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Best Tropical Destinations for Solo Travelers

Best Tropical Destinations for Solo Travelers

Solo Traveling is a beautiful addiction. Specially, for the people like to explore new cities, regions, and uncommon places alone. Completing the travel bucket lists by their own alone is kind of big achievement for many of travelers. Walking along uncommon beaches, driving the coast of Maui and scuba diving like beach experiences are always on top of the solo travel lists. So, for a different arena, let’s talk about best tropical destinations for solo travelers.

Actually, the island life is definitely not deserved for bachelorate parties, couples, groups and families. It deserves by the people who really need to escape from their hustle lives. As with all solo travelers, you might need to give yourself a push to actually make our trip happen.

It may be for a big life change, travel to work or just in desperate need of a change of pace. Whatever the reason, these are the best tropical destinations for solo travelers.

Australia: The best Tropical Destination for Solo Travelers

Australia: The best Tropical Destination for Solo Travelers

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia may be in anyone’s bucket list for sure. But, currently you can also see the damage of Great Barrier Reef. But, the beauty of wild life in this reef is still amazing. Now, you can help to the conservation authority to save it while watching it. Also spending time in Cairns is an amazing area to visit by a solo traveler. On the other hand, you have easy accesses to the Daintree Rainforest and the Tablelands. Ultimately, the most important thing for a solo traveler in Australia is the safety.

The Galapagos, Ecuador: 2nd best Tropical Destination for Solo Travelers

The Galapagos, Ecuador: 2nd best Tropical Destination for Solo Travelers

If you are eagerly waiting for isolation or an escape from busy lives, the Galapagos is the ideal place. It’s better to take an adventurous cruise to watch the whole island. So, we suggest you to take a small ship and see around the island. There will be strangers to have a chat and take the dinner. Isabela or Santa Cruz will help you to book a cruise or walk to see around. The things like: flamingos, giant tortoise and sea lions are very frequent. You can swim with them for long hours.

Bermuda: 3rd best Tropical Destination for Solo Travelers

As we all know, Bermuda is a small island which is very close to the east coast. And most importantly, it is very comfortable for the solo travelers as they speak English and use American dollars. Since the island is very small, you can discover it by riding a motor bike or using public transportation. According to the most of the solo travelers’ experiences, Bermuda is very comfortable, helpful and treats well to the travelers. Swimming with dolphins, walking along quiet beaches and more experiences can be taken if you visit Bermuda alone.


Laos solo travel destination

Most of the solo travelers say that Asia is a bit unsafe. But, it should be mentioned that, not all the Asian countries are unsafe for the solo travelers. For an example, Laos is a south East Asian country which offers you an amazing chance to discover the Asian culture very easily. Take a tuk-tuk (Three wheeler) and visit the attractive places the easiest way. Jungle treks, swimming in blue lagoons and endless natural beauties are waiting for you in Laos. And one more interesting thing in Laos is its street food. That means for a solo traveler, food is very frequent and more accessible factor in Laos. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, best solo travel destination in Asia

Sri Lanka was a little bit controversial country to travel for any kind of travelers. Because of its safety issues. But currently, it seems like all the safety problems are solved and most of the travelers are traveling again there. Of course it is a beautiful, small and tropical island with many experiences. If you are heading to surf, this is a heaven for you.

Sri Lanka has cheap and safe transportation methods and friendly citizens which create a healthy environment for a solo traveler.  Ella, Galle, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya are more popular destinations for you. This country is totally safe even to a female solo traveler. Spa, Yoga and holistic medicinal experiences are also attracted by many tourists to Sri Lanka.  

Turks and Caicos

Are suffering with loneliness after the breakup? Or looking for a new partner? Then a solo trip to Turks and Caicos is the best idea. Turks is very safe and comfortable even for a female solo traveler. On the other hand, they speak English and you can travel with a bike around the town. Every people are very kind to the tourists and treat well.

Costa Rica

Most of the solo travelers love more to travel Costa Rica. As one of the best tropical destinations for solo travelers, it offers a calm and natural environment. With a gorgeous coastal line, rich rain forests, cloud forests, surfing opportunities and many natural packages are there. Costa Ricans are very famous for their simple, relaxed and welcoming lifestyle. So, as a solo traveler you should not hesitate to plan your trip to Costa Rica.  


Crete is a beautiful island filled with small mountain towns and amazing beaches everywhere. Therefore, there are many things to explore. And it has delicious food to eat with uniquely Greek nature. People are so friendly, and some amount speaks English as well. Even in mid nights, you can walk along the streets alone very safely.


Indonesia solo travel in Asia

Indonesia is another amazing tropical country to visit in Asia. And it has its own natural beauty features to discover by you. Volcano in East Java, Bali and Lombok are more popular destinations for solo travelers. In the case of people, they are very honest, welcoming and kind to the tourists.  

Solo traveling is a kind best thing to discover you by yourself. It will add more confident. And then, you will start to love yourself than others. Therefore, solo traveling is a trend for all the time. Take these suggestions from TravelAdvo and plan to the best tropical destinations for solo travelers.

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