Smart Travel Hacks that You should Definitely Know

Smart Travel Hacks that You should Definitely Know

Yes, we need to save space, time, and money when traveling around the world. For that, it is better to know the smart travel hacks based on experienced travelers. Trust me; the following travel hacks will tremendously help your next tour.  

This article contains travel hacks related to saving money, packing, travel with kids, and flying hacks. Therefore, these travel hacks will surely release your stress while traveling. Also, your holiday will turn into a happy one. Just read them carefully. 

Travel Hacks

Travel hacks to save money

Best Travel Hacks: Book Budget Accommodations

Yes, you can save a lot of money by booking a budget accommodation place. For example, Hostelworld websites help you to do that so easily. They offer spectacular International accommodation chances for budget travelers (budget lodgings). 

Not just accommodation, but also it offers you a great chance to experience epic hostel events. And now, you can download Hostelworld as a mobile app to book your accommodations very easily.      

Best Travel Hacks: Get Cheaper Airline Fights with Private Browsing

We all know that most websites record our browsing history by installing cookies. It is relevant to most of the travel sites and airline sites. Therefore they show you things based on your previous searches. 

Therefore, there’s a probability of raising prices on your frequent visits. So, automatically it forces you to purchase. Yes, it is a widespread trick. 

So, you also have to be tricky. You can browse by using private browsing (for that, you have to clear your web cache). Then, you can get real prices.     

Best Travel Hacks: Use Offline Apps

When you are in an unknown land, you have to use google map or any other map app. Also, you may have added some other travel-related apps to your phone. However, it is essential to add offline apps rather than online ones because no one can expect to get WiFi/signal. 

So, you have to get ready with those offline apps before the tour (Ex: Google Navigation Map/Google Map 8)

Use ATMs and Cash Machines to Exchange Local Currency

The fact is ATM and cash machines offer cheaper rates than the currency exchange bureau or Kiosk. Actually, the money converters in the real world have shockingly excessive fees and exchange rates. So, it is healthy to use the bank as it offers you cheaper rates. 

Best Travel Hacks: Keep Your Rechargeable Batteries in the Fridge

When you travel to various climate-existing destinations (too cold or too hot), your rechargeable batteries can get damaged. And the fact is, 90% of the full charge of rechargeable batteries retain only if you keep them in a cool climate.  

Therefore, it is a smart decision as you don’t need to recharge them so often. 

Best Travel Hacks: Find a real travel friend from your phone

Solo traveling is a great experience. But, it is not always a smart decision as some destinations can be dangerous. So, it is better to know a travel buddy before you reach the place. For that, there are some safe social media groups and some online apps like Travel Buddies and Backpacker

It will help you to make good friends and save your money by sharing all the costs.

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Best Travel Hacks: Bring crayons

Who knows before emergencies? You will never know things like power cuts. So, it is always better to get ready with crayons like things as candles are heavy and take some space in your bag for that.

Best Travel Hacks: Learn to Prepare Traditional foods in each country

Entering the traditional cuisines in countries is a perfect way to make local friends. And also, you are getting a chance to learn how to prepare various foods with various flavors. On the other hand, you can get food at low prices or free of charge. 

Especially if you plan tours to the rural areas in different countries, you can surely experience their traditional cuisines and make good local friends.    

Best Travel Hacks: Rent a bicycle rather than a vehicle

The best way to discover a travel destination is by walking. And the second-best way is riding a bicycle. Actually, it is always better than renting a vehicle to tour. It offers you a chance to experience the local lifestyle, to view the real beauty of nature. Maybe you can discover very uncommon places as well.    

Best Travel Hacks: Split your cash into few pockets

There are thieves in any country. Especially when you travel to developing countries, you have to split your cash into a few pockets to save from pickpockets. Or another strategy that you can use is to keep a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets.  

Best Travel Hacks: Charge your electronic items through TV

Suppose you forgot to bring a charger/power bank/ or any other power source. Then, you definitely will try to buy one from a shop wherever you are. In that case, you may have to spend more money as you are in another country or an unfamiliar place. 

So, is there any option? Yes, you can charge the electrical items from the TV in your hotel room. If not, you can ask the hotel for a charger as most probably, they have extra chargers. 

Hack into the Available WiFi

Can you live without the internet? Especially when you travel? No, we can’t. So, you have to locate the First Class Lounge when you are at the airport. Just have a seat and experience the fastest WiFi connection free of charge.

Like that, do not hesitate to enter a classy restaurant and sign in for their WiFi.   

Be a Travel Market Researcher

Many restaurants, hotels, tour companies, and other companies are waiting for various market researchers to try their new products and services. So, if you like to test various products in your travel destination, apply them as a market researcher. Then, you can experience those items free of charge.     

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Travel Hacks Packing

Pack by Rolling Clothes

When I start packing my clothes for touring, I always face the problem of packing all my clothes into the suitcase. Now, here’s the solution for that. Just roll your clothes into small tubes instead of folding them. And pack them. 

You will be surprised by seeing the extra space that you get. Also, by rolling clothes, you can get the correct shape of the suitcase as well. It will look nice. And, this hack is more effective than you think.       

Do not Pack All Toiletries.

Always try to pack a minimum amount of toiletries. Do not allow more space in your bag for toiletries. Just take the essential ones. Especially, girls, you need to avoid plenty of beauty products that you use. 

Avoid Bulky Clothes

Take bulky clothes with you; only you are traveling to Iceland, Alaska, or Siberia like really cold destinations. Otherwise, leave them. Do not let your bag be filled with one or two bulky clothes. 

As a good solution, you can wear layers of clothes instead of bulky clothes. (Like first a flannel, then a lightweight cardigan, after that a waterproof jacket) It will make you comfortable as well as save more space in your suitcase. 

Surely pack a Hand Sanitizer.

A hand sanitizer and a handwashing detergent are some of the essential items you should add to your handbag. So, put it into a small bottle and take it with you. And it will surely help you to sanitize your hands and wash your underwear/socks like clothes.   

Transfer liquid items to small spray bottles

Large-sized bottles containing aftershave, perfume, shampoo, and washing liquids are useless for taking with you. But, there’s a great option that you can do for that. 

Find some used small spray bottled and fill them with your essential liquids. Then, it will easy to transport them and even very easy to use them. 

Use a Pill Box

If you just put very few things into the suitcase, it will take a lot of time to find them. So, I suggest you take a pillbox to put very tiny stuff like jewelry, safety pins, paper clips, tiny batteries, and medicines. 

It will definitely save your time and protect the items. 

Place a Dryer Sheet into the Bag

Obviously, getting bad odors from your clothes and other stuff in the bag after you traveled for a few days. So, we need to get ready for that. The best option is to place a dryer sheet in the bag to avoid those bad smells. 

Dryer sheets will definitely keep your clothes and other stuff fresh till the end of your journey. Or I can give you some other options as well. 

For example, you can put some cotton balls with fragrant essential oils like lemon, lavender, geranium, and orange. They are 100% natural things. So, no harm.   

Take a Portable Power Bank

I know you cannot live without your phone. So, do not forget to pack a portable power bank with you. Actually, we cannot predict the situation at our final destination. So, it is always better to think about the negative side when packing things. (especially tech items)

If you cannot charge your phone, you are in trouble with using all the apps, including map apps. 

Mark Your Baggage as Fragile

Normally in airports, bags get either lost or damaged. To avoid this stressful problem, you have to mark your bags as fragile. Then, the airport workers will treat your bag with extra care. 

Or, if not, at least they will place your bag on the top of the pile in the flight storage. Then, automatically, you will get your bag quickly as well.   

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SafeGuard Your Razors to the Safety

If you are carrying any sharp item with you (like razors, blades), you have to use a safeguard. Otherwise, when you put your hand into the bag, you may hurt. 

Even it may stick to any costume and can cause injuries. So, it is better to use a binder clip. 

Pack a Water Purifier

Water, the most consuming thing by anyone in the world. So, any germ or hazard in it can cause you various diseases. Therefore, it is healthy to use a water purifier wherever you travel.  

Do not trust tap water in any country. Especially in developing countries. On the other hand, as bottled water is so expensive, you can take a portable purifier like Steripen Ultra or any other HQ brand.  

Line Your Backpack with a Plastic Bag

Waterproofing your bag is essential to protect your things from wetting. So, do not forget to line the bag with a bin bag before pack everything.    

Use Smart Containers to Transport Spices

You always have to be smart when packing things for your tour. I’ll give you a good tip for that. Just use Tic-Tac-like containers to take spices and salt-like things. It will then be very comfortable for you when you have food outside—no need to find extra salt or other spices. Just pack them with those little containers and seal them. 

Take an Extension Cable with You

Another essential thing to pack with you is an extension cable. Especially if you have booked hostels or other budget accommodations, you should definitely pack an extension cable or a power strip.

Organize Your Cables and Earphones With Pins

It is easy to solve problems in life rather than untying the messed-up earphones. So, it is an intelligent decision to clip long cables and earphones with a bulldog clip or alligator clip. Then, no need to worry or waste time untying them.

Save Space in Your Bag by Wearing Things

The best option to save space in your bag is to wear things. You can especially wear the heaviest and the biggest clothes that take a huge space in the bag. It saves more space to take some other clothes with you. So, wear that big and trouble (but essential) dress to start your tour. 

Travel Hacks for flying

Plan where you’re going to in advance

This travel hack will save you time, money, and travel leisure. Just imagine you are flying to one of your favorite destinations, and you have got a very annoying seat. The whole flight journey will be a mess for sure.   

So, just follow a website like to know all the extra information about your flight’s seating plan. Isn’t it great to find the most comfortable seat for your flight journey? Of course, it is. 

Download Your Arrival and Departure Board

We all know that usually, it is tough to view departure boards. You have to find it here and there to view the departure times. To avoid that inconvenience, you can download the Flightboard App from your Appstore. Then, it will allow you to view the arrival and departure times of all airlines.

Never buy Airport water.

Now there are some restrictions against liquid items at all airports. You are not allowed to take a filled water bottle through airport security. So, here’s the trick to do. Just take an empty water bottle with you and fill it from the airport after passing the security. It will save you time and money.    

Download Your Favorite TV Show before the Flight

Airline TV always disappoints you with their selections. So, don’t let them ruin your tour; just download your favorite TV show to your device and watch it while flying. For that, you should have more space in the device.

But, once you downloaded it, you can watch it offline. So, plan for it.

Email a scan of your passport to yourself

It is very important to scan your passport and email it yourself. Because if your passport is misplaced or stolen, you should have proof of where you from, your name, and passport numbers as you are in a foreign land. 

Or just take screenshots of your passport and keep it on your devices. One more thing is, it is important to save those emails or screenshots in an offline app or store.  Then, regardless of you have internet, you can show the proof. 

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Go to the Bathroom Before You Land

I suggest you o use the bathroom at least 20 minutes before landing. Because once you land, there’s a huge rush to use the bathroom, and it will make you late. Even at the airport, you can experience a lot of crowds after landing a flight. So, it is a smart decision to use the bathroom before you land.   

Do not Wait in Long Lines to Solve Flight Issues

When you experience flight times or any other issues, you can see there are long queues at the airport. Getting stuck in those queues is not a smart decision by any traveler as they do not seem to end. 

So, if your flight gets canceled/delayed/or any other issue, just give a call to the airline from the airport. You will then get a chance quickly to speak with a relevant person to know about the issue. 

Best travel hacks