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53 Best Things to Do in New Mexico, USA

53 Best Things to Do in New Mexico, USA

New Mexico is a diversified state in the USA filled with art, culture, diversified nature, interesting history, ruins, delicious food, and many more. Therefore obviously there are plenty of things to do in New Mexico for travelers.

I think that’s why over 35 million visitors attract to this amazing destination annually.

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the USA, it offers you diversified experiences from sweeping desert landscapes to busy lively tourist cities.

So, let’s discover the 53 best things to do in New Mexico, USA.

Things to Do in New Mexico

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

I think before touring around the state, it is better to know something about it. If you visit the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science actually you can know more. 

It will be the most interactive and fun thing to do in New Mexico. Especially, for kids. 

Locating in Albuquerque, New Mexico this museum contains some typical museum things like life-sized dinosaur skeletons and other fossil displays like things. 

But, it also contains volcano replicas, gemstone collections, and “learning garden” like fun stuff. Especially, in the learning garden, you can have fun in a “hallway of stars” (constellations are mapped on long, glowing walls). Or play in the dirt. 

On the other hand, if you are an animal lover, this museum offers you a chance to touch and feed the real wildlife that exists here. 

Yes, it is an awesome family-friendly place to visit on your New Mexico tour. Just add it to the top.  

Things to Do in New Mexico: White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is an iconic destination in New Mexico. In many photos of the state, you can see this desert with white color sand.

Yes, it is not just like an ordinary desert with brown, red, or orange sand. It is totally white in color because it is made with a rare form of white gypsum.    

Stretching for 275 miles, the white dunes and other various landscapes in this national monument attract plenty of tourists.   

You can even see some trees and bushes here and there. But do not expect to have shade here. It is totally exposed to the sun. So, do not forget to apply a good sunscreen.

On the other hand, you’ll find some wildlife like scorpions and antelopes. But, the fossil records say that there were dire wolves and saber-toothed cats like creatures as well.

Walking,  hiking, horseback riding, camping under the stars at night, backpacking, and many other outdoor activities are available in this awesome place for you. 

If you want to know more about White Sands National Monument, click the link to read the best travel guide.    

Things to Do in New Mexico: Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park is an adventurous thing to do in New Mexico. Because it contains amazing underground caves with twisting and winding passages.

Stretching for miles, you have to go through very dark tunnels in these caves.

And you will see spectacular calcite formations, stalactites displays, bat holes, mud pits, and limestone chambers like things inside the caves.

As there are so many bat holes you can see bat migrations as well. Yeah, seeing thousands of bats flying into the night sky at the same moment is just a crazy scene. But, only at the right time of the year.

Well, that is the story of under the ground in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. And there are so many things to do on the ground as well.

Like sightseeing the awesome nature of New Mexico, biking, hiking, driving, and picnicking.

Especially, there are mindblowing hiking trails for any level of hiker. On the other hand, it offers you fairy tale locations with fresh springs and flowers for picnicking.

Since there are a variety of things to do, this destination always comes on the top of New Mexico attractions.

International UFO Museum and Research Center

International UFO Museum and Research Center is located in Roswell, New Mexico. First I will tell you about the special feature of Roswell.

Actually, it is one of the most popular travel destinations for spaceships, aliens, and other spaces things. It sounds crazy, right?

Obviously, therefore Roswell is been used as film locations for some space-related TV shows like Star Trek.

Actually, there’s a considerable reason as well. It is the infamous Roswell UFO (unidentified flying objects) incident that happened in 1947. 

However, the International UFO Museum and Research Center is really a fun and unique place to visit in New Mexico. For those who are interested in UFOs, there are several things to see and do. 

The exhibits like meteorites, alien dissections, alien printed items to buy (posters, t-shirts, and mugs), eyewitness accounts about UFOs in the night sky, earth recording, photos, archives, videos, artifacts, and ongoing mysteries. 

So, visiting this place is just like touring out of the planet for a while. So, do you like it? Then, just add it to your New Mexico bucket list.  

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

I must say that Albuquerque is such an awesome city to visit in New Mexico. So, obviously, there are plenty of things to see and do in Albuquerque.    

One of the most colorful, scenic, and adventurous things to do is participating in the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. Yes, it is a very large and international event happening every fall (Usually in October).

Since a lot of hot air balloon enthusiasts are attracting to this event with their large hot air balloons you can have so much fun. 

And also this event hosts some live shows, showmanship competitions, and amateur races like things. 

On the other hand, since this is a fun event you can surely find delicious southwestern foods, drinks, music, games, and crafts as well.

You don’t believe it, but there are even educational programs that explain about state’s indigenous populations. 

So, filled with a variety of things to do including taking a hot air balloon ride, Albuquerque Hotair Balloon Fiesta is one of the top things to do when you are in New Mexico.  

Are you still going to miss this festive atmosphere? 

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Do you like to get a Swiss scenic train ride in the USA? Then, here’s the chance for that.

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad offer you a wonderful ride through rolling hills, mist-filled mountains, and various eye-catching landscapes. Just like a train ride in Switzerland.

Starting from New Mexico, you can enjoy some of the best views of the southwest area of the country until the train ride ends in Colorado.

On the other hand, the train is one of the oldest steam locomotives in the world and it runs like a vintage charm on this heritage railroad.

Once you get into it, you’ll surely feel cozy and comfortable. And also there are food and beverage to buy from the concession carts.

Well, if you are a budget traveler or backpacker, there are affordable discount coaches. Or if you are looking for a luxury ride, there are VIP coaches as well.

Also, there are some glass observation decks for every ticket type.

So, this is an awesome and unique vacation idea to try in New Mexico.

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Things to Do in New Mexico: Bandelier National Monument

If you are crazy about discovering various landscapes and natural wonders in New Mexico, USA, Bandelier National Monument will be one of your favorite places. 

It is a very old (dating back 1150 CE), beautiful and unique landscape that clearly highlights the rugged natural wilderness of New Mexico.  

The importance of this place is you can see historical relics of ancestral Pueblo tribes that were lives thousand years ago.

Therefore, it is believed that the existing structures were built by them.

Well, that is the historical story. As the visitors, you can enjoy the awesome views of the area by hiking and camping. And also the existing museum offers guided classes and nature walks as well.

On the other hand, the outdoor amphitheater hosts some sensational live musical shows and concerts.

If you are interested in Native American history, you should definitely visit this place. The masonry dwellings and their petroglyphs on the walls will surely impress you.

Actually, you can study a lot about the Pueblo people by visiting this historical, cultural, and gorgeous destination.

High Noon Restaurant and Saloon

New Mexico is filled with delicious southwestern cuisines. But, High Noon Restaurant is a very special one.

Specializing in southwestern food items, this awesome restaurant offers you a variety of flavors like Mexican, Spanish, Native American, and many more.

Embracing an Old West theme, it attracts many foodies every day. Following the theme, you can see statues of old Catholic saints and vine-covered walls like decors.

If you are so hungry on your tour, just head to High Noon Restaurant and have whatever you like.

And you can surely have an unforgettable southwestern meal (like corn with red peppers, crispy onions with salsa and guacamole, mojito, and delicious meat).

Just click the above link to know the exact menu.

Petroglyph National Monument

Petroglyphs National Monument is obviously filled with remnants of the indigenous New Mexico tribes. Actually, it considers the largest Petroglyphs collection in the whole of North America.  

So, if you like to know more about indigenous people, the way they lived, things they may have used, and to see thousands of drawings, carving, and etchings, this is the ideal place for you. 

There are marked walking and hiking trails that take you to those remnants. On the other hand, there are some tough treks into volcanic canyons and caverns like exciting things as well.    

Petroglyphs consider as a combination of Native American tribes and early Spanish gatherers. And their carvings show some massages, about animals, communications signs, about nature, and many more. 

So, if you are really interested in the history of New Mexico, you shouldn’t miss Petroglyphs National Monument. And you’ll surely love those old artworks done by Petroglyphs. 

Things to Do in New Mexico: TinkerTown Museum

Sandia Park is a very lesser know city in New Mexico and not included in everyday travel guides. TinkerTown Museum is located in this city and it is a very interesting place to visit. 

Well, this is not a typical museum as its walls are made with over 55,000 glass bottles by a single man a few decades ago. And I can say it is a combination of a museum and an art installation of him.   

Apart from the glass bottles, its hedges are guarded by gnomes, taxidermy animals, and totem poles. 

And also every shelf is filled with many crazy things to impress the visitors. One of my favorite ones was wooden wheels that act like wind catchers when wind passes through. 

If you are really a fan of strange and funky things, TinkerTown should be a must for you. Yes, it is very unusual and strange, but you can surely collect some interesting photos to take back home.     

New Mexico Museum of Art

In the introduction, I mentioned to you that New Mexico is a diversified state with culture, art, and nature. The New Mexico Museum of Art is the best place to explore the art and the culture of the state.  

Having over 20,000 creative paintings, cultural items that represent the southwest, a big library (filled with books, new paper clipping, and periodicals), and an auditorium this museum offers different experiences for the visitors. 

The art exhibits represent famous artists like Gustave Baumann, Georgia O’Keeffe, Maria Martinez, and Ansel Adams. 

Suppose you are interested in any exhibit in the museum and want to collect more information about it, the museum itself offers you all the related reading materials from its library. 

On the other hand, its auditorium has a capacity for around 400 people. And it hosts special cultural events, lectures, and classical music performances like cool things as well.  

Things to Do in New Mexico: Taos Pueblo

It is a blast from the past. 

Taos Pueblo‘s history runs 1000 years back to the ancient Pueblo era that was living Taos speaking Native American tribe Puebloan people.    

But, the amazing fact is still there are 150 residents that are living in clay bricked and straw-roofed houses. 

You can hire a local guide and take a tour within the community to know about their lifestyle. Also, it is worth observing the architecture of Taos Pueblo.  

No need for imaginations. You can really see from your eyes how people live without electricity, no running water lines, grow themselves and depend on the barter system and help each other. 

It is really amazing to see how they continue their 1000 years old lifestyle in the middle of an extremely developed country. 

Once you visit that ancient Taos Pueblo, you can take a small tour around Taos town as well. Well, the town contains good restaurants, shops, several museums, and plazas. 

And also there are some old churches as well. 

So, as a summary, I can say that Taos is a town that exists Native American culture on one end and a totally modern culture on the other end. If you like to feel the difference, just plan a visit there.  

Trinity Atomic Bomb Site

Well, this is a place that shows the darker side of the history of the state of New Mexico.

If you really want to see the Trinity Atomic Bomb Site, you need to plan the date since it is open to the public only once per year. 

Although it is not a pretty place, I highly recommend you visit. 

What is exactly containing in this location? well, it is a bombsite that is a nuclear test that was conducted by the US government in 1945. And it was the very first nuclear test done by the government.    

Since New Mexico has a lot of remote desert areas, they have used this location for the test. Once you visit this place, you can take a guided tour to the Trinity Atomic Bomb Site and know more. 

In the tour, you can obviously see the remnants of the atomic blast and see tools and artifacts which were used at that period.

So, this is a very rare experience to have anybody. Just click the above link and plan the visit. 

Things to Do in New Mexico: Taos Ski Valley

Snow in New Mexico? Yeah, I know, it is famous as a desert state. But, it has a lot of things to do in the winter as well. Especially, spending the winter in Taos Ski Valley, the alpine ski resort is awesome and fun. 

Locating in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains range, Taos Ski Valley is ideal for snowboarding, skiing, and all the other winter sports. 

Since there are trails that are ideal for any skill level adventurer, a lot of players are attracted to this snow valley every winter. 

Actually, not only in the winter Taos has diversified things to do in other seasons as well.

Like biking, hiking, rock climbing, walking trails, hot air ballooning over the mountains, horseback riding, rock climbing, and many more. That means summer also attracts many visitors to this exciting place. 

Other than outdoor activities, there are delicious food, spas and massage centers, workout places, and shopping places. 

So, book your room now. 

Things to Do in New Mexico: Eldora Craft Chocolate

Eldora Craft is the sweetest place in New Mexico as you can eat any kind of delicious chocolate product.

Actually, it is a chocolate factory that offers you a chance to see the way of converting raw and unprocessed cocoa beans into sweet chocolate products.

You can really observe how the machines work and create wonderful chocolate desserts. So, this place and facility called a “bean to bar” location.

Chocolate nibs, crunchers, drops, chocolate balls, creamers, truffles, chocolate energy bars, and even various alcohol can be purchased from Eldora Craft Chocolate in New Mexico.

Your kids will love to visit this yummy chocolate factory during the vacation.

Pecos National Historical Park

Pecos National Historical Park was one of the largest Native American Pueblos in New Mexico in ancient times. 

From the 14th century, until 1838, Pueblos were living in this area with more than 2000 of their population. That means this park should contain some remnants of their living. 

Therefore the visitor center offers you a guided Ancestral Site Tour with a 1.25-mile hike that is filled with information about indigenous people. 

Apart from the Ancestral tour, the visitor center offers you information for a van tour to the Civil War battlefield of Glorieta Pass which is located in Pecos National Historical Park

Or you can take a self-guided tour as well. However, the trail has 2.25 miles. If it is sound fun for you, plan your tour today. Just click the above link to get more details.  

House of Eternal Return

Locating in Santa Fe, House of Eternal Return is a place full of entertainment.

It contains things like an escape room, a modern art gallery, a haunted house, and a scavenger hunt. That means a lot of fun.

So, if you are in Santa Fe, New Mexico you should not miss this place as it offers very unusual experiences to the whole family.

All together can participate in solving the mysterious stories hidden in the rooms and get out of them.

Actually, it is not as easy as you think because the house is complex, art and architecture are very different. So, obviously, you need good teamwork to solve the hidden stories.

Since different rooms have different themes the stories are different from one another. For example, one room follows an Old West theme and another one contains lasers and other space-age features.

Also, there are rooms with creepy monsters themes, luminescent caves as themes, pastel plushies, and neon painting themes.

Yes, it is full of excitement. You never know what’s going to happen next. Do, you like this uniqueness and excitement, just plan the tour to House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Click the above link to get tickets online.

Things to Do in New Mexico: The Very Large Array

Since New Mexico has a lot of deserts plains a part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory or The Very Large Array (VLA) has located in Socorro, NM. And it contains a lot of very large radio telescopes. 

Actually, the state’s remote locations (without any city lights and sounds) help a lot for picking up great readings.     

If you visit there you can visit all the giant telescopes and towers on the site yourself.

Or if you like to take a guided tour to know every detail about The Vary Large Array, just visit at weekends. 

Apart from the giant telescopes, there’s a small museum, a movie theater that shows science documentaries and movies, and a visitor center to collect any information.  

On the other hand, there’s a gift shop as well. There you can buy souvenirs related to space. 

If you like to go to the moon and back, VLA is the best place in New Mexico. So, do not hesitate to plan your tour of this astronomical site. 

ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

Do you like to see an awesome collection of animals and plants? ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden is awesome for that. 

Expanding over 32 acres of land area with many shapes and sizes, it is filled with various live specimens from all over the world.

Yes, it varies from soft and smooth flowers to very giant trees. However, things are categorized well according to the origins.   

Like, one section contains live specimens representing the tropical climate of South and Central America.

And another one represents the succulents from the desert climate in the Middle East. 

Also, there’s a place to represent local fauna and flora in New Mexico as well. On the other hand, there’s a glass greenhouse with a lot of butterflies. 

So, ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden is one of the best things to do in New Mexico, especially with your family. Click the above official link and know more. 

Wheeler Peak Wilderness

Being the highest elevation point of New Mexico, Wheeler Peak has 13,167 feet of elevation. 

So, obviously, once you reach the top you’ll see the most amazing views of the whole of New Mexico. The spectacular views of rivers, mountain cliffs, forests, and a lot of other natural sights.    

But, when think about the height of it, it is definitely challenging. Don’t worry, there are several hiking trails for any skill level hiker in the Wheeler Peak Wilderness. 

And also there’re recreational areas with facilities for camping, picnicking, and fishing like cool things.

So, actually, you don’t need to take a huge life risk to climb to the top to view the beauty of this place. Because there are eye catching scenes along the way as well. 

If you are interested in wildlife, you’ll have a great time here. Because it provides the home for several animals and birds. Like pikas, marmots, bighorn sheep, rocky mountain elk, golden eagles, etc. 

I highly suggest this beautiful tourist site for camping. So, try a camping vacation with your family in Wheeler Peak Wilderness.  

Wildlife West Nature Park

Wildlife West Nature Park is actually not a zoo. So, do not expect typical zoo features in it. 

It is a free sanctuary that provides protection and safety for the wildlife exists there. Or somebody can say it as a recreational park as well. 

And the habitats in this park are more natural-looking and they are not built as concrete buildings like a typical zoo.   

Whether it is a wolf, giraffe, lion, or bear you can observe the way they actually behave in the natural environment. 

After watching the animals, there are some other things to do in this park. For example, the outdoor amphitheater in this park hosts musical performances and other shows. 

On the other hand, the wide-open fields host the festivals like New Mexico Wind Festival and Fall Harvest Festival. 

So, it is so much fun visiting Wildlife West Nature Park. Especially, animal lovers must visit here on the New Mexico tour.    

Santa Fe Opera House

Santa Fe Opera House was built by the American singer, John Crosby in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1956.  

His aim was totally providing a calm space for the young American singer to learn the theory of music, to practice well, and to teach them how to perform. 

Actually, the location and the calm surrounding of the Santa Fe Opera House really helps the singers to focus 100% on their work and create quality music. 

Surrounded by a desert and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this opera house is located in such an awesome natural place.

And also it provides enough space for the young singers to perform and practice as much as they want.     

For the other visitors, Santa Fe Opera House offers enjoyable shows in an awesome open-air theater. So, obviously, you can see the desert sunset while listening to music. 

Normally the opera house presents 5 operas every season by including great composers’ art like Mozart’s, Richard Strauss, Verdi, Handel, Janacek, Puccini, and Britten.

So, enjoy your visit to the Santa Fe Opera House in New Mexico. 

Guadalupe Backcountry Scenic Byway

Guadalupe Backcountry Scenic Byway (30 miles) is the best road trip to try in New Mexico. 

It starts from the desert landscapes and ends in the mountains. Yes, with a lot of scenic natural views and rugged wilderness this byway offers you the best opportunity to discover the backcountry of the state. 

So, do not expect to meet big and hustle cities on your road trip. 

On the way, you can experience a lot of adventurous things. For example, you’ll pass a very famous spelunking destination in the country, Luchugilla Cave. Are excited to spelunk? 

And next, you’ll pass a waterfall as well. It is the 200 feet high Sitting Bull Falls. Actually, it is a recreation area that you can get some awesome natural views and spend some relaxing time.    

Some other interesting recreational areas, wildlife observation areas, campgrounds are also available on your way.  

I highly recommend you to take a ride on the Guadalupe Backcountry Scenic Byway (23 miles south of Artesia and 12 miles north of Carlsbad) to discover the real face of New Mexico.  

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

New Mexico has a lot of Native American tourist attractions. So, even you do not know anything about Native American tribes before starting the New Mexico tour, you’ll be able to a lecture about them at the end of the tour. 

Chaco Culture National Historical Park is also such a historical place. 

The records say that this wonderful landscape was occupied between 850 and 1250 AD. So, it considers archaeologically very important as there are remains of ancestral Puebloan people. 

And also there are ancient dwellings and other structures made by them using bricks, mud, claw, and clay-like simple things. 

If you looking for more knowledge, this historical park is ideal for you. I recommend you to take a guided tour of the local interpretive center.  

Apart from that, the breathtaking views of the flat plains of the park attract plenty of tourists annually.

Also when the desert climate blends with clear skies in both day and night you’ll unique and priceless natural experience. Actually, that’s this destination is more popular among stargazers. 

Therefore, Chaco Culture National Historical Park takes a special place among all the other Native American heritages. So, definitely make time to visit this place when you are in New Mexico.  

Billy the Kid Museum

First, I’ll mention a small introduction about Billy the Kid for those who don’t know him.

Billy the Kid or William H Bonney was a famous gunfighter and an outlaw lived in the Old West. He has killed 8 men when he died at the age of 21.   

The connection between him and New Mexico is he also fought in the Lincoln Country War in New Mexico and killed 3 men.  

Born in New York in 1859, he died on July 14th, 1881. 

Since he was a very famous outlaw and gunfighter, this museum was built at the place where he was shot to celebrate his brave life. 

Actually, it is very impressive to achieve such a legacy by a 21 years old boy. 

This small museum contains everything that belonged to Billy. Like saddle spurs, the actual rifle that he was used, wanted posters of him, paintings, sepia-toned photos, and portraits. 

And, Billy the Kid Museum owns by a native New Mexican couple and they treat all the visitors with warm southern-style hospitality. Also, they are ready to tell you about anything you want to know. 

So, this can be considered as one of the most unique places to visit in New Mexico. If you feel like to know about this little brave boy, just visit there. The address is 1435 Sumner Ave, Fort Sumner, New Mexico. 

Millicent Rogers Museum

Millicent Rogers Museum is located in Taos city, NM. And it was built by the Millicent Rogers family in 1956. 

This museum contains a large collection of cultural and historical artworks.

Like Anglo-American and Native American art (paintings, poetry, graphics, photography, jewelry, art, and craft), and Hispanic.    

If I explain more about the special content in this museum, it was recognized as the first museum that has Hispanic and Native American art collection in 1980.

And also it is a place that has a huge collection of textiles, pieces of jewelry, unique creations of Pueblo potters, and painters (shows the lifestyle of Pueblo people).   

Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’s Museum

Opened in 2008, Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’s Museum shares the culture and lifestyle of the Acoma Pueblo tribe.   

Acoma Pueblo tribal entity was contained around 5000 people for 2000 years of a long time period. (according to the records of USA census)

The village of Acoma Pueblo is located 60 miles west of Albuquerque in New Mexico.

Actually, it is called Acoma Indian Reservation that is made as a combination of 3 small villages of Acomita, Sky City, and McCartys.    

So, by visiting the Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’s Museum you’ll get more information about ancient tribes and experience their lifestyle. 

Things to Do in New Mexico: Bisti Badlands

De-Na-Zin Wilderness or Bisti Badlands shows amazing rock carvings done by petroglyphs. Actually, the meaning of this Navoja term is “standing crane”.

You must visit this place this amazing place as they are breathtaking rock formations. Many visitors visit this place at the time of the sun rising and sun setting as they can get Instagramable pictures.  

Honestly, Bisti Badlands is an untouched, remote, and magical place in New Mexico.

Locating in Bloomfield, it contains various rock formations with various colors like beige, red, sandstone, and white. They have very sharp man-made shapes just like natural statues. 

I highly suggest you visit this place when you are in New Mexico. But keep in mind to charge your phone and use the bathroom before starting the journey as this area is very remote. 

Also, there are harmful creatures like rattlesnakes, scorpions, and coyotes. So, always be careful. 

Things to Do in New Mexico: Ghost Ranch

I always say that New Mexico is a very beautiful state with diverse nature. And Ghost Ranch is an awesome example of that. 

Ghost Ranch is an attractive red rock canyon located near the village of Abiquiu in Rio Arriba Country. 

Having a desert climate with desert plants like dotted bushes, ferns, and succulents, Ghost Ranch has flat-topped rocky mesas over the land. 

So, it offers you dramatic views including breathtaking sunsets over the cliffs. Actually, this is an iconic place in New Mexico and you may have seen so many attractive photos of it. 

Therefore many famous Hollywood movies have used this iconic location. For example the movies like The Lone Ranger, Wyatt Earp, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Indiana Jones. 

Obviously, you can get a real cowboy feeling by visiting Ghost Ranch when you are touring New Mexico. Click the link and discover more things to do there.  

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa

New Mexico is always famous for genuine mud baths in mineral springs. I think Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa is the best place to get that chance. 

Don’t worry, although it is a high-class resort, it offers affordable and fair charges as well.

And the best feature of them is you don’t need to be a guest to get this relaxing mineral spring experience.     

Also, do not forget to visit the natural hot springs as they are the oldest ones in New Mexico. 

Museum of International Folk Art

Museum of International Folk Art or Girard Wing has a nice collection of toys from all over the world. It actually displays more than 100,000 toys. 

Each toy represents a different country. For example handmade Russian Dolls, plane kits from Germany, puzzles from various countries, figurines, games, miniatures, and many more. 

Different toys are offered on different days in the limelight. 

And this place really offers a chance for your inner child to come out while reminding how you played with that kind of toys in your childhood.  

So, this is really a unique place to visit in New Mexico. Not only kids but also adults will enjoy the time inside this fairy museum.  

Red River Ski and Summer Area

This place is for the crazy adventure seekers. Especially the winter attracts so many adventure seekers to the Red River Ski and Summer Area.

Because it offers you so many fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and more. 

Well, that is the winter story. On the other hand, the summer is also amazing in the Red River Ski and Summer Area. It also offers so many enjoyable activities.  

For example, hiking, biking, ziplining over the trees, mountain climbing, and boating like thrilling things are waiting for you in the summer. 

So, since this awesome place has a lot of things to do every season, thousands of adventure seekers are visiting there yearly. 

Don’t you like to visit this popular vacation spot in New Mexico? Just click the above link to book your tickets. 

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is one of the most amazing natural sites to visit in New Mexico. 

It was formed by an eruption of a nearby volcano over six million years ago. Yeah, it is a huge period of time. What is actually containing in this national monument?

Well, they are white cliffs. Yes, that is the Pueblo meaning of Kasha-Katuwe. And they are very sharp cone-shaped white cliffs. So, you can climb to some of them and get awesome views of the area. 

You cannot climb every cliff here. But, some marked trails will lead you to some perfect cliffs to get wonderful views.  

I think Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is ideal for nature explorers as it is a very unique formation. Do you feel like going? Just add it to your New Mexico bucket list.  

If you need to know more click the above official link. 

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Locating in the famous old mining Silver City, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument was created to protect Mogollon cliff dwellings.

Gilla wilderness is located near the Gilla River in southwest New Mexico. So, it offers you a nice natural surrounding with awesome views. 

This site contains 42 rooms in 6 caves that were made by Mogollon Native Americans in the 1300s. So, the visitors have a lot to see about the Mogollon culture and lifestyle.

There’s a museum in the visitor center to get more information as well. 

The special geological features of this park are having a lot of caves, hot springs, exciting trails, and many more exciting things. So, do not miss this happening place in your New Mexico tour. 

Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

Here’s one of the best road trips in the USA. Continental Divide National Scenic Trail or CDT

Covering 5 awesome states, this trail contains 3100 miles in total. So, explorers, road riders, this one is totally for you.

The 5 states that cover in this trail are New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.   

Whatever the transport method you select, you’ll surely have a lot of fun if you’ll be able to finish the whole journey. 

Some crazy travelers try to hike or ride bikes to complete this huge trail or at least to cover a large proportion of it. But, most of the travelers choose to drive through the precious sceneries. I also prefer that as it is safe and comfortable.   

As New Mexico covers a large part of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, I thought to mention it in the list of “things to do in New Mexico”. 

However, this is one of the craziest things to do in the USA when you are away from home. 

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

You don’t have to be religious to visit the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. 

Being one of the oldest tourist attractions in New Mexico, it was built in 1869. So, obviously, since it has a long history, thousands of visitors visit this cathedral every year. 

If I tell you about the architecture of it, it is very unique and classical looking. Stained glass windows, yellow limestone arches, and bronze doors are very impressive. 

And also there’s a functional crypt, chapel, baptismal font, and sanctuary.  

Apart from the regular religious events, this cathedral offers some other activities as well. Like choir concerts, holiday events, choir concerts, charity drives, and many more. 

Whether you are looking to pray, to know history, or just for sightseeing, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is an essential place to visit in Santa Fe, New Mexico.     

Things to Do in New Mexico: Origami in the Garden

As it is located in the middle of a busy highway, Origami in the Garden is a hidden gem in New Mexico. 

That means if you drive so fast targeting the known places, you’ll surely miss this place. (the address of this place is 3453 NM-14, Los Cerrillos, New Mexico). 

Actually, what is this Origami in the Garden? That should be the exact question. Well, it is a series of large metal sculptures that are designed to look like origami. 

And also there’s a classically folded crane, multicolored horses, a field of running, a collection of exhibits of lost objects, and common household goods.    

I know it sounds like there’s nothing much to see. But, your kids will love to see various origami artworks made with stainless steel. 

Cafe Pasqual’s 

Now, it is time to eat some delicious food. If you are in Santa Fe, New Mexico Cafe Pasqual’s is an essential restaurant that you should visit. 

San Pasqual is a famous patron saint of cooks and cuisines. And therefore he has used it for this awesome cafe as well. 

Locating in the heart of Santa Fe, this is famous as a wonderful fusion restaurant with diverse dishes like Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, and Italian.  

And my favorite part of this restaurant is the art gallery on the second floor.

Yeah, after dining delicious food you can visit the art gallery of Cafe Pasqual’s and see some creative artworks of local artists in New Mexico. (Like paintings and portraits)   

Of course, it is more than just dining. That’s why it is more famous. Just give it a try, you’ll love it. 

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Wander New Mexico Food Tours

Do you like to explore various culinary scenes in Santa Fe, New Mexico? Just join with Wander New Mexico Food Tours

They take you to unique restaurants in Santa Fe while having quality conversations about the culture, religion, and history of the state.  

The Wander Food guide allows you to taste awesome American Southwest flavors continuously. On the other hand, it allows you to make new friends from the food tour group.

Normally, they take only 8 to 12 participants, as they concern about the quality of their service. So, plan in advance and book in advance (click the above official link).

Trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun.  

Four Corners Monument

Visiting Four Corners Monument is one of the most unique things to do in the USA. Because it is the only place where four major states touch one boundary.  

They are Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. And all of them come together into a small circle (you can see it in the picture). 

And also, it is the boundary of two Native American community areas, the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Reservation and the Navajo Nation.   

So, it is definitely worth taking a selfie at this circle. But, is that all? 

No, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do in the Four Corners Monument surrounding. Actually, this area is filled with fun activities.

Food trucks, street food stalls, buskers, gift shops, restaurants, movie theaters, malls, and many other fun things are available in this area. 

Also, you can learn about the cultures of Native American tribes as well.  

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Santa Fe Botanical Garden was established in 1987 by a group of local botanists and gardeners by targeting to preserve native plants in the Santa Fe region. 

Also, it contains diversified plants like dry upland, transitional, riparian plants, and many more. 

Currently, the old botanical garden has expanded for many acres and provides two campuses through the Santa Fe area (at Museum Hill and Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve). 

And there are so many activities going on in Santa Fe Botanical Garden as well. Like nature walks, workshops, yoga programs, lectures, and garden courses. 

Cliff’s Amusement Park

Cliff’s Amusement Park located in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a fun place for any visitor at any age level.

Cliff was the person who made this awesome amusement park. But, more information about him is not available. However, I must say, “Good job Cliff”. 

The park contains several roller coasters and they are so cool and adventurous.

Especially, the “New Mexico Rattler” was famous as one of the best roller coasters in the world. As it is an old fashioned wooden one, people love to take a ride.    

Apart from roller coasters, it has water slides, fireballs, tilt-a-whirls, game booths, and many carnival-style food and drinks like cool things.  

Especially in the game booths, there are both new and contemporary games. 

So, your kids will definitely have fun at Cliff’s Amusement Park. Not only for kids, but it also has some vintage attractions for adults as well. Click the link to get tickets and know about packages. 

Meow Wolf

Locating in Santa Fe, Meow Wolf is a hands-on art experience. That means it is not just a standard art exhibition.

George R.R. Martin was the artist who made this interactive exhibit where the visitors can observe what they exactly wanted to see and feel.   

Actually, The House of Eternal Return offers you a chance to experience the art by the senses of touch, sounds, and sights like feelings. Isn’t it sound unique?

On the other hand, Meow Wolf also hosts some events, workshops, and concerts like things. 

New Mexico State Capitol

Are interested in knowing the inner workings of local government in New Mexico, real information about the history of the state, and all the other tourist attractions in the state?

Well, the New Mexico State Capitol will provide all those details. 

And also it contains all kinds of artworks that represent local artists and tribal artifacts like exciting things. 

Another special feature of the New Mexico State Capitol is its architecture. It is different from all the other government buildings in the USA as it has a round shape. 

Therefore, people call this place “The Roundhouse”. So, do you like to visit The Roundhouse and discover more about this amazing state, New Mexico?  

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum  

Georgia Totto O’Keeffe was a famous American painter. She was famous for her enlarged flower paintings, paintings of New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico desert landscapes. 

And she was recognized as “the mother of American Modernism” as well. 

This museum was built as a tribute to her great creative life. So, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum contains many great artworks of her including paintings, sculptures, sketches, and photographs.    

Actually, those exhibits cover her whole career from the beginning till the retirement. And, I must say that her artworks will live forever. 

If you visit this museum, you can analyze deeply about her art technology and many more. So, art lovers, do not miss the chance. 

Western Playland

Locating in Southern New Mexico, Western Playland Amuseument Park is the best one in the state. Because it offers the most thrilling rides ever. 

And those rides have funny names as well. For example, The Tsunami, The Scrambler, The Hurricane, and Pharaoh’s Fury.  

Although it is a small park, it is filled with thrilling roller coaster, vertical drops, and all the other carnival plays and games. 

If you win by playing the carnival games, you are given small gifts as well. 

On the other hand, there are food stalls with delicious carnival food items in the amusement park. Or if you want to buy souvenirs, there’s a cute gift shop as well. 

Visiting Western Playland has a lot of benefits comparing with big branded amusement parks. Like a lesser crowd, a smaller area with all the rides, locally owned and low ticket charges. 

So, add it to your New Mexico bucket list and visit with your family.    

Living Desert State Park

Living Desert State Park offers a home for plenty of native plants and animals in New Mexico. Therefore formerly this park was named Living Desert Zoological and Botanical State Park.

You can even see roadrunners in this park. Your kids will love to see them really instead of seeing in cartoons.

Also, other creatures like prairie dogs, bobcats, Gila monsters, and golden eagles can be frequently seen in this park. 

And you can see more desert plants and flowers like barrel cacti, prickly pears, acacia types, and agaves. 

According to the different seasons, it offers you various activities to do. Like winter animal feeding programs, summer nature walks, summer camping, or self-guided tours at any season of the year.       

Visiting Living Desert State Park will give a priceless chance to feel wilder and breathe fresh air. So, do not hesitate to visit it.   

New Mexico Museum of Space History

Another space investigation place in New Mexico. Yes, as I said to you earlier, since New Mexico has the perfect climate for space explorations, you can visit some of the tourist spots that are related to space things. 

The New Mexico Museum of Space History is a good example of that. It contains some historically important specimens like a real spacesuit, a moon rock, and the Rocket Sled that was used to go 632 miles per hour. 

On the other hand, the museum has “The Space Hall of Fame” where you can learn a lot about space, space projects, and the people who worked in space projects. They show videos, photos, and laser projected on the ceiling.

Another special feature about The New Mexico Museum of Space History is it hosts some events like “Space Camp” as well. Your kids will love to participate in such events. 

Tiwa Kitchen

The special feature of Tiwa Kitchen, Taos is they offer very unique food for the visitor. Especially, they have the Native American staple food recipes that you may not have heard. 

For example, have you heard about Blue Corn Mush? If not here’s the story about it. 

Normally, Native Americans are lactose intolerant. That means they cannot eat dairy food items as their body is not producing lactase enzyme to digest lactose. 

So, as a solution to that, they have eaten Blue Corn Mush which has a lot of nutrients like dairy items. Obviously, it is made by mixing blue maize, water, and burned ashes of a juniper tree.   

Trust me, it is so delicious. 

Like that, there are so many Native American staple foods on their regular menu (ex: bison meat, blue corn fry bread). Surprisingly, they have an awesome dessert menu as well.  

As Tiwa Kitchen runs by a local Native American couple, they offer the original recipes that have tried over the years. 

So, it will be one of the most delicious things do in New Mexico, USA. 

Blue Hole

Blue Hole, a famous diving destination in the country is located in Santa Rosa New Mexico. And also it is very beautiful as well. 

It is a large circular shape lake with rich blue water. Once you see it, you’ll feel like it is not natural. But, no, it is totally a natural one.  

And another great feature of this Blue Hole Lake is it has a constant (moderate) temperature at any condition. So, people can easily and comfortably dive into it. 

Having around 80 feet depth the visitors can do swimming, diving, and scuba diving like things. 

A crazy fact about this lake is it has small underwater castles like things made with sandy walls at the bottom of it.

So, deep divers take waterproof cameras to video that breathtaking scene. 

Are still going to miss this cool pool that contains a lot of amazes? I hope not.  

Fiestas de Santa Fe

It’s time to party in New Mexico. Fiestas de Santa Fe is a nice event that happens every fall throughout the state. It is a celebration with food, wine, art, dance, and theater. 

Dance is an essential part of this event. So, you can see many performers with mariachi fiddle performances even on the streets. 

Another feature of this event is people get together and pray to relieve sufferings or to burn effigies. 

Apart from that, Fiestas de Santa Fe is full of joy and celebrations. So, if you are touring in New Mexico in the fall, do not miss this event. 

Rainbow Riders 

Being the largest hot air balloon company in new Mexico, Rainbow Riders have more than 20 colorful balloons to take the visitors to the New Mexico sky.   

As the state of New Mexico has awesome views from the sky, plenty of hot air balloon enthusiasts are attracting to take this opportunity. 

You can select different rides like sunset ride, sunrise ride, or any other day time ride. 

And you don’t need to worry about safety as Rainbow Riders have a well-trained staff.  Also, they forecast weather and do a pilot balloon ride before take the visitor rides. 

Another important feature about Rainbow Riders is they arrange special balloon rides for special events like weddings, engagements, advertising campaigns, birthdays, and other group events. 

Click the above link to book your rides in advance.   

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