Where’s Bora Bora Located? All You Need to Know

Where's Bora Bora Located

Most of the travelers have googled, “where’s Bora Bora located.” Because Bora Bora is considered the most beautiful island globally, everyone tries to visit at least once in their lifetime.

As the most famous island in the French Polynesian Archipelago, Bora Bora offers you plenty of beach activities and tons of unique experiences. So, here’s all you need to know about Bora Bora, the stunning volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean.

Where’s Bora Bora Located?

What country is Bora Bora located in?

Here’s the answer to “where’s Bora Bora Located?”. It is the most beautiful island in the country of French Polynesia. Actually, French Polynesia has more than 100 islands in the Pacific Ocean, and 67 are inhabited. But, Bora Bora is more special due to the huge attraction of tourists annually.

What country is Bora Bora located in

If I explain about French Polynesia, it considers as the overseas collectivity of France. It is exactly located in the latitude between 7° to 27° S and the longitude between 134° and 155° W in the south-central Pacific Ocean. And we can identify the major 5 archipelagoes. They are the Society Islands, Tuamotu, Marquesas Islands, Gambier Islands, and Tubuai Islands.

Where's Bora Bora Located All You Need to Know

Now you may think which archipelago is Boro Bora in. It is on the Society Island of French Polynesia. And 256km away to the northwest of Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia.

Bora Bora’s size is around 10km long and 4km wide, which means more than 30km² land area. In that small area, there are greeny mountains, volcanoes, and many more natural eye-catching things. And also, colorful coral reef resources, marine lives, lagoons are crystal blue water in the ocean that will blow your mind. (where’s Bora Bora located)

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Is Bora Bora part of the USA?

The pearl of the Pacific or Bora Bora is not a part of the USA. You can see in the above map; Bora Bora is located between South America and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. So, it is not a part of any of those countries either. But, it is a part of French Polynesia.

This island’s real name is “Pora Pora” since the “B” is not in the local alphabet. They normally use a mix of French and Tahitian languages. And the meaning of Pora Pora is “First Born.” That means the island is a very old one, like 7 million years old. But, it was first discovered in 1722.

What major country is Bora Bora near?

Tahiti is the closest island to Bora Bora. It is 257 km northwest of Bora Bora. But, Tahiti is not a country. It is also an island of French Polynesia. And on the south side of Bora Bora, nearly 4184 km away, Hawaii islands are there. Fiji and Tonga are also located near.

The Kingdom of Tonga is closer (2518km), and the inhabitants in Bora Bora are believed to have arrived from Tonga many years ago. But, Tonga’s majority of islands are still inhabited.

What major country is Bora Bora near?

Apart from the above small island countries, when considering the major countries near Bora Bora, like New Zealand, Australia, and the USA, New Zealand is the nearest one. There is 1492 km from New Zealand to Bora Bora. And from Australia to Bora Bora, there is 7619 km, while from the USA to Bora Bora, there is 8206 km.

Is Fiji close to Bora Bora?

Yes, there is 3107km from Bora Bora to Fiji Islands. You can see it on the above map. Travelers typically debate between going to Fiji or Bora Bora. Both islands have similar remote climate conditions and ocean resources.

So, mostly the honeymooners are more attracted to both of these islands. My personal opinion is Bora Bora has more to discover than Fiji. Of course, it is called the Pacific’s pearl and the most beautiful island in the world.

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Best time to visit Bora Bora

However, this island has a volcanic origin and is blessed with many natural resources. Even the climate is also just excellent. There’s no bad time to visit Bora Bora.

But, most of the travelers visit there in June, July, August, and September. Since the optimum climate is there to experience any activity. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Wet Season in Bora Bora

The summer in Bora Bora is not a good time to travel since it is a rainy season. Starting from November till April, there’s a rainy and unpredictable stormy climate. Although it is rainy, the temperature is relatively high with humidity.

From January to April, you can see the rainiest days of the year in Bora Bora. So, this rainy, cloudy and stormy offseason is not a suitable time to travel.

But there’s a plus point in that offseason as well. Normally Bora Bora is a high-cost luxury destination. Some packages and hotel prices are shockingly high. For example, Bora Bora is always at the top of the most expensive holiday destinations globally. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Of course, that stunning mother nature cannot price for low. But, budget travelers always have to dream of traveling Bora Bora. So, traveling in the offseason can be a good idea to reduce the high travel budget. On the other hand, there is no crowd in that season as well.

So, you can easily find a place to stay and feel nature freely. Because the travelers say that the offseason is not such a bad time to travel since there are some sunny days.

Dry Season Bora Bora

The Dry Season (May to October) is the peak season. You can see many tourists in this period since the rain is minimum. Therefore it is the best time for diving and snorkeling. July is the most crowded month out of all the other months. Because there are some local festivals in July. So, local people are also visiting the destinations in July. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Bora Bora Airport

After knowing “where’s Bora Bora Located,” now you should be planning a tour there. Actually, Bora Bora Airport is also known as Motu Mute Airport. Because it is located in the Bora Bora islet of Motu Mute, it means a boat transfer is essential to reach Bora Bora. And it was opened in 1943 to fulfill a significant transportation need in world war II.

Sadly, there are no direct international flights to Bora Bora Airport. So, travelers need to fly to Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti, first.

Then you will be transferred to an inter-island Air Tahiti Plane (a small propeller plane). And it will take around 50 minutes to reach Bora Bora. It is the only domestic carrier that works for French Polynesia.

That flight is just fantastic since you can see all the nearby Society Islands of French Polynesians passing through on the way. (Like Moorea, Raiatea, Tahaa). So do not forget to grab the window seat on that flight. (where’s Bora Bora located)

See below where’s Boro Bora located.

Bora Bora in Society Islands in French Polynesia

Bora Bora flights

There are frequent flights from Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Auckland, like major cities, to Faa’a International Airport in Papeete. It will take around 5 hours to fly from Auckland to Tahiti while reaching Los Angelis is approximately 8 hours. But from Tokyo, it will take about 12 hours.

Air Tahiti directly flies from Bora Bora to the islands like Huahine, Moorea, Maupiti, Fakarava, Raiatea, and Tikehau. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Cheap Flights to Bora Bora

Things to do in Bora Bora

Now you know the answer to “Where’s Bora Bora Located.” So, now close your eyes and think you are in an island paradise that exactly explains fairy tales. The French Polynesian Island Bora Bora is such a picturesque island. As a romantic gateway and heaven for adventure seekers, Bora Bora offers you a variety of experiences.

Since I have mentioned several times in this article that Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world, you must visit it at least once in your travel life. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Here are the most highlighted things to do in Bora Bora

Visit Bora Bora Sharks and Stingrays

Bora Bora is famous for its sharks and stingrays. Because they are not harmful, and you can even feed them. This thrilling experience is offering by several hotels and resorts, Bora Bora. It is a lagoon with shallow water, and you don’t need to snorkel to find them.

Visit Bora Bora Sharks and Stingrays

And the guides attract large stingrays and blacktip reef sharks. Those Bora Bora sharks are harmless, and they keep their distance and circle. But, in stingrays, some of them are gentle, playful, and can touch. They come near you asking for raw fish to eat. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Sail at Sunset in Bora Bora

Sunset cruises in Bora Bora are very famous since the environment in the evening is spectacular. The experience is even perfect for romantic couples. Whoever, after spending a busy life, watching the sunset in Bora Bora while on a cruise will be like meditation. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Have some evening snacks with champagne, and enjoy the beauty of nature on this island. If you feel like jumping into the water, it doesn’t matter as the water is still warm even at night.

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Visit Bora Bora Lagoon

Bora Bora’s lagoon is a priceless jewel for the island. I suggest you have a full-day tour to discover everything in this lagoon. As I explained at first, those friendly Bora Bora sharks and stingrays are staying in this lagoon. So, put that experience on top of the list. Then you can pay a visit to the coral garden to see the giant moray eels as well. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Do not forget to pack your lunch before you visit this thrilling lagoon.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bora Bora

Snorkeling is a must when you are in Bora Bora as it is heaven for snorkelers. There are so many spectacular and beautiful places for snorkeling in Bora Bora. For example, the site “The Lagoonarium” is a great place with unique corals with calm and clear water. Since it is located on the eastern side of Motu, you may have to take a kayak or boat ride to reach there.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Bora Bora

I suggest you hire a boat ride in the Pacific Ocean with snorkeling. There are such rides. They will point you to the best snorkeling places as well as take a ride in the Pacific Ocean through the views of rare marine lives near the beach. Like: sharks, manta rays.

On the other hand, if you like to dive, you can take advantage of that boat ride. Usually, Bora Bora is a famous scuba diving place for any level of a diver in the world. So, it is worth taking a try. Since the water is warm, anyone can enjoy scuba diving in Bora Bora. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Dolphin and whale watching

Are you a fan of whales? Me too. Bora Bora is such a marvelous place for whale watching. The only thing that you have to do is, travel to Bora Bora between July to November. Then you can catch the giant humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean.

As we all know, they annually attract tropical water for their breeding purposes; you can enjoy it in Bora Bora for sure. (where’s Bora Bora located)

And most importantly, you can see them while doing snorkeling. Don’t forget to keep your distance. And the favorite part is you can even hear their underwater singing tone when they come near your place. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Romantic Dinner in Bora Bora

Romantic Dinner in Bora Bora

Just imagine, only two of you have dinner on the white sand of the most beautiful island in the world. It surely will be an unforgettable memory for your life. Most of the resorts in Bora Bora offer private beach dinners with mouth-watering Polynesian food.

So, on a special day like your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or engagement, you plan such a tour in Bora Bora.

Or you can rent a fully equipped house in front of the beach for a very fair price. It will also be a lovely idea to cook yourself and serve your sweetheart. Bora Bora Beach House is ideal for that romantic idea.   (where’s Bora Bora located)

Take a bike ride around the island.

Bora Bora is a tiny island where you can complete the tour by bike. Just hire a bike and ride along the coastal road (32km) while exploring Polynesian people’s lifestyle, watching ancient temples, villages, and panoramic tropical surroundings. (where’s Bora Bora located)

View the Mount Otemanu

As I have explained earlier, Mount Otemanu is the highest peak and one of the volcanoes that have not erupted in recorded Bora Bora history. And it offers stunning views for any corner in Bora Bora. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Sadly, you cannot hike this mountain. But, you can get closer by hiking to Paoaoa Point. Once you reach there, you will see Mount Otemanu, boats in the sea, and the glowing lagoon.

Hiking Bora Bora mountains and valleys

Apart from the stunning beaches, Bora Bora offers you breathtaking hiking opportunities. Hire a guide and try one of them. Mount Pahia is such a hiking trail. This is a little tough one to climb, and even the trail is not marked. That’s why I suggest you hire a guide. (where’s Bora Bora located)

And also, I suggest this trail only for advanced hikers. Within 1.5 hours, they can reach the top and view the heaven located down.

Have dinner at Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora is a legendary place to eat in Bora Bora. No one skips this place once it reaches Bora Bora. The most highlighted feature of this place is, it is built with jungle timber and bamboo. So, it is cool inside.

Have dinner at Bloody Mary's Bora Bora
Bloody Mary’s Bora Bora

Except on Sundays, Bloody Mary’s offers cocktails, tasty lunch with fresh seafood recipes, dinner, and many more items. (where’s Bora Bora located)

Address: Povai Bay, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Enjoy the local life in Vaitape Village.

Away from the luxury beach resorts and experiences, if you are looking to discover more, visit Vaitape Village. There, you can really experience the local living style of Bora Bora. And you will realize how simple the lifestyle they have. 

Vaitape Village Bora Bora
Vaitape Village Bora Bora: expedia.co.uk

Watch Polynesian Fire Dancers

There are plenty of hip-shaking dances in Bora Bora. Out of them, the traditional Tahitian dancers’ high-speed flame twirling dance is just incredible. They are dressed uniquely with loincloths and show you exciting items.

Polynesian Fire Dancers Bora Bora
Fire Dancers Bora Bora

where’s Bora Bora located