Top 5 Outdoor Camping ‘Hacks’ For Beginner to Intermediate Campers

Top 5 Outdoor Camping 'Hacks'

Every camping experience teaches us something new; whether we learn how to use our gear more efficiently or cook better, there’s always room for improvement. However, after a while, most campers develop certain habits and tend to stick with them as if they were ‘rules’ of sorts.

If you want to make your camping trips a bit more creative and practical, stay awhile as we list the top 5 outdoor camping hacks for beginner to intermediate campers:

Top 5 Outdoor Camping ‘Hacks’

1. Foam Flooring

Arguably the most convenient camping hacks of all time, the use of foam flooring in the context of camping is actually far more popular than you might think. Tiles of foam that kids usually play with are all you need to turn any rough terrain into a smooth, comfortable carpet.

First and foremost, this hack is more useful for beginner campers, as intermediate-level outdoor enthusiasts are either accustomed to or downright favor the rocky earth over cozy floorings.

One of the main reasons why you should start implementing this hack is that you will begin associating your camping experiences with comfort rather than back pain and muscle cramps. Although these may be an integral part of camping life for seasoned veterans, they don’t have to be for you.

Foam tiles are generally inexpensive, but depending on how much ground you want to cover, you may need to create a bit of extra space. If packaged properly, foam tiles shouldn’t take up more room than a few mid-sized backpacks (and could be stored in such).

2. Drying your shoes with newspapers

Although more experienced campers tend to plan ahead in case rain befalls their trip, beginners and many intermediate-level outdoorsmen tend to think on their feet in such a scenario. In this case, thinking about the feet is equally important as quickly adapting to these unpleasant circumstances.

Contrary to what many people think, wet feet do not directly cause flu or any type of illness, although they do lower body temperature, which in turn causes us to feel sick. It’s always smart to bring spare shoes, but if you didn’t, you should put a few newspaper pages inside your shoes; this will help them dry significantly quicker and prevent any potential damage.

Dry cloth – or even a dry shirt can be used instead of newspapers in a pinch, although dry clothes should be prioritized for wearing purposes, especially if rain caught you before you managed to set up your tents.

3. Camping Checklist Prioritization

Although some would argue that the issue of a camping checklist boils down to personal preferences, the fact is that camping gear can be divided into three categories – essential, luxury, and optional.

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Without the essential items, the trip is most likely to be ruined; the luxury gear is great to have if you have ample storage space, while optional items can be useful, but they’re not even remotely as important as the gear from the other two categories.

The prime example of a must-have item is a lightweight tent; on the other hand, a luxury item would be a roomy, somewhat heavier tent, which is perfect for RV and truck campers. You’ll need to think about solutions for sleeping, so one of the examples in this field would be a waterproof sleeping bag; a luxury sleeping bag would feature extra zippers, better insulation, and built-in comfort pads.

Optional items are usually the things campers personally like, but they aren’t game-changing items, such as speakers, guitars, or books.

The point of this camping hack is to help beginner, and intermediate campers understand the importance of camping checklist prioritization. Even if you have more space than you need, you don’t need to bring every item that comes to mind. Packing light also allows you to shift your camping trip into a hiking experience, while hauling heavy gear makes this almost impossible.

4. Instant Coffee for beginners, Easy French Press for intermediate campers

Most coffee lovers can’t even imagine waking up without a steaming cup of this wonderful beverage, and it’s pretty safe to say that brewing coffee outdoors is fairly difficult if you’re trying it for the first time.

That’s why instant coffee packs are absolutely ideal for beginner campers; you’ll only need to bring a stove and use a few of your water supplies. Once the water starts to boil, simply sip the contents of the instant coffee packages into your cups, pour the hot water, and mix.

Intermediate campers can enjoy instant coffee with their friends, but learning how to brew French Press outdoors shouldn’t be so difficult. You may want to consider a French Press model that was specifically designed for camping and outdoor use, as these tend to be a bit easier to use in addition to being sturdier.

Simply add coarse grounds of coffee to your French press, fill it partially with water, and gently stir; wait roughly four minutes before pushing the plunger, and you’ll have a batch of wonderfully tasting coffee for several people.

5. Detergent dispensers can be used as DIY washing stations

Empty dispensers can be used as hand-washing stations, which are even more useful and valuable in today’s pandemic times. Simply empty whichever dispenser container you have and fill it with water. If you have any DIY skills, you may want to replace the faucet, as the ones built into detergent dispensers are usually made of flimsy plastic.

Additionally, you may also want to attach a paper-holding feature on top of it; you can buy a toilet paper holder in the store or make one yourself. To complete the contraption, attach another holder on either of its sides for soap dispensers.

If you don’t feel too confident in creating a portable hand-washing station, you can also purchase pre-made camping toilet facilities, such as portable showers, portable sinks, and such. Having these on your campsite will allow your camping buddies to maintain a high level of hygiene, which can be even more useful for longer camping expeditions.

We hope that this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new today that will help you as a beginner or intermediate camper. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through, and have a good one, guys!