15 Best Ski Resorts in Utah, United States

15 Best Ski Resorts in Utah

Looking for the best ski resorts in Utah? Being home to large mountains and large skiable terrains, Utah is famous for its marketing tagline “Greatest Snow on Earth.” So, there are many world-class ski areas, especially in the Wasatch Mountain Range. For example, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain, Snowbird Ski Resort, Alta Ski Area, Powder Mountain, and Snowbasin are more highlighted. 

Since these ski areas are close to Salt Lake City International Airport, you can quickly get there. On the other hand, Utah offers many affordable ski resorts compared with the ski resorts in Colorado.   

Here’s the list of the 15 best ski resorts in Utah with information to have a perfect ski vacation.  

Ski Resorts in Utah

1. Deer Valley Resort 

Deer Valley is a beautiful ski area in Utah. Having first-class facilities, this ski area offers a good mix of terrain for any skier. Therefore, it has been recognized as a part of the IKON Pass program. 

Also, since it is known as a skiers-only resort with superb ski-in/ski-out lodging, thousands of skiers attract from all over the world.  

Deer Valley Ski Resort’s superb customer service, exceptional grooming, the ski school, and the limited number of tickets per day to avoid heavy crowds are the most attractive features. (But, it does not accept snowboarders) 

Deer Valley Ski Resort
Deer Valley Ski Resort

Spreading over 2000 acres with six mountains, this ski area has over 100 runs. Especially, Flagstaff, Empire Mountains, and Bald areas are ideal for family skiers, while Lady Morgan Mountain is ideal for adventure seekers. 

Also, its ski school considers one of the best in the country as well.

On the other hand, the resort is always ready to offer you delicious food and comfortable lodging (burning fireplaces, comfortable seating,  towering windows, scenic views, etc.). 

Since it is located just 45 minutes (38 miles) away from Salt Lake City International Airport and just 2 miles away from downtown Park City, you can easily get there.  

Well, when considering all the above facilities, it has to be expensive. So yes, of course, Deer Valley Ski Resort is not an economical ski resort in Utah.

But, if you are looking for a comfortable and safe ski vacation with your family, Deer Valley Ski Resort is ideal since they have a state-licensed child care facility for non-skiing children. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.deervalley.com

Address:  2250 Deer Valley Dr. S, Park City, UT 84060, United States

2. Ski Resorts in Utah: Park City Mountain

Park City Mountain Resort is one of the finest ski resorts in Utah. Located 32 miles away from Salt Lake City International Airport (just a 45 minutes drive), Park City is the largest lift-served terrain in the United States.

And also, it is the second-largest ski resort in Utah as well. (the largest one is Powder Mountain). So, obviously, this unbeatable ski town should be an essential ski destination for any skier and boarder.

7,300 acres of exciting skiable terrains, base, superb ski infrastructure, suitability for any skier level, and receiving 30 feet of consistent snowmaking each season are the most highlighted features of Park City.

The resort, which is included in EPIC Pass, has two separate areas with unique features.

Park City Mountain Ski Resort
Park City Mountain Ski Resort

Canyon Village is the largest area, and it is ideal for skiers looking for a real mix of terrain. On the other hand, Canyon has a sensation surrounding with wonderful restaurants and many entertaining events. Especially during the spring, you can participate in concerts at the Canyon Village.

Park City Mountain Village area is ideal for new skiers and experts because there are some simple and challenging areas.

However, both these areas boast 330 skis run through 17 peaks.

Park City Mountain
Park City Mountain

Apart from ski experiences, Park City offers you more. Since it is an authentic Old West mining town, there are plenty of things to do. For example, visiting the vibrant Main street, enjoying the Annual Sundance Film Festival, having delicious food at great restaurants, and staying at scenic lodgings.

Yes, of course, Park City is not just a ski village; it has more than that. That’s why it attracts thousands of visitors annually. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.parkcitymountain.com

Address: 1345 Lowell Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States   

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3. Snowbird Ski Resort 

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is almost heaven for experts and intermediate skiers in the world. So, this challenging terrain is not suitable for beginners.

Opened in 1971, this ski area offers you great snowboarding and alpine skiing experiences.

Located in the Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, it is connected to Alta on the AltaBird pass (a joint ticket).

These two resorts get a large amount of snow with long ski seasons. Therefore, it attracts many skiers year-round.

Having an efficient lift system, Snowbird offers you a 125-passenger tram to see the mountain’s surroundings. Then, you will realize Snowbird is undoubtedly one of the most scenic ski resorts in the world.

Snowbird Ski Resort Utah

On the other hand, Snowbird offers you an exciting tunnel through the mountain. It takes the skiers through a “ski-through” mining museum.

Since it is just 32 miles (40 minutes) away from Salt Lake City International Airport, any skier can quickly get there. Snowbird is one of the most scenic ski resorts in Utah as well.

But, the Snowbird ski area does not offer many delicious restaurants, entertaining nightlife, and comfortable lodging options like other ski resorts in Utah. Even the base is very simple with limited facilities.

But, since it has a considerable attraction, we can expect some improved restaurant facilities in near future. For example, expanding the Summit restaurant, Cliff Lodge, and Forklift Restaurant.

However, if you are really into skiing, do not miss Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort when you are in Utah. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.snowbird.com

4. Ski Resorts in Utah: Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area is a wonderful ski area in the Western United States (at the end of Little Cottonwood Valley).

Located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Alta Ski Area spreads for 2,614 acres. Its base elevation is around 8,530 ft, and it rises to 11,068 ft for a vertical gain of 2,538 ft.

As mentioned above, Alta Ski Area is connected with Snowbird Ski Resort via AltaBird pass. So, usually, the skiers enjoy skiing in Alta terrains in the morning and shift to Snowbird’s terrains in the afternoon.

But, Alta is suitable for experts and intermediate skiers, and beginners because it has one of the best ski schools in the United States.

Having a world-class extreme terrain, terrains ideal for beginners, easy access, situated close to Salt Lake International Airport (just 32 miles away), and being part of both Mountain Collective and IKON ski pass programs are the most highlighted features of Alta Ski Area.

Alta Ski Area Utah
Alta Ski Area Utah

Also, its incredible powdery snow (with nearly 42 feet of annual fall) and less crowd make it more attractive for skiers around the world, especially for beginners.

If you are looking for a day trip from Salt Lake City with your family and kids, Alta is a good option. In addition, your kids can learn how to ski because Alta Ski School offers full-day ski teaching programs for kids.

Opened in 1938, this old-school, skiers-only resort has six main lifts. It has two bases. The main base is Wildcat which offers you parking facilities and other skier facilities, while the other base Albion offers you the exciting ski school. Since Albion is located a little above the canyon, there are limited parking facilities.

Like Snowbird Ski Resort, Alta also doesn’t feature more entertaining nightlife, comfortable lodging, delicious restaurants, and shopping options. Instead, there’s only a handful of lodges at the base with basic facilities. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.alta.com

Address: 10010 Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Alta, UT 84092, United States

5. Ski Resorts in Utah: Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain is a vast ski area that contains over 154 separate trails, 9 lifts, 2 terrain parks, and some resort facilities. Actually, this is the largest ski resort in North America, with 8,464 acres of skiable terrain.

Just like its name, there are lots of powder in this ski area. Since it allows a limited crowd (only 1500 skiers and riders per day), you can get a free, uncrowded skiing experience. Especially, the beginners can join with its cheap cat skiing experience.

Powder Mountain Utah
Powder Mountain Ski Resort

Out of 8,464 acres, about 3,800 acres are accessible via nine lifts. You can reach the rest of the area on a Snowcat Powder Safari.

The closest airports to Powder Mountain are (56 miles- just a 1.5-hour drive) and Ogden-Hinckley Airport (25 miles- just a 45 minutes drive).

But, if you are after entertainment, shopping, world-class restaurants, and comfortable lodgings, Powder Mountain is not ideal for you. This area is just for visitors who are mad at skiing. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.powdermountain.com

Address: 6965 E Powder Mountain Rd, Eden, UT 84310, United States  Phone: +1 801-745-3772

6. Ski Resorts in Utah: Snowbasin Resort

Snowbasin Resort is another fantastic ski resort in the Western United States. Known for a value resort in Utah, it has a luxury day lodge and excellent on-mountain dining.

And also, Snowbasin has a variety of terrains with tons of verticals. (over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain and 3,000 feet of vertical terrains)

This ski area contains three terrain parks named Blue Grouse, Littlecat, and Orson’s, targeting freestyle skiers and boarders with various abilities. In addition, a gondola, a tram, and nine lifts are well placed around the mountain.

Snowbasin Ski Resort Utah
Snowbasin Ski Resort

But, it attracts fewer crowds compared with other ski resorts in Utah.  So, there are no overcrowd problems at all.

There are two airports close to Snowbasin Resort. The closest one is Ogden-Hinckley Airport which is located just 22 miles (30 minutes drive) away. And the other one is Salt Lake International Airport which is located 45 miles (50 minutes drive) away.

This resort features some attractive mountain lodges which were built for the 2002 Olympics. If you visit the top on a clear day, you may see the neighboring states beautifully.

Do not expect to have a base village or any slopeside accommodation at Snowbasin. So, you have to book your accommodation in Ogden, a small town located just 30 minutes away from Snowbasin. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.snowbasin.com

Address: 3925 Snow Basin Rd, Huntsville, UT 84317, United States  Phone: +1 801-620-1000

7. Ski Resorts in Utah: Brighton Resort 

Being Utah’s first ski area, Brighton Resort is a family-friendly ski resort in Utah. They offer free skiing for kids 10 and under. So, it is famous as an affordable family ski destination.

On the other hand, Brighton is connected with Solitude Mountain via SolBright pass. Also, Brighton is a member of the IKON pass program too.

Brighton gets good snow year-round (42 feet of snow a season) but attracts less crowd than other resorts in Utah. So, there are no overcrowd problems at all.

Although it is a small ski area (0ver 1000 acres), it offers four unique parts of the mountain with a variety of terrain that is ideal for any skill level.

Brighton Resort Utah
Brighton Resort

Yes, Brighton is all about skiing and boarding. And it has all the on-hill equipment as well. Therefore, all of its perfect terrains are accessible via high-speed quads improved by a magic carpet. So, anyone can quickly make it to tough verticals.

If you are looking for night skiing, it is available at Brighton from early December to March.

Are you looking for a family day trip to the mountains from Salt Lake City? Brighton Resort is a wonderful choice.

Since it is located just 35 miles away from Salt Lake International Airport, you can easily get there within 45 minutes.

(Do not expect anything else apart from skiing at Brighton. Ex: luxury lodgings and restaurants are limited)

Official website: https://brightonresort.com

Address: 8302 S Brighton Loop Rd, Brighton, UT 84121, United States  Phone: +1 801-532-4731

8. Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort is not a famous ski resort among tourists. But, it is a hidden gem that is famous only among locals. So, if you are looking for a less crowded tree skiing experience through real powder, Solitude Mountain is perfect.

Located at the end of Big Cottonwood Valley, Solitude is really a quiet area that spreads over 1,200 acres with 3 bowls and 80 runs.

And it is ideal for intermediate and beginner skill levels. For those who are looking for more challenging terrains, visit Honeycomb Canyon. 

Solitude Mountain’s layout is more suitable for families. Also, since all the runs end at the main lifts, getting lost is impossible.

Solitude Mountain Resort Utah
Solitude Mountain Resort

There are two base areas in Solitude Mountain Resort. Entry 1 is the main base area that contains Moonbeam lodge and a parking area. So, it is suitable for day-trippers.  

On the other hand, Entry 2 features a cute village area and condos. Parking is limited at Entry 2. If you are looking for restaurants, you need to walk along the village streets because there are no slope-side restaurants. However, this village area offers entertaining dining options, especially in the evenings.    

Also, there are some excellent on-hill dining options. Ex: Himalayan-styled Roundhouse.   

As mentioned earlier, you can find accommodation options only from the village area. It features a minimal amount of private homes, townhomes, and condominiums under the management of Solitude Mountain Resort.  

Being a part of the IKON pass program, Solitude offers you many unique skiing opportunities.  

This wonderful ski area is located just 45 minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport. So, surely add it to your Utah bucket list. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.solitudemountain.com

Address: 12000 Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Solitude, UT 84121, United States Phone: +1 801-534-1400

9. Sundance Mountain Resort

Located just an hour away from Salt Lake City and 30 minutes away from Provo, Sundance Mountain Resort is a great ski area in Utah. 

Opened in 1969 by the famous actor Robert Redford, it is one of the oldest ski resorts as well. Having simple and charming wooden cabins and restaurants, Sundance offers you breathtaking views as well. 

Sundance Mountain Resort Utah
Sundance Mountain Resort

This is a small ski area compared with others in Utah. But, spreading over 450 acres and 42 runs, it offers a huge range of runs (green, blue, and black).

Also, Sundance Mountain Resort offers all the facilities, including a famous ski school, a terrain park, a winter zip line, and night skiing chances. Therefore, add it to your list and grab all the experiences. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.sundanceresort.com

10. Ski Resorts in Utah: Cherry Peak Ski Resort

Cherry Peak Ski Resort is the newest ski resort in Utah. Opened in 2014, it is located https://www.skicpr.com/in Logan’s Cherry Canyon in the Bear River Mountains. 

Since it is a new one, obviously it features many facilities.

The most highlighted features are: having 3 triple chair lifts, a 5 lane tubing hill, a 500 Foot magic carpet for learning, wonderful ice skating opportunities, an exciting night skiing area, and adventurous mountain biking opportunities. 

Cherry Peak Ski Resort Utah
Cherry Peak Ski Resort

Spreading over 200 acres of skiable area, it contains various terrain suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts. 

So, you can have a perfect skiing holiday at Cherry Peak Ski Resort. Since it is located just 15 miles away from Logan and 3.7 miles away from downtown Richmond, you can easily get there. 

If you are planning to visit with a group of friends or family, the resort offers you special group discounts as well. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.skicpr.com

Address: 3200 E 11000 N, Richmond, UT 84333, United States  Phone: +1 435-200-5050

11. Ski Resorts in Utah: Eagle Point Resort

Eagle Point Resort is located in Bever, Central Utah, offers you a wonderful terrain park and backcountry opportunities.

Especially, its dynamic skiing chances attract thousands of ski beginners, intermediates, and experts. Moreover, since it is southern Utah’s steepest and deepest ski resort, it is more suitable for adventure seekers. 

Spreading over 650 acres of skiable area, Eagle Point Resort features 39 runs and 5 different lifts well placed in the mountain.   

Eagle Point Resort Utah
Eagle Point Resort

Its professionally designed terrain park is also one of the most highlighted features. 

On the other hand, this resort area offers entertaining opportunities with live music and delicious dining, especially on the weekend evenings. (Ex: at Canyonside Lodge Bar & Grill) Also, you can find plenty of comfortable ski-in/ski-out accommodation options in the village area.

Eagle Point Resort offers you a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere with a fair pricing structure as a prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence holder.

As it is located just 17 miles away from downtown Bever, you can easily get there. If you are coming from Las Vegas, it is just a 3-hour drive. 

So, plan your ski holiday with Eagle Point Resort. (Ski Resorts in Utah)  

Official website: http://www.eaglepointresort.com

Address: 150 S W Village Cir, Beaver, UT 84713, United States  Phone: +1 435-438-3700

12. Nordic Valley Ski Resort

Welcome to Utah’s largest night skiing area with 100% lights all over the mountain, Nordic Valley Ski Resort

It features a small ski area with over 120 skiable acres that attract many beginners and intermediates. Also, there are 22 runs and 4 lifts to facilitate the skiers.    

Since Nordic Valley is ideal for beginners, it features a nice ski school as well. So, if your kids willing to learn how to ski, take them here. 

Nordic Valley Ski Resort Utah
Nordic Valley Ski Resort

Also, this resort features comfortable on-mountain lodging (Mountain Luxury Lodging), fine restaurants (Nordic Valley Grill), and many other summer activities.

Yeah, there are plenty of exciting summer activities to do in Nordic Valley. For example, hiking, mountain biking, camping, slipping and sliding, playing disc golf, and many others. 

When considering all the above features, Nordic Valley Ski Resort is definitely a wonderful family holiday destination in Utah for winter and summer. So, plan it now. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.nordicvalley.ski

Address: 3567 Nordic Valley Way, Eden, UT 84310, United States  Phone: +1 801-745-3511

13. Beaver Mountain Ski Area

Beaver Mountain Ski Area is a family-owned and family-oriented ski resort in Southern Utah. Being one of the oldest ski resorts in the United States, it was opened in 1939.

Having over 828 skiable acres, Beaver Mountain has well-maintained slopes that are suitable for any kind of skill level. But, beginners and intermediates mostly attract to this ski area. It treats them with 48 wonderful runs and 6 lifts. 

Beaver Mountain Ski Area Utah
Beaver Mountain Ski Area

Since it is located near the summit of Logan Canyon in the Bear River Mountains, it offers breathtakingly scenic views.      

On-mountain services include Beaver Yurt Lodge, Beaver Mountain Grill Restaurant, and an exciting ski school. So, if your kids love to learn skiing, Beaver Mountain Ski School is perfect.   

On the other hand, as it is just 27 miles away from Logan and 3 miles away from the Idaho border, anyone can easily get there. (Ski Resorts in Utah)

Official website: https://www.skithebeav.com

Address: 40000 East, US-89, Garden City, UT 84028, United States  Phone: +1 435-946-3610

14. Ski Resorts in Utah: Brian Head Ski Resort

Brian Head Ski Resort is a family-friendly ski resort located close to almost every state in the United States.

Yes, it is located near Southern Utah, Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas (3 hours away). So, no matter where you live, Brian Head is surely close to you.   

Affordable prices, great snow, and an uncrowded ski area are the most highlighted features of this ski resort. 

Brian Head Ski Resort Utah
Brian Head Ski Resort

Spreading over 650 acres of beautiful skiing area, this resort contains 71 runs, 2 high-speed quad lifts, 3 surface conveyors, and 6 fixed-grip lifts. And it is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and expert skiers. 

Brian Head offers other fun winter activities as well. Ex: snow tubing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. 

Apart from winter activities, this ski resort offers you fine dining, shopping, spa amenities, and other entertainment chances. So, plan your family holiday with Brian Head Ski Resort for this winter. (Ski Resorts in Utah)    

Official website: https://www.brianhead.com

Address: 329 UT-143, Brian Head, UT 84719, United States  Phone: +1 435-677-2035

15. Ski Resorts in Utah: Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City is a forested mountain complex that offers wonderful snowboarding, snow tubing, skiing, and indoor tumbling experiences.

This year-round action sports destination spreads over 60 acres with 11 runs and 4 lifts. And, it attracts more beginners and intermediate skiers in the winter. But, there are some advanced terrains for experts as well.   

Woodward Park City Utah
Woodward Park City

On the other hand, you can enjoy mountain biking and hiking experiences at Woodward Park City during the summer, spring, and fall. 

What is your plan? Winter or summer?

Official website: https://www.woodwardparkcity.com

Address: 3863 Kilby Rd, Park City, UT 84098, United States  Phone: +1 435-658-2648

Ski Resorts in Utah