Tasmania Australia: The Ultimate Travel Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania Australia: The Ultimate Travel Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania Australia or Tassie is the lovely child of both Australia and New Zealand. Locating just to the south side of the Australian main island, it is filled with various stunning mountainous landscapes, attractive coastlines, and wildlife. For me, this is not just an island. It is totally a paradise within a 68401 km² land area.

So, it is one of the best places in the world for a road trip. And the most important advantage is, you do not need to travel for long hours as it is a small island. But, you must have at least two weeks to grab all the experience because it has breathtaking sceneries, rugged wilderness, tasty food, fresh seafood, and the best wine in the world.

Let’s get to know more about Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania Australia

Is Tasmania part of Australia?

Yes, it is an island state of Australia. This 26th largest island in the world, located 240km south side of the Australian mainland. And there are inhabitants as well (around 537,000 inhabitants).

The island lies at the similar latitudes of South Island in New Zealand. So, you can see more mountainous rivers and densely forested landscapes there. But, there are some flatlands suitable for agriculture as well. That means Tasmania, Australia, is a perfect island with all the natural resources.

Tasmania Airport

There are several airports in Tasmania. But, Hobart is the international airport and the major passenger airport on the island. And it is located in Cambridge (to the 17 km north-east side of Hobart city). Each year, this airport serves around 17,000 domestic, general, and international aviation flights. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

Tasmania Australia Weather

Just like the South Island in New Zealand, Tasmania shows us 4 seasons in one day. That means there’s a varied climate on this beautiful island. Therefore you should have a clear idea about the seasons of Tasmania Australia.

Tasmania Australia Weather

Summer in Tasmania

Starting from December till February, you can experience the warmest months of the year. And also the longest day times of the year. Yes, this is the summertime on this stunning island. So, a large number of locals and foreigners are attracted to here in the summer.

There are frequent cruises to Hobart’s historic waterfront and flights to Hobarts International Airport during this period. And this is the peak season to travel to Tasmania. But that doesn’t mean there are tourists in every corner of the island. Still, you can feel the wilder beauty of this island.

If you like to feel the hot climate on this island, summer is the best time to visit Tasmania. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

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Spring in Tasmania

Spring in Tasmania starts in September and ends in November. It is one of my favorite periods to visit Tasmania. During this period, you can experience how the environment gets ready for the summer after the winter. All the environment turns green, and flowers start to bloom. On the other hand, snow fades away.   

The island offers you a fresh face during the spring. So, spring is also an ideal time to visit Tasmania. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

Winter in Tasmania

Winter is a unique time of the year. Temperature falls and exists shorter day times. Also, it has the highest rainfall in the year. That’s why I mentioned to you this period is more unique. Well, it starts in June and exists until the end of August.

But, still, some travelers who love winter camping travel the island in winter. Of course, you should try it since the island shows a unique beauty. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

Autumn in Tasmania

One of the best periods to travel to Tasmania Australia is Autumn. It starts in March and ends in May. Most of the travelers think that Autumn is too cold and fear freezing. But, that is not true. Autumn has cold and hot days, clear skies, colorful leaves, and unique island views.

Also, since many travelers are absent, you can experience freely everywhere on the island. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

What is Tasmania best known for?

  • There are so many special facts about Tasmania in Australia. Here are the most highlighted ones.
  • Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world.
  • Tasmania in Australia is famous for having the world’s cleanest air.
  • Tasmania is famous for its native wildlife. More than 20% of the island is filled with wilderness heritage areas. (national parks, marine, forest reserves)
  • Tasmania has the oldest trees in the world. For example, the Huon Pine trees in Western Tasmania. Those trees grow very slowly. Normally, it takes nearly a thousand years to grow a Huon Pine tree with a 20m height. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

What is Tasmania best known for?

  • Tasmania has the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. It is the famous “Tasmanian devil.” You can find them only on this island. But currently, the Tasmanian devil considers an endangered one.  
  • This island is famous for bushwalking. Actually, this island has around 2000km of walking trails, especially through 18 stunning national parks.
  • Another famous thing on this island is gourmet food. It is also famous for producing the best beer, wine, and whiskey in the world.
  • Tasmania Australia has a famous colonial history. You can see those historic towns when you are touring there.
  • Of course, Tasmania is famous for stunning beaches for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and walking.
  • There are different kinds of enjoyable festivals organized on this island. For example, winter festivals, food festivals, summer festivals, music festivals, art festivals, and sports festivals.
  • One of the most famous things to do on this island is, cruising. There are many cruise offering companies. Since the southern ocean is gorgeous, you can get great experiences.
  • Tasmania is famous for hikes and camping as well. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

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Tasmania Australia Road Trip Itinerary

Now, you may think about how to manage all the destinations on your tour. So, I decided to suggest a 2 weeks road trip itinerary in Tasmania, Australia. Follow the road trip guide and add ideas to your travel list. 

But, before that, I suggest you rent a vehicle (a campervan or a car) to drive yourself. Because it is the best way to discover this stunning island. If you need a campervan, then the Motorhome Republic is trustworthy. Otherwise, Discover Cars will help you to rent one.

Another important thing is you have to buy an entry pass for national parks in Tasmania, Australia. Per-day passes are costly. So, I highly recommend you buy 8 weeks pass for $60 and allow you to travel with 8 people. Click here for more details.

Tasmania Australia Day 1: Visit Hobart, and its surrounding

Hobart is the place where you land on the island. So, it is the best place to start your road trip. As it is Tasmania state’s capital city, Hobart has all the facilities to set up your road trip. First, spend some time finding things (like rent a car). Then, tour around Hobart.

On your first day, plan to visit these two most highlighted places in Hobart. The first one is Mount Wellington. I suggest you start your day early in the morning and drive Mount Wellington to catch the stunning sunrise view. You just have to drive 20 km to the west side of the city to reach the place.

Mount Wellington in Tasmania Australia

Since it is locating 1,269m above sea level, you can see a big view. This iconic place offers you a chance to get an idea about the different landscapes of Tasmania, Australia.

The next thing to do in Hobart is to visit Hobart Rivulet Track. Locating in the south Hobart (2.7km), this track shows you both historical and natural highlights. Like: Freshwater sources, World Heritage-listed Female Factory, Cascade Brewery. The walk will take around 2 hours.

Now you just need something to eat. Right? If you are on the weekend, then it is time to visit Salamanca Market. On Saturdays, you can visit this market and taste Tasmanian seafood items from plenty of stalls.

At the end of the day, you can stay in a hostel, hotel, or campervan. The best hostel is the Pickled Frog Hostel. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

Looking for the best hotels in Tasmania, Australia?? Just check here.


Day 2: Visit Tasman National Park

On day 2, you are going to drive to the east side. Start the day as early as possible. Then, you will see mind-blowing views on your way to the Tasman Peninsula. The drive will take around 2.5 hours. While driving, do not forget to stop at Eaglehawk Neck and Tessellated Pavement-like stunning places to take some Instagramable photos.

Once you reach the Tasman National Park, there are so many things to do. My favorite is hiking. The Tasman Peninsula is like heaven for hikers. Out of plenty of hiking opportunities, Cape Huay and Cape Raoul are more highlighted.

Cape Huay is locating on the eastern side of the peninsula and offers you cliffs with stunning ocean views. The trail has around 8km, and it will take around 4 hours to complete the journey. On the other hand, the world-famous Totem Pole is also located here. This is a kind of rock climbing. So get ready for that as well. (Tasmania Australia road trip) 

Cape Huay in Tasmania Australia

The next one is, Cape Raoul which located on the southwest of the Tasman Peninsula. It is one of the most beautiful hikes on the island. The trail has around 14km, and it will take 5 hours (return walk). One of the most important things about this trail is getting a chance to view the big wave surfing locating Ship Stern Bluff.

The next bonus thing is, you are getting a chance of free camping at Cape Raoul trailhead. Do not miss the chance of spending a night in the Tasman Peninsula.

Tasmania Australia Day 3: Visit Freycinet National Park

On day 3, you have to drive for around 3 hours to the stunning eastern coast (around 200km). Now you are reaching one of the oldest national parks in Tasmania, Freycinet National Park. Also, this is one of the best photogenic places on the island.

Freycinet National Park in Tasmania Australia

Especially stunning seascapes. The Hazards is such a place. It is a mountain range that separates Wineglass Bay from Coles Bay. The sunset and sunrise views are just unbelievable.

After taking stunning photos of Hazards, you can hike to the top of Mount Amos. This 4km hike offers you stunning views of Wineglass Bay. But, keep in mind. Before start this hike, you must check the weather condition of the trail from the Freycinet Park Visitor Center.

At the end of the day, I suggest you spend the night at a campsite in the park. There are powered and unpowered campgrounds near Coles Bay. They have mind-blowing views of the bay as well. Just check this link for more info. (Tasmania Australia road trip)

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Tasmania Australia Day 4: Visit Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires is located on the east coast of Tasmania. Don’t worry, although the name is “Fire,” there’s no bushfire. Because normally, bush fires in Tasmania occur on the northwest side. Actually, the name “Bay of Fires” has been created due to the orange color rocks on this bay’s white sand beach. And also, the crystal clear water, fire rocks, and white sand beach offer you incredible views.

So, this pristine location is ideal for watching the sunset while having a drink and eating with your loving ones.

After getting stunning views of the fire rocks on the bay, I suggest you visit Binalong Bay, located on the Bay of Fires’ southern tip. This is like heaven for me. Fine sand, a mild breeze, and a secluded environment blew all the stress and make our minds calm.

Since the upcoming journey needs so many calories, it is better to rest and have more food. (Tasmania Australia road trip)

Day 5, 6, and 7: Explore Cradle Mountain National Park

On day 5, you are heading to the Tasman Highlands. That means to the hiking zone of your journey. Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania, Australia, is the most gorgeous and happening national park. That’s why I recommend you to spend at least 3 days here.

Actually, this national park is a motivation to continue your Tasmanian road trip.

While driving from Bay of Fires to Cradle Mountain NP, you will find a stunning, endless purple-colored flower yard called Bridestowe Lavender Farm. (after driving around 120km). Do not forget to visit there and take some picturesque photos. (entrance fee is around $10). But, you are getting this chance only in the summer.

Do not forget to buy food and other essential stuff you want from a big city like Launceston because you cannot find any shop to buy such things in Cradle National Park. So, pack everything sufficiently for 3 days. 

Cradle Mountain NP is all about impressive hikes, views, and Instagram-able photos. There are plenty of trails that start from Dove Lake Car Park. And they are very well maintained and marked the directions. So, no need to worry about finding the route.

Cradle Mountain Summit

Cradle Mountain Summit in Tasmania Australia

Cradle Mountain Summit in Tasmania Australia

Cradle Mountain Summit is the fifth highest peak in Tasmania. If you feel like climbing that height (1545 meters), then start the trail from the main car park of Dove Lake. The whole trail will take around 5 hours to get up and down. The first hour is easy and has flat land. But, the last hour is quite difficult. So, in the middle of the trail, you can stop at Kitchen Hut and take some rest. Then, start the last hour.

In the end, you will get a stunning view of the national park with stunning landscapes. (Tasmania Australia road trip)

Tasmania Australia: Marion’s Lookout

This is one of the most popular hikes in the park as it offers you stunning views and has 2 gateways. The first trailhead starts from Ronny Creek Car Park via Crater Falls. This is the same place where the famous Overland Track starts. 

The second trailhead starts at Dove Lake Car Park. This trail is more famous because you are getting a chance to go through Wombat Pool. Especially in the late afternoons, you can catch wombats to your camera.

However, finally, you reach Marion’s Lookout and get stunning views through lakes and mountains.

Dove Lake Circuit

Dove Lake Circuit is the most popular trail in Cradle Mountain NP. Obviously, this hike starts from Dove Lake Carpark, and it offers you stunning views of the park. It is not a difficult one. So, most of the travelers start their hikes from Dove Lake Circuit. It is a kind of introductory walk to the park.

Mount Campbell

“Mount Campbell,” have you heard about this place?. I hope not. Because this is not popular among travelers, but I suggest you try this adventurous off-the-beaten trail in Cradle Mountain National Park. Again the trailhead of Mount Campbell is Dove Lake Carpark. (Tasmania Australia road trip)

Mount Campbell Tasmania Australia

When you reach Mount Campbell’s peak, you will see both Dove Lake on the right and Lake Hanson on the left. To reach the top, it will take around one hour. And you will the most beautiful sunset/sunrise view over the lush and rocky mountains.

Hansons Peak

The last hike that we tried in the Cradle Mountain NP is Hansons Peak. Starting from Dove Lake Car Park, the trail leads you to see the Cradle Mountain Summit and Weindorfers Towers by the Hansons Peak. 

Continue to the left side along the lake for around 20 minutes. And then, the track splits into two parts. You should follow the Lake Rodway Trail on the left side for around one hour. Then, you can reach this Hansons Peak.

You can split these hikes within the 3 days and manage your tour in Cradle Mountain NP. There are several places to spend your nights. For example, Discovery Parks Holiday Cabins in Cradle Mountain. In this place, you can book cabins or plan for camping. The choice is yours.

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Day 8: Visit Lake St. Clair

After Cradle Mountain, just drive to the other end of the park. Then you will meet the stunning Lake St. Clair. The drive will take around 3 hours.

To start discovering St. Clair, I suggest you hike Mount Rufus. It is quite a long one with a 15km roundtrip with a moderate and steep climb at the end. Once you reach the top, you can see the whole lake and the stunning surrounding.

Visit Lake St. Clair

After that long hike, in the evening I suggest you relax in The Pumphouse at St. Clair. As it is located in the middle of St. Clair, it is considered one of Australia’s unique hotels. The rooms are stylish and by the Lake, and the food is also delicious. So, it will be a unique experience for you.

Keep in mind, the rooms are expensive and get ready with that. But, that money totally worths it.

Day 9 and 10: Tour around Mount Field National Park

The next two days of your Tasmania Australia road trip is all about waterfalls. Are you a waterfall lover?. I’m a huge fan of waterfalls.

You have to take a very long drive to reach Mount Field National Park from Cradle Mountain NP. On the way, you will meet Nelson Falls first. You have to take the A10 road and drive for 700m through the lush native rainforest and lakes.     

Tour around Mount Field National Park in Tasmania

Another waterfall, “Montezuma Falls,” is 8km away. If you like, you can visit there as well. But, I think it is an additional distance for the road trip.

Once you reach Mount Field National Park in Tasmania, first, you will meet the visitor center and a campsite. So, before entering the park, you can reserve a campground for yourself. Then, get more information about the national park’s fauna, flora, and trails to start the tour.

Here, also there are no shops to buy things. So, pack everything sufficient for 2 days. (Tasmania Australia road trip)


Once you enter the national park, you will realize that there are so many incredible places. But, out of everything, I mostly like the waterfalls. Horseshoe Falls and Russel Falls are more highlighted. Apart from waterfalls, there are numerous native fauna and flora varieties as well.

Russel Waterfalls is so special as it is very easily accessible. There’s only a 400m trail, and it flows for two layers. Listening to its flowing sound is like a meditation. Of course, it is good sound therapy.

When you continue for around 10 minutes, passing Russel Falls, you’ll meet Horseshoe Falls. It was another meditating place that took my mind and soul—such a secluded fall.

Mount Field is all about visiting native fauna and flora while seeing stunning waterfalls. But, trust me, this calm nature allows you to relieve your stress.

Day 11 and 12: Visit Southwest National Park

After driving for around 50km, you can reach Southwest National Park in Tasmania, Australia. It will take around one hour for the ride. Southwest is one of the most remote wilderness places in the world. Just like visiting South Island in New Zealand.

Visit Southwest National Park in Tasmania

It is filled with wild rivers, jagged mountains, ancient rainforests, and world heritage areas. But, you can easily access those places on four wheels. Scenic drive through Gordon Road River is one of the most spectacular drives in Tasmania. Also, you may see plenty of unique and native birds and animals.

Another stunning drive is Scotts Peak Road. It offers you stunning views of the highest peak in the southwest, Mount Anne

There are some campsites along these roads as well. For example, Edgar Campground and Huon Campground have all the facilities and are surrounded by a stunning natural environment. (Tasmania Australia road trip)

Day 13 and 14: Ferry to Bruny Island via Hobart

After experiencing southwest wilderness, you have to drive back to Hobart. It is also a long drive and will take around 2 hours. After reaching Hobart, you should take a ferry to Bruny Island. Actually, you cannot find ferries to Bruny Island from Hobart. For that, you have to take a half an hour ride to a small village called Kettering.

From Kettering to Bruny, the ferry will take around 20 minutes. Once you land on Bruny, you have to hire a car to tour around the island. [Bruny Island ferry time table)

Ferry to Bruny Island in Tassie Australia

Actually, the real Bruny Island is another one hour away from the port that you landed. Because Bruny is a connection of two islands with a narrow road, called “The Neck.” Driving through The Neck is just awesome, and it is one of the most photographed places in Tasmania, Australia.

Bruny Island is famous for its unique cheese, meat, seafood, wine, beers, and berries. Since you are after a long ride, have some delicious food, and get some rest.

Here, you have come to the last day of your road trip to Tasmania, Australia.

On the last day, I suggest the hikes of Fluted Cape Track and Cape Queen Elizabeth. You can try both or choose one.

Fluted Cape Track has around 5.5km and offers you stunning views through a wilder hike.

Cape Queen Elizabeth is longer, and it takes around 4 hours to complete. But, it is a flat one. So, mostly it is a walk. Not a hike.  

This the end of your 2 weeks Tasmania road trip itinerary. So, ferry back Hobart and fly back home. (Tasmania Australia road trip)

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