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The Best Safari Destinations in Africa – Essentials for Wild Life Travellers and Wild Life Photographers

Which safari park in Africa is the best for your visit in this year?? TravelAdvo suggests you the following Africa’s top 10 wild life safari parks. These are essentials for the travelers who love the beauty of wilderness and wild lives in Africa. 1.    Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Serengeti NP, Tanzania is one of the oldest national parks in Africa. But...

Jordan – Best Destinations in the Lawrence of Arabia

  Jordan is an amazing land inspired with deserts. Followings are TravelAdvo suggestions for you to visit in Jordan.   Petra   Petra is one of the most important UNESCO World heritage sites. It is a great ancient city with ancient people called Bedouin. They are always ready to offer you a warm welcome. In Jordan, you may experience the magnificent sun set views...

Top 5 Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia - A Breathtaking Group of Islands across the Pacific Ocean   Indonesia is a breathtaking group of islands strewn across the Pacific Ocean. Lush rain forests cover the country with steaming active volcanoes rising tall on them. A flourishing and gorgeous marine archipelago surrounds the islands and serves as a home to a one-of-a -kind array of marine fauna and...