90 feet before the Montreal River empties into Lake Superior at Oronto Bay. (So close to Lake Superior).

Featuring dramatic gorge walls, Superior Falls also contains several drops that create wonderful, swimmable pools. You will love to have a relaxing dip in the pools while kids are having fun.

Here’s the fact that Superior Falls is prettier and more easily accessible on the Michigan side. However, do not miss it.

Address: Superior Falls, Highway 122, Saxton, Wisconsin

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

20. Fonferek Falls, Green Bay

Brown County WI Fonferek’s Glen is a 74-acre nature park in Green Bay that features a beautiful waterfall (Fonferek Falls), dolomite cliffs, a creek, native trees, and more.

Fonferek Falls, Green Bay WI
Fonferek Falls, Green Bay

Surrounded by beautiful rolling farmlands and Fonferek Glen, Fonferek Falls is the most attractive thing in the park. It stunningly cascades for 50 ft on the Bower Creek over limestone cliffs and a stone archway.

And the best time to visit is spring after heavy rainfall to catch the best version of Fonferek Falls. You can view the waterfall from a designated overlook.

Address: 2825 Dutchman Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311, United States  Phone: +1 920-448-6242

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

21. Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls, Wisconsin

Montello Granite Quarry was famous for offering the stone for the Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant in New York. Now it is a calm and quiet place that features a collection of four waterfalls in Wisconsin.

Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls, Wisconsin
Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls in Winter

Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls are stunningly cascading on the Montello River, which was used as a power source for the machinery needed for Granite Quarry.

Now, the quarry is abandoned and created a reactional park called Montello Granite Park or Daggett Memorial Park.

Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls
Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls in Spring

Since there’s a fence, nobody can reach close to the falls. But, still, you can take lovely photos and have a relaxing day with your family.

Address: Montello Granite Quarry, Montello, WI 53949, USA

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

22. Waterfalls in Wisconsin: Wequiock Falls, Green Bay

Wequiock Falls Park near Green Bay is a tranquil roadside park featuring scenic Wequiock Falls, picnic tables, and restrooms. So, this is a perfect destination for a relaxing family picnic.

Wequiock Falls, Green Bay WI
Wequiock Falls, Green Bay

Created by the Niagara Escarpment, Wequiock Falls is really a 25 ft seasonal waterfall in Brown Country, Green Bay. Try to visit it during spring, after heavy rainfall, to capture its picturesque views. (Summer and warm months show slow and fewer water contents)

Wequiock Falls offers you easy access too. Since there’s a bridge over the falls and stairs to go down to the gorge, you can capture different views of it.

Address: 3426 Bay Settlement Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311, United States  Phone: +1 920-448-6242

Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Waterfalls in Wisconsin