Emergency Numbers You Should Know in Switzerland

Emergency Numbers You Should Know in Switzerland

Switzerland is considered a low crime rate country. One of the reasons behind that feature is Switzerland’s safety and legal system and the 24*7 working emergency numbers. So, here are the emergency numbers you should know in Switzerland.

Emergency Numbers You Should Know in Switzerland

As we all know that the USA’s emergency number is 911. But in the case of Switzerland, it is a bit different. You have to remember or save different numbers for each case. So, it is essential to know those numbers before you visit there.

The services include police, fire brigade, medical emergency/ambulance, poisoning/ overdose emergency, road emergency, etc. And all of these services are explained in English, French, German and Italian languages.

Dialing Codes of Switzerland

0041 is the country’s dialing code for Switzerland. And if you are calling from abroad, remove the first zero from the local Swiss number first. Keep in mind that 008 are toll-free calls, but if you call a 0900 or 0901 number, additional call charges are typically applied.

In Switzerland, cellular phone numbers are starting from 076, 078, and 079.

Pan European Emergency Number: 112

Actually, this is the general emergency number, which you can use in Switzerland and any place in Switzerland.

Swiss Police: 117

And the following number is the regional emergency police.

Swiss Federal Police: 058 463 1123

Bern Regional Police: 0316344111

Geneva Regional Police: 022 4278111

Basel Regional Police: 061 267 7111

Zurich Regional Police: 044 247 2211

And also, you can find local police and international police desk in Switzerland.

Fire brigade: 118

Ambulance and emergency services: 144

Poison emergencies: 145

Out-of-hours clinics in Switzerland: Call 111 or 144 to find the nearest out-of-hours emergency doctors, dentists, vets, and pharmacies there.

Emergency doctors: 022 748 4950

Road emergency and breakdown service: 140

Swiss air rescue: REGA 1414/ Swiss air ambulance: +41 58 654 3980

Weather forecast: 187

Glacier emergencies: 1415

Telephone support for teenagers and children: 147

To find missing children: 116 000

Immigration, travel, and consular information: FDFA Helpline 0800 247 365 or 584 653 333 for advice on a range of consular services.

Vaccinations and advice for travelers: 0900 57 51 31

In case of lost or stolen your cards: Cancelling your card in Switzerland.

American Express: 044 659 6903

Mastercard: 0800 897 092

Visa: 0800 894 732

SBB Transport lost and found: 0900 300 300

Emergency Numbers You Should Know in Switzerland

Some other important numbers

Weather report: 162

Road report: 163

Sports and Lottery results: 164

Regional information: 1600

General inquiries and phone operators

For phone numbers and general inquiries, use the following numbers.

Inquiries about Switzerland: 1811

National operator for cellular phone: 1144

International inquiries for Austria: 1151

International inquiries for Germany: 1152

International inquiries for France: 1153

International inquiries for Italy: 1154

International inquiries for other countries: 1159

Emergency Numbers You Should Know in Switzerland