Top 7 Places for a Weekend Away in the United Kingdom

Top 7 Places for a Weekend Away in the United Kingdom

Planning a weekend in the United Kingdom but don’t know where to go? Then this article is perfect for you! Here are our top 7 holiday destinations in the UK. Plan your recreation activities with ease. 


This is the largest city in Somerset, England. Founded in the 7th century, the city was at first known as a religious place. In the 17th century, everything changed, when the healing properties were discovered in the nearby springs’ waters. Since then, Bath has become popular for its spa services. It was named after Roman-built baths – one of the famous attractions for tourists.

Bath has a great variety of activities to do during the weekend:

  • Have a walk! Stroll down the cobbled streets, where a lot of interesting historical buildings and monuments are situated. The city is popular for its picturesque landscapes with green hills. If you are not keen on walking long distances, then hire a car for under 21 drivers to make movement more convenient.


  • Try fantastic sweets in the local Fudge Factory. This place sells the finest handmade fudges in Bath. Apple and cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, and more flavors are waiting for you in Fudge Factory!
  • Discover Roman Baths. These are ancient thermae, which are known as a popular attraction in Bath. The buildings are modified for modern usage and opened for tourists! Watch the thermal springs, created by nature, explore the main constructions and the nearest ruins, and enjoy a walk on the old pavements.
  • Take a look at the Pulteney bridge. It’s a beautiful construction that is laid across the local river. Made of stone, the bridge reaches 45 ft in length.
  • Visit Holburne Museum. This is a perfect place for art lovers! There are plenty of programs you can choose from, such as workshops, art tours, events for family, etc.

The Carbis Bay

Do you like attending beaches? Visit Carbis Bay! A small town in Cornwall, that is situated on one of the St Ives Bay’s coasts. The Atlantic Ocean waters wash the shores of this seaside resort. The beach is popular for family trips and vacations.

One of the most beautiful natural attractions of Carbis Bay is the sea coast. Tourists like this place for its picturesque landscapes and fantastic waters. The beach is also good for recreation and relaxation. There is an opportunity to have a good time swimming, playing tennis, boating, and surfing!

The village is small, but it still has other interesting attractions. For example, you can visit a parish church that is devoted to St Anna. This place is known for keeping the ring of ten bells. The other place you can go to is the John Knill monument.

If you think about a place to stay, you can make a reservation in the Carbis Bay Hotel. This building is one of the most beautiful ones in Carbis Bay. The hotel was built by Silvanus Trevail in 1894. You can book a beach lodge, or stay in a beach house right near the seashore. There are also various special spa offers!

The Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is a great place to visit if you enjoy active activities! It’s an old volcano and the highest peak of the Edinburgh hills. It reaches 822 ft in height. The age of the hill is approximately 335 million years! The name of the mountain is associated with the legendary King Arthur.

According to one of the theories, it was here that the Camelot castle was located, in which Arthur gathered the knights of the round table. There is an observation deck on the peak. The nature of Arthur’s Seat is protected in order to save the common representatives of flora and fauna.

The place is popular for its panoramic views of Edinburgh and its surroundings.  Arthur’s Seat is also a type of mountain that is quite easy to climb. Hillwalking is one of the main activities that you can try there.

Scaling is available almost from every site around the peak, but still, there are some even easier ways. For example, try the eastern part of Arthur’s Seat. There you can see Dunsapie Loch and slopes, covered with grass.

Arthur’s Seat is situated not too far from Edinburgh. It takes only 13 minutes to get there if you have an automobile. If you don’t have it, then book a car hire. The foot route takes 47 minutes.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness
Loch Ness

Located in the Scottish Highlands, this loch and its surroundings attract thousands of tourists annually. Loch Ness is known as a freshwater lake, which is one of the largest in Scotland.

The nearby soil contains a large amount of peat, which causes low visibility of the loch’s waters. There’s a famous legend about the Loch Ness monster, that made this place extremely popular among the tourists.

Loch Ness region can offer a lot of tours that you can try during your fantastic weekend there. There are one-day trips, campfire dinners, private excursions, and more.

You can visit not only the famous lake but also some historical buildings, such as Drumnadrochit or Fort Augustus. Stay in one of the nearby hotels, such as the Lovat hotel, and experience the breathtaking beauty of nature!

The nearest city to the Loch Ness region is Inverness. The way from Inverness to Loch Ness usually takes 30 minutes by car. If you don’t have your own automobile, then it’s a good option to rent a vehicle. If you are a young driver under 21 years old, you will be able to hire a car with ease.

Potters Resort

This place is located in Hopton-on-Sea, on the sea coast. Opened in 1920, it became the first permanent resort in the UK where people could stay in wooden houses. Potters Resort is owned privately by the John Potter family and has received five stars as one of the best holiday camps.

Among the available accommodations, there are bungalows and hotel rooms. There are approximately 260 timber huts that are constructed for different groups. Speaking of the hotel, there are about 100 rooms.

There are several options for those who want to stay in Potters Resort. For example, you can book a 3-night reservation with a great variety of activities to choose from. There are a couple of swimming pools and a gym.

There are also areas for different kinds of sports, such as squash, table tennis, badminton, golf, etc. Various programs, provided by Potters Resort, offer demonstrations, courses, and interesting quizzes.

Speaking of a meal, guests can attend dining halls and venues, where they can have breakfast, dinner, and supper. There are a couple of restaurants and bars available for guests. Some of them are open on specific days of the week.

The Cotswolds

The best place for those who like cottages and the beautiful countryside. This region is located in the central-southwest of England. The presence of Jurassic limestone and bedrock there caused the creation of grassy landscapes that are rare in the UK.

The Cotswolds is one of the biggest protected sceneries in the United Kingdom. The size of the area is approximately 2,038 km2. The region has plenty of villages and towns with stone-built houses and fantastic local gardens.

You can visit plenty of various local attractions. One of them is Beverston Castle – one of the oldest places of interest in the Cotswolds. The other important historical place is Chavenage House, which has been standing since 1576.

Visitors can enjoy a stroll along popular public routes, like Cotswold Way. This road passes by Sudeley Castle, Somerset Monument, Hailes Abbey, and even more amazing historical attractions!

One of the most popular accommodations in the area is a cottage. At the same time, there are other options, like White Hart Royal Hotel or the Slaughters Country Inn.

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion
The Royal Pavilion

The other name for this building is Brighton Pavilion, which is situated in the south of England, in Brighton. The palace used to be a seaside residence of British kings. The Royal Pavilion has gone through many renovations and changes, but the modern appearance was created by John Nash in 1815.

The building is considered to be a wonderful example of the architecture of the 1810s, which was built in the Eastern style.

Since Brighton bought the building from Queen Victoria, the popularity of this place among the tourists increased. After a while, the Royal Pavilion became a public place of interest. Nowadays, over 400,000 visitors come to see this building every year. It serves as a museum of history and a certified place for weddings.

There are plenty of activities that can make your holiday colorful and memorable. For example, you can explore the building and take a lot of travel photos together with your family.

Visit the Royal Garden to see fantastic plants, maintained by volunteers who use organic techniques only. Participate in various tours or download audio guides to listen to them while walking inside the building. Families with children are welcome!
The opening hours vary depending on the season, but generally, the place is open daily.