Travel Germany – A Land where Combines Love, Art and History

Berlin as the capital of Germany, it is Europe’s third most tourists attracted city. There are plenty of reasons for that. This is a total package of history, museums, art and culture, architectural beauty, and many more entertaining items like bars and clubs. There is no bad time to visit Berlin in the year. But May is full of festivals and celebrations with a warm climate around. The most highlighted destination in Berlin is the Brandenburger Tor in Historic Mitte.

The symbolic historical German Parliament Reichstag, UNESCO site Museuminsel, and Berlin Wall are the next top destinations. Holocaust memorial and Schloss Charlottenberg are also some attractive places. But, nightlife in Berlin and street arts are unforgettable experiences for a traveler. Berlin has the world’s best bars and clubs with amazing views and unique vines.

Germany is a land that combines love, art, and history. The following places in Germany will prove it. So, add them to your bucket list.

Munich and Bavaria


When you hear the name of Munich, Oktoberfest cannot be ignored, because, it is the biggest festival of celebrating beer and other drinks with over six million people in Europe. Here “Beer” is one of the most famous things to the world and called “the city of Art and Beer”. Munich is located in Southern Germany as the gateway to the German Alps. This is a city of combining traditional things with high technology or the Bavarian living style. Marienplatz is the city central square you should visit in Munich.
There are world-class museums like Pinakothek der Moderne, the beautiful parks like “English Garden”, the world’s biggest beer garden (Hirschgarten), and one more benefit are that Munich is more kid-friendly. So, the whole family can enjoy the capital of Bavaria. In southwest Bavaria, you have another big surprise to watch. That is the amazing Schloss Neuschwanstein (castle in Fussen). Don’t forget to add it too.   


Cologne is Germany’s largest Christmas market and shopping capital. It has 30 amazing museums including the Chocolate Museum which gives you an idea about the art of making chocolates. Apart from that, it has a very tall Roman Catholic cathedrals in the world. Rhine promenade in Cologne will give you amazing views of the romantic Rhine River for your camera. Also, you can get a river cruise in the Rhine and explore more.


As the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt has everything to enjoy. Experience the skyscrapers like Main Tower, enjoy in Frankfurt’s spring fairs, relaxing in botanical gardens, have a drink at Frankfurt’s Cider taverns, and walk along the roads full of museums around. German Fil Museum, Stadel the art Museum, Senckenberg Museum which highlights the natural history of Germany is some of the popular museums around. 


Hamburg, which is located in northern Germany, offers you beautiful sea views, Because, it includes the North Sea, Elbe River, large working harbors, and plenty of canals. Therefore, Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice to connect the lands. The most attractive places can be listed as 800 years old Hamburg harbor, the oldest fish market, world-class museums, Church of St. Michaelis, and Japanese garden Planten Un Blomen. Apart from them, the nightlife of Hamburg is so wonderful with world-class seafood recipes.  
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