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50 Best Things to Do in Scottsdale, Arizona

50 Best Things to Do in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale “The Golf Land” in Arizona is the most western town in the Western USA. Although it a small town, there are plenty of things to do in Scottsdale. If you are looking for awesome nature scenes, animals, adventurous things, know history, know about vehicles, or anything else, you’ll surely get them in Scottsdale.

So, here are my suggestions for “The best 50 things to do in Scottsdale”, Arizona. Just scroll down add them to your bucket list.

Things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Butterfly Wonderland

Visiting the Butterfly Wonderland is the most famous thing to do in Scottsdale. Yes, it is an amazing place. Your kids will love it. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale Butterfly Wonderland

In this place, you can observe all sorts of butterflies that live in the tropical rainforests all over the world through a nice glass atrium. Yes, it contains thousands of beautiful butterflies. 

They live and fly very freely in this place and may land on your body. And also you can see the clear metamorphosis process of the butterflies and other insects in the Butterfly Emergence Gallery. 

You can see the snap photos of the beautiful fluttering butterflies. 

And the other enjoyable things to do in Butterfly Wonderland are watching 3D movies (Ex: Flights of the Butterflies), nature programs, and laboratory workshops. 

If you want to buy tasty refreshments, there’s a lovely cafe as well.  

Things to Do in Scottsdale: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

First of all, this is one of the free things to do in Scottsdale (but, train rides will charge a fee).  And also it is a very enjoyable place to visit with your family. 

McCormick Stillman Railroad Park contains very attractive live exhibits scattered here and there.

Things to Do in Scottsdale McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Like trains and rail aficionados, a 15-inch gauge railroad, four clubs for model railroads, and a Magma Arizona Railroad Locomotive.    

Actually, the Model Railroad Building in the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park covers around 10,000 square feet of land area.    

On the other hand, you can see a fascinating collection that represents the history of railroad history in the Railroad Museum. 

One of the most highlighted exhibits in the collection is the famous Roald Amundsen Pullman Car and Merci Train. 

If you like to go for a ride, then, the Paradise and Pacific Railroad is there for the whole family. 

And also this park has some awesome picnic areas, live musicals, and playgrounds as well. 

Other than that there’s an antique carousel to have un with your family. So, do not miss this fun place when you are in Scottsdale.     

Things to Do in Scottsdale: McDowell Sonoran Preserve

The Sonoran Desert is a large desert that covers the areas of California, Arizona, Northwestern Mexico, and many other lands. And it is considered the hottest desert in Mexico. 

However, McDowell Sonoran Preserve is located in the desert’s Arizona part. And it is a permanently protected desert habitat that contains the most diversified animal species in the world. 

50 Best Things to Do in Scottsdale, Arizona

As I said to you earlier, this is is a very big desert. It spreads for more than 30,000 acres along with eastern Scottsdale. So, this place is almost heaven for nature lovers. 

You can walk through the 100 miles of trails that spread in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve as long as you want. 

However, the hikers have identified the best 6 trailheads to start the walks. You can get all the details from the above link. 

All those six are sure with awesome views of the Valley, Pinnacle Peak, and many more. And this place is more popular among mountain bikers as well. 

Especially, Bajada Nature Trail is an ideal one to walk with kids. Because there are some organized games and events along the trail just for kids. 

On the other hand, Browns Ranch is another easy trail that offers visitors more scenic desert views. 

Another highlighted trail is the Gateway Loop. But, since it is very rocky and you need to ready with relevant boots, poles, and other requirements. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale or Fifth Avenue Shop is the best place to experience the history of Arizona city and do shopping.

This neighborhood is filled with delicious restaurants, galleries, souvenir stores, shops, very unique reading spots, and many enjoyable things.

Things to Do in Scottsdale Old Town Scottsdale

Therefore plenty of tourists are attracted to this place. Locating in Downtown Scottsdale, this place is easily walkable and every inch is waiting to offer unique experiences.

Especially, the old fashioned attractions add glamor to this Old Town. For example, the Little Red Schoolhouse, Rusty Spur Saloon, and Cavallier’s Blacksmith Shop.

On the other hand, in different seasons, you can see different attractions in this place. Such as craft beer and wine stores, modern art displays, and farmer’s markets.

I’m telling you. You should try this place on your Scottsdale tour. If you like to read the reviews of TripAdvisor, just click the above link.

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Pinnacle Peak Park

Are you a hiker? Well, Pinnacle Peak Park is the best natural place for you. Actually, it is the most popular place for hiking and sightseeing in Scottsdale.

Pinnacle Peak Park has an awesome trail with 1.75 miles and finally, it takes you to a 1300 feet height of the top of Pinnacle Peak.

Don’t worry, the trail is not so difficult. And you don’t need to complete the whole trail to see the best views.

Things to Do in Scottsdale Pinnacle Peak Park

Once you hike a third of the way, you can see the magnificent views of Scottsdale.

The trail base has a visitors’ center, washrooms, ramadas, and picnic tables like facilities. Especially, the visitors’ center offers all the information about this trail even with pictures.

As Pinnacle Peak Park is diversified with fauna and flora, the park authority has established plaques along the trail. They contain all the information about different fauna and flora that specifically exist in the Sonoran Desert.

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Western Spirit: Museum of the West

You may already have seen the culture, history, and other features of the west of America from many movies. But, if you are interested to know more, just visit the Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

It will show you the real history and the heritage of the region. 

Western Spirit Museum of the West

Actually, this museum is quite different from other historical museums. It is not just showing old exhibits. It provides a space for visitors to see the current issues through the lens of American Western history.   

Yes, it teaches us to learn actions and events from the past to solve current issues through various items. Like the use of interpretive and interactive artworks, events, exhibits, theater screens, and experiences. 

Well, the unique exhibits of more than 70 artists and fluent staff members are helping you to understand the historical things. 

The Museum of the West has information about all the 19 states of the West (including Hawaii and Alaska). 

One of my favorite places was the Sculpture Countryard which shows awesome rotating sculptures. 

However, Western Spirit contains so many exciting things to know throughout its 35,000 square feet area. So, come along with your kids. 

Museum of Contemporary Art

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a great place that contains artworks of the South West’s most known modern artists.

Locating in Downtown Scottsdale, this is a small museum and you can see a lot of very creative sculptures, paintings, fabric art, and murals like things.

Museum of Contemporary Art Scottsdale

Especially, this museum has focused on the current trending topics. Like trending architectural themes, current trending artworks, and current hot topics.

On the other hand, the Museum of Contemporary Art hosts events like art workshops, classes, presentations, art tours, programs, and art lectures.

These educational events cover subject areas like music, literature, graphic art, and other art subjects.

Another special feature of this museum is all the artworks rotate regularly. So, you are getting a chance to see new artworks every time you visit there.

Center for the Performing Arts

Center for the Performing Arts in Scottsdale is the best place to experience live entertainment events and to get performance education. 

Actually, this place is not only famous in Scottsdale but also it is famous in the whole country as one of the most prestigious halls for performing arts.  

Center for the Performing Arts Scottsdale

The architecture of this place was inspired by an adobe structure and designed by a local architect named Benne Gonzales in 1975. 

As thousands of performances show annually, thousands of tourists are attracted to this place. Other than that, this center hosts many educational programs, training, and festivals (as outdoor and indoor events). 

Not only younger ones, but people of all ages also come to this place to enjoy the events.

Because it offers a variety of entertainment opportunities with movies, music, theater performances, comedy items, dancing performances, festivals, and many more.   

On the other hand, there’s an awesome art display as well. It contains very impressive artworks, sculptures, and murals (even very famous ones).  

If you are tired after visiting the place, hiking and all that, just visit the Center for the Performing Arts to catch a nice show. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Penske Racing Museum

Penske Racing Museum is one of the most exciting places to visit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Locating in the car dealerships of the Penske Automotive Group, this place is ideal for any kind of visitor of any age.

Things to Do in Scottsdale Penske Racing Museum

Penske Racing is involving in the racing industry since 1965 and has won over 400 major wins.

Throughout 9000 square feet, this museum presents nice memorable cars to show us the historical story of Penske Racing.

You can find all the winning cars, trophies, and special winning stories if you visit this amazing museum.

If you are a racing lover, then, it won’t be difficult to identify the winning racing car types in the museum.

Like the 1963 Pontiac Catalina, 1963 Riverside 250, 2009 Indy 500 winner (2009 Dallara Honda), and Rusty Wallace’s Miller Lite Dodge stock car.

Are you still going to miss this wonderful place in Scottsdale?

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Historical Museum

When you tour around the Old Town in Scottsdale, you’ll meet a nice and old place called the Little Red Schoolhouse. And the Historical Museum is located in it. Since it was built in 1909, it has an old look. 

And also it is one of the best places to get an idea about Arizona city’s past. It means you can actually see how the city’s culture and heritage were 100 years ago. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale Historical Museum

Have you heard about the old One Room Schoolhouse project (between the 1800s and 1900s)? Well, here you can see such a permanent exhibit which shows how an 8th-grade one-room schoolhouse was operated at that time. 

Other than that there are a lot of permanent and rotating exhibits in Scottsdale Historical Museum

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

This is such an awesome place that is dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. 

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center offers a home for any kind of injured and orphaned animals. They heal or conserve them and release them back to forests if possible. 

Isn’t it sound awesome?

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center Scottsdale

If you are a wildlife lover, you must visit this place when you are in Scottsdale. They teach you about the importance of nature, wildlife, how to treat them and conserve them.   

Therefore, you should come to this place with your kids for sure.

This conservation center offers you a chance to see jaguars, mountain lions, black bears, porcupines, bobcats, coyotes, Mexican grey wolves, and many more variations.

The special programs hosts by this center are Discovery Day, Full Moon Tour, Walk With Wildlife, Sunrise Nature Tour, and many more. All of them are very valuable and contains a lot of enjoyable things.   

The fluent and experienced staff in Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale is waiting for you to share their knowledge with you. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Fashion Square

Do you like shopping? Here’s the best place in Scottsdale. 

Fashion Square is a luxury shopping center that you can buy any kind of brand. Like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and many more. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale Fashion Square

Or there are anchor stores as well. For example, Mercy’s Store offers you many sales and bargains. 

Within 2 million square feet of land area, Scottsdale Fashion Square is filled with luxury shops and items.

And also it considers as the biggest shopping mall in Arizona (one of America’s biggest shopping malls out of the 30 biggest ones). 

So, ready your wallet and visit the Scottsdale Fashion Square to buy anything you want. 

Cracker Jax Family Fun and Sports Park

Cracker Jax Family Fun and Sports Park is an ideal place in Arizona to visit your whole family.

Locating in Scottsdale, this place is a so enjoyable and entertaining place to spend family time.

Cracker Jax Family Fun and Sports Park Scottsdale

But, do not misunderstand. This place doesn’t have big roller coasters or any other mechanical carnival rides like other huge amusement parks. But it is a very small one full of fun.

Now, you may wonder, what are the things containing in it. Actually, this park contains more outdoor activities like Go-Karts, Bungy Dome, mini-golf courses, and batting cages like things.

Those activities are ideal for adults and teenagers. Then, what about kids?

Don’t worry the park contains smaller versions of the above activities.

For example, the smaller Go-Karts course called Jax Trax, bumper boats made for one kind and an adult, miniature golf course, and many more. Your kid will be so happy.

Even in the nights, this park has amazing programs.

The special feature of this place is the entrance is free. But, there are small charges at different events.

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Desert Splash Adventures

Are you an adventure seeker? Well, Desert Splash Adventures is an adrenaline-pumping place to visit.

Actually, it is a very unique way of viewing Scottsdale and Arizona from the sky.

Yeah, here, you are getting a chance to fly. Desert splash Adventures company provides scenic flight rides to get the best aerial views of the region.

Things to Do in Scottsdale Desert Splash Adventures

Especially, you can fly over Roosevelt Lake, Sonoran Desert, and Lake Powell like amazing natural wonders.

Joined with Island Air Express, Desert splash Adventures offers safe and luxury rides as well. Especially, they have experienced bush pilots who are trained to ride Cessna Caravan Amphibious Seaplanes.

Isn’t it sound awesome?

Your adrenaline may pump when the flight takes you slowly to up through the air. And also the plane lands on the water as well. So, it will be a breathtaking experience for you.

Other than flying, Desert splash Adventures company offers you some other adventures as well. Like Sonoran rock formation canyoneering chances, private island tours, and many more.

Are you still going to miss this awesome seaplane tour? If you are not sure, just check for the TripAdvisor reviews from the above link.

Things to Do in Scottsdale: MacDonald’s Ranch

Well, this was my favorite thing to do in Scottsdale. Because I love horseback riding. 

You can’t find any other ideal place to get a better experience other than spending a day at MacDonald’s Ranch. Yes, they offer the best family fun experiences that match with any kind of skill level.

MacDonald’s Ranch offers the exact cowboy experience as Scottsdale’s environment also matches with it.

Things to Do in Scottsdale MacDonald's Ranch

They take you through Arizona’s the Sonoran Desert to make you feel like a real cowboy type ranch. 

Since horses in this ranch are friendly and agreeable, you can get a safe and comfortable ride. 

Other than horseback rides, there’s a museum that contains cowboy items, cowboy cookouts,  hayrides, pumpkin patch, stagecoach rides like things to experience at MacDonald’s Ranch. 

Eat Chocolates in Scottsdale

Hey chocolate lovers, let’s eat more chocolates. 

For that, you need to take a chocolate tour in Scottsdale. And it is the sweetest tour that you can have in Arizona. 

You can hire a guided chocolate tour in downtown Arizona to visit the major chocolate attractions in the city. 

Eat Chocolates in Scottsdale

Normally a guided tour contains 6 different chocolatiers and bakeries. And each one of them offers sweet and delicious chocolates that impress your tastebuds. 

You can have cupcakes, hot chocolates, ice cream, truffles, and many more items.

And the important fact is if you can’t finish them all they help you to wrap and bring home.  How nice and kind they are. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing how to make these sweet items, they guide you for it. So, this is not just eating, the tour adds you cookery skills as well. 

Do not miss this awesome tour when you are in Scottsdale. 

Take Utility Terrain Vehicle Tours in Arizona

As I said to you earlier, Scottsdale, Arizona is an adventure world. Here’s another proof. 

Arizona Outdoor Fun offers you awesome chances to ride all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility terrain vehicles (UTV) through Scottsdale desert roads. 

Their desert tour leads you to the amazing Bradshaw Mountains through its deserts, canyons, and other harsh environments. 

Take Utility Terrain Vehicle Tours in Arizona

And also they definitely cover the visits to Indian Ruins, Agua Fria River, and the old mining town called Tip Top on each tour. 

Since Arizona Outdoor Fun has a talented staff, you’ll get a secure and educational tour with a lot of fun and adventure. 

Therefore, I highly suggest you grab this unique adventure on your Scottsdale tour. 

Click the above link to know more about the tour packages. 

Parada Del Sol Parade

Parada Del Sol Parade is the world’s largest horse-drawn parade. Therefore it attracts a huge number of tourists. 

It happens each February with parties, 150 floats, and troupes with horses along the Scottsdale Road every year since 1953. Actually, it is a major festive event for the locals. 

Parada Del Sol Parade Scottsdale Az

Every local comes to the road to join the parade on the main road. And ultimately they celebrate the end with a grand party called Trail’s End. 

Parada Del Sol Parade performs unique items with Native American performances, Western Performances, and Hispanic performances continuously. 

Other than those performances, the parade offers some events like Western Gunfights, trick roping, and special games for kids. 

So, Parada Del Sol Parade is an awesome celebration ideal for every member of the family. 

Apart from this parade, some other fun events happen in different seasons in Scottsdale.

For example Scottsdale Western Week in the winter, Food Truck Festival, Arizona Indian Festival, and Farmers’ Market. 

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Octane Raceway

If you are looking for a cool thing to do in Scottsdale, Octane Raceway is the best place. 

It is an indoor and outdoor racing venue that hosts races all the time. And they provide a mix of competitive and casual kart racing that is suitable for any age. 

Octane Raceway Scottsdale Arizona

Since it is the only (this type of) raceway in North America, a lot of visitors attract annually. 

Octane Raceway boasts a 3rd-mile track with European electric race karts with zero emissions. So, it doesn’t harm the environment at all. With a speed of 45 mph, they provide many lap time.

And all the races are scored by following the standard format for Fastest Lap. 

Since the karts are made to adjust for any kind of body size you don’t need to worry if you are fat. 

On the other hand, if you are a first-timer, they provide you full safety guidance with a video. 

Races are scheduled during both day and night times. But, just keep in mind to book the tours in advance as there’s a huge demand for this awesome place. 

After participating in America’s best kart racing, you can join with a game arcade, bowling alley, billiard center, Pit Crew Challenge, or a Trackside Bar/Grill like enjoyable things as well. 

Arizona Cowboy College

Do you wanna be a true Scottsdale cowboy? Ok, Arizona Cowboy College is there for you. 

It is an awesome place that is packed with all the activities related to getting a real cowboy experience. Actually, they teach you how to behave like a real cowboy with all the skills. 

Arizona Cowboy College Scottsdale

This college was opened in 1969 and since then, it teaches how to ride horses like a real ranch cowboy, to use ropes in cowboy style, haul cattle, and ranching techniques. 

There are classes for every age group and especially, there’s a summer camp for kids as well. 

One more interesting point is, Rocco Watchman (an actor in the original Cowboy series of Country Music Television) is the senior instructor of this Arizona Cowboy College

So, no need to worry about the instructors. They are well trained and patient towards the visitors. 

Do not hesitate to grab this opportunity. Click the above link to get the class schedules and more information. 


Wonderspaces is an art exhibition in Scottsdale. But, this is a very unique and different one. It is a kind of experimental form of an art exhibition. 

There are several Wonderspaces across the country. And the one in Scottsdale is located inside the Scottsdale Fashion Square. (previously mentioned)

Things to do in Scottsdale Wonderspaces

Since this is an interactive art exhibition, it attracts so many visitors across the world. And it shows that art is a universal thing that can speak to anyone in the world. 

All the exhibits in Wonderspaces represent reality to feel through five senses. And the exhibits are rotating to provide space for the new artworks.   

Scottsdale Civic Center Mall

Locating in Downtown Scottsdale, Civic Center Mall is attracted many visitors, especially at weekends as it is a very relaxing place to spend time.

It has awesome rose gardens filled with lush green lands and ponds in an open-air space. And those gardens have plenty of relaxing places to sit and spend some time while feeling a calm nature.

Scottsdale Civic Center Mall

Also, the popular LOVE Sculpture made by the late Robert Indiana is placed in this Civic Center Mall in Arizona.

Apart from that, there are some other artworks as well. And also sometimes you can enjoy live performances in the Mall’s Amphitheater.

Scottsdale Stadium

If you a baseball lover, March is the best time to visit Scottsdale Stadium. Because the spring training sessions for Major League Baseball starts every March.

Scottsdale Stadium Arizona

You can see frequent training sessions of the San Fransisco Giants.  And also the friendly games of Cactus League players and other professional teams.

On the other hand, this was the original home of the Phoenix Firebirds baseball team. And currently Fresno Grizzlies and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Since this stadium has nice and calm surroundings you can enjoy watching the training sessions and games while having a hot dog.

Scottsdale Wine Trail

Another famous factor about Arizona is its tasty wine. Yeah, there are over 100 wineries in the state.

If you are a huge wine fan or a wine connoisseur, you should add this to your bucket list.

Scottsdale Wine Trail

When you tour around the Old Town Scottsdale, you can easily find the most famous craft breweries and vineyards in Arizona state.

So, just join with Scottsdale Wine Trail to visit the four different tasting rooms (Carlson Creek, Aridus Wine Company, Salvatore Vineyards, LDV Winery).  Also, you will get discounts at wineries as well.

Click the above link to get more details.

OdySea Mirror Maze

OdySea Mirror Maze is a unique place to visit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Actually, it is made with laser maze and indigenous mirror maze activities that are capable of testing your brainpower.

In the OdySea Mirror Maze, you are given to find the correct path to exit through the all designed locations.

OdySea Mirror Maze Scottsdale Arizona

Also, the background sounds and effects play by OdySea Mirror Maze really help you to feel the exact atmosphere.

And you can see many things inside the maze. Like butterflies, an Ancient Mayan Temple, fake passages, rich jungles, and many more.

So, that was about the mirror maze. Then what about the Laser Maze?

It offers you a chance to discover different difficulties and different levels of exciting experience through many heart-racing scenes.

OdySea Aquarium

OdySea of the Desert Aquarium is located in central Scottsdale. The special features of this aquarium are it contains various marine creatures got from various rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans of the planet.  

Generally, the tours inside the aquarium start with its introductory session. It is ten minutes of a short movie called Underwater Giants which shows about whales and sharks. 

OdySea Aquarium Scottsdale AZ

Spreading over 35 acres of land area, this place offers facilities for thousands of visitors daily basis. Opened in 2016, this aquarium shows various types of marines in both freshwater and saltwater. 

And the architecture of this aquarium is just awesome. So, you can the marines are happily swimming above your head as well. Your kids will be impressed by visiting this place. 

One of the highlighted places in this aquarium is the Tide Touch Pool. There you can directly interact with the tide pool creatures like sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, sea stars, and sea snails. 

Another attractive place is The Living Sea. It is a viewing gallery that contains various marine habitats. And qualified divers are getting a chance to dive with them. 

Yeah, you can observe how the divers are swimming with octopi, sharks, otters, clownfish, jellyfish, penguins, seahorses, clownfish, and many more. 

Apart from observing marines, OdySea of the Desert Aquarium offers some exciting events as well. 

For example caretaker interaction sessions, Q&A sessions, and feeding sessions. 

And finally, there is a nice gift shop that you can buy a souvenir as well. So. come to this place with your kids when you are in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden

Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden is located in Chaparral Park. Visiting this garden is one of the best things to do in Scottsdale for sure.

Being a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, this garden has 5.5 acres of land area.

The Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden

Also, it provides a home for more than 200 different species of flora and over 7000 plants. As there’s a rich underwater reservoir in this garden these plants are protected in any climate condition.

Initially, this garden was developed as a conservation place to protect both local and near to the city plant species. Of course, still, it includes that kind of species.

Therefore, visitors are getting a chance to learn about those plant species with some other interesting subjects as well. Like desert landscape care, sustainable landscaping, reducing the use of water, and to protect local fauna.

Especially, I loved its desert trees, cacti, and succulents.

There are some shady places that you can rest. But still do not forget to apply sunscreen before visit this garden.

Eat the Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream

This is one of the typical attractions in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yes, many tourists come to eat these delicious Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream.

They offer you very unique ice cream flavors with vanilla, chocolate, and more cream. Therefore it famous throughout the country. 

Their innovative flavors, decors, and looks make visitors crazy.

Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream Scottsdale

And also the most trending flavors of Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream are honey blue cheese, sweet corn, chocolate orange, Sichuan peppercorn, sweet corn, and Arizona Date. 

How do they make such unique flavors? Well, obviously they use fresh and natural local ingredients. And when it mixes with pure talent, you can have these delicious ice cream. 

So, the Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream is famous among many tourists.

Other than ice cream, this awesome place offers you almond toffee, waffle baskets, Banoffee Sundaes, and many more items. 

So, do not ever think to miss this creamery on your Scottsdale tour. 

Taliesin West

Taliesin West was the winter home of the world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. So, this beautiful place was designed by him.  

 Currently, it is a National Historic Landmark which is located in the foothills of Arizona’s McDowell Mountain. 

Taliesin West Things to do in Scottsdale Arizona

Actually, McDowell Mountain is majorly surrounded by the Sonoran Desert’s Scottsdale side. So, this place gives you very stunning desert mountain views as well. 

Spreading for around 600 acres of land area, this place serves as Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture as well. 

Now you may wonder, you have to do in this large property. Well, I will tell you about some different ways to enjoy this place. 

Take an Insights Tour that you can see the living quarters and furniture of Wright. 

And through a Behind The Scenes Tour, you can have a deep idea about Taliesin West. 

There’s a Garden Tour as well. It lets you learn about the surrounding desert climate. 

The next thing to do is to take a Collections Tour. It will take you through the vault of archives. 

And at the Garden Room, you are offered hot tea by the hosts of the building. 

Don’t think this place is a boring one. It is just magnificent. So, don’t miss it. Click the above link to know more about tours. 

Scottsdale ArtWalk

Locating in the Scottsdale Art District, ArtWalk is one of the most impressive events to participate in Arizona. 

Scottsdale ArtWalk happens every Thursday night with the participation of performers and artists. So, you can see a nice cultural scene in Arizona through local artists’ eyes.     

Scottsdale ArtWalk in Art District

Through various activities and galleries, this event occupies all the art lovers into an attractive cultural scene for 30 years now. 

This vibrant atmosphere is for visitors who can feel art. And some gallery owners are ready to speak with you about art, local life, and Arizona culture. 

In the end, many visitors tend to buy those awesome artworks from the galleries. Yeah, they are so attractive.  

On the other hand, there are tasty restaurants, stores, and calypso bands on Main Street to decorate more the event. 

So, just add this event to your list feel Scottsdale differently. 

Marshall Way Arts District

As I’ve said to you before Scottsdale is famous for its unique art collections. Since it has over 100 galleries, even international visitors have recognized this city as an art heaven in Arizona. 

Marshall Way Arts District is a good example of that. It offers unique artworks of local artists as well as professional artists. 

The themes of the artworks vary from traditional western cowboy artworks to contemporary artworks. 

When you attend the Scottsdale ArtWalk, Downtown on Thursday nights (from 7 pm. to 9 pm.), you can visit this Marshall Way Arts District as well. 

Cosanti Foundation

Cosanti was the working studio of the famous Italian architect Paolo Soleri. Located off the Doubletree road, you can identify Cosanti Foundation with the sign of “Soleri Visitors Welcome”. 

Here, you can see famous bronze and ceramic wind bells made by Cosanti to click in the desert wind. You can even buy them from the gift shop as well. 

Cosanti Foundation Scottsdale Arizona

And also, you’ll find Cosanti’s handmade earth formed structures and terraced landscaping matched for desert surroundings. 

Although this studio is a small one, I highly suggest you visit as you can experience the most impressive work of great architect Cosanti and some other great artists’ works. 

The Comedy Spot

Do you believe it? The Comedy Spot is the only comedy club in Scottsdale. Locating in Downtown Scottsdale, it is the longest-running comedy club in the Whole of Arizona as well.   

Therefore, many locals, as well as tourists, attract to this place all the time. Actually, there are many unforgettable and funny comedy acts host by the great comedians in this place.

(mostly for adults, So, let your kids sleep in the hotel and visit The Comedy Spot at night) 

The Comedy Spot Scottsdale

Do not expect to have food in this place but, there’s an awesome food delivery service that brings delicious foods to your seat.

All you need to do is to call a local phone number which is available in The Comedy Spot and order what you need. 

Trust me, this place is just awesome to spend a fun night in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Golf Courses

Golf and Scottsdale are synonymous words. Because it has so many great courses and a perfect climate for that. Especially in the winter. 

Golf players majorly attract to Scottsdale in the winter for their training sessions. 

Don’t worry, Scottsdale offers you various golf courses that are suitable for any skill level and any budget level. 

TPC Golf courses Scottsdale

Troon North and TPC Scottsdale are the most popular golf courses in the city.

Especially, Troon North was designed by Tom Weiskopf and has spectacular views of the desert landscapes. Having two courses, Troon North is a wonderful place for golfers. 

And on the other hand, TPC Scottsdale also has two major courses named The Stadium and The Champions. The Stadium was designed by both Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish while The Champions was designed by Randy Heckenkemper. 

If you have any golf playing idea on your vacation, Scottsdale is the best place for that.        

Glow Putt Mini Golf

This is not a place that you think. It is quite different. Yes, it is an indoor safari jungle themed mini-golf course. Can you imagine?

You should try the Glow Putt Mini Golf course. It is a very different place that no one can identify their holes at once.

Glow Putt Mini Golf Scottsdale AZ

The whole 18 holes are lit up with special UV lights as you can see them even in the dark. And also golf balls glow brightly every time they pass.

Since this golf course is ideal for any skill level visitor (kids and adults), you’ll have a lot of fun. And they are ready to offer gifts for the winners as well.

Singh Farms

Singh Farms is an ideal place for a Saturday morning family treat. You can get fresh homemade whole grain bread,  lush farm-grown organic fruits, and vegetables, and other farm products. 

The farm is open on Saturdays from 9 am. to 1 pm. If you like to buy organic and fresh fruits and vegetables, just drive east of the 101 freeway in Scottsdale. You’ll easily find the place. 

Singh Farms in Scottsdale

It has been popular among locals as a place to buy healthy fruits and vegetables and now it attracts more tourists as well. 

Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can have delicious cinnamon buns, muffins, kale and bean soup, pizza, and many more food items. You can even see how those foods are preparing.  

Dominic’s Steak House

Located in Scottsdale Quater, Dominic’s Steak House is a very popular place for celebrations. Like romantic dinners, birthday parties, and other special events. 

Having a lovely climate with delicious food, this place includes rooftop poolside dining rooms, separate rooms for private parties, and many more facilities. 

Dominic's Steak House Scottsdale

Especially, Dominic’s majorly focuses on food like prime steak, classic Italian dishes, and fresh seafood. 

And also it offers you fresh appetizers like fresh burrata, avocado stack, and king crab. Its giant shrimp cocktail, fresh oysters, and Hawaiian poke are also famous items from the bar. 

Another highlighted thing at Dominic’s is the Californian and Old World wine collection. 

And the most famous items in Dominic’s menu are: 

USDA Prime Grade Beef with baked truffle potato, asparagus fries, and roasted Brussels sprouts & domestic wagyu. 

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Talavera Restaurant in Scottsdale

Talavera is not just another classic steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a very unique place that offers you delicious food with breathtaking views of Pinnacle Peaks. 

And also it is very famous for its first-class service and attractive decors of the food.

So, when you tour around North Scottsdale, do not forget to visit this awesome place and have some seafood, garden salads, delicious homemade dessert, or anything you want. 

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden is home to around 50,000 cacti, shrubs, succulents, and trees. 

And most importantly, here you can see some amazing glass architecture wonders done by the famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. 

Desert Botanical Garden Scottsdale Arizona

If you visit this place on holiday nights, you may experience a summer flashlight show as well. On the other hand, seasonal events like springtime wildflowers are also incredible. 

And if you are visiting this place for the first time, I suggest you visit early in the day or late in the evening when the sunlight shows well. 

Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona is the largest global music instrument museum in the world. And it contains over 13,500 various items.  

Yes, it allows you to see the history of music through various instruments. And since it is divided into geographical sections (according to countries), you have enough space to study various musical instruments. 

Musical Instrument Museum

You can try some of its instruments as well. On the other hand, you can see the Artist Gallery with featured musicians’ instruments (like Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, John Lenon). 

Are you a music lover? Then, just add this to your bucket list. 

Arizona Taco Festival 

Do you love tacos? Here’s the best festival for you. 

Arizona Taco Festival was first held in 2010. And since it is the only taco festival in the world, it attracts around 50,000 participants. 

Hosting over 60 restaurants with different tacos tastes this delicious festival happens for two days. Happening in Salt River Field spreading for 2 acres, it attracts the best restaurants in the country. 

Arizona Taco Festival

By having the world’s best tacos you can enjoy live music and participate in the Tequila Expo and Margarita competition. 

And also there are chili pepper and burrito eating and Lucha Libre wrestling like contests as well. 

As a surprise, there’s a popular beauty pageant called Chihuahua Beauty Pageant to entertain the visitors. 

Are you still going to miss this fun festival?

Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum

If you are a huge fan of college football, you should not miss the Ellie and Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. 

It shows the most highlighted memories of Fiesta Bowl History through the awesome exhibits of Fiesta Bowl games and Fiesta Bowl events. 

Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum Scottsdale

Like 128 FBS teams helmets, some of the most highlighted trophies in college football history. For example Fiesta Bowl, Eddie Robinson, Heisman Trophy, the National Championship Coaches’ Trophy, and many more. 

So, you can visit the museum every weekday from 8.30 am. to 5 pm. Keep in mind, this is not open to the public on weekends. 

Papago Park 

Papago is a nice desert park located near the zoo and the botanical gardens in Scottsdale.

Papago Park Scottsdale Arizona

And it contains buttes that made due to weather (red rocks buttes), a network of trails to hike, fishing lagoons, and picnic shelters (Ramadas) with awesome views like impressive things. 

So, do not forget to bring your camera to capture the red buttes. 

Camelback Mountain

If you are a hiker or not, I highly recommend you to visit this iconic Valley of the Sun on your Scottsdale tour. 

Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Arizona

Because the famous Echo Canyon Summit Trail starts from the Camel’s head which is located between Scottsdale and Phoenix. 

Having around 2704 feet of elevation, Camelback Mountain offers you spectacular views. Since it is an easy and quick one thousands of tourists all over the world attracts to this place annually.          

Cave Creek

Cave Creek is a town of north Scottsdale that nicely represents the Old West features.

Since the first settlers of this town were the miners and ranchers in the 1870s, obviously still you can see old-fashioned vintage stores, steak and rib joints, and old music. 

If you like to experience the old west life, you surely must visit this place. 

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum is the ideal place to visit to know about the Southwest’s native people. Locating in North Scottsdale, it shows details about different tribes who were and currently live in the area. 

Heard Museum in Scottsdale Arizona

Artworks, sculptures, videos, and many exhibits will help you to learn more about the Native Americans of the southwest. 

Scottsdale Segway Tours

Scottsdale Segway Tours

Several tour companies guide for Scottsdale Segway tours. Actually, it is quite a good idea to view the city, learn the history of the city, and easily reach the most highlighted places in the city. 

Like the Old Town, Downtown, and many more. 

Things to Do in Scottsdale: Phoenix Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Phoenix Indoor Skydiving place was opened in 2017. Their first Arizona based indoor skydiving facility was started at The Pavillion At Talking Stick Shopping Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

Phoenix Indoor Skydiving

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