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Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Central America While on a Budget


The whole region of Central America has a natural beauty for anybody to enjoy while on a budget. It is packed with rich wildlife, gorgeous beaches, ruins from some of the earliest civilizations, tropical rain forests, as well as year-round summertime climate.


1.    Leon in Nicaragua



Leon is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. It is also the intellectual and political center of the country. Located along Chiquito River, Leon is known for its Spanish culture, arts, and colonial architecture. It is also home to famous beaches including Las Penitas and Poneloya that offer nightlight options and water activities.


2.    Santa Teresa in Costa Rica



Santa Teresa is located at the southern end of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It has surf breaks, unspoiled beaches, laid-back vibe, and consisted eighty-degree temps. Aside from soaking up some sun and riding the waves, travelers may de-stress through trying an ocean-view yoga class and holistic spa treatment. If you are hungry, the place is all about eating clean Costa Rican Foods, which is a philosophy in most fresh juice shops and local seafood joints.


3.    San Blas Islands in Panama



If picturesque and private describe your dream destination, you should consider the San Blas Islands. It’s an archipelago off Panama’s Caribbean coast. Among the 365 cays and isles, only 49 of them are inhabited and the rest still remain unaffected by some trappings of modern life. A good way to see such remote treasures is by organizing a week-long or day boat trip.


4.    Tikal in Guatemala



Located in the tropical rain forests of El Peten in Northern Guatemala, Tikal is the biggest city of the ancient Mayan civilization. It had a population of about 200,000. At present, the ruins of religious structures, palaces, and pyramids are part of the UNESCO Tikal National Park. Temple IV is also part of it and this is the tallest structure of the pre-Columbian era. Other than that, Guatemala is an affordable destination. (A budget travel destination: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)


5.    Roatan in Honduras



It is situated 40 miles off the Honduras northern coast and it’s the biggest of Bay Islands. It is also renowned for its marine life since it is ringed by the big Mesoamerican Reef. If you like scuba diving and snorkeing, this is a perfect destination. From exploring botanical gardens to zip-lining, there are lots of things to explore on land as well.


6.    Ambergris Caye in Belize



Ambergris Caye is the biggest island of Belize. It’s also the crown jewel of the tourism industry. Belize Barrier Reef is its main draw. With its quarter-mile offshore, it takes pride in some of the beautiful dive and snorkeling sites in the world. It includes the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which is protected and just a ten-minute boat ride from San Pedro. Golf carts are actually the preferred means of transportation. You may spend your days to Belizean art galleries as well as souvenir shops as you lounge on the white sand.
Central America has a lot of famous destinations to offer. Those are just some of the many options you can take for consideration for your next travel. So, plan ahead and see the hidden beauty of Central America!

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