Quarantine Guide

Quarantine Guide


COVID 19 has hit the world hard and has forced us to remain isolated from the world, even our close friends and family members. We are all leading a life to which we are not acquainted. Everyone is surrounded by a fear of uncertainties and unknowns, which can greatly impact physical and mental well-being. (Quarantine Guide)

But, on the flip side of the coin, we should think positively and take this lockdown period as free time with opportunities to do some constructive and productive things which we might not have got the time to do during the normal days. 

Quarantine Guide

Few Things We Can Do During Quarantine

Let’s have a sneak peek at some productive things we can do at home. One can consider this as a quarantine guide; he or she will be glad that they did. If one has been traveling under emergency circumstances and quarantined in a hotel, the following points can be a quarantine guide as well.

1. One of the best things to consider during this period is reading. It can be novels, be it fiction or non-fiction, journals, blogs, magazines, etc., which will help one improve the vocabulary, enhance the brain with information and imagination.

2. The next thing one should consider is learning a new skill. It can be any game like chess or any instrument or cooking or learning a new language, or one can always enroll in any online course. This will keep one entertained and add to the qualifications for one’s CV and future progress.

3. It is essential to keep us healthy both physically and mentally during this period. We should engage ourselves in home-based workout sessions like yoga, Zumba or body training, etc. There are lots of online portals which offer classes that we can access through our phone. Well-known sites generally offer approx. Two to three months’ demo period and charge around $ 20 a month. For example, DoYogaWithMe, Fight master Yoga, Planet Fitness, STRONG by Zumba, Nike Training Club App, etc. (Quarantine Guide)

We should also ensure a properly balanced diet consisting of protein and vitamin-based foods like green vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, egg, juice, etc. Excess fat-based or rich foods are better to avoid.

If quarantined in a hotel, one can avail sanitized yoga mats from the hotel itself. One can also use bath towels as a substitute.

P.S.: Before traveling, one should always gather prior information about the hotel, safety, and sanitization from different platforms or previous passengers. One should also carry some grooming and cleaning essentials because it is advisable to avoid the materials used for common spaces.

Quarantine Guide Cont……..

4. Since we are isolated from our favorite people, we generally spend time; we can always catch up and have a drink with them virtually. Thanks to the social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other video calling portal. In fact, we can connect with some old colleagues and family members and have some conversations, which we generally miss doing during the normal schedule.

5. Apart from Facebook or Twitter, there are other content-sharing platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, or Snapchat, which host the discussion communities, where we can discover ideate and discuss new content related to anything.

6. People, who are blessed with creative minds, can utilize this time to create or produce unique artistic contents that will give them satisfaction and entertain and rejuvenate everyone around them if shared through social media platforms. For example, different groups of people with different skill sets are coming up nowadays and making short films. They shoot and edit from their respective homes maintaining all the quarantine norms and portray wonderful art and content. (Quarantine Guide)


I hope the above-mentioned points help one as a guide during these hard times. But we all miss our regular lives. May we have them back soon.

Quarantine Guide