Travel Split Croatia: A Place with Real Dalmatian Life

Split is one of the best cities in Croatia to experience the real Dalmatian life. And it is the second largest city in Croatia with magnificent ancient and natural destinations. On the other hand, Split has features of both traditional and modern to enjoy by any kind of travelers. Most importantly, this city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most eye catching Roman monuments. Apart from those ancient things, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and a partying climate in Split. Following destinations are the best for all the travelers, not to miss in your travel Split, Croatia.

Cathedral of St Domniu: Best in your travel Split, Croatia

Cathedral of St Domnius is the most tourist visited destination in your travel Split, Croatia. On the other hand, this octagonal cathedral can be considered as one of the best preserved ancient Roman buildings in Europe. Initially, this was built as a tomb or mausoleum for Diocletian who was interred in here in AD 311. But in 5th century, Christians turned this tomb into a church which you can see currently. And, its Romanesque bell tower takes a special attraction. It was first constructed in between 13th to 16th centuries and reconstructed in 1908. You can get a separate ticket and view the old town from the top.  

Diocletian’s Palace: 2nd best choice in your travel Split, Croatia

Diocletian’s Palace is an amazing historic site in Split, Croatia. But, do not expect literally a palace. Because, this is a whole package which includes shops, bars, restaurants and ancient streets packed with people. This was built as a military fortress which also included imperial residence and fortified town. And the history says that the constructions were last for 10 years since 4th century. The white stones were imported from the island of Brac while marbles were imported from Italy and Greece. One of the different things about the Diocletian’s Palace is that the four gates are named as four different metal names. Like: Golden, Bronze, Silver and Iron gates. The other thing is that, there are 220 buildings inside this fortress and live around 3000 people. You can enjoy the streets, bars, ancient residences, eat deserts and many more.

Marjan Forest Park: 3rd best choice in your travel split, croatia

This amazing nature park occupies a large area of Split. And this is a kind of hill surrounded with fragrant pine forests. So, the climbers can experience the surreal views of city and surrounding islands once they made to the top. And also you can see 16th century Jewish cemetery, medieval chapels and cave dwellings on your journey in Marjan Forest Park. There’s a jogging rail to the end of the peninsula and a lot of lookout points in this forest park.

Salona: Archeological Site in Split

The ancient Salona built in 1898 is an archeologically important site in Croatia. Monsignor Frane Bulic was the architect designer of this amazing site. And, the ruins of Salona are situated in Northeast site of Salona. This town was known as an Illyrian town 119 BC. Then, Romans were seized it and converted into the administrative headquarters empire’s of Dalmatian Province in 78 BC. In 3rd century AD, the Emperor Diocletian was attracted to Split and built the palace. But when in the 7th century, the glory of the city was decayed with the invading of Avars and Slavs.

Most of the treasures in Salona are stored in Split’s Archeological Museum. Manastirine is a place where you can see numerous sarcophagi scattered everywhere. And Episcopal Center, Porta Caesarea and huge amphitheater, ruins of Five Martyrs Basilica are some other eye catching spots in Salona.

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is a beautiful castle in Split. This castle spreads along a limestone bluff, reaching 385m at its highest point. Inside the castle shows you a small museum with ancient swords, costumes, and many items related to the history of this fortress. And most importantly, you will definitely recognize this fortress as one the locations for Game of Thrones TV series (as Meereen). If you visit, still you can see there are some rooms arranged for the shootings of world famous TV series. And, Kliss is located in the Northeastern side and 12km away from the city center. Access for the Klis fortress is very easy, if you take the bus of 22 (13KN) from Split’s local bus station.

 Temple of Jupiter     

This an ancient Roman Temple built as a dedication for the king of the gods. There’s a bronze statue of St John the Baptist by Ivan Mestrovic. And also the original ceiling and decorative frieze are still available in this historic building. There are some items which represents the Egyptian culture as well.

Mestrovic Gallery in Split

Mestrovic is a gallery is a collection of the all artistic works of Ivan Mestrovic. He was a sculptor, writer and an artist in Croatia. But after the World War 2, he had migrated to USA by storing his all the great art works in this gallery in Split.

Archaeological Museum

Classical sculptures, mosaics and more ancient items are stored to visit in this excellent museum in Split. And also it includes some ancient Roman settlements, Greek poetry, ancient jewelry and coins. Inside and outside, many ancient items are arranged to visit in Archaeological Museum in Split.

Split City Museum

Split City Museum displays a lot of historically valuable items. And, Medieval sculptures, 17th century weapons, fine furniture, coins, documents and drawings are important in displaying items. This was built by Juraj Dalmatinac in 15th century. And most importantly, interior and the architecture represent the late-Gothic style.