Jordan – Best Destinations in the Lawrence of Arabia


Jordan is an amazing land inspired with deserts. Followings are TravelAdvo suggestions for you to visit in Jordan.




Petra is one of the most important UNESCO World heritage sites. It is a great ancient city with ancient people called Bedouin. They are always ready to offer you a warm welcome. In Jordan, you may experience the magnificent sun set views with red cliffs in Wadi Musa, Little Petra (Nabataean attractions), hiking adventures and desert camping apart from Petra ancient views.


Roman Ruins of Jerash


One of the best archeological sites in Jordan mixed with Roman ruins. The north and south gates, north and south theaters and the Temple of Zesus and Artemis with Roman royalty are waiting for you at Jerash.


Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum offers you a heavenly feeling desert experience with its calmness and warmth. After visiting all over the Jordan, you can rest in the luxury camps of Wadi Rum. Climate in there is super extreme which gets colder in winter and gets hotter in summer. If you want to spend a romantic night at a desert, Wadi Rum is the best and safest place for you. Just because of that Jordan has become one of the best honeymoon destinations.


Dead Sea


We all know that the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth which means 481m lower from the sea level. For those who are eagerly waiting to get a super floating experience, these things should keep in mind. Due to the high amount of salinity, you should protect your eyes from the water and do not shave or thread before going for a dipping. Dead Sea is famous for many skin friendly properties due to its high mineral content. So, girls you should not miss it.


Castle in Karak


The Castle in Karak is more important because of two major places. They are Crusader stronghold and Mamluk fortress. The Mamluk palace was built for Sultan Al Nasir Muhammed in 1311. And also you can see an Islamic museum in here.


Aqaba in Red Sea


Aqaba is a small town in Jordan which opens as a port to the Red Sea. You can get amazing snorkeling and deep sea diving experience in here. There are some diving and snorkeling clubs to guide you.


Shaumari Wild Life Reserve


Shaumari Reserve is not an old one. It was established 1975 by royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. They aimed to conserve the Arabian Oryx, Persian Onagers, Dorcas Gazzeles and Houbara Bustards which were disappeared from the region. You can add a wild life view to your Jordan tour from this reserve.


Wadi Mujib


Mujib Biosphere Reserve is the best place in Jordan for day hikers. And also it is a home for different types of animal breeds as well as plant breeds. Nubian ibex, Syrian wolves, stripped hyenas, caracals and Blandford’s fox are some of them. In here you can see rare orchids and more than 400 plant species. If you are a bird lover, you may find more species who are migrating between Africa to Europe.