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Tips for First Time Flyers: A Complete Guide

Tips for First Time Flyers A Complete Guide

Today, I decided to share some tips for first-time flyers. So, this is totally for the flight virgins who are scared, excited, nervous and questionable to fly for the first time. If I say that being a passenger on a plane is not a scary, nervous or questionable thing, you won’t believe it. Therefore, I’m going to present to you some answers to general questions of first-time flyers and tips for first-time flyers.

Answers to some general questions and tips for first-time flyers

Most of the first-time flyers have googled for the answers to the following questions. So, I thought to give some answers to them as help. Especially I selected the top three most searched questions which are “what to expect being on a plane for the first time“, “Can you text on a plane“, “What are the don’ts at a plane“. Let’s take one by one.

Tips for First Time Flyers A Complete Guide

What to expect Being on a plane for the first time? 

First I must say, flying for the first time is not a stressful thing. If you know what to be expected next, you will be fine. But I know when the plane engines roar and the plane starts to shake, you will confuse at every single thing happens around you. Believe me, the major thing to avoid this uncomfortableness is to relax and prepared.

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Avoid flying fear of first-time flyers

The first feeling you should expect to have as a first-time flyer is the fear of flying. So, let’s discuss it. Suppose you are a person who really terrified about flying and nervous more about it, then I suggest you meet a doctor (Only in a very serious case). Then the doctor will guide you on what to follow since there are some prescription pills available which will make you relax at the flying time.

And also there are some other options which you can do yourself as there are many counseling books available for that. Read one of those. Even you can do meditation and deep breathing techniques at the moment or practice before you start the journey. On the other hand, if you want you can go for motion sickness medication and discussing it with your doctor.

Suppose you feel sick or dizzy at the start or while flying, do not hesitate to call for a cabin attendant (via alarm). They are very kind and will identify your case and help you as soon as you call them. But in an extreme worse case like, you feel like to vomit before reaching the bathroom, then use the bag inside the pocket in front of your seat. Don’t worry nobody will underestimate you as everyone understands the situation and will help you for sure.

Face for the flight turbulence as the first time flyers

I know turbulence (an irregular motion of the air, resulting from eddies and vertical currents) is scary and sometimes dangerous. But do not panic in such a situation. Normally, in big passenger planes, you can walk through the plane easily and there are very minimal vibrations occur and even more comfortable than a bus or vehicle.

Face for the flight turbulence as the first time flyers

Suppose, the pilot asked you to wear seat belts and turn on the seat belt button suddenly in the middle of the journey, which means they expect to occur turbulence. Do not get scared, and I suggest you look out the window (at the plane wings) since the vibrations or the effect of the turbulence hit more inside than the outside of the plane. Everything will be fine after a few seconds.

What to eat at a flight?

If you are a food lover or in real hunger, then the mealtime of a flight is the most welcoming and pleasant time. Normally, in shorter flights, you can buy food at your preference. And even you can bring some mentioned or authority approved food items and drinks with you. But in international flight, foods are served for you.

What to eat at a flight

Normally, they serve simple and very digestible food which includes all the major nutritions (Ex: sandwich, cheese, snack, fruit, drink, etc). When a flight attendant serves you the plate, please be kind to them and ask for any special preferences (Ex: if you need a vegetarian plate). But, I suggest you check and make sure while booking the fight whether you are getting a meal or not.

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Can I text or use my cell phone on the plane?  Tips for First Time Flyers

You cannot use your cellular connections to call, text, browse or any other purposes yet. But, in 2013, US flights allowed passengers to use iPhones and tabs within the US territories by putting the airplane mode.

Can I text on the plane

But you have to use WiFi for those purposes. All the fliers can enable the WiFi after the announcement given by the cabin crew that you are allowed to access for the WiFi. Until then, you are not allowed to access the flight network. That announcement normally comes when the flight goes 10,000 feet up. But keep in mind, every airline service is not offering free WiFi onboard for all the passengers. (List of Airlines which offer WiFi onboard)

Can I text on the plane?

Now the answer is clear. Yes, you can but, you have to use the WiFi connection. That means you are not allowed to SMS through your mobile connection network. But, instead, you can use online texting apps like Viber, iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, and email. Not only them, but you can also update any social media of yours.

Can I make a phone call on the phone? 

Here also the same story. Some airlines offer you the chance of getting voice calls, face time and other calls by using their WiFi. But cellular calls are not allowed at all. These things are much more important for business travelers. Most of the normal travelers like to be calm and quiet while they are on more than 30,000 feet above the sky.

And more tip for first-time flyers is that obey the rules of the flight while you want to use WiFi. And do not leave your phone, tab, laptop or any other device in the flight while on WiFi. Since the flight WiFi antennas are connecting to both onboard and ground devices. If you leave one of your devices like that (by putting on Wifi), you will have to pay a huge bill for sure.

What are the things you should not do in an airplane: Tips for First Time Flyers

Most of the dos and don’ts are explained and announced by the flight attendants at the very beginning of your journey. But, as first-flyers, keep in mind about these practical tips as well. These are the top 7 things you should never do or try on an airplane.

Fly without using a moisturizer

fly without using a moisturizer

There’s bad quality of the airplane weather. It is that your skin gets drier when you are on the plane rather than on the ground. So, do not forget to use a moisturizer to avoid skin tightening and dryness issues. Also, if you get the window seat and traveling in the day time, then use sunblock as well.

Staying on your seat in the same way throughout the journey

Staying on your seat in the same way throughout the journey will make you some health problems. For example, deep vein thrombosis or DVT (a blood cot that forms in a vein deep in the body) can occur if you sit for the whole journey in the same position. So, to avoid it, you can wear loose clothes and make some simple movements of your body and seat. Always be easy and relax.

Drink Fizzy and Overdose alcohol

Most of the people experience that their ears lock when the flight takes off and lands. This can lead to the expansion of gases in your body and creates an uneasy feeling or vomits. Therefore, it is better to avoid fizzy drinks and even overdo the alcohol (even the glass of champagne).

In the case of alcohol, I must say this tip for the first time flyers that you will get more drunk (even react more) on the flights rather than on the ground. Actually, the cabin pressure facilitates you such a strange climate to get more drunk just with 2 or 3 shots. So, avoid both and behave politely.

Try out new medicine

Some people use sleeping pills, hallucinating pills and various pills to pass the time while on a long flight. Especially, first-timers try to use such things to avoid anxiety, nervousness, sickness or etc. But, it could make the situation worse in the different climates of flights.  So, do not try new medicine while you are flying

Stay still and quiet when you feel ill

Do not stay still when you feel really sick. As the first step, take the bag inside in the pocket of your seat. Suppose, you feel very sick and then do not hesitate to call for a flight attendant as they are well-trained people to face such conditions. Do not wait until things go towards the worse conditions.

Sleep when its morning in your destination

I suggest you adapt to the time of your destination’s timezone before visiting there (If there’s any time change). Then you can avoid the irregular pattern of your routines once you land.

Take off your socks

Taking off your socks maybe not a good and ethical as the person next to you and around you may look through the wrong corner. And even you may get infected multiple germs around the world. So, do not take off your socks.

And I must mention that the flight climate is filled with a lot of germs since different kinds of people travel from different countries. So, be careful while using the free blankets and pillows (If given).

Best Tips for First Time Flyers

Here are some best tips for first-time flyers. Prepare well to avoid the troubles.

Prepare the documents and learn the airport procedure

Concern about the need documents is important for any traveler. But in the case of first time flying it is more important to double-check the documents to avoid delays. First, make sure to pack your passport and check about the expiry dates (I recommend you to have at least more than three months to be expired). And also, the ID card and the visa documents are compulsory. These are not only important for the first time flying but also important for first time cruising.

Then, if you are going on holiday, book your travel insurance. Taking printouts of the insurance policy documents is worth and takes them with you.

If you book an e-ticket or an online ticket, bring all the documents requested from the airport which are mentioned in their confirmation email. After showing the documents at the check-in desk, they will offer you a tangible boarding pass. Keep in mind, do not misplace that pass as it gives you access to the fight and mentions all the details (seat number, time, etc).

And also, most of the airports have the same procedure, but some may differ. But it is better to know a common way or the procedure of an airport as first-timers.

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Know Your Luggage/baggage

There are different types of luggage/baggage. Basically, they are, checked baggage, carry on baggage and personal items. Let’s see what are the differences in them.

Checked baggage

Checked baggage is the largest one you carry to the airport with lots of your stuff. And it is the bag which you cannot take with you to the flight. There’s a particular size for any checked baggage allowed per person. So, make sure to check it and not cross it. Once the airport authority measures the weight of those bags, you can collect them at the check-in desk.

carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage is the one which you can take with you to the flight and keep in the cabin of the aircraft above the passenger seats. Normally the allowed size of carry-on baggage is half from the checked baggage. And you don’t need to pay extra to this since it is added in the airfare. So, you can take your most needed items in it. But, there are some prohibitions to take with carry-on baggage (like liquid over 100ml).

The next one is personal items. It includes a handbag, laptop, and small bag-like thing. The size is much smaller and even not every airline will allow you to take this item with you.

However, you must check for each and every size of these bag types and the allowed liquid types and amounts before you reach the airport. And one more tip is to measure the weight honestly at home, otherwise, you may face a big problem. Also do not forget to keep an identifiable sign on your bags to avoid exchanging with others and identify easily after weighing and landing.

Arrive in good time

As the first flyers, you must check for the time of opening the Check-in counters. Normally, it will open 2-4 hours early to your flight (but, it depends on the airport). So, no need to come too early or too late, check the time and come a little early since the airports are usually unpredictable.

Pre-select the seat at any requirement

Suppose, you need the window seat to see around then, you need pre-select it while you are booking the seat. Even, some may sick or need to use the bathroom frequently, then the pre-selection of the seat is very important otherwise you can’t argue with the seat owner and the flight attendant.

Bring some flight accessories and entertaining equipment

In the past years, the blankets, pillows, and earplugs essentially. But now, it is not sure about all of these in the economy. So, bring your own things with you. Actually, it will be better since the common using things may contain more germs.

At any need, you can bring any device to watch movies and songs, play games and etc. And for the first time flyers, I suggest you bring some food as well. Since you are not familiar with the flight food, it is better to bring some food items with you to avoid problems.

Do not panic over the security procedures

how to wear the seat belt on planeOne of the cabin crews do demonstrations and acknowledge you regarding the emergency reactions and other security procedure while flying. Just listen to them carefully and do not try to do those things at that moment.  (Do not check the alarm at that time). They explain to you how to wear the seat belt and when to remove it, about the buttons near you and the services of it, emergency exits and other security procedures in an understandable and slow way.

Stay hydrated always

As mentioned earlier, when you are flying in the high altitude with low cabin humidity, you may dehydrate. So, drink more water rather than other drinks like alcohol, soft drinks and etc.

Tips for First Time Flyers

Have a safe flight

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