Amazing Arizona Waterfalls, United States

Are you a waterfall lover? Then, you must visit Arizona Waterfalls because Arizona is a unique desert land filled with some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the United States. Most of them are easily accessible trails, even for kids. And of course, each waterfall is diverse in size, surrounding, and landscape. For example, Havasu Falls, Fossil Creek Falls, Cibecue Falls, Beaver Falls, and Seven Falls are diverse from each other and offer unbeatable views of nature.

If you are looking for some exciting hikes that end at wonderful cascades, you should consider Arizona. Its warm temperature, mountains, lush landscapes, and desert looks will make your summer memorable.

So, why are you waiting? Just add the following amazing Arizona waterfalls to your bucket list and plan a summer trip to Arizona.

Arizona Waterfalls

1. Havasu Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation

Havasu Falls is the most stunning and most photographed waterfall on this list. It is located in a remote area just outside of the Grand Canyon called Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Having an exciting 10 miles hiking trail, you have to go down around 2,500 feet into the grand canyon to reach Havasu Falls. That means the total elevation gain of the hike is minus 2,500 feet. So, obviously, it is a little difficult hike. But, nature lovers, hikers, and adventure seekers worldwide are dying to get this experience.

Havasu Falls, Havasupai Reservation
Havasu Falls, Havasupai Reservation

Finally, you will meet this wonderful waterfall of 30m height that flows into a deep blue-green waters pool. Then, you will realize, the effort is totally worth it. And the pool is begging you to swim. So, grab that once-in-a-lifetime experience too.

Havasupai Reservation is a famous historic tribal land, and therefore, this waterfall is also called Havasupai Falls. If you plan camping after visiting the waterfall, there’s a campground too. Please make sure to reserve your camping space well in advance.

Arizona Waterfalls

2. Arizona Waterfalls: Fossil Creek Falls

Fossil Creek Falls is located in the Coconino National Forest, a 1.856-million acre National Forest in Pine, northern Arizona. It is a stunning waterfall with 25 feet in height.

Fossil Creek is the creator of this waterfall, and it has just a one-mile easily accessible trail. Once you reach there, you are retreated by scenic views of the creek and waterfall. Also, you can swim in the deep, crystal-clear pool beneath the waterfall. This water contains a heavy calcium content which’s why it has a turquoise color. So, do not drink them. Bring more drinking water.

Arizona Waterfalls Fossil Creek Falls
Fossil Creek Falls, Pine

And there’s a 25 feet high cliff to jump off. But, always concern the water level before you jump. Also, watch out for rattlesnakes.

On the other hand, there are some other swimming areas around the waterfall as well. Just tour around and find the ideal place. Since this waterfall is located in a secluded, relaxing environment, you can spend quality time with your family close to nature. Especially kids will love to explore nature and wildlife around the waterfall.

Fossil Creek Falls is actually a hidden gem in Pine, Arizona.

You need to pay few dollars to enter the creek and reserve your parking space at the trailhead. And the area normally opens to the public from April to October. So, plan it now.

Address: Fossil Creek Road, Pine, AZ 85544, United States

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3. Beaver Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation

Havasupai Indian Reservation offers you some more impressive waterfalls. So, if you choose to camp in Havasupai Campground, you can visit them too. For example, Beaver Falls and Mooney Falls.

It is a total of eighteen miles hike filled with a lot of excitement. (10 miles to the campground and 8 miles to the waterfall). Although it is quite a difficult trail, finally, you will meet a stunning waterfall surrounded by a calm environment.

Beaver Falls is a destination that you can visit throughout the year. But, many people miss it since the most popular waterfalls in Havasupai Indian Reservation are Mooney Falls and Havasu Falls. Here are the reasons you should not miss Beaver Falls.

Beaver Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation
Beaver Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation
  • There’s a calm and quiet environment.
  • The waterfall is wider and scenic.
  • Existing a long, scenic, and exciting hiking trail.
  • The water is turquoise and clear.
  • There are several swimmable shallow pools made with limestone.

After a long hike, you swim in the limestone pools of Beaver Falls and spend a relaxing time.

Another highlighted place is the historical burial place of tribal people you will meet on the hiking trail. If you are a history lover, you can visit there too.

To get all these experiences, first, you need to reserve the camping space.

Arizona Waterfalls

4. Arizona Waterfalls: Cibecue Falls

Here’s another adventurous hiking trail for hikers. Cibecue Falls is a 40 feet high fantastic waterfall located in Salt River Canyon, Arizona.

First, you need to reach the Cibecue Creek Falls Trailhead in Gila County. And then, start the 4 miles of trail from there. It is a little difficult to hike since there’s a 220 feet elevation gain.

Even the road that leads to the trailhead is also dirt and undeveloped. However, the best way to reach the waterfall is by walking through the creek. So, ready to get wet.

But, finally, you will feel it is totally worth the effort when you see the spectacular Cibecue Falls. Actually, Cibecue Falls is a hidden gem in Arizona. Now the secret is out.

Arizona Waterfalls Cibecue Falls
Cibecue Falls

Surrounded by huge red rocks, Cibecue Falls falls to an emerald pool. So, obviously, it offers you spectacular views.

On the other hand, since it is a secret place and has an extremely peaceful environment, you can plan for an overnight camp near Cibecue Falls.

To grab all these experiences, you must take a permit for a little charge. And that permit allows you to visit Apache Falls as well.

Address: Whiteriver, AZ 85941, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

5. Mooney Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation

Mooney Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Cascading for 200 feet down in the Grand Canyon, this is the tallest Havasupai Reservation waterfalls as well.

Just look at the picture below. Mooney Falls falls into an attractive turquoise pool at the end. Since it is a strong and tall waterfall, there are a series of pools below. All of them contain turquoise and warm waters (around 21°C constants). It means Moon Falls is a paradise for swimmers.

Mooney Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation
Mooney Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation

You have to follow the same trail that you followed to other Havasupai Reservation waterfalls. That means, first, you should get to the Havasupai Campground (10 miles).

Then, there’s a half-mile difficult hike (a 200 feet elevation gain) from the campground. But, it is totally worth it visiting this picturesque waterfall. (There are ladders and chains along the trail to help you)

Do not try this trail in the winter.

Address: Supai, AZ 86435, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

6. Arizona Waterfalls: Waterfall at Seven Falls

Waterfall at Seven Falls is a stunning waterfall surrounded by unique rock landscapes of Catalina Foothills, Sabino Canyon, Tucson.

Although Tucson is an arid area, Seven Falls offers you a lush forest surrounded by large rocks. So, you have to hike for 2.5 miles through scenic and lush landscapes in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Especially, you will see sycamore trees and various flora along the trail.

Waterfall at Seven Falls Arizona
Waterfall at Seven Falls

Also, it is a difficult hike with an elevation gain of over 900 feet. This waterfall trail is always on the list of the best hikes in Tucson by considering all these unique features.

Just pay a small fee at the parking lot and start your hike by following the marked signs. This trail contains some of the most beautiful landscapes in Tucson. Therefore, surely take your camera. Since you have to cross a river several times along the trail, wear suitable shoes and clothes.

Finally, you will see the stunning Seven Falls that cascade into an impressively large, clear pool. So, get ready to swim as you wish.

Address: Bear Canyon Trail, Tucson, AZ 85749, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

7. Arizona Waterfalls: Navajo Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation

Navajo is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arizona. Before the mudslide in August 2008, it was one waterfall. But, now you can see two waterfalls called Upper and Lower Navajo Falls.

Little Navajo Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation
Navajo Falls

These are also Havasupai Reservation waterfalls that you easily reach from the campground because they are the closest ones to the campground. That means 10 miles to the campground and 0.5 miles onto the falls with an elevation gain of 500 feet.

Also, you can visit these waterfalls any time of the year. But, try to avoid the monsoon season to get rid of floods.

The Upper Navajo Falls cascades into a very deep pool. So, be careful.

Navajo Falls Arizona
Navajo Falls

Arizona Waterfalls

8. Ribbon Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

Are you ready to hike to a hidden waterfall oasis located in Grand Canyon National Park? Let’s go.

Ribbon Falls, Grand Canyon National Park
Ribbon Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

Ribbon Falls is located on the North Kaibab Trail, which is not a difficult hike. Also, there are plenty of exciting things to see along this trail.

Having 17 miles of a roundtrip, the trail’s elevation gain is around 4,500 feet. You can find the North Kaibab Trail’s trailhead at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, Arizona. If you are coming from the Grand Canyon Lodge, the trailhead is just 1.5 miles away.

First, you need to get a backcountry camping permit, then plan for three days backpacking. Normally the recommended plan for three days is like this:

  • Seven miles hike from South Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch or Bright Angel Campground on the first day.
  • 12 miles roundtrip to hike Ribbon Falls along the North Kaibab Trail on the second day.
  • Hike back 7 miles to the South Rim along the South Kaibab Trail on the third day.

However, Ribbon Falls is a worth visiting stunning waterfall located in a unique and secluded environment. Even the hike is filled with a lot of excitement. So, surely add it to your list.

Arizona Waterfalls

9. Deer Creek Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

Deer Creek Falls is a stunning waterfall that flows through red color canyons into the north side of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. This 180 feet waterfall is accessible by hiking or white water rafting.

Deer Creek Falls, Grand Canyon National Park
Deer Creek Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

If you plan for a hiking adventure to Deer Creek Falls, you have to get a backcountry camping permit. Get more information from the NPS website.

The whole hiking tour 14 miles each way. So, normally hikers plan it for a five days itinerary. It divides like this:

  • On the first day, you have to hike only four miles on the Bill Hall Trail (North Rim) to reach Esplanade Campsite and camp there.
  • Then, on the second day, you have to hike for just six miles to the Deer Creek Campsite to camp there.
  • And on the third day, just hike four miles to reach Deer Creek Falls and Colorado River and spend a wonderful time there. Once you reach this extremely remote place, you can enjoy spectacular views of Deer Creek Falls, take a bath, and get adventurous water rafting experiences.
  • After grabbing all the experiences on the third day, you have to hike back 6 miles to reach Esplanade Campsite on the fourth day.
  • And on the final day, hike back to the four miles to North Rim.

If you like a water rafting experience to reach Deer Creek Falls, try it instead of hiking.

Arizona Waterfalls

10. Arizona Waterfalls: Tanque Verde Falls

Tanque Verde Falls is another eye-catching waterfall in Tucson, Arizona. Having 80 feet of height, this waterfall starts at the Lower Tanque Verde Falls Trailhead. And you should hire a 4×4 to get to the trailhead.

After that, you will find this short trail that contains several short waterfalls and swimming holes along the way. First, you will see the Lower Tanque, a 30 feet high waterfall after hiking for around one mile. When you continue further, you will meet the largest one, Tanque Verde Falls.

Tanque Verde Falls Arizona
Tanque Verde Falls

That means it is altogether a 1.6 miles round trip (100-foot elevation gain) filled with a lot of excitement. So, surely bring your camera to capture this hidden natural beauty.

Once you reach the waterfall, there’s not a proper trail to get close. So, you have to follow the creek bed to get close to the waterfall.

Since Tanque Verde Falls drops into a deep swimming pool, you can swim in it. But, be careful as it has sharp and slippery granite. Especially, do not try cliff jumping due to strong currents and slippery rocks. Instead, you can try a rope swing that is installed by the waterfall.

So, plan your hike to Tanque Verde Falls this summer, spring, or autumn.

Arizona Waterfalls

11. Arizona Waterfalls: Apache Falls

Once you take the permit to visit Cibecue Falls, you can cover this small but stunning Apache Falls too.

So, take the permit and enter the San Carlos Apache Recreation area or White Mountain Apache Salt River Canyon Recreation Area to reach Apache Falls. However, both entrances require a permit.

Arizona Waterfalls Apache Falls
Apache Falls

Since it a flat and easy one-mile trail, anyone can hike to Apache Falls. That means you can get there within 10 minutes.

So, if you plan for a picnic near Apache Falls, surely bring water, snacks, and food as much as you want because you can carry them easily and quickly.

Being a part of the Salt River Canyon in San Carlos, Apache Falls is a year-round destination.

Address: US-60, San Carlos, AZ 85550, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

12. Fifty Foot Falls, Havasupai Reservation

Fifty Foot Falls will meet you before you reach the Havasupai Reservation’s campsite.

Fifty Foot Falls, Havasupai Reservation
Fifty Foot Falls

If you are tired and sweaty on the 10 miles hike to the campsite, just take a break at this cute Fifty Foot Falls. Actually, it is an awesome, quiet place to swim and have some relaxing time. So, do not miss it.

Address: Supai, AZ 86435, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

13. Arizona Waterfalls: Pacheta Falls

Located near Whiteriver in the White Mountain Apache Reservation, Pacheta Falls is a scenic waterfall. This 131 feet waterfall has a 2.5 miles hike (roundtrip) to reach there.

Arizona Waterfalls Pacheta Falls
Pacheta Falls

The ride to Pacheta Falls is quite challenging. So, you have to use a four-wheel-drive vehicle for this journey. That means it is going to be an exciting off-road experience.

Do not forget to get a permit to enter the reservation.

Swimming is not allowed at Pacheta Falls. But it is ideal for sightseeing.

Address: Whiteriver, AZ 85941, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

14. Arizona Waterfalls: Grand Falls

Grand Falls is a unique waterfall located in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Nation (just 30 miles northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona).

As the whole waterfall is in mud color, it is also called Chocolate Falls. Having 185 feet height, Grand Falls is higher than Niagara Falls as well.

Arizona Waterfalls Grand Falls
Grand Falls

Take a permit from the Navajo Nation, try this GRAND trail with adventurous some off-roading. Also, the hike contains an adventurous 1-mile roundtrip too. But, don’t worry, even beginners can try this trail.

The best time to visit this unique waterfall is March or April, when the snow starts to melt. Then, you can see more water falling. Actually, it is like chocolate falling into the Colorado River.

Just like Grand Falls, it’s surrounding also contains unique fauna, flora, and landscapes. So, it is like visiting another planet. Surely try it.

Arizona Waterfalls

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15. Water Wheel & Ellison Creek Waterfall

The Water Wheel and Ellison Creek Waterfall are located close to Payson, Arizona.

This unique hike starts at the Water Wheel, and after a quarter-mile, you will meet the fantastic swimming hole at the scenic Ellison Creek Waterfall. If you are looking for cliff jumping, this is one of the best places in Arizona.

Water Wheel & Ellison Creek Waterfall
Water Wheel & Ellison Creek Waterfall

Ellison Creek Waterfall is 80 feet high and offers you stunning views throughout the year.

Since this easy hiking trail stretches along the river, you can get a fun and exciting experience.

Surprisingly you will end up at the stunning Bridal Veil Falls if you continue more along this trail.

The roundtrip of The Water Wheel and Ellison Creek Waterfall trail is around 1.8 miles, and the elevation gain is 105 feet.

Plan your visit to Payson and catch all these awesome waterfalls in Arizona.

Address: Payson, AZ 85541, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

16. Hidden Falls, Havasupai Reservation

There’s another attractive waterfall in Havasupai Reservation called Hidden Falls. It is a 50 feet waterfall that offers you thrilling cliff jumping opportunities from various height levels (50, 40, 30).

Hidden Falls, Havasupai Reservation
Hidden Falls, Havasupai Reservation

But, keep in mind that Hidden Falls’ pool is pretty deep. So, jump at your own risk.

Although Hidden Falls is located just one mile away from the Havasupai campsite in Supai, the hike is not easy. It is elevation gain is 2000 feet.

But, still, it is worth visiting the Hidden Falls and try a cliff jump.

Arizona Waterfalls

17. Arizona Waterfalls: Romero Pools

Located near Tucson, Arizona, Romero Pools is a year-round waterfall that offers you refreshing pools to swim in.

Arizona Waterfalls Romero Pools
Romero Pools

First, you have to visit Catalina State Park to meet the trailhead to the Romero Pools. Then, follow the famous Romero Canyon Trail to get there. It is a 2.8 miles trail which is a mix of easy areas and difficult areas.

The first mile is easy, but the last mile is rocky and difficult. The whole roundtrip is 5.6 miles, and the elevation gain is 900-foot.

Do you like to dip in cool, refreshing water after a sweaty hike? Plan your tour to Romero Pools in Arizona.

Arizona Waterfalls

18. Madera Canyon Waterfall, Arizona

Madera Canyon Waterfall is a secret waterfall located in Green Valley, Arizona. That means 25 miles of southeast of Tucson.

Madera Canyon Waterfall Arizona
Madera Canyon Waterfall

You can get there by taking a short hike along the Proctor Trail in Madera Canyon. As mentioned before, this is a secluded waterfall. Therefore, obviously, it has a calm and authentic natural surrounding.

There’s a natural picnic area about one mile away from the Madera Canyon Waterfall. There you can stay relax by watching picturesque Madera Creek.

Address: Green Valley, AZ 85614, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

19. Arizona Waterfalls: Slide Rock

Slide Rock State Park is located in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona.

Why does it call Slide Creek? Because it was formed from the natural water slides over the slippery bed of Oak Creek.

Arizona Waterfalls Slide Rock
Slide Rock

It is actually a series of small cascades surrounded by iconic red rocks. So, you can get gorgeous views of the unique landscapes everywhere.

If your kids love hiking, Slide Rock is a perfect place for them as it has an easy hike.

And at the end, they will surprise by seeing several exciting swimming holes along Oak Creek. Are you ready to slide?

Address: 6871 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336, United States

Arizona Waterfalls

20. Arizona Waterfalls: Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf Creek Falls is surely one of the best-kept secrets in Prescott, Arizona.

This secluded waterfall is 90 feet high and falls over granite cliffs. Having a one-mile roundtrip, this hike is also not difficult at all.

Arizona Waterfalls Wolf Creek Falls
Wolf Creek Falls

So, just follow the Wolf Creek Loop Trail 384, and you will get to the creek easily. Then, the waterfall is an easy walk away.

Wolf Creek Falls is obviously a stunning waterfall located in a calm and secluded environment. Even the hike is so delightful as it is surrounded by mountains, small canyons, fallen trees, boulders, and diverse fauna and flora.

Especially, you will spot more birds along this trail. And also, you will meet an old mining site as well.

Wolf Creek Falls is definitely a worth-trying waterfall in Arizona. Do not forget to pack your camera.

Address: Prescott, AZ 86303, United States

Arizona Waterfalls