37 Amazing Things to do in Rochester NY, USA

37 Amazing Things to do in Rochester, NY, USA

Rochester is an amazing city located by Lake Ontario in New York. And there are a lot of amazing things to do in Rochester NY. Especially, do not miss the following 37 best things on your Rochester tour. 

Actually, having a long history, this city was the leading supplier of flour in the country. That industry has helped a lot to develop the city into the current status. 

Now, the city is known for many things like industrial innovations, amazing festivals, plenty of golf courses, thousands of parks, zoos, museums, scenic natural places, and more. 

So, let’s discover the 37 amazing things to do in Rochester, NY, USA.   

Things to do in Rochester NY

Channing H. Philbrick Park

Locating on Linear Park Drive in Penfield, Channing H. Philbrick Park or Linear Park is one of the hidden gems in Rochester NY. 

You have to drive just 7 miles from Rochester (around 10 min drive) to reach this awesome natural park.

It has fantastic natural surroundings and amazing trails. The benefits of those trails are, they are short and exciting in every inch. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Channing H. Philbrick Park
Channing H. Philbrick Park:

Although it is not so popular, Channing H. Philbrick Park has unique natural features. For example, it contains fast-flowing creeks, cascades, waterfalls, fishing spots, picnic areas, hiking trails, playgrounds, and more. 

Especially, the Irondequoit Creek Trail, Honey Creek Trail, Mills Trail, and Fishing Trail are the most highlighted trails you should try when you visit Channing H. Philbrick Park.  

Irondequoit Creek Trail runs along the Irondequoit Creek with dirt and a narrow path. But, it is very scenic. Especially in the winter, this trail offers unique views of nature. 

And if you try the Honey Trail, you may find a small waterfall at the end of the trail. 

On the other hand, the Mills Trail is also scenic, short, and convenient. 

If you love fishing, you should try the short Fishing Trail. 

Now, it is clear that Channing H. Philbrick Park is filled with a lot of adventures and scenic views. So, just put it on the top of your “things to do in Rochester NY bucket list. (unique things to do in Rochester NY)

Things to do in Rochester NY: Highland Park

Highland Park is one of the most famous places in Rochester.

This park is filled with beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, landscapes, scenic gullies, little hills, and arboretum like things over 150 acres of land. 

Designed by the great American architect Frederick Law Olmstead, this park contains many unique features. (Ex: Containing over 1200 lilac shrubs in its awesome arboretum).

Apart from lilacs, Highland Park contains various plant species like barberries, Japanese Maples, magnolias, dwarf evergreens, rhododendrons, Andromeda, Azaleas, house chestnuts, and more. 

On the other hand, you can observe local species, wildflowers, and plenty of exotic plant species as well. 

And another impressive feature of Highland Park is its huge Pancy bed. It is always filled with colorful flowers in different patterns. And you can see different patterns every year. 

Other than that, the park has some interesting spots like Warner Castle, John Dunbar Memorial Pavilion, the Greater Rochester Vietnam Memorial, and the Lamberton Conservatory. 

So, no one misses Highland Park when they are in Rochester NY.  

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Things to do in Rochester NY: Holley Canal Fall

When you drive for around 30 minutes along the NY-31, you’ll reach the village of Holley. 

There you can see the beautiful Holley Canal Fall. Actually, even it is so beautiful; it is still not a famous attraction in Rochester.    

37 Amazing Things to do in Rochester, NY, USA
Holley Canal Fall: Alltrails.com

Surrounded by the lush wooded landscape on each side, this fall is fed by the canal’s runoff. Therefore, when the canal is drained in the winter, the fall is also get dried.

Having around 35 ft height, Holley Canal Fall falls over a red Medina sandstone. 

It is really a stunning waterfall that you can even observe while staying at the Holley Falls parking area. 

On the other hand, there’s a picnic area in front of the falls. If you like to discover beautiful nature, there are some wild trails as well. 

The best time to visit Holley Canal Fall is from April to mid-November.   

Since there’s a sewage discharge, swimming is not allowed either in the canal and the waterfall. 

But, you have all the facilities for picnicking (grills, tables), boating (boat dock), hiking, and fishing like things. 

So, Holley Canal Fall is surely a scenic and perfect family travel destination located in Rochester. If you have any doubt, just click the link and read TripAdvisor reviews of visitors. (unique things to do in Rochester NY) 

RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium

Do you like to visit a unique planetarium in Rochester NY?

RMSC Strasenburgh is one of the loveliest destinations in the city for astronomy lovers. 

As it hosts unique shows that explain the universe, other planets, bodies in other planets, etc., kids and youngsters love to visit this planetarium. 

It really educates the visitors with information about stars via Star Shows. Although the star shows are a little bit expensive, it’s worth participating in.

RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester NY
RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium: alchetron.com 

If you participate, you can see accurate pictures of the boasting planets, the galaxy, clear stars, the sun, the moon, and almost everything that appears in the sky. 

Now, if you feel like visiting this awesome place, the weekend is the ideal time for that. Because they normally host laser shows every Saturday night.     

Those laser shows are sensational with lights, music, and ideal choreography that are set against the large indoor sky. 

RMSC Strasenburgh hosts impressive events like showing space movies, space exhibitions, and space mission simulations and allows the use of the telescope free of charge. (things to do in Rochester NY with kids)

Are you still going to miss this wonderful place in Rochester NY??  

Things to do in Rochester NY: Warner Castle and Sunken Garden

Warner Castle is also another hidden gem in Rochester NY.

Locating in the Highland Park, this castle was built by an attorney in Rochester named Horatio Gates Warner in 1854.    

He was very famous as a wealthy person because he was an attorney and a newspaper publisher, bank president, and businessman.

Warner Castle and Sunken Garden
Warner Castle and Sunken Garden: Wikimedia Commons

So, he could build this huge castle as his private home on 50 acres of farmland. And he was lived in it until he died in 1876. 

Having features similar to the castle of the Clan Douglas in Scotland, Warner Castle looks so authentic. The creator of this wonderful architecture was Merwin Austin, and still, it contains the old things like Sunken Garden, luxury staircase, woodwork, high ceilings, and more.

Unfortunately, the visitors are not allowed to observe the interior of this castle. But, you can visit its attractive gardens and other grounds. 

Especially the Sunken Garden. (above picture) 

It was added by the landscape architect Alling S. Deforest in 1930. Locating on the corner of Mt. Hope Ave. and Reservoir Ave., this garden is a calm and interesting place to visit.    

The Strong National Museum of Play

The is almost heaven for kids. Because, spreading over 150,000 sq ft, The Strong National Museum of Play is filled with unique toys, games, and many ways to entertain children at any age level. 

If you are looking for the best things to do in Rochester NY, this one should be on the top of your list with kids. 

It is filled with tons of entertaining activities, exhibits, and playful products. Like, monopoly games, Berenstain Bears, Wizard of Oz, Sesame Street, and more. 

The Strong National Museum of Play
The Strong National Museum of Play

Also, it has the International Center for the History of Electronic Games with the largest collection of games. 

On the other hand, it hosts the only indoor butterfly garden in New York as well.  

Actually, The Strong National Museum has a unique aim by providing this kind of huge space. It tries to give an idea about human learning and development techniques used over the years. 

They really have the resources for that. Like play history recordings, libraries, and other research facilities. So, we should appreciate their effort and get the exact idea that they want to transfer. 

That means this place teaches a lot of things for adults than kids. Therefore, you should not miss it. (things to do in Rochester NY with kids) 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Corbett’s Glen Nature Park

Corbett’s Glen Nature Park is a nice green space located in the town of Brighton near Rochester. Although many people do not know about this hidden beauty, it offers so many things to see and do.

To visit this green park, you have to walk through some back yards of people who live near it. They are very nature-loving and supportive to the visitors. (they let you park vehicles on their streets and gardens)

Corbett's Glen Nature Park in New York USA
Corbett’s Glen Nature Park: seeswim.com

If you are looking for a perfect day trip in Rochester, Corbett’s Glen Nature Park is ideal because there are awesome picnic areas, waterfalls, and nature trails. 

Any nature lover would love to spend time in this truly natural park. So, do not miss it like the majority of Rochester visitors do. It is totally worth visiting Corbett’s Glen Nature Park.  

If you need to know more information, click the above website link. 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Genesee Riverway Trail

Do you like to take a scenic bike ride over the Genesee River? 

Of course, you can if you visit Turning Point Park, Rochester.  

It has a 24 miles long wooden bridge over the Genesee River Turning Basin, where you can ride a bike as long as you want. And the trail calls Genesee Riverway Trail

It runs from Ontario Beach Park to Genesee Valley Park through the city of Rochester. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Genesee Riverway Trail
Genesee Riverway Trail: Felixberto E TripAdvisor

And you can see various wildlife like swans, blue herons, turtles, and fish with scenic natural views. So, whether you ride a bike, walk, or jog on this trail, it will surely be a refreshing experience. 

If you are going to complete the whole 24 miles, you’ll see the most picturesque landscapes (waterfalls and parks) and pass through the 12 historical districts of the city. (energetic things to do in Rochester NY)

(There are parking lots in Boxart Street, River Street, and Petten Street)

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George Eastman Museum

Locating in Downtown New York, George Eastman Museum has an impressive architectural look as it is situated inside a stunning mansion.    

First of all, the mansion is so impressive as it was designed using the Colonial Revival Style. And it was built for the American entrepreneur George Eastman in 1905.

Do you know about Eastman?

Things to do in Rochester NY George Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum

He was the founder of the great company Eastman Kodak which introduced innovative photography technology for personal and professional purposes. 

And this mansion is the place where he was lived in Rochester. When he was passing, it was transferred to the University of Rochester as a donation.   

After that, it was converted into the George Eastman Museum in 1949.

Obviously, it shows the life story of the great entrepreneur, the history of photography, various photography technologies used over time, old archives of movies, and more.   

Being the world’s oldest photography museum, it contains very rare photos that you would have never seen anywhere else. 

After visiting the museum, do not forget to take a tour of this mansion’s beautiful garden.  

To get more information and tickets, just click the above official link of the museum.  

Things to do in Rochester NY: The Jump Off Trail

Locating a little bit away from Rochester, the Jump Off Trail is located in Ontario Country Park, New York. 

Although it takes around one hour to reach there from Rochester, it is totally worth visiting because it offers one of the most beautiful views of the Finger Lakes Region. 

Things to do in Rochester NY The Jump Off Trail
The Jump Off Trail: visitfingerlakes.com

Especially in the Autumn season (exactly when it comes to the peak of the leaf changing season), this trail offers you breathtakingly colorful views. 

It is spectacular at any time of the year. But autumn is special. And there are observation decks to view easily and safely.  

On the other hand, there are camping facilities for both tents and RVs as well. Or if you like to play basketball or any other sport, there’re two playgrounds. 

So, visiting this place can be considered as one of the best things to do in Rochester NY.  

Things to do in Rochester NY: Ontario Beach Park

Ontario Beach Park is one of the greatest vacation spots in New York. Spreading over 40 acres of land area, this park is located by the Northwest side of Lake Ontario in NY.   

Its attractive beaches, lush park surrounding, and plenty of activities attract a lot of tourists every day.  

If you are looking for water sports, Ontario Beach Park offers you any kind of experience. Like swimming, boating, fishing, and more.  

Things to do in Rochester NY Ontario Beach Park
Ontario Beach Park: wallpaperflare.com

You can also rent a shelter on the park ground in both summers and winters to have fun with your family and friends. 

Apart from water sports, you can play basketball or volleyball on the courts or softball fields. On the other hand, you can take beach walks and sunbathe experiences as well. 

Since this park has a lot of amenities, people can easily enjoy its stunning natural environment. 

It contains a bathhouse, food stands, and stalls, and picnic areas like amenities. Also, it has a nice pavilion that hosts various shows and performances. 

Therefore, Ontario Beach Park can be considered as a full vacation package that offers various experiences in one place. So, surely add it to your Rochester bucket list.    

Things to do in Rochester NY: Akron Falls

Akron Falls Park is located in the village of Akron in New York. Stretching along Murder Creek, it is a linear park. 

There are several places to park your car. So, you can easily walk down to the gorge trail, which leads you to Akron Falls. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Akron Falls
Akron Falls: Jennifer P. TripAdvisor

And the ride to Akron Falls is surrounded by lush mosh, dense forest, and ferns. So, you can breathe fresh air throughout the journey.  

Apart from the stunning views of the waterfall, you can see various plants, mammals, birds, and fish because it is really rich in biodiversity.   

Also, this park offers you outdoor activities like biking through woods, hiking, and fishing. Since there’s a basketball court and a tennis court, you can enjoy all of these activities in the summer. 

And in the winter, you can experience skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and sledding like wonderful things. (best things to do in Rochester NY)       

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Things to do in Rochester NY: Artisan Works

Artisan Works is the best place to view the local artworks of Rochester. Anyone can freely access this space and view the impressive community artworks of Rochester. 

This is not a planned place. When local artists have time, they stop here and create some artworks. Mostly, they take months to complete their artworks as they do it when only they have free time.  

Things to do in Rochester NY Artisan Works
Artisan Works Rochester NY

Therefore, you may see both completed as well as in-progress arts in this place. So, Artisan Works can be considered a good place to learn about art techniques, especially for beginners.  

The beginners can have an idea about step by step process of developing artworks and various techniques used by various artists.  

And there are some guided tours in Artisan Works as well. So, if you are really interested in learning about local art in Rochester, you must add this place to your list.  

The tour guides are offered for various groups like college groups, adults, and young school groups. (Especially, on weekends) Click the above link and know about guided tours and upcoming events. (unique things to do in Rochester NY) 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Seneca Park Zoo

Visiting Seneca Park Zoo is one of the best things to do in Rochester NY, with kids. Opened in 1893, it has a long history with a considerable amount of animal collection. 

Initially, it had only some birds and deer. But, now it contains over 90 species of animals spreading over 15 acres of land area. You can see elephants, polar bears, penguins, rhinoceroses, sea lions, orangutans, and more. So, every inch is exciting. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Seneca Park Zoo
Seneca Park Zoo

As this zoo offers sufficient and natural space for animals, they are living freely and comfortably. So, it is an admirable feature of Seneca Park Zoo

On the other hand, the zoo handlers are very caring about the animals. Therefore, you can see a very lovely surrounding with happy animals. 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Havana Glen

Havana Glen Park and Campground is one of the best natural places to visit in New York. 

Having awesome waterfalls like Eagle Cliff, Havana Glen offers you many exciting activities to do. 40 feet high Eagle Cliff Fall is so refreshing. Especially on a hot day. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Havana Glen
Havana Glen, Eagle Cliff Falls: seeswim.com

And also, as it is very close to the parking lot, visitors can easily reach the falls. Therefore, you can always see this place filled with visitors. So, it is better to come early in the day to get the best experience without any disturbance. 

Keep in mind, this park normally closes in the winter and opens mid-May through mid-October. 

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Rochester Museum and Science Center

Another kids’ favorite place in Rochester. 

Rochester Museum and Science Center has over 1 million exhibits related to the world’s natural forces and natural wonders. So, if you are interested in science, this is the ideal place for you as there is almost everything you expect to see. 

It actually targets to teach visitors how to enjoy the magic of science. For example, you can build robots yourself, climb walls, use lasers, travel through space, shoot a catapult, and more fun things.   

Rochester Museum and Science Center
Rochester Museum and Science Center: wikipedia.org

On the other hand, you can use a virtual reality simulator, watch lightning bolts, and ask anything from animal experts. Also, this museum hosts 3D movies and exciting interactive shows. 

One of the most highlighted exhibits in the Rochester Museum and Science Center is the Science on the Sphere. It shows an impressive 3D display of the earth. 

If you like to know more about the events, movies, shows, and science exhibits, just visit the official website through the above link. (things to do in Rochester NY with kids)  

Things to do in Rochester NY: Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse

Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse is the most impressive historical thing in Rochester NY because it is the oldest lighthouse sitting on Lake Ontario since 1822.

So, for people who like to enjoy historical pursuits, this place is the best.

Things to do in Rochester NY Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse: lighthousefriends.com

Having around 40 feet of height, it offers awesome views. 11 ladder rungs to the 12 feet lantern room and 42 steps help to reach the top. 

Locating in Charlotte, Rochester NY, this lighthouse offers you inside tours. On the other hand, there’s a little interior museum in the keeper’s house as well. Do not miss it. 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Grimes Glen

Locating around one hour away from Rochester, Grimes Glen is located in Naples. Although it is not so famous among tourists, there are plenty of exciting things to do and incredible beauty to see in Grimes Glen.  

It offers you an easy, flat trail with breathtaking views of nature. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Grimes Glen
Grimes Glen, Second Falls

Walking on water will be a cool experience for you. The First Waterfall, The Second Waterfall, and The Third Waterfall are the most highlighted wonders to see in Grimes Glen. So, do not miss this priceless experience.  

Rochester Public Market

Rochester Public Market is the best place to experience the local life of Rochester NY.

Normally, it opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. All the local vendors gather fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, coffee, honey, cheeses, bakery items, and artisan items.

Rochester Public Market
Rochester Public Market

As all of them are locally grown or locally produced, you can buy high-quality products and support the local vendors.

On the other hand, Rochester Public Market is a great opportunity to learn about the local community. Keep in mind, Saturdays are packed with crowds and vehicles. So, try on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Things to do in Rochester NY: Frontier Field

Are you a fan of baseball? Then, there’s no other place in Rochester better than Frontier Field. Frontier Field really offers you more exciting baseball games played by the city’s professional baseball teams.

Built-in 1996, this place was a replacement for the Silver Stadium NY. So, this field was home to many professional teams like Rochester Rattlers, Rochester Raging Rhinos, and Rochester Red Wings.

Things to do in Rochester NY Frontier Field
Frontier Field: Rochester Downtown Development Corporation

And this awesome place has the facility to seat 10,840 fans with a 24×32 feet video scoreboard. Actually, not only sports, sometimes this place hosts concerts as well. So, if you like concerts, just catch one. 

If you are only looking for an exciting baseball game, just click the above link to know the games’ schedule.

Finger Lakes Wine Country

Finger Lake Wine Country in Rochester NY is one of the best wine producers in the USA. They offer you the tastiest wines ever. 

These wineries have breathtaking surroundings as well. As they are surrounded by finger-like lakes in New York (eleven narrow and long lakes), you can see stunning natural views while having tasty wine. 

Finger Lakes Wine Country
Finger Lakes Wine Country: US News Travel

Also, the land is so fertile (due to the nearby lakes), and it is beneficial for cultivation. Therefore, this area can be grown different grapes varieties that are used in producing various wine types. 

For example, Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, and more.   

Finger Lake Wine Country in Rochester NY, shows you 35 wineries via 3 well-organized wine trails. And most importantly they offer you to taste a variety of wines as much as you can.

Actually, not only wines, these trails offer barbecues and other foods with a festive climate.

Other than that, Finger Lake Wine Country has delicious restaurants, markets, distilleries, breweries, and wine museums like places as well. So, plan well and catch them all. 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Cobb’s Hill Park

Cobb’s Hill Park is a picturesque place in Rochester NY. Having around 109 acres of land area, this park has beautiful views along every trail.

Locating in the southeast of Rochester NY, Cobb’s Hill Park offers you awesome views of the city. So, it is ideal for various outdoor activities like walking, hiking, skiing, fishing, play basketball, tennis, and more.

Things to do in Rochester NY Cobb's Hill Park
Cobb’s Hill Park: Rochester Management

You can even see softball games in the summer.

So, come along with your kids. They’ll love to play on the playground of Cobb’s Hill Park, surrounded by awesome, relaxing nature.

Things to do in Rochester NY: Rochester City Ballet

Do you like to see an award-winning ballet show?

Then, you should catch one in Rochester City Ballet. They have been offering you award-winning performances since 1987. Targeting to enhance the quality of life and art sense of the Rochester community, this company always tries to give its best. 

Things to do in Rochester NY Rochester City Ballet
Rochester City Ballet

There are ideal performances for children, the young generation, and adults. 

In addition to the performances, Rochester City Ballet hosts some programs like workshops, donations for underserved youth, and more. If you like to book tickets, just visit their main website from the above link. (most entertaining things to do in Rochester NY)  

Susan B. Anthony Museum and House

Susan B. Anthony was a great  American women’s rights activist. After doing many admirable things to achieve a free life for women, she died in 1906. 

So, it is worth visiting and know how her actions have affected the existing  (current) freedom experienced by many in society.  

This place is special because of Susan B. Anthony was lived in this place for a long time until she was arrested due to leading some women to vote illegally in 1872.

Susan B. Anthony Museum and House

After that, she came again and lived in this house until she died. The records say that her death was happened in this house after performing the famous speeches of Failure is Impossible. 

So, you can see memorabilia, research materials, the story of Anthon’s life, artifacts, and more. 

Actually, this museum explains well her struggles and legacy to all the visitors. Therefore, Susan B. Anthony Museum and House are more than a museum. 

Yes, it is a great learning center that educates the young generation about human rights and many things. Anyone get more educational information from this valuable place. 

On the other hand, there’s a nice garden on the other side of the road as well. It is called Susan B. Anthony Square Park and has beautiful flowers and an iconic sculpture called “Let’s Have Tea,” designed by Pepsy Kettavong.   

So, do not miss visiting the house of one of the world’s greatest revolutionaries. Reserve your tickets online from the above official link. 

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Seabreeze Amusement Park

Are you looking for fun things to do in Rochester? Then, you cannot miss Seabreeze Amusement Park at all. 

As it was opened in 1879, it considers as one of the oldest amusement parks in New York. But, still, it is an iconic place in the city. 

The park offers you over 70 various exciting activities to do. For example, awesome thrill rides like Log Flume, Screamin’ Eagle, Revolution 360′, and more. 

Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester NY
Seabreeze Amusement Park

Also, there are fun rides ideal for youngsters as well. And they have funny names like Bear Trax, Jack Rabbit, Bobsleds, and Whirlwind. 

Apart from thrilling rides, there are some other enjoyable spots as well.

You can enjoy a live show with impressive acrobatics (Cirque En Vol). Or if you like to get wet, just visit the Soak Zone, Hydro Racer, and Wave Pool like places in the park. 

Finally, after experiencing all of these adventures, you can have delicious food from the park’s food stalls. 

So, Seabreeze Amusement Park can be considered as one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rochester NY, with your family. Just click the above link to get tickets and know more about the park. (most enjoyable things to do in Rochester NY)

The White Lady’s Castle

Locating very close to the forest area of the city of Rochester NY, The White Lady’s Castle looks like an old medieval castle. 

Surprisingly, it was built in 1900 as a dining hall. That means The White Lady’s Castle was a part of a hotel in the past. But, currently, you can see only the ruins of that castle, like some stairs and a wall like a rampart.  

Whoever visits this place will feel that The White Lady’s Castle had all the features of an ancient European castle. 

Well, who’s “White Lady”? 

Here’s that sad story about her. A rich lady and her daughter owned this castle. And this lady was very protective of her daughter. 

But, one day, her daughter left the house and never came back. Then, the lady thought her daughter had eloped with a man.

After that, the lady went mad by thinking about her daughter. And finally, she died. So, there’s a myth that she haunts in this area and scares the visitors. 

But, it is only a myth. 

Surprisingly, this myth and attractive ruins of this castle attract many exciting visitors to this site. As a forest surrounds it, you can get a natural experience. 

Yes, visiting The White Lady’s Castle is one of the unique things to do in Rochester NY.   

Things to do in Rochester NY: Rochester Lilac Festival

Rochester Lilac Festival is one of the biggest flower festivals in the country. 

Happening in Highland Park in Rochester, this festival shows over 500 kinds of lilacs with over 1200 lilac shrubs. 

But, who started this huge lilac cultivation?

Things to do in Rochester NY Rochester Lilac Festival
Rochester Lilac Festival

John Dunbar or Johnny Lilacseed, a famous horticulturist who lived in New York, started this lilac garden with only 20 kinds of lilacs in 1822.   

Then, the Rochester Lilac Festival was started in 1898 for the first time. And, it continued as an annual event for 10 days every May.

And it hosts competitions like Lilac Festival Queen as well.     

What do you think? Is it all about flowers? 

It offers you live music, races, food stalls, crafts, art, and more. 

Things to do in Rochester NY: Memorial Art Gallery

Memorial Art Gallery is a wonderful place that is dedicated to community support.

Locating in Downtown Rochester, this gallery was founded in 1913. Currently, it contains over 12 000 different artworks on display. 

The place where Memorial Art Gallery has around 14 acres of land with a lovely garden. 

Apart from observing the artworks, this place offers some enjoyable activities to do. Like art tours, art lectures, fin exhibitions, art concerts, and many entertaining programs. 

If you are looking to explore the art of the local community, there’s no better place than Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY. 

So, just add it to your bucket list.   

National Toy Hall of Fame

Another kid-friendly place to visit is Rochester NY.

Opened in 1998, this place considered one of the most exciting places in the country to visit with kids. Since it is a little bit old, you can see some iconic toys used in history.

There are many toys in this place under various categories. It actually aims to introduce innovations and mind developing toy items to kids.

National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester NY
National Toy Hall of Fame

If you have any new ideas about the toys or if your favorite one is missing, you can give suggestions as well. They take them willingly.

Usually, inductions happen in November on an annual basis.

Your kids will love this place.

So, the National Toy Hall of Fame should be essentially on your list when you visit Rochester with your kids.

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Philharmonic Orchestra is an American orchestra based in Rochester.

It actually has been providing inspiring music to the Rochester community since 1922.

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra NY
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

As Philharmonic Orchestra is well educated and expert in the theory of music, they always offer quality music with high standards. 

They normally do around 130 concerts per year. So, only a limited number of people can participate. 

As a solution, a local radio channel broadcasts those shows again for the people waiting for quality, innovative music. 

If you feel like participating in a show of Philharmonic Orchestra, just visit their official website through the above link and book in advance. 

(It contains all the profiles of artists who perform in the shows as well) 

Things to do in Rochester NY: House of Guitars

If you are a music lover, House of Guitars definitely should be on your Rochester bucket list.

The biggest shop for guitars in the world.

The creators of this wonderful place were Armand and Bruce in 1964. Actually, they were brothers and started this collection from their mother’s house.

Things to do in Rochester NY House of Guitars
House of Guitars

Then they started their business by selling guitars for affordable prices at night. Since those guitars are unique, they achieved a huge demand.

Still, the House of Guitars attracts the younger generation who has a hunger for various music styles. And as they are very affordable, it has a huge demand as well.

Even famous artists like the Beatles, Weird Al Yankovic, Marc Maron, Garth Brooks, Metallica, and Les Paul have bought guitars from this place.

Now, it is not just a guitar house; it is a music complex with a music school, a studio, a stage, a music equipment repair shop, and more fun things.

Things to do in Rochester NY: Kodak Hall in Rochester

Koak Hall is the best place to visit in Rochester tonight. 

Yes, it is always filled with enjoyable performances and activities.

Locating in the Eastman Theater, Kodak Hall is famous for hosting musicals, dance performances, showing silent movies, and more.  

Kodak Hall in Rochester NY
Kodak Hall in Rochester

Actually, it entertains people from 1922 through plenty of art performances all the time. And most importantly, Kodak Hall still has classical and authentic features.   

But, it has updated, high quality, and advance equipment as well. 

And also, it has a recital hall, rehearsal room, recording studio, and teaching studios to facilitate the performers. 

On the other hand, the theater offers a special space for kids. The Theater Young Kids (TYKES) is such a platform to motivate the younger generation who has talents for singing, acting and other performances. 

Actually, TYKES offers a chance to get lessons and involve with professionals. 

For adults, there’s Geva Theater Center, which is totally dedicated to classic American plays. So, if you like to go back to the old golden times, Geva Theater Center will help you. (entertaining things to do in Rochester NY) 

Things to do in Rochester NY: High Falls

Genesee River is the creator of eyecatching High Falls in Rochester NY. Locating in Downtown, Genesee River is cascading as the High Falls for 95 feet. It looks so natural. 

Things to do in Rochester NY High Falls
High Falls: Wikipedia

On the other hand, High Falls is surrounded by 19th-century historical buildings. 

Can you imagine the whole view of this waterfall?

If you visit the High Falls Terrace Park, you can obviously get the most amazing views. 

And High Falls Lookout and Pont de Rennes Bridge are also better places to get Instagramable views of this waterfall.   

Things to do in Rochester NY: Crush Beer and Wine Tours

Hey beer lovers, are you ready to taste more beer?

Just join with Crush Beer and Wine Tours. They offer wonderful tours for visitors who love to enjoy and learn more about beer and local wineries.

Especially since they are handcrafted beer and wine, you can experience the authentic tastes with delicious food. 

Crush Beer and Wine Tours offer various tour packages. (Like wine tours, beer tours, or combination tours). So, you can choose as you like. 

Also, they ready to arrange special tours for social groups and corporate businesses on request. Just visit their above official link and get more information.  

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Things to do in Rochester NY: Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

New York’s biggest cemetery. Do you like to visit?

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery is the biggest cemetery located in Rochester NY.

Spreading over 332 acres of land, it is the final place of all the residents in Rochester.

Things to do in Rochester NY Holy Sepulcher Cemetery
Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

So, you can see beautiful and eye-catching columbarium, mausoleums, and many Victorian-style tombs.         

In the past, there were several burial places for the different catholic parish.

But, Bernard J McQuaid developed one cemetery for everyone in 1871. And that is Holy Sepulcher Cemetery.     

Since then, over 300,000 rest in this place.

All the senators, bishops, celebrities, sportsmen, and humanitarians like special people and normal residents rest in peace in this place. 

As it has nice landscapes with flowers. So, just visit it and celebrate their lives.   

Things to do in Rochester NY: 1872 Monument

1872 Monument is a place that highlights the inspiring and sobering history of New York. 

Actually, this is the place where the great Susan B. Anthony was arrested due to leading a group of women to vote illegally. 

Things to do in Rochester NY 1872 Monument
1872 Monument

When they were marching from Madison Street to this location asking for voting rights, they were arrested. 

At that time, there was a barbershop and a polling place in this location. At the polling place, the men hesitated to break the rule and allow the ladies to vote. 

So, Anthony was arrested and fined for this case. 

Therefore, after granting the right to vote by women through the 19th amendment, this place became a monument as an honor to Susan B. Anthony and the group of ladies who were there.    

You can see a bronze sculpture of a locked ballot box to remind the brave action of Anthony.  

Central Library of Rochester

Central Library of Rochester is an interesting place to visit. But, what are the special features of this place?

The unique feature of the Central Library of Rochester its fun little secret room. Situated in the children’s book section, this little secret room has facilities to access by wheelchair users as well. 

Central Library of Rochester NY
Central Library of Rochester: Wikipedia

It is hidden behind a bookshelf and contains over 200 various dolls. Dolls inside a library? Yes, you heard correctly.

Actually, it was a school project conducted to spread Shirley Temple dolls to schools all over the country. And it was handled by a principal named George W. Cooper. 

After the project, the collection was donated to the Central Library of Rochester in 1940. So, the secret room is the most impressive thing in this place. 

Have fun with all of the above things to do in Rochester NY.